ATWT Update Wednesday 10/31/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/31/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the farm, Lily is standing by the door calling out her good byes to her girls, as Holden takes them out trick or treating. When she goes back in the house, she finds Luke having trouble trying to maneuver in the kitchen with his wheel chair. She tries to help, but Luke is annoyed and tells her that he didn’t need a babysitter.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna is talking with Carly as Jack stands by. She hopes that Gwen and she are not overdoing it. Carly assures her that she is feeling fine. There is nothing that would keep her from this celebration, as Jack smiles marveling at Carly’s supposed strength. Jack wonders if Paul has returned? Rosanna’s phone rings and she insinuates it is Paul on the phone. She steps into the hallway and growls as she answers the phone wondering what Craig wants now?

Meg and Paul are meeting at the cemetery; how is she going to stop him from marrying Rosanna? She will tell her the truth that he is still in love with her. Doesn’t he realize this child could actually be his?

At the hospital, Katie is talking with a nurse about the fact that Dr. Evers, Carly’s doctor, has left the staff on a supposed extended leave, but the word around the hospital is that he misdiagnosed someone and that is why he is really gone. Brad bounces over to Katie holding a candy apple, as Katie wonders if he knew about Dr. Evers misdiagnosis, as Brad looks nervous?

Luke wonders why Lily didn’t go with Natalie and Faith? Holden wanted to take them this year, Lily answers casually. She loves doing that though. Luke tells Lily that they all see the stress and awkwardness between she and Holden. They all know they are separated and that apparently their marriage is over.

Craig just wanted to see how Rosanna’s wedding day was coming along. He assumes that everyone is there and she is about to walk down the aisle, as Rosanna assures him that everyone is accounted for as she lists them. Craig notices she mentioned guests, ministers etc, but did not mention her betrothed. Why does he care so much? Craig cuts to the chase; is Paul there or not? His wife has gone missing and he wonders if she has any idea where Paul is?

Paul snaps that she is carrying Craig’s kid, so he is out of it. She wonders how come he is acting as if it is a foregone conclusion? She wanted a child with him and she obviously got her wish. What if it isn’t Craig’s, Meg wonders? Can he live with Craig raising his child?

Jack brings Carly something to drink and bemoans the fact that he can’t get a simple beer. Carly toasts to them – and to making the most out of the fine evening.

Rosanna snaps about Craig misplacing Meg like some of his other possessions like his watch or keys. If he doesn’t know where his wife is it is not her problem. Craig begs to differ; when the ceremony comes to the part where the minister asks if anyone objects to this wedding, will she have one eye on the door? Will she be wondering if Paul would leave her at the altar in front of all her guests?

Paul tells Meg that he doesn’t care who her baby’s dad is. How can he say that when they are standing next to Bryant’s grave? Jen is buried there as well. Paul doesn’t want to hear her name. How can he not since that was why this all started. They risked it all to protect her from Craig. Is he willing to let Craig destroy another life? She ruined it the minute she crawled in bed with Craig. She was with him too. Paul tells her that doesn’t matter. Meg tells him that the doctor could figure down to the week when she conceived. It was during the week they were together in the cabin.

Lily admits that she and Holden are separated. Are they getting a divorce? They haven’t taken things that far. When is she going to tell Faith and Natalie? She wanted to wait until Halloween had passed. Luke things his injury was a contributing factor in the disintegration of their marriage, but Lily assures him that is not true. It got worse after he got hurt. That is just coincidental because what his injury actually reminded them was how much they love him and want him happy. No matter what goes on between them, they will always be a team and will be there for him.

Katie presses the nurse for the name of the person the doctor misdiagnosed, but the woman can’t remember and leaves soon after. Katie is determined to go find someone who can give her the name. Brad stops her; is she listening to herself? She can’t go accusing Carly of pretending that she is dying. She realizes this, but maybe she blew this out of proportion. If she is so ill why was she dancing around without a care in the world? Brad says nothing, so Katie rushes by him to go find someone.

Lily is starting to help Luke with some exercises when Noah shows up for a visit. Lily gives them privacy, as Luke jokes about having the strongest upper body in Oakdale. Can he sit? Again Luke jokes, sure he can afterall he is sitting. Luke then seems bitter about how he would offer him a drink, but he gets caught up in the kitchen. Noah tries to make him feel better by telling him that if he wanted a drink really he would have gone to Al’s.

Brad catches up with Katie; is she planning on telling Jack and Carly’s kids? No. She knows that these things always have a way of coming out at the wrong time. It looks like she is trying to blame Carly somehow because she is bitter; she needs to let this go, as Katie looks conflicted. He has just the way to do that too.

Paul sarcastically wonders if Meg told the doctors how many times in that week, she slept with Craig too? That isn’t the point, Meg snaps. She will get proof since he needs it. He just needs to have patience because the test can’t be done until she is further along. He doesn’t care about her DNA test. Meg pleads with him to do it for her.

Carly sees Rosanna getting ready to leave - where is she going? Is it about Paul? Rosanna is evasive. Carly thinks the guests will wonder what is going on. Rosanna assures her that she will be back before anyone notices that she was gone, as she races off and a concerned Carly watches her go.

Luke tells Noah that he doesn’t have to hang out with him; he is sure that there are other places he could be on Halloween. Noah jokes that he is missing out on bobbing for apples and egging houses. He sits closely next to Luke and wants him to close his eyes and tell him about his favorite memory on the farm. Luke is resistant at first, but he then does as Noah asks. He tells him about when he was younger and he could sleep so his grandmother took him on a hayride and wove a tale about spirits. He didn’t even realize that Noah was lifting and moving his leg.

In Old Town, Katie laughs as she tells Brad that she thought he was going to take her to the Lakeview bar for a drink. She looks around at the Halloween fair. Katie still is having trouble getting Carly off her mind. Brad thinks it is for the best considering, but Katie doesn’t think she can. Brad thinks he can change that; is she hungry?

Noah has taken out two glasses and is telling Luke that he makes the world’s best Rootbeer floats. He starts to make them when Luke knocks over and breaks one glass. He is frustrated and becomes even more when Noah tries to help him. Lily has walked into the doorway and watches this. Noah suggests getting out of the house and going to the fair in Old Town. Luke snaps loudly that he doesn’t want to. Why not? He is in a wheel chair that is why. It is bad enough that he feels he has to clean up for him. Lily looks upset as she sees this.

Paul explains that he always wanted a family with her; he thought about it all the time. She would be telling their son and daughter about life on the farm and other stuff, as he starts to choke up and Meg does too. That was real for him. It was for her too, Meg adds. They could still have that, but Paul declares that picture is no longer there. Paul thinks he sees a black figure, which is actually Rosanna, but Meg tells him that he is just on edge since they are in a graveyard. Meg pleads with Paul not to give up on them because they could still make it work. Paul wonders how? Meg tells him not to marry Rosanna.

Brad walks Katie over to the man who is in charge of bobbing for apples. She laughs; she didn’t know this is what he meant. She isn’t going to do this, as Brad holds out the handkerchief. No. Brad taunts her by clucking like a chicken. She takes the bait and tells him that she is going to beat him so he can tie that over her face and make it tight because it isn’t going to make a difference.

His feelings have now changed. The test could prove this is his child that she is carrying, Meg counters. It will be a lot less easy to leave after he marries Rosanna. He won’t be able to turn his back on his child or her ultimately though. They will have to be together. A distraught Rosanna listens from behind a nearby headstone. Paul wonders if she is asking him to leave Rosanna on the off chance that she is pregnant with his child? If it is his baby, then that will be the only thing that will matter. Paul is mad again; she made her decision when she chose Craig and now his future is going to be with Rosanna. Meg tells Paul that if he marries Rosanna, he will live to regret it.

Jack tells Carly that the guests are getting restless, as Carly teases that he must mean Barbara, Will and Gwen. A photographer wanting to take their picture interrupts them. Carly is more then happy to pose and cuddles up to Jack. The photographer wonders how long they have been married? Carly tells the man that they aren’t married… they used to, but aren’t anymore, she clarifies more. The man thinks they should reconsider since they look great together. Carly smiles happily.

Katie comes up out of the barrel with her hair soaking wet, but with an apple in her mouth. She is fiercely competitive, as she yells for Brad to beat that! He rises to the occasion and wants to show her up too, as his competitive nature kicks in too. Katie ties the handkerchief around his eyes and he dives into the apples too.

Lily walks into the room and asks if Noah left? Yes, but he knows he didn’t give him much of a choice. Lily smiles in agreement. Luke explains that Noah wanted him to go to a Halloween fair. Why didn’t he go? He is sure Noah would be real excited about having the push his boyfriend through the streets. When people care for someone else, they make the choice to do things for the other person and the other person in turn needs to let them do that. Does she think he should go? She thinks it is his choice. Luke admits he is just sick of pretending to be normal. Lily thinks he should quit trying then.

Katie and Brad are walking around at the fair. She doesn’t know how he manages to make her laugh and forget her troubles. Brad teases her; she should just always stick with him. There is one more trick he has up his sleeve. Katie looks unsure. Does she trust him?

Carly keeps checking her watch, which is not lost on Jack. What is going on? He has to promise not to say anything. Rosanna isn’t there. Where is she? She said she had something to do that supposedly had nothing to do with Paul, but she is getting worried since she hasn’t returned yet. Jack tells her that he is going to find her. Carly tells him that he doesn’t have to so that, but he insists… plus he is going to find a six-pack too, he adds with a sly smile.

Meg mentions how angry Paul has become. If he finds out this baby is theirs, then all that will matter is the three of them. She grabs his hand and places it on her stomach. All that will matter is what they made in that cabin. Paul sneers all that they made in that cabin was a mistake. If he had known what she had been doing with Craig then he never would have let it happen. He is going to commit to Rosanna the way she committed to Craig. He wants her to go back to her husband now, as Paul walks away and Meg calls after him. When Paul keeps walking, Meg falls to the ground distraught.

Lily brings Luke to Old Town, but he wants to go see Noah on his own. Lily sees Dusty who asks how Luke is? It is his first night out; she doesn’t know who is more nervous. He will be fine because he is like his mother – strong. Noah is with some guys when Luke comes over. Noah happily leaves to be with Luke. Luke is trying to be upbeat. They go to get a seat and Luke doesn't want to sit in his wheel chair but in a regular chair but as he is doing this on his own, he falls to the ground and is mortified in front of people.

Meg comes back to the room to find Craig waiting for her. He thought she was going to lie down because she didn’t feel well? She needed some air so she went for a walk. Craig answers flatly that is what they have windows for. She changes the subject; did he put a bid on the house? He now changes the subject; he knows that Rosanna and Paul are getting married tonight. She doesn’t care. Good because the house is perfect and he wants her to see it, but he needs to know if she wants this?

Rosanna shows back up and Carly is nervous; what is going on? Nothing. What did she need to take care of? Where was she?

Brad brings Katie to a cemetery… again, not what she was thinking he had in mind. Doesn’t he think it is inappropriate since everything that is going on with Carly? He thought she was done obsessing over her. She always thinks about her, but he is right because it is an obsession and she needs to stop! She needs to get away from here to clear her head. Brad agrees, as long as she can get out of here alive, as he starts to pretend to be a ghoul coming for her.

Luke snaps for Noah not to touch him, as Dusty grabs a stunned Noah and whisks him away. He doesn’t want him to see him like that, Dusty explains. Noah regrets the fact that he shouldn’t have pushed him to come here. It wasn’t that because that; that isn’t going to hurt him; he was just embarrassed. He just needs to be there for him, as Noah watches Lily wheel Luke off.

Craig carefully but clearly tells Meg that the walks she goes on to wherever she goes, are going to stop. Meg is surprised. He doesn’t have a right to tell her that. He does because that baby she is carrying is his, as Meg looks nervous.

Back at the farm, Luke wonders if he acted like a jerk to Noah? Lily thinks he is confused, upset and she thinks his reaction was understandable. Luke thinks he must be so attractive to Noah. Lily doesn’t think it matters. Luke thinks he must hate him now. She saw Noah’s face when he fell- he cares for him deeply. She thinks he should consider calling him, as she leaves the room. Luke takes out his cell phone and stares at it.

Rosanna tells Carly that there is nothing to tell; she is just anxious since she is getting married tonight. Carly accepts this and suggests she go get dressed then. Rosanna walks out of the room and bumps into Paul who is coming in. She hesitates before she tells him that people are asking about him. Paul smiles. Who is? It is his wedding too. He just needed to think. She has asked him a few times if he was having second thoughts… if he is, now rather then later is the time to tell her before it is too late.

Lily opens the door to find Noah. Dusty dropped him off; is it ok he come in? Lily tells him that it is and she is going outside to keep Dusty company. Luke is glad that he came, and Noah is glad that he called.

Meanwhile, Lily and Dusty are outside. She thanks him for driving Noah here. She is so upset because she is trying to make this bearable for Luke; she reads all the information etc but she doesn’t feel as if she is helping. Dusty thinks it is time for her to stop being so hard on herself. Lily thanks Dusty for being there for her; she has no idea how she would have managed through any of this without him?

Craig tells Meg that he is simply trying to take care of her. He is pushing her by this constant hovering. He is simply trying to give her the home he thought she wanted. Everything they wanted is right here for the taking, he almost pleads.

Luke apologizes for yelling, and Noah is quick to want to move on – his apology is accepted. Luke wonders why he isn’t mad? Why doesn’t he yell back? He messed up. Noah thinks it isn’t a big deal. Luke doesn’t want him to make excuses for him or to feel sorry for him by not telling him how he feels because of his situation. Noah doesn’t know what to say. Did he feel proud when he fell? He wants him to be real. Noah admits that it ‘freaked him out’ because he didn’t know it would happen. Noah just wants to start over, but Luke thinks it is not working. Noah doesn’t understand, so Luke spells it out – they are not working out the way he thought.

Carly is now nervous about where Jack has gone to. Meanwhile, Brad and Katie are playing and fooling around, as Brad pretends to grab Katie in his ghoulish behavior. She yells for him to stop, but she is laughing and giggling at the same time, as Jack walks over and watches them unnoticed.

Paul assures Rosanna that nothing has changed. He is sorry that he worried her. Rosanna confidently tells him that she is fine because he always comes back to her. Paul tells Rosanna that he loves her and is never going to leave her. She loves him too, a secretly relieved Rosanna answers. Is she ready to get married now, Paul asks?

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