ATWT Update Tuesday 10/30/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/30/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(TV Station) Katie arrives and Brad comes up behind her in his wolf mask and scares her but Katie isn’t in a fun mood. Katie explains to Brad that she went to Mill town to drop off her album of wedding pictures in case Jack wanted to keep them and she saw Carly drinking a beer and dancing. Katie wonders if Carly is a lot better then she claims to be. Brad quickly tells her that Carly would not lie to her children about dying because that would be too cruel even for Carly. Katie admits that Brad is right and Brad advises to concentrate on something else and stop thinking about brad and Carly. Katie decides to go check her e-mail and Brad takes the opportunity to call Carly and let her know what Katie saw when she went to her house. Brad asks Carly to work a little faster because he can’t stand hurting Katie anymore. Carly tells Brad that she will get the results she wants tonight when she takes Jack to Rosanna’s wedding. Brad tells Carly he hopes she gets what she wants soon because he can’t take it anymore. Al’s Diner) Bob stops by to pick up some food that Henry and Vienna donated for the children’s Halloween party. Allison tells Bob that Henry and Vienna took Maddie to the airport that is why they couldn’t help with the party. Bob wonders how Allison is feeling and hopes that she doesn’t blame herself for what happened with the baby. Allison knows it isn’t her fault but she can’t help feeling bad about Will and Gwen not being able to have a child. Allison asks Bob if he is happy that Chris is back in town and Bob tells her he didn’t know that Chris had come home. Allison apologizes for ruining the surprise that Chris and Emily wanted to give them.

(Lakeview) Meg gets a call from Emma and is happy to hear that her mom has returned home. Meg tells her mother that she can’t wait to see her and promises to come visit in a few minutes. Craig arrives and tells Meg he wants her to come look at a house he is thinking of buying. Meg is annoyed and tells Craig she doesn’t feel like looking at houses today and besides she promised to go visit her mother who has just come home. Craig thinks Meg s trying to avoid buying a house and points out they can’t live in a hotel forever. Meg tells Craig she trusts his judgment and he should make an offer on the house. Craig heads for the door and Craig tells Meg to give Emma a hug for him. Paul remembers he and Meg’s last talk where she told him that he could be the father of the baby she is carrying. Rosanna arrives and sees Paul holding their wedding rings and wonders if he is having second thoughts about the wedding. Paul says he can’t wait to marry her and gives her a kiss, which Barbara is happy to capture on her cell phone. Barbara sends Paul away until Rosanna tries on her wedding dress. Paul tells Rosanna he must pick up her wedding present. Paul is on his way out the door when he gets a call from Meg asking him to meet her at the cemetery before the wedding because she needs to talk to him.

(Hospital) Chris and Emily surprise Kim and Susan who are happy they are home but both mothers have reservations when the two announce they are a couple. Susan and Kim take their children aside and advise them to think about what they are doing before they or other people get hurt. Chris and Emily tell their mothers that for now they don’t want a serious relationship they are just having a good time. Susan tells Emily that after what happened with Allison and Dusty she started drinking again and Allison almost used drugs. Susan thinks Allison needs her sister and she should be positive that Allison is okay with her and Chris dating. Emily tells Susan that she has forgiven Allison for sleeping with Dusty and has made peace with her.

(Carly’s house) Carly gives Jack the wedding album Katie left for him and as he looks at it Carly notices he took off his wedding ring. Jack explains that Carly gave him her ring back so their marriage is over. Carly doesn’t think Jack should be alone now and he should be with people who love him. Carly asks Jack to take her to Rosanna’s wedding and he agrees because he wants to make her happy.

(TV Station) Katie decides to stop feeling sorry for herself and go with Brad to the hospital Halloween party and donate the candy left over from the Halloween show.

(Hospital) Bob tells Chris he would be pleased to have him working at the hospital again but Chris says he hasn’t decided what he wants to do yet. Katie and Brad arrive and Katie welcomes Chris home with a hug. Chris congratulates Katie on her marriage to Jack but she tells him that her marriage was annulled because Carly is sick and Jack had to be with her. Chris jokes that he has never known Carly to give up on Jack without a fight. Katie ASKS brad the name of Carly’s doctor and he says he doesn’t know the name of Carly’s doctor. Katie asks an old friend Libby who is a nurse what is the name of the neurologist on staff and she tells her doctor Evers. Libby also tells her that doctor Evers left on vacation because the hospital was afraid of a lawsuit because he misdiagnosed a patient.

(Carly’s house) Jack sees Carly in the dress she is wearing for the wedding and he says that seeing her look so amazing they would never think she was sick. Carly tells Jack that Rosanna wants them to read something at the wedding. Carly shows him what they must read and tells him she loves this part because it talks about people who really love each other finding their way back to each other after a long time.

(Farm) Emma tells Meg that Iva is fine so she thought she should come home to be there for Luke. Meg tells Emma that she was right about her marriage to Craig and that she isn’t happy. Meg tells Emma that she is going to have a baby and she doesn’t know if the father is Paul or Craig and she has no idea what to do.

(Old Town) Paul runs into Craig who gives him a wedding present but Paul refuses the gift. Paul tells Craig if he comes anywhere near the wedding he will kill him. Craig wants to put the past behind him and let bygones be bygones. Paul tells him they will never be friends and leaves because he doesn’t want to talk to Craig anymore.

(Fairwinds) Paul arrives and sees Rosanna’s wedding dress from behind because she is facing the mirror. Barbara quickly forces Paul to leave because she doesn’t want them to have bad luck. Once Carly and Jack arrives Paul tells Jack he has some business to take care of and he will be back soon.

(Al’s Diner) Allison assures Emily she is fine with her relationship with Chris although it is a little weird. Emily encourages Allison to find a wonderful guy as long as it isn’t Chris.

(Fairwinds) Carly tells Rosanna that she will be fine and she hopes both of them will be happy with the men they love soon. Rosanna wonders where Paul is and Jack tells her Paul told him he would be back soon.

(Lakeview) Craig arrives home and wonders where Meg is and what she could be doing.

(Cemetery) Meg tells Paul it would be a mistake for him to marry Rosanna.

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