ATWT Update Monday 10/29/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/29/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At their home, a distraught Gwen is trying to explain to the adoption agency woman that she needs to hear her and Will out.  He was sick like if someone had appendicitis; he got treated and now he is fine.  Will doesnít want her pleading his case anymore and storms off.  Gwen is desperately trying to get this woman to listen and understand, but she is explaining that no agency would allow them to adopt children, as the woman heads for the door.  Gwen tells her that she canít leave Ė yet!

At the Lakeview, Aaron is trying to find out information on Sofie, but the manager tells him that he is glad that she is gone; she and her boyfriend were bad news.  Aaron walks over behind the bar and Iris walks up wanting a drink, but she doesnít notice whom she is talking to until they lock eyes.  Aaron tells her that the drinks are on him, as he pours her one.

At home, Carly is backpedaling a bit based on Jackís shocked look.  She realizes he wasnít expecting a marriage proposal when he woke up.  She knows it is out there, as Jack agrees.  She feels in Montana that she got stronger and a wedding could only make her better, as Jack tentatively agrees that might be true,

At WOAK, Katie looks through her wedding album.  What is that, Brad wonders as he walks into the room?  She is foolishly looking at her wedding album, but she shouldnít be, as she tosses it in the trash.  Brad doesnít think she should toss it away.  WhyÖ Jack did.

They could have a ceremony soon.  Jack offers tonight, as Carly looks at him strangely.  That might be rushing even for them.  Then she realizes he was kidding.  Jack thought she was kidding.  She just figured that he wasnít with Katie anymore and he admitted to still having feelings for her and they have the kidsÖ as Jack tells her that he canít believe she would ask this.  Jack changes the subject to the kids and their Halloween party.  Carly can see that he is mad.  He is, but he doesnít want to leave and then have something happen to her while he is gone.  Carly smiles; she is fine and she gives him permission to stay mad at her all day if he needs to be.  Jack returns the smile.  He does understand her reasoning, but the ink on his annulment papers is barely dry.  He isnít going to pretend his marriage wasnít real because it was and he still loves Katie, 

Brad tells Katie that his brother is a good guy and if he says he loves her then he does.  Their marriage was real too.  Why didnít he fight for her then?  Brad thinks that in Jackís infinite wisdom, he thought he was doing the right thing by respecting her wishes since she wanted to end things.  She didnít though.  She gave him a chance to pick her and he didnít; it was like he betrayed her all over again, as Brad hugs her,

Jack tells Carly that what happened between them meant something, and he does feel more committed to her then ever, butÖ Carly interrupts him; she was making the suggestion for the kids Ė he doesnít need to explain.  Jack then realizes he didnít pack a suit for Rosannaís wedding; Carly tells him that she put it in the upstairs bedroom.  Which of the kidís bedroom?  She put it in theirs, as Jack looks at her strangely.

The Adoption Agency woman tells Gwen that with Willís extensive background they will always be denied anywhere they go.  Gwen is furious; Willis sweet, caring, warm and generous in his heart.  A child is the one who will be missing out by not having someone like that in their life. How can you just decide that knowing nothing about him really with just a stroke of your pen, Gwen yells.  What is wrong with her Ė that is the real problem.  Gwen stomps off and Will suggests she show herself out.  He immediately goes to find a distraught Gwen sitting in disbelief on their bed and hugs her. 

Why is he being so friendly, Iris wonders?  He will continue to be if she gives him what he wants.  Iris sneers; that could be fun.  He wants to know where Sofie is?  She has no idea, but at least she is far away from her son; she made extra sure of that.  Aaron pours another drink to an increasingly inebriated Iris; what did she do?

Gwen cries as she wonders how her mother could give birth to two kids that she doesnít want and she canít have any? Will doesnít want her saying that; this is not her fault Ė he was the one to blame.  Barbara, who just walked in the room, is stunned.  They arenít able to adopt? Why?  Will explains that due to his past situation he is not a good option.  Barbara thinks that is ridiculous, but Gwen jumps up and tells her that the fact that she is surprised by this is what is ridiculous, as Barbara looks taken aback.

Jack tells Carly that isnít the way it is going to be, which is not to take away from what happened but things have changed.  He canít wave a magic wand and go back to the days when he loved only her.  Sage, who has walked into the room, hears this last part and is thrilled; she knew they were going married again like she hoped, as Jack and Carly look awkwardly at one another.  Can she be the flower girl?  Parker snaps that they arenít going to remarry so she should just drop it, as he walks towards the door.  Jack subtly glares at Parker, as he gently tells Sage that he and Carly arenít getting remarried. 

Katie is annoyed with herself.  Brad tells her that he wishes that she didnít have anything that made her cry.  He has something to tell her.  Katie doesnít want him to say anything; she knows he is going to try to cheer her up, but she deserves this.  Brad doesnít understand why she would say that?  It is Karma payback since she cheated on and lied to Mike when she slept with Simon, and he wasnít even dying.   Then she is mad because she is making this situation more about her.  Carly is the one dying, as Brad rolls his eyes. 

Jack tells Sage that she makes a pretty princess, as he looks at her Halloween costume, but she says sadly that she would prefer to be a flower girl, as Carly gives them time to talk and Parker tells him that he was just trying to be honest.  They will always be a family no matter if they remarry or not.  Why does she want this so much now?  Sage sniffles a bit as she admits that maybe it will help her mom not be sick anymore, as Jack looks crushed.

Katie explains that Carly is the one dying and the one who wonít see her kids grow up.  Life might be rough for her, but it is much worse for Carly.  Brad reminds Katie it is ok to be mad; she ruined her life, and Carly is the reason that she cries herself to sleep at night.  Katie reminds him that Jack plays a big part in that too.  She is so appreciative of him though; he has helped her make it through this.  Brad doesnít want her being gracious; she will hate him again soon.  Katie grins; he is probably right, but she needs him to know that she doesnít know how she wouldnít have gotten through this without him, as they hug tightly and Kim sees this.  Brad is quick to leave telling her that there is something he has to do and he will see her later.  Kim walks in and jokes about them hugging; she never thought she would see the day. Katie thinks it freaked Brad out too and that is why he left so quickly.  It doesnít seem to freak her out though, Kim notes.  She doesnít know where she would be without his help.  Kim thinks it is time she help herself. 

Gwen snarls about how Barbara breezed into their home and made it seem as if this adoption option would be a cakewalk.  It wasnít; she made them feel horrible and Will was made to be a freak.  Barbara thinks what the woman did was unforgivable, but Gwen is directing her anger at her now.  She shouldnít have put them through that; she should have checked her facts first, and because she didnít they really got hurt here.  Gwen races out of the room, as Barbara tries to apologize.  It wasnít his fault what happened Ė it was hers.  She will call her friend, but Will wants her to let it go.  He is going to go see Gwen; he needs her to leave now, as a dejected Barbara heads slowly for the door,

Iris explains that she wasnít going to sit idly by and let this girl trap her son with a baby that they didnít even know was really his.  She wouldnít lie. Aaron defends.  Iris slurs her speech as she replies that this is the same girl who took money for an abortion, didnít have one and then lied about it.  Aaron snaps that she scared her to leave town.  She gave her plenty of money, Iris snaps back.  She knows the type.   She gets up from her seat and wanders into the lobby a bit unstable on her feet, and she smacks right into Barbara.  Barbara sneers for Iris to get away from her and her family.

Jack wonders why Sage thinks her mom isnít going to get well?  She hears things.  She seems much better now since he has moved back in.  If they get married, maybe that will make her get better.  Brad pops his head in the door to hear the end of this and tells Jack to no do it!

Katie explains that Brad has been really good to her.  Kim understands.   She isnít exactly oblivious to what goes on there.  She knows that Brad has tried numerous things to break she and Jack up.  She knows that they are having troubles and that she is vulnerable now, and Brad is going to pursue her.  What happens when he gets her?  Katie wonders if Kim thinks that Brad is going to use her?  Kim corrects her; Kim thinks she is going to use Brad actually.

Sage tells Brad that he is being mean, as Jack tells her not to listen to him.  After Sage leaves, Jack wonders why he did that?  He is just looking out for him since he has been so busy looking out and after everyone else but himself.  He knows about the annulment and sleeping with Carly.  If he jumps back into bed (so to speak) with Carly, he will be doing it under false pretenses, as Carly walks in and hears the end of this statement.  Jack wonders what he means?  Carly hurriedly walks over; Brad means that he doesnít think that he should get remarried to her because of the illness or out of guilt or a sense of obligation.  She doesnít want him to pity her or do this out of a sense of guilt.  She wants him to come to her because of what is in his heart; she wants him to want and need her because of those feelings, as Jack watches her closely.  He shakes himself back to the situation; she doesnít need to explain anything to Brad.  Brad explains that he just came by to check on Carly.  Jack is glad because he has to go drop the kids off and he wanted someone with Carly.  He will be back shortly to pick her up for the wedding.  After he leaves, Brad wants to know what Carlyís look is for?

Katie wonders why Kim thinks he will break Bradís heart?  What happens if she decides to try to work on her marriage?  There is nothing left to work on since they signed the annulment papers already.  Kim frowns; she is sorry to hear that.  Kim thinks it would benefit her to take time without any distractions from a guyÖ especially from someone she works with.  Katie teases her; she is worried about the show.  No, she is worried about her, Brad and then the show in that order.  She needs to go through this alone.  Katie admits that right now being alone is too scary since she thinks that is what she has in store the rest of herself for the rest of her life.  Kim thinks there are worse things such as by filling the empty spot with the wrong person.  

Gwen and Will are in the bedroom, as she starts to kiss him and push him down on the bed.  Will thinks it is too soon, as he tries to gently stop her.  Gwen seems more desperate; she doesnít want to think or feel right now.  Will stops her she hasnít completely healed.  They will have the baby they want one day.  Gwen wonders how that is going to happen since all of their options are evaporating before their eyes. Will assures her that it will happen; they will figure it out!  Will is going to call Paul to let him know that they arenít coming, but Gwen jumps up and tells him that they are going to the wedding because he is family Ė he is the only family they will probably ever have, as she walks off. 

Barbara accuses Iris of picking a fight with Gwen, which caused her to lose her baby.  Iris exclaims that she didnít even know she was pregnant.  Barbara snarls that she is less then useless.  Iris growls back that she isnít exactly mother of the year with her son in the loony bin.  It isnít like they donít have other options.  They can adopt, but this statement is met with silence from Barbara.  Iris realizes that they canít.  Why, she wonders, and then answers her own question?   They canít because of her son!

Aaron is tending bar when Sofie calls him.  He has been trying to track her down all day.  She figured he would do that and that is why she called.  Where is she?  She is in Chicago.  Why did she leave town?  There is a pause.  He knows all about Iris.  Does he think she was wrong to take the money?  She is pregnant with Irisí grandchild if that answers her question.  There was nothing left for her in Oakdale, Sofie continues.  Aaron tells her that she is dead wrong.

Iris snaps that because Will was in a nut house is the reason Ďher babyí canít have any kids, and that is why she has now clammed up.  Barbara says nothing so Iris tells her that she is going to see Gwen and she will tell her.  Barbara grabs her arm and tells her that she better not dare go near her!

Gwen has dressed and is ready for the wedding when she walks into the living room.  She sees the tin of cookies; she looks inside and sees the homemade cookies that were decorated as babies and is lost in thought Ė until the door rings.  She answers it and finds a woman and her three children trick or treating.  She zones in on the little baby that is dressed as a pumpkin being held in his motherís arms.  She canít seem to stop staring at this baby.

Iris glowers that Barbara canít keep her from Gwen, especially when there is probably something she can do to fix it, which is more then she can say, as she stomps off.   Barbara immediately gets on the phone to call Will and Gwen, but the phone ringing doesnít distract Gwen, who is still smiling and staring at the baby.  Will walks over and tells the woman that they didnít remember it was Halloween.  The woman understands, but Gwen, who has finally come out of her trance, tells them that she actually does have something, as she bring over some cookies from the tin and hands them out to the appreciative family. 

Jack drops the kids off in Old Town.  After they go, he looks down at Katieís rings, which he now has in his hand.  Parker has doubled back and surprises him.  He sees him holding her rings.  He just wanted to apologize.  Jack appreciates it.  It is a confusing time for everyone.  He is sorry that he misses Katie so much.  Jack promises him that it will be ok.

Brad thinks that Carly should tell Jack the truth now!  She canít because of Montana and all the subsequent moments between them.  Brad reminds her that people are getting hurt.  She is pushing Jack into something that he is not ready for.  Carly is convinced he really is and he just doesnít know it yet.  She has to do something, but she just doesnít know yet.  Brad is amazed; she is being so manipulating and selfish.  She doesnít want to lose.  Carly snaps that it isnít about winning Jack back.  She messed up her chances with her family when she left foolishly and now she has one chance left.  Brad tells her that Jack doesnít want her anymore; he is happy with Katie, and Katie did her best to be understanding.  Carly thinks that Jack is just riddled with guilt over Katie.   She has to make him commit to her before she looses him forever.  She needs him to help her make sure that doesnít happen.

Jack is sitting in the car, as he thinks about Katie and stares down at his wedding band.

Katie looks through her wedding album again, as Kim sees this.  Did she change her mind?  She just didnít think it needed to go in the trash.  She may not want it but maybe Jack will.  Kim tells Katie that she is heading over to the hospital Halloween party and she thought she might want to come with her?  Katie thanks her but explains that she is not in the mood to go to a party.  Kim wishes her a good night and heads out.

Brad suggest Carly figure out how to get Jack back fast because he is done.  Carly is mumbling to herself about somehow getting Jack to remarry her.  Brad just wants Katie happy and to not feel like he is stabbing his brother in the back.  She hates this too.  She just needs to find a way to get Jack to remarry her and want it to be his idea.  Brad again reminds her that she needs to end this soon because he came very close to telling the truth today.  She will as soon as she figures this out.  There is something for him in this too, she reminds Brad.  She also warns that he should stay away from them both if he doesnít think he can keep his mouth shut.  Brad smirks and heads out the door.

Aaron tells Sofie that there are people in Oakdale that care about her and he is on that list.  They are friends and he wants to help.  If she gives him the address where she is staying then he can come see her.  Sofie becomes distant; she doesnít think that is a good idea.  Is she staying with someone?  Cole?  No, but she has things she needs to do Ė like get to a job interview, which Aaron thinks is late for her to be going to.  Can he call her back on this phone?  No, she borrowed the phone.  He needs to get back to his life and stop worrying about her, as she hangs up.

Cole and Iris meet up; she is glad that he is back.  She left him messages.  He got them, but he wanted to lay low because of Sofie.  He is glad that she got rid of her.  He has a favor to ask though.  Iris frowns; she hopes he doesnít want any more money because she spent and arm and a leg trying to get rid of his girlfriend.  He just needs some to get to California to get back to the music industry.  Iris tells him that it isnít going to happen. 

Barbara shows up at Will and Gwenís apologetically.  She wonít stay long, as Gwen steps forward and tells her that she is glad she came back.

Carly walks out of her kitchen into her living room with a beer.  She heads over to the radio and turns it on.  She hears a song with a catchy beat and starts to sway back in forth as she talks to herself.  She needs to come up with a planÖand soon.  What is she going to do, as she starts to move around dancing more and more as she starts to try to formulate a plan?  Meanwhile, Katie has walked up outside clutching her wedding album unsure as to whether she should be there.

Barbara apologizes, but Will doesnít think they need to get into it now.  They did decide to go to the wedding after all.  Barbara agrees that she is to blame for what happened earlier; she should have done more research, but Gwen cuts her off.  It isnít her fault and she shouldnít have implied that.  She has helped them time and time again, and if it werenít for her, they wouldnít have gotten as far as they had without her.  She never should have said the rotten things she did.  She has been more of mother to her then her own has been.  Barbara hugs her tightly.  They all decide to head off to the wedding. 

Iris is swigging from a flask, as she tells Cole about Gwen losing her baby, which Cole doesnít show much empathy for as he grabs her flask and gulps some of the contents down too.  Iris waxes on about the fact that she could have been there, but she was too busy trying to keep his girlfriend from trapping him.  She continues complaining now about how Barbara thinks she is better then them as she throws around her money to keep Gwen in line.  She would give Gwen money if she had it.  Cole suddenly smirks; they may not have money, but they have something better then that. 

Sofie sits on the bench looking through the newspaper at all the jobs crossed out.  She looks down at the phone and wrestles with whether she should call Aaron back, but in the end decides against it.  She walks over to the trash and tosses the newspaper in it as she rubs her stomach.

Aaron is worried as he tends to bar, and when his phone rings he hopes it is Sofie, but it is Holden wondering when he is coming home.  He promises to be home soon, as he hangs up. 

Katie paces in front of the door thinking out loud whether she should bother Carly.  She may even be too weak to answer the door.  She decided to leave the album propped up outside, but as she is doing this, she hears music.  She looks through the window and is stunned to see Carly with a beer dancing around.

Jack is sadly sitting in his car looking at his wedding band.  He slowly takes off his ring and holds it in front of him as if silently saying goodbye symbolically.

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