ATWT Update Friday 11/2/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/2/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Brad busies himself with work and making special plans for Katie to boost her spirits. Emma feels all the extra attention he is showing Katie with has something more to do with his jealousy over Jack than career ambition. Brad admits he doesn’t think it is fair the way Jack has treated Katie.

Carly makes Jack his favorite breakfast and pressures him to marry her. Jack doesn’t feel marriage will solve anything and it will send the wrong signals to the kids. Jack does have feelings for Carly but he still loves Katie as well. He just can’t marry her. Carly tells Jack that if she were to marry him that would be telling herself she has a future. It would help her recovery. Before the conversation can further itself Carly gets a startling phone call. It’s an attorney insisting that he meet with her regarding her misdiagnosed case. Carly tries to put off and avoid the meeting but the lawyer insists he meet with her today one way or another.

Carly lies to Jack about the content of the call and makes excuses to leave the house alone. Jack won’t hear of it and insists on accompanying her. In Old Town Carly manages to ditch Jack claiming she is going to do some early Christmas shopping.

Skeptical about the meeting Carly learns this could be a good thing. The attorney explains the doctor wants the entire mistake to disappear as if it never happened. He wants Carly to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Part of the agreement would include a sizable cash settlement along with her file being sealed and private forever. The only people who would know of the mistake would be the doctor, lawyer, and Carly. This appeals to her more than the huge check she is holding.

While Carly is listening to the details of the confidentiality agreement Jack is trying to visit with Katie at the station. Katie isn’t there but Jack runs into Brad. The brothers argue over who and what is right for Katie. Frustrated and seeing that there isn’t an end or an answer to the dilemma Jack gives up and leaves.

Jack meets up with Carly at the Lakeview while she is meeting with her doctor’s attorney. Jack immediately goes for the check on the table asking what it is all about.

Meg has nightmares of Paul refusing to accept her or the baby and Craig taking it from her. Craig tries to comfort Meg but she doesn’t want to be around him. Meg heads for the Snyder farm to confide in Emma. Meg hopes and believes her baby is Paul’s but she can’t wait until it is born to find out. Meg is going to have a DNA test as soon as possible. Emma tries to talk through the situation with Meg who fears more than anything Craig is the father. Meg also has herself convinced that if Paul is the father he will leave Rosanna and be with her.

Craig delivers a wedding gift to the newlyweds but finds it isn’t bliss he walks into. Rosanna confronts Paul about being at the cemetery with Meg. Rosanna doesn’t reveal she heard what they were discussing, she gives Paul the chance to come clean. Paul doesn’t. He lies telling Rosanna that Meg was only there to make a last ditch effort to convince him not to marry Rosanna. Paul claims he set Meg straight on who he loves and who he is committed to.

While Craig is visiting with well wishes for the happy couple he suggests they all go out to dinner one night soon to celebrate all of their recent happiness. Paul becomes indignant and refuses to every sit down to dinner with Craig. Rosanna can’t help but notice Paul’s concern for meg when Craig mentions she is not feeling well due to the pregnancy.

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