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(Will and Gwen’s place) Gwen begins to panic when she feels a cramp in her stomach and Will asks if he should call the doctor. Gwen tells him not to call the doctor that the pain is going to go away. Gwen tells Will after a few minutes have passed that the pain has gotten worse and he should call the doctor. Will calls the doctor and tells Gwen that Bob and Dr. Akido will meet them both at the hospital. Gwen has an idea that the procedure has failed but she hopes that her feeling isn’t true.

(Al’s Diner) Barbara arrives and is in such a good mood because both her sons are happy that she thanks Allison for being Will and Gwen’s egg donor and apologizes for being so mean to her. Allison offers Barbara coffee and a doughnut on the house. Allison serves Barbara a jelly doughnut but Barbara gets a call from Will to meet him at the hospital. Barbara is so flustered she begins to rush out of the restaurant and then asks Allison to come with her.

(Lakeview) Holden explains to Emily that Lily is in Dusty’s bed with Dusty and Emily wonders why Holden is sitting there drinking instead of going upstairs to talk to Lily. Dusty leaves a note for Lily saying that he is in room 201 and she should come talk to him when she awakens in the morning before she does anything else for the day. Lily dreams that Holden came to Dusty’s room and then he left even though she asked him to wait so she can explain things. Lily awakens and knows that Holden was there and saw her with Dusty. Lily gets out of Bed and reads Dusty’s note to her and calls room 201 but when Dusty doesn’t answer she walks out in the hallway to go look for him. Lisa sees Lily and asks her if she canceled the meeting with the electronics people who want to install flat screen TVS in all the rooms Lily doesn’t remember what Lisa is talking about so Lisa wonders what is wrong. Lily explains she drank a bottle of wine and is a bit confuses right now. Lisa guesses that Lily and Holden are going through a rough patch and advises her to find Holden tell him she loves him and then apologize to him. Lisa tells Lily she saw Holden talking to Dusty at the bar. Dusty tries to tell Holden that Lily is in so much pain because of the problems in her family that she got drunk and passed out in his bed but nothing happened between them. Holden tells Dusty he is tired of Lily’s secrets and he doesn’t want to hear anything more from him about his wife. An annoyed Holden leaves the bar while Emily wonders why he and Holden were upset with each other. Dusty explains that Luke got shot and is now in a wheelchair but that Lily and Holden were having problems since before Luke’s shooting. Dusty yells Emily he was trying to be a supportive friend to Lily but that only seems to have made things worse in their marriage. Dusty apologizes to Emily for sleeping with Allison and asks her for another chance he also promises this time he won’t let her down again. Emily tells Dusty she isn’t the same woman who left Oakdale and that what happened between them is water under the bridge. Dusty is surprised by Emily’s attitude and wonders what caused her change of heart. Emily only smiles and makes it clear the only thing she wants is for Dusty to give her the newspaper back. Emily also tells Dusty she isn’t mad at him or Allison anymore.

(Hospital) Will, Barbara, and Allison wait outside in the hallway for news about Gwen while Gwen cries in her hospital bed.

(Farm) Lily cries as she explains to Holden that she didn’t sleep with Dusty that she just passed out after drinking a bottle of wine. Holden says he knows she didn’t sleep with Dusty but that isn’t the point anymore. Holden thinks that Lily isn’t happy with her marriage anymore. Lily doesn’t say a word to deny it so Holden knows its true. Holden tells Lily that for some reason she trusts Dusty or anyone else with her problems but she doesn’t trust him with her problems anymore. Lily tells Holden she loves him and Holden tells her he loves her too but he can’t be in a marriage where this wife is only partially there. Holden asks Lily to give him one reason they should stay married. Lily responds for the sake of the children in order to show them that parents stick together during the rough times. Holden points out that Lily didn’t say she wanted to be with him so it is time that they do what has been coming for a long time and get a separation. Lily tells Holden that she doesn’t share her problems with him because he doesn’t listen to her. Lily wonders what is going to happen to the kids and Holden tells her they will live with him and she can stay at the house and they can work out a schedule. Lily can’t stand to Listen to anymore and goes outs idea to sob. Once Lily is gone Holden carries Ethan to try to calm him but he knows the baby misses his mother and Holden admits he misses Lily too.

(Lakeview) Emily explains to Dusty she had a great time with Daniel and after he went back to school she decided to go to Paris and then Emily smiles and doesn’t say another word to Dusty.

(Hospital) Gwen’s doctor tells her and Will that the eggs they implanted didn’t take so Gwen is anxious to try again. Dr. Akido gets beeped so he goes in the hallway with Bob and asks him to tell Will and Gwen the rest of the news. Bob goes inside and tells Will and Gwen that Dr. Akido just informed him that despite the fertility treatments she will never be able to carry a baby to term. Bob leaves Will and Gwen alone to grieve. Bob informs Barbara of the news and Allison goes in to give Will and Gwen her sympathy. Barbara tells Allison she should leave now because it isn’t a good time. Barbara goes to check if Gwen can be released and Will holds Gwen as she apologizes to him for not being able to give him a child. Allison bumps into Chris who says he just came home today and offers to buy her a drink.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Gwen goes to lie down while Will and Barbara stay outside to talk. Barbara promises that when the time is right she will make sure that they have the family they deserve but they should wait a little while and have time to grieve. Will wonders what he can do to take away Gwen’s pain and Barbara gives him a hug and tells him to just be there for her. Will goes inside and Gwen asks him to take her somewhere. Will and Gwen sit at the grave of her and Casey’s child and Gwen blames herself because he died because she didn’t take care of herself and now she will never have another child. Will tells her that the baby’s death wasn’t her fault and neither is the fact that she can’t have children. Gwen places the locket that Will gave her earlier on top of the baby’s grave.

(Lakeview) Chris and Allison arrive and Allison is surprised to see Emily and stunned when Emily gives her a hug. Emily invites her to have a bite to eat and Allison says she hopes that she doesn’t mind that she invited Chris. Emily and Chris share a passionate kiss and Emily informs Dusty and Allison that Chris is the person who has caused this wonderful change in her. Chris explains that he was taking a rest in Paris from his work and Africa when he and Emily found each other. Emily tells Dusty and Allison they had such a good time they didn’t want it to end so they both decided to come home. Dusty orders a bottle of champagne for Chris and Emily then quickly leaves the bar. Chris wonders why Dusty left so quickly. Allison explains that Dusty was just a bit shocked that he and Emily is a couple.

(Al’s Diner) Dusty and Lily meet again and they both wonder what the other is doing there so late. Lily tells Dusty she tried to talk to Holden and he wants a separation. Dusty tells Lily that Emily returned home today with Chris Hughes and that Emily and Chris are a couple.

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