ATWT Update Tuesday 10/23/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/23/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

Craig and Rosanna wheel and deal over Montgomery Enterprises and the fate of their marriages, while their better halves argue over Meg’s bun in the oven. Rosanna doesn’t want to relinquish ownership of Montgomery Enterprises until Meg actually gives birth. No deal, Craig wants his company back now. Sick of playing to Rosanna’s every paranoid whim Craig decides to play hard ball and wins. Craig blackmails Rosanna into going ahead and dropping the litigation over the company. Craig is more than willing to go to Paul and tell him why Rosanna, happened to have a sudden memory loss in court over what happened the night of the accident. Fearing she could lose Paul Rosanna agrees, the Company he can have but he had better make sure Meg is committed to him and their baby.

Paul is furious with Meg that she would even entertain the idea of conceiving a baby with Craig no less do it. Paul has finally seen Meg for the weak, mindless woman that she is. Meg begs for Paul to forget about the baby and Craig and stay true to their plans to be together but Paul can’t Disgusted with her he wishes her and the baby well. Committed to a life with Rosanna now Paul walks away from Meg.

Paul overhears Rosanna ordering the lawyers to forego the litigation of Montgomery Enterprises.

When Paul becomes angry and suspects Rosanna of working with Craig they argue. Both want the truth from the other while keeping their own secrets. Rosanna tries to stand as a stable secure woman but the fact is she loves Paul too much and folds to his pressures. Rosanna can’t marry Paul if he loves someone else no matter how much she wants to be his wife. Rosanna ends their engagement.

Rosanna leaves the house angry and driving for the first time since coming out of the coma. Paul calls her and fears for her safety. He sets out to find Rosanna just in time to witness her crash. Paul is frightened and worried for Rosanna. Rosanna comes to. Paul is so grateful he didn’t lose her again. He has a renewed sense of who it is he is in love with. Paul makes her promise to marry him ad he promises she is the only person he loves.

Meg is very upset about being tossed aside by Paul earlier. Meg doesn’t even try to hide why she is so down in the dumps. Craig tries to lift her spirits by doting on her but it doesn’t work. When Craig mentions Rosanna gave him back the company Meg questions what Craig did to make her do that. Craig defends himself and lies. Craig vows to be completely committed to making Meg and their baby the happiest in the world.

Holden picks up carry-out from Al’s for Luke who is enjoying his first night at home. Lily runs into Holden and wants to be a part of the family unit. Lily feels Holden is keeping Luke from her to punish her. Holden denies that he has any intent on punishing Lily but he is rude and short with her limiting the time she spends at the farm with Luke. Luke pulls the truth about his parents failing marriage from Faith. Luke confronts Holden and asks his father’s forgiveness of Lily. Lily walks in to hear Holden blame her for the situation Luke is in now. Lily is furious with Holden. When she speaks with Luke alone she learns that he doesn’t blame her and wants her and Holden to be okay. Holden returns feeling Lily has spent enough at the farm for tonight and Holden rudely asks her to leave.

Later, Luke warns his father, "You had better make up with Lily or you will lose her."

Dusty is on hand every time Lily turns around to be the friend that she needs. Finally admitting complete defeat, Lily asks to stay with Dusty, her only friend. Seeing that Lily is in a bad place emotionally, Dusty lets her crash in his room.

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