ATWT Update Friday 10/26/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/26/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Will and Gwenís place) Paul and Barbara arrive for a visit but Will knows Barbara just wants to check on them.  Will is a little annoyed at his motherís hovering.  Will also tells Paul that he has more important things to do on his wedding day then visit him.  Barbara wonders where Gwen is and Will tells her she is in the bedroom resting Barbara thinks Gwen might be depressed and goes to the bedroom to talk to her.  Will notices that Paul is reluctant to talk about the wedding so her wonders if his brother is getting cold feet.  Paul insists he is happy that he is marrying a beautiful woman like Rosanna.  Will thinks Paul still has feelings for Meg but Paul tells him he is putting the whole thing with Meg and Craig in the past.   Barbara talks to a grieving Gwen and tells her adoption can be an option for her and Will to have a family. Gwen tells Barbara that it was important for her to have a child that had Willís eyes and now that is never going to happen.  Barbara tells Gwen that biology isnít as important as how much love parents give a child.  Barbara tells Gwen that Will only wants a happy child and Will arrives and asks Barbara not to speak for him. 

(Hospital) Craig arrives and asks a nurse if she has seen his gloriously pregnant wife and the nurse tells him she went to the restroom.  The nurse asks Craig if this is his first child and he says no but it feels like his first because he made mistakes with his other children but he intends to make sure this child is at peace and happy.  Meg comes out of the bathroom and is upset that Craig is there for her first pre natal appointment.  Meg blasts Craig and tells him she wishes he would stop telling every stranger he meets that she is pregnant.  Meg makes it clear that it is too early in the pregnancy to be telling people about the baby.  The nurse tells Meg that the doctor is ready to see her and Meg tells Craig to stay outside in the hallway. 

(Gwen and Willís place) Paul calls Gwen an inspiration and Gwen wonders why he thinks she is an inspiration so Paul explains that she has managed to give Will the family he has always wanted and needed in his life.  Paul tells Gwen she owes her for making his brother happy. Gwen thinks that Rosanna will give Paul what he has always needed too.

(Carlyís house) Jack continues to wonder why Carly is feeling so much better since the trip to Montana and thinks they should find another doctor and get a second opinion.  Carly reminds Jack that Dr. Evers is one of the top doctors in his field and she feels comfortable with him. Carly promises that she will talk to the doctor and see what he tells her at her next appointment.  Jack picks out a name from the list of doctors and wants to call him.  Carly asks Jack not to do that because she spoke to all of the doctors on that list and they confirmed Dr. Evers diagnosis of her condition.  Jack then wants to find another doctor that isnít on the list so Carly tells him that she is scared because the way she feels now may not last and is just the calm before the storm.  Jack then backs down and tells Carly he will do whatever makes her feel comfortable.  Carly tries to tell Jack the truth about her condition but he says that she doesnít have to say any more because he understands everything now. 

(Alís Diner) Henry wants to figure out a way to save Katieís marriage but she explains there isnít a marriage anymore because she is going to call Jack so he can come sign the annulment papers.  Katie also tells Henry Jack slept with Carly when they went to Montana.  Henry reminds Katie she slept with Simon while she was in love with Mike so maybe Jackís situation with Carly is the same as hers with Simon. 

(Carlyís house) Carly rubs Jackís shoulders to get the knots of tension out while Jack encourages Carly to keep her positive attitude and not be scared of anything bad happening to her.  Jack gets a call from Katie who asks to meet him at Alís so they can talk.  Jack tells her he will be there right away and hangs up the phone.  Jack tells Carly that he hopes that Katie has changed her mind and then goes to meet her at Alís telling Carly he will see her later. 

(Will and Gwenís place) Maddie arrives as Paul and Barbara are leaving and wonders if she interrupted something important. Will explains it wasnít important just a Ryan family meeting.  Maddie offers sympathy because Allison told her the news.  Maddie doesnít know what to say and Will tells her its okay and is happy that she didnít act like Barbara who waited twenty four hours after the news barged in and suggested adoption so she could have a replacement grandchild.  Maddie advises Will and Gwen to adopt because biology sometimes makes mistakes case in point her psycho sister.  Maddie also tells Will and Gwen any child would be lucky to have them as parents.  Maddie tells Will and Gwen that she has decided to go to Wesleyan and they can take her right away.  Maddie offers to stay if Will and Gwen need her but they tell her to go because they will miss her a lot but there is always phone and e-mail to keep in touch.  Maddie tells Will and Gwen she considers them family and thanks them for making her a stronger person by helping her face her past.  Gwen points out that Maddie has also done the same for her and that they also consider her family.  Once Maddie is gone Will asks Gwen if she is okay with Maddie leaving because if she isnít he is going to make Maddie stay school or no school.  Gwen tells Gwen that is one if the many reasons she loves him because he will do anything to make sure his family and friends are happy.  Gwen asks Will to call Barbara and tell her that they are ready to adopt a child.  Will calls Barbara who says that she has a friend at an adoption agency and she will call her right away.  Once Barbara hangs up the phone Paul accuses her of pressuring Will and Gwen into adopting a child.  Barbara points out that Will called her she didnít do anything.  Paul tells her to make her phone calls because he wants to surprise Rosanna with a honeymoon trip. 

(Hospital) Craig goes in Megís room after the doctor leaves and wonders how the baby is doing. Meg tells Craig both Mother and Baby are fine and Craig wants to ask the doctor some questions.  Meg stops him and wonders why he never trusts her word on anything.  Craig wonders why she isnít excited about the baby.  Meg tells him she blames it on the hormones that are constantly changing inside her body. 

(Carlyís house) Sage and Parker arrive home to change before they go to a Halloween party. Sage is starving and wants a snack but Carly doesnít want her to eat before the party.  Parker tells Carly J.J. went to his friend Samís house because they wanted to trade costumes.  Sage asks Carly to do her makeup for her and goes upstairs to get Carlyís made up.  Carly is distracted and doesnít hear Parker tell her he wants to go to a friends house after the party. 

(Alís Diner) Jack arrives and Katie tells him that she has the annulment papers ready.  Jack tells Katie that there must be some other way to work this out and that he will do anything she wants in order to save their marriage.  Katie asks jack to come home to her at night and they can get a nurse to take care of Carly at night so he can get a break and they can spend some time together.  Katie tells Jack that he can spend as much time with Carly and the kids as he wants as long as he comes home to her at night. Jack tells Katie he wishes that he could give her what she wants but he canít leave Carly now because she is getting depressed and he must be there to keep her spirits up for the sake of the children.  Katie then asks Jack to sign the annulment papers so he does in order to please Katie. 

(Carlyís house) Sage comes downstairs with the make up and Carly starts to put a lip color on Sageís eyes until Sage points out her mistake. Carly recalls that Jack was going to Alís Diner to meet Katie so since Parker is going to the farm to pick up his costume he asks him to stop by Alís and get her some Swedish soup as well as a cookie for Sage to take in her school lunch tomorrow. 

(Will and Gwenís place) Barbara arrives with Ann Reynolds who works at the adoption agency.  Ann does a preliminary interview with Will and Gwen to get the paperwork for the adoption.  Ann asks Barbara to leave because she keeps interrupting the interview.  Ann asks about the education level completed by Will and Gwen and everything is fine until Will tells the lady that he has a criminal record and that he spent time in an institution when he was younger.   Ann then gets up and leaves because Will and Gwen canít adopt a child. 

Barbara gets a call from Rosanna who is worried because Paul hasnít shown up to take wedding pictures so Barbara tells her she left him in Old Town trying to get a surprise for her.  Barbara promises to track Paul down and give him her message.  Meg asks Paul to talk to her but he wonít because he is angry that she is having Craigís child.  Meg tells Paul that the baby wonít stop then from being together but Paul tells her that Craig wonít let her keep custody of his child so they can be together.  Meg makes it clear that she wonít let Craig raise her child.  Barbara arrives and tells Paul about the photographer so he leaves to go take pictures for his wedding.  Barbara tells Meg to stay away from Paul and concentrate on protecting her baby from Craig. 

(Alís Diner)  Katie tells Henry that Jack didnít even try very hard to compromise he just signed the papers. Parker arrives to pick up the soup and the cookie Henry goes to get it and gives him the food on the house.  Parker notices that Katie isnít wearing her ring anymore and she tells him she and Jack arenít married anymore.  Parker tells Katie he is sorry because he really liked her but he wants his mom to be happy.  Katie says she understands and tells Parker they will always be friends.  Katie gives Parker something that goes with Sageís costume and then he heads back home. Jack arrives and Carly sends Sage to the kitchen to pick out a trick or treat bag.  Jack tells her Katie had the annulment papers ready and he signed them because that is what she wanted him to do.  Parker arrives and says he saw Katie at Alís and she told him they werenít married anymore.  Sage comes out and tells Parker she got the scariest trick or treat bag.  Carly asks Parker to help Sage get into her costume and Parker tells Sage that Katie wants a picture of her in her costume.  Carly thinks that she and Jack should get married again to give the kids a sense of stability before she is gone. 

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