ATWT Update Thursday 11/1/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/1/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

 (Commentary) Jack watches as Brad jokes around and he and Katie laugh and Joke around together. Brad pretends to be a wolf after Katie to eat her then he picks her up and she tells him to put her down as soon as possible. Brad doesn’t listen so she scratches his arm with her nail and he puts her down because it hurts. Brad whines to Katie that she didn’t play fair by scratching him and Katie insists that she didn’t scratch him. Brad shows her where the scratch should be and she looks and admits it’s a little read but there is no scratch there. Katie asks Brad if they can leave because she feels funny laughing and joking around while standing on someone’s grave.

(Lakeview) Meg tells Craig she just washed her hands and then she put the towel away on the third towel rack and next she was going to call room service and ask for something to drink. Meg asks Craig what she should drink and by this time Craig is very annoyed at Meg’s behavior and wonders why Meg is acting this way. Meg explains that she isn’t going to break she is just pregnant and she won’t have him trying to control her.

(Fairwinds) Paul asks Rosanna if she still wants to marry him and then thinks of his talk with Meg at the cemetery. Rosanna wonders if there is something he wants to tell her and Paul says he can’t wait to marry her. Rosanna and Paul kiss before Rosanna leaves with Carly to put on her wedding dress.

(Lakeview) Craig tells Meg he may have been a bit over protective but it is only because he doesn’t want to lose her or the baby like he has lost everyone in his life that he has loved. Craig reminds Meg that he has suddenly lost all of his children and Sierra he was hoping to be able to break the pattern with her. Craig tells Meg that when he came home and she wasn’t there he was very scared because he thought history was repeating itself. Craig asks Meg to be a better wife to him so that he can be a better husband to her. Meg admits she hasn’t been a very good wife and promises to try and do better.

(Fairwinds) Carly and Rosanna look at Rosanna’s reflection in the mirror and Carly thinks her sister looks beautiful. Carly allows Rosanna to borrow the handkerchief Jack gave her for their wedding in Montana. Jack returns just in time to sit down and watch Rosanna walk down the aisle. Carly whispers to Jack wondering what took him so long but he doesn’t want to answer because the wedding is starting. The minister asks the guests to join hands for a moment of silence to honor everyone present in body and spirit who are there to wish Paul and Rosanna joy. The minister begins the ceremony and when he gets to the part that says if there be any just cause why this couple can’t be joined together speak now or forever hold your peace. Paul thinks of Meg when she told him that he could be the father of the child she is carrying.

The Minister tells the guests that Paul and Rosanna are an example that there is no obstacle that can keep a couple apart that is truly destined to be together. Carly looks at Jack and takes his hand while the minister is saying these words.

(Farm) Katie remembers her wedding to Jack as her and brad stand outside where she and jack got married. Katie thanks Brad for being a good friend and says she can’t believe that she and Jack would always be together and have a life, a home, and children. Brad holds Katie as she cries a little bit and tells her that he wishes there was something he could do to take away her pain. Katie tells Brad that everywhere she goes in town something always reminds her of Jack. Katie thinks that she should get away for a little while from all the memories of Jack. Brad tells Katie that the farm is his home too and she will always be welcome there.

(Fairwinds) Carly and Jack read their portion for the ceremony but Carly knows Jack is distracted by something and she isn’t happy her plan isn’t working. Paul tells Rosanna she is the reason that he fought so hard to come back to this life and nothing before her matters. Paul also tells Rosanna that for the first time in his life he is at peace because of her. Rosanna tells Paul he is her light in the darkness and vows to protect the love and unbreakable bond they share as of today. Rosanna tells Paul she will never go back to the darkness again. Rosanna tells Paul that nothing or nobody past present or future will ever come between them. Paul and Rosanna exchange rings then the minister pronounces them man and wife and they share a kiss.

(Fairwinds) Jack tells Carly he saw Brad and Katie together while he was looking for Rosanna and admits that he felt jealous of Brad being with Katie because they looked like a couple. Jack leaves to get another drink and Carly calls Brad to ask him to persuade Katie to go on a trip so that she (Carly) can spend time with Jack. Brad tells Carly that Katie is thinking about going away for a little while and Carly suggests that he go with Katie so they can both have a chance to be with the people they love. Barbara apologizes to Gwen for the adoption mess and promises to find another agency. Gwen tells Barbara she can’t help feeling like there is something wrong with her because she can’t have a child. Gwen cries a little and then gets up and leaves. Barbara asks Will to consider private adoption but he tells her that no agency is going to give a child to him because he has been in a mental institution. Will then leaves to take Gwen home. Gwen and Will’s place) Gwen sits on the bed quietly while Will goes to take a shower. Will gets in bed after his shower and Gwen pretends to be asleep for a few minutes but then Will holds her and she tells him that she thinks she has nothing to give him because she can’t give him a child. Will thinks she is wrong and makes it clear that he loves her more then anything even a child.

(Fairwinds) Barbara thinks Paul is right and Rosanna is acting a little intense and then she tells Paul she has to go. Barbara visits the cemetery to talk to Hal and then she tells him that she will do anything she has to do to make sure Will and Gwen get a child.

(Farm) Brad tells Katie he thinks that she should get away from the situation with jack for a while. Katie decides to go visit her mother Lila in the Bahamas but turns down Brad’s offer to go with her telling him she needs to be alone. Brad calls Carly and tells her that Katie is about to go on a trip so she has her time alone with Jack.

(Carly’s house) Carly shows Jack Rosanna’s bouquet and tells him he let her borrow the handkerchief he gave her in Montana. Carly is pleased when Jack remembers Carly didn’t have any pockets to put the handkerchief into and then he goes upstairs to check on the kids. (Lakeview) Iris tells Barbara she will give Will and Gwen Sofie and Cole’s child for a price. Barbara turns down the offer.

(Fairwinds) Rosanna and Paul dance together and then make love.

(Lakeview) Rosanna tells Craig she doesn’t feel well so she can’t make love to him.

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