ATWT Update Wednesday 10/24/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/24/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At home, Will and Alison are hovering over a slightly annoyed looking Gwen.  She is just the incubator at this point so they can just relax.  They continue not giving her space, so she tells them there is something she needs right now, as she heads over to the stereo and turns up the volume.  Will and Alison look surprised.

Downtown, Sofie chases after a man she had an interview with.  He didnít even give her a shot Ė he just looked at her; he canít not hire her because she is pregnant.  He takes her resume and gives it a less then cursory glance and tells her that she lacks experience too and then walks away.  Iris walks up behind a depressed looking Sofie.  Iris tells her that she is the answer to her prayers. 

At the diner, Vienna is bemoaning the fact that her feet hurt in her shoes.  Henry teases her that she is wearing stilettos.  She will not be subjected to wearing orthopedic shoes, as Henry gives her a kiss and laughs at her.  They snuggle up to one another as Maddie is walking in.  She tries to slink away unnoticed, but they stop her.  What is going on?  She is trying to make a decision about her future.

At the farm, Luke wonders why Holden is avoiding talking about Lily?  Holden reminds him that he is the father and Luke is his son and they shouldnít be talking about this.  Luke tells him that he is blowing it; he shouldnít be blaming Lily for what Col. Meyer did to him.  Lucinda walks in as they are talking and comments with a smirk that at least one member of the family isnít an idiot.

At his suite, Dusty is telling Lily that she shouldnít be there, but she doesnít want to hear the same things that Lucinda tells her; she wants to be there.

Holden tells Lucinda that it has been a long day and he isnít in the mood, which seems to fall on deaf ears as Lucinda wheels Luke out of the room so they can talk.  He is the best person she can think of to help Luke through this, but he needs to do this with the help of his wife.  Holden smirks; this isnít his first choice.  Lucinda admits to wanting to throttle Lily these days, but Holden apparently needs to be the one to step up and to be the adult again.  Holden is tired of the secrets, the lies and Lilyís new best friend.  Lucinda assures him that he doesnít have to worry anymore about Dusty at least.

Dusty tells Lily that he is worried why she is there with him.  She is lying to her husband and he thinks that is how she got into trouble to begin with.  A dejected Lily tells him that just for tonight she wants him to help her.  Dusty sits down beside her; what does she need?

Holden admits he is not as much worried about Dusty as he is about Lily.  Lucinda admits that she has developed a dependency on him, which Holden thinks is a tame word for describing Lilyís reliance on Dusty.  Lucinda thinks it is a shame that Luke is more focused on his parents rather then his therapy though.  Holden wonders if Lily agreed not to see Dusty?  When he saw her at the diner, Lily told him that she thinks he is punishing her, but she didnít know that he saw Dusty meeting her there afterwards practically holding her hand through this, when she led him to believe something else.  Lucinda tells him that Dusty is in agreement with them. The worst of it is that even if Dusty knows this, Lily may not.

Lily wants a drink, as Dusty suggests something other then his whiskey.  Lily calls down and tells room service to bring a bottle of Bordeaux to his room where she is staying.  She admits that she thinks that Holden is trying to turn Luke against her, which Dusty doesnít believe.  He told him that she didnít tell anyone that Col. Meyer was dangerous, so in effect, he is telling everyone it is all her fault.

Lucinda tells Holden that although over the years she hasnít always been on his side, she knows he is wonderful and Lilyís rock.  She is concerned about Lily.  When she came out of that coma, she couldnít help wonder where she had been or if she was a different person.  She would not have hurt him the way she has if she was in the same frame of mind.  Holden looks unsure and exhausted.  As Lucinda is heading out the door, she tells him that she knows that he is a strong man and he will try again because that is who he is.  After she leaves, Holden mumbles to himself about knowing her after all these years.

Lily is drinking some wine and she asks Dusty to join her.  He thinks she should pace herself.  She is just trying to regroup and figure out how to get back into her sonís life.  She isnít out of it, Dusty counters.  She doesnít know how Luke canít blame her when she is struggling with this herself.  She is glad that she is with someone that if she makes a mistake then he will just let it go.  She left the farm partly because of Holden suggesting it and also because she was afraid she would say something wrong.  Dusty apologizes for bringing her into his issues when he asked for her help.  Lily admits that she canít remember the last time Holden asked her for help. 

Noah shows up to see Luke, as Holden seems miles away.  Noah wonders if it is ok?  Holden tells him that he is glad that someone can stay with Luke because he has some errands to run and he heads out the door in a rush.  Is he ok, Noah wonders?  It is just parent stuff, and then Luke apologizes consideringÖit is ok because it is nice to finally be around normal family dynamics.

Maddie explains that she called Wesleyan and they told her that she can still transfer and keep her scholarship.  She needs to make a quick decision though.  She can go now or a year from now.  Henry and Vienna tease her about the pressure.  She dated Noah because Casey dumped her, she didnít go to Wesleyan because Noah asked and now that they have broken up, she is considering to Wesleyan again.  Maybe she is embarrassed and she is running away?  Henry and Maddie think she is doing the right thing by seriously considering this now.  Maddie jokes about how fun her parentís weekend will be with them around. 

Will and Alison get they were overdoing it with the TLC.  Gwen tells them that becoming a mother doesnít mean she should turn into a girly thing.  Will smiles and assures her that wonít happen.  Gwen tells them that she just wants to go for a walk.  He apologizes for being overprotective, as Gwen realizes he was only trying to help.  She is fine and will be back in a little bit.  Will turns to Alison and tells her that he is glad that she is there so it stops him from going after her. 

Sofie sarcastically tells Iris that if she is the answer to her prayers then she is in trouble.  Unless she is hiring, then she is of no use.  Iris thinks she should be less picky since she has no home, job or money.  She has tons of money she can give her.  Sofie canít wait to hear the strings.  There is only one condition; she wants her to leave Oakdale.  Gwen walks around the corner as she say this.  Doesnít it mean anything that she is carrying her grandchild?  Iris snaps back that is what she claims, but how can she be sure?  Sofie now realizes all Cole was saying was the truth, as Iris snarls.  The bottom line is as long as she is in Oakdale, Cole wonít come home, and as a parent, she has to sometimes do difficult things.  She takes a wad of cash out of her bra and tells her to consider it relocation fees.  Gwen walks over and tells her mother to leave Sofie alone.  Iris pretends to be sweet as she puts her arm around Sofie telling Gwen that she was simply helping her start a new life.

Henry gives Vienna drink concoction that he made for Maddie when she was five years old called a Black Cow.  She thought he was a hero because of that.  Why is she leaving now then?  Vienna tells him gently that she is trying to spread her wings.  He is just used to having her here.  Then he apologizes for whining about that when her family is 4,000 miles away.  Vienna smiles warmly and tells him if he wants more family members nearby, there is something they can do about it.  She stares at him for a moment before she answers his non-verbal question as to what she meansÖ they can have a family of their own.

Noah tells Luke that the physical therapist seemed nice, as Luke doesnít respond much.   Does he not want to talk to him about it?  It isnít thatÖ Luke admits that physical therapy scares him.  If he tries and it doesnít make a difference, then this will be all his life is about.  Noah offers to do the exercises with him Ė like a gym buddy and then apologizes for making it sound so casual.  He realizes it is much more serious.  Noah admits that he thinks a lot about the 5 minutes before his dad did this to him and how they were the happiest moments of his life.  Luke agrees, as they get close as Maddie is walking in.

Holden walks up to the front desk and asks the manager where Lily is?  As the man is turning around, he answers that he is in Mr. Donovanís room, but is frozen in his tracks when he sees whom he just said that to; he did not realize it was he.

Lily is getting drunk since she has no food in her system, she admits.  Dusty doesnít think she should drink anymore, as he tries to take her glass, but she spills it instead.  Lily apologizes for making a mess, but Dusty tells her it isnít her fault; Lily disagrees; it is always her fault.  She is soaked; as Dusty suggests she shower before go home. Lily sadly tells him that she doesnít have a home.

Holden asks the manager what Lily is doing?  The manager pauses and slowly answers that she called down for a bottle of wine.  The phone rings and he goes to pick it up.  It is Dusty asking for some coffee to be sent up.  The manager tells him he will take care of that right away.  When he turns around however, Holden is gone. 

Upstairs, Lily comes out in a robe and lies down on the bed.  She canít sleep there; she has to get up, but she just moans in response. 

Outside the door, Holden arrives.  He looks set to knock when he sees room service come with some coffee. 

Luke and Noah see Maddie and tell her to come in.  She tells them a little awkwardly that she stopped by to see how Luke was and to bring him some DVDs.  She also wanted to tell them that she talked to Wesleyan about transferring there this semester.  Noah instantly feels guilty saying she would have been there already if it werenít for him.  Maddie doesnít want him to worry about it.  She will miss them both.  Luke tells her that if all else fails, he will wheel himself to the east coast.  Maddie tells them that she needs to go write a paper, but she asks Noah if he can walk her to her car?  Once outside, Maddie immediately tells him in no uncertain terms, that Luke needs people around him that he can completely rely on.  Noah isnít sure what she means at first, but Maddie advises him to simply think about it.  A downcast Noah slowly walks back in and Luke asks what that was all about?  Noah doesnít answer.

Alison and Will realize they were both overwhelming Gwen.  She felt like she was constantly being watched, they agree.  Alison realizes she was probably feeling like she was standing by waiting and wondering if she was going to get pregnant yet already.  Alison explains that she decided to help them when she thought back to their baby shower and how she saw him earlier in the day with Sage and she remembered how good of parents she knew he and Gwen would be.  Will smiles; can she do him one more favor?  He promises it has nothing to do with anymore medical procedures, as Alison grins.

Gwen angrily asks Iris if she offered Sofie money to leave town?  Iris explains that she was trying to help.  She is trying to get rid of her flesh and blood.  She has no options, Iris reminds them.  Sometimes a parent has to do things they donít want to for the greater good.  Gwen is furious; she is unbelievable!  Sofie tells her that it is her fight, and she will be fine.  She is right though because she does need money so she will take it and will write her when she has settled in somewhere new.  After Sofie leaves, Gwen angrily snarls at Iris about sending away her grandchild.

Henry is scrubbing the tables, as Vienna wonders what has scared him to the point that he wants to avoid her by cleaning?  He isnít scared, but he is surprised by her mentioning starting a family out of left field.  He can barely take care of her, himself and this place.  Is he sure that is it?  Maybe he doesnít think she would make a good mother?  Henry softens and walks quickly over to Vienna and takes her in his arms; she is a wonderful person and any child would be lucky to have her as a mother; he loves her and would be blessed to have a baby with her Ė someday, he just doesnít think it should be right now.  Vienna smiles; she likes his answer and feels better.  She is going to go bake Maddie a farewell cake.  She hasnít decided to leave yet though, Henry answers.  Vienna touches Henryís face Ė yes she has. 

Dusty opens the door to find Holden standing there with the coffee.  He looks past Dusty and sees Lily passed out in his robe on the bed.  Dusty assures him that it isnít what it looks like.  Holden shoves the coffee pot at him and promises him that he has no idea what he is thinking.

Gwen wonders if Iris wants Sofie all alone somewhere away from people that she should be relying on for support?  Just because she slithered away from her maternal duties doesnít give her the right to do push Sofie.  Iris snarls that she has no right to judge her since she hasnít been a mother.  Gwen wants to walk away, but Iris grabs her just as Will and Alison are walking up.  Will snaps for Iris to stay away from her, as he ushers his wife away with Alison in tow.  Back at home, Gwen is more then miffed about her mother trying to pay off Sofie.  She has noone and will leave town.  Will promises that she wonít and that they will deal with it in the morning.  Gwen is happy that she knows when Will says he will do something he will do it.  It makes up for the fact that he followed her.  Will pretends to be insulted; he didnít.  Did he suddenly want to shop?  In fact, he did, as he pulls out a gift for her.  Gwen happily opens it up to find a silver locket.  She is really moved, especially when Will tells her that is for when they have their baby so she can keep a picture close to her heart.  Gwen still seems off.  Why does she look sad?  She is just thinking of how much joy this baby will give them and how it is different for Sofie, as Will wraps her in his arms.

Why doesnít he answer, Luke wonders?  Noah explains that when he first met him, what he gravitated towards him was his calmness.  He was not like that and he envied it.  Maddie is afraid that you wonít be able to count on me, Noah admits.  Luke doesnít think Maddieís feelings on that matter should affect them.  All of his life, he has done things that he canít explain why.  After his father did the things he did to Luke, he went to Maddie, even though he wanted to be with him and he tried to get her to sleep with him.  She didnít, but if she had agreed, he would have and he canít explain why because he wanted to be with him.  Luke is a little taken aback, but he takes it in stride.  Noah continues; maybe on some level his father is right, Noah wonders?  Luke adamantly tells Noah that nothing his father has to say would be right about him.

Maddie comes back to the diner and jokes about finally not interrupting people in an intimate moment.  Henry knows she is going to go to Wesleyan because she is smart and gutsy, as Vienna brings out a cake.  Is it really because of that or because she just saw her ex in an intimate moment with her friend and she wants an escape?  However, she sees that even though Noah has all these problems, but they seem to melt away when he is with Luke.  She needs to go someplace and find that too. Maddie thinks she canít give up until she finds what a lot of people out there have found (like Henry and Vienna also).  Henry and Vienna know there is a handsome, smart - Vienna adds rich and Maddie adds straight man out there waiting to be found by her. 

Dusty tucks Lily into bed and calls down to the front desk to request another room because a friend is using his. 

Holden is knocking back drinks at the Lakeview bar when suddenly from behind, he hears a female voice asking him if he has had a rough night?  He turns around and sees Emily standing there.

Luke sternly reminds Noah that his dad lied to him his entire life about who he is, who Noah was and who his mom was.  If he reacts strangely after all of this, it might be expected, he says touching Noahís face.  He does need to figure out why he does this though after Noah admits it is a pattern with him.  His dad is a bigot and told and taught him the wrong stuff all of his life.  What he can do for him is to prove that his father didnít win. They can be stronger then he ever was.

Maddie tells Henry and Vienna that she is going to Wesleyan to find herself and not a guy.  Vienna suddenly seems unhappy, as Maddie asks her what is wrong?  Vienna admits that she is losing her family too when she leaves.  Henry wants to lighten the situation with a joke, but Maddie tells them both how much she loves them, as they share a group hug.

Luke and Noah realize they both donít know where they are heading through all this craziness, but they want to head down the road together.  Luke jokes that he has all the time in the world, as he glances down at his wheelchair.

Will puts on the necklace he bought Gwen.  He thinks it looks perfect on her neck, as Gwen smiles in agreement.  Her happiness fades as she clutches her stomach looking to be in obvious pain.  What is wrong?  Gwen looks nervous; something is definitely wrong.

Holden tells Emily that he is fine and that she really doesnít want to know the extent of his problems.  Emily takes the hint and tells him that she is off to find DustyÖif she can because this is a surprise.  Holden tells her that is going to be a surprise since Dusty is upstairs with his wife, as Emily looks stunned.

Dusty sits down next to Lily on the bed and brushes her hair out of her face.  He tells her out loud to rest because she is going to face a tough day tomorrow. 


Will and Alisonís hovering slightly annoys Gwen so she gently tells them she is going to get some air. Will asks Alison for a favor.  Iris has a proposition for Sofie.  Maddie announces her intentions of possibly transferring to Wesleyan to Henry and Vienna.  Luke and Lucinda are worried about how Holden is dealing with Lily.  Lily wants to stay with Dusty after feeling rejected and separated from her family.  Lucinda pleads Lilyís case to Holden.  Lily is distraught over Holdenís beliefs and possibly Lukeís.  Luke is happy when he gets a visit from Noah.  Lily starts to drink even though Dusty suggests that she not.  While Gwen is out for her walk, she comes across Iris trying to pay off Sofie so she will leave town.  Sofie takes the money while Gwen and Iris have it out.  Noah and Luke talk about his PT and their relationship, as Maddie walks in on a close moment between them.  Holden learns that Lily is upstairs having wine in Dustyís room.  Lily spills wine on herself, as she is busy feeling sorry for herself so she gets into Dustyís robe before she passes out on his bed.  Holden comes to the door and sees Lily like this and storms off, as Dusty tries to explain.  Maddie tells Noah and Luke of her plans; Noah feels guilty.  Maddie gives Noah some advice that he takes to heart causing a heart felt conversation and a confession to Luke.  Will finds Iris with her hand on Gwen and shuttles her away.  Gwen tells Will what Iris did.  Will gives Gwen a locket for their babyís picture.  Maddie starts to say her goodbyes to Henry and Vienna realizing she has already made her decision.  Dusty asks for another room so Lily can stay in his.  Gwen clutches her stomach in pain.  Emily comes back to town to find Holden drowning his sorrows because Dusty is upstairs with Lily. 

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