ATWT Update Monday 10/22/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/22/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At Fairwinds, Paul walks into find Craig standing with Rosanna with champagne in hand. Paul demands to know what he is doing there? Rosanna seems nervous, but Craig cuts her off saying he popped into congratulate the bride-to-be.

At her Lakeview suite, Meg rushes in with a bag in hand; she rips it open and rushes into the bathroom with her pregnancy kit.

Rosanna stutters, as she tries to explain that Craig insisted on opening the champagne and she figured she would go along with it so he would leave. Paul wants to know what he is really up to because he would never wish them well. Craig smirks; he does have an ulterior motive, as Rosanna looks nervous.

Meg nervously waits for the results of her pregnancy test. She mumbles to herself. “Please not now… no.” She slowly brings it up so she can see the results. Her face drops and she exclaims, “Oh God!”

In the Lakeview lounge, Katie stares at Jack; he said yes? Jack says nothing, so a furious Katie pushes by him, as Jack stops her. She wheels around on her; he slept with Carly! She realizes that she doesn’t know where can leave to go to because he is everywhere in her life. She can’t go upstairs because that is their honeymoon suite; she can’t go to their house. Jack repeats that he is sorry, but Katie is incensed and doesn’t want to hear it. That is what he said when he kissed Carly. Is that what he is going to dare say again? He will take her anywhere she wants to go to talk. Katie pulls away; is he going to take care of her like he did with Carly? Katie decides suddenly she wants to know why?

At home, Carly is sitting with Brad on the couch. Jack and Katie are through, Carly explains. Brad wonders if she thinks that simply because they slept together? Noone does it better? It isn’t about sex. It is about that one person knowing you better then anyone. Brad reminds her angrily that she isn’t dying. Katie has been trying to be understanding and supportive. All this proves is that his brother has a big heart and will do whatever to make her supposed passing easier. Has she stopped to think about what this is costing Jack though? She thinks it will all be worth it in the end; she will make it up to him. Brad smirks at this response. He is putting an end to this tonight.

Jack admits that he didn’t know why he slept with Carly. Katie wants to go into details of how they went there and what happened during the trip. Jack doesn’t think this is helping matters. Katie thinks it does because she knows how it happened – Carly made it happen, as Jack looks surprised.

Carly grabs Brad’s arm; he is going to tell Jack tonight? Carly asks him not to do it yet. What about her kids? She, JJ and Parker talked about her feeling that she is going to survive this. By the end of the conversation, they believed it and felt better. Even if that takes care of how her kids feel, what about Jack? He can see that she was feeling better. She told him the trip helped her. He was skeptical… as Brad interrupts her. He is skeptical because he is a detective. When is she going to tell Jack that the doctors made a mistake? She is getting there. She is not doing it fast enough. What is she waiting for? She pauses before she answers; she is waiting for Jack to ask her to get married again. What a big dreamer? What about Katie – they are married. She is actually sorry for Katie, but it isn’t about her. Her heart is broken, Brad restates the obvious. Carly thinks there is a way for her to get over it. He is tall, dark and handsome, but he isn’t Jack though, as she looks at Brad.

They wouldn’t have slept together if she hadn’t yanked him off to a place where they fell in love. She is sure that she had all the right romantic touches. Jack tries to explain it wasn’t like that. She played on the fact that he better have her while he still can. Immediately, Katie is contrite; she didn’t mean to say that. She can’t imagine JJ, Parker and Sage growing up without a mother. Jack understands how anger may make someone say something they may not mean to say. Jack admits that he needed to go to Montana the same, maybe more then Carly. Did he need the sex the same too? It wasn’t like that. He feels it was his way of saying goodbye. Katie looks amazed; he is the most honorable man she knows, and he went and threw away his wedding vows. Jack looks heartbroken. She doesn’t know what he thought he was doing with Carly, but it was certainly not saying goodbye.

Craig tells Paul that he wants them to be the happiest couple he knows. Why? He hopes that if they are happy and content enough then Rosanna may see her way to dropping litigation against Montgomery Enterprises. Rosanna glares; she said no. Paul tells Craig that from now on any contact they have will be through their respective lawyers. Craig smiles and says his goodbyes; he leaves with a smug look on his face, as he takes out his phone.

Meg is sitting in stunned silence on the edge of the bed when her phone rings; it is Holden. He needs her help, but Meg tells him that she can’t really talk. He explains that he won’t keep her long, but they are trying to bring Luke home and he has a lot of things he still needs to do. He just needs her help for a short time. Meg relents and hangs up. She stuffs the test and box in a paper bag and throws it away; she doesn’t see the piece of paper that falls to the ground right next to the trash though, as she heads out the door.

Rosanna looks nervously at Paul gauging his reaction. Is he ok? He just doesn’t like that Craig can waltz in here whenever he wants. Rosanna seems relieved that is all it is. They can get a restraining order. Paul would rather talk with him, but that makes Rosanna nervous. She doesn’t think that will do anything. She thinks ignoring him will work much better. Now that he knows she won’t unfreeze his assets, he will stop bothering them. Paul seems unconvinced, as he seems miles away.

Brad tells Carly that he isn’t the one that Katie wants. He could be, Carly presses. Brad wants her to stop trying to run him. It didn’t work when they were married and it isn’t going to work now. She is speaking the truth. Brad angrily tells Carly to shut up! Since she found out that she was going to be fine, she has been plotting this - her and Jack getting back together. She doesn’t even care or has thought about the destruction along the way. Carly can see that he cares about Katie. He does and that means he isn’t going to let her push Katie around anymore. Carly sneers that when he comes clean about all the terrible things she has done, she doesn’t want him to forget to tell her that she couldn’t have done any of them without his help.

Jack understands that Katie probably hates him. He was the one that made the decisions though. He is still in denial that she is going to be gone one day and he will never see her again. Katie seems to understand. She made a vow to take care of him the rest of her life, but she realizes it isn’t going to be anywhere near as long as she thought. She is going to take care of him now by telling him something she has known all along. It doesn’t matter if Carly is here or gone; she can’t compete with a ghost. If she is here or gone, he will always belong to Carly and she is not going to settle for that. He gets that she is angry and he betrayed her trust. Katie starts to walk away. He understands he is asking her to accept something unacceptable. Katie is amazed; he wants her to accept this? He loves her, and he promises that for the next 100 years he wants to be married to her. He starts to break down. She believes him. It was a one-time thing. He just needs to get her through the next couple of months. They still are going to be apart after what he just told her? He will come home to her every night if she wants. He will keep his distance. Whatever she needs he will do for her. He just needs to know she will be there for him once he makes it through this nightmare. Katie is now crying. That is why she called him. She wanted him to know that she was ready to stand by him, but now she knows she can’t – they need to just let this go!

Brad slits his eyes; is he threatening him? Carly explains that he is the one who wants so badly to tell the truth. She doesn’t want to say a word, but Katie knows that he has been her partner in crime before and this time again she will think he probably helped her hide the truth. Brad realizes Katie would hate him. Katie wouldn’t want him anywhere near her and his brother would never forgive him. Brad has mixed feelings, but he knows it is true. They can’t keep hurting them though. Carly tells him that if they just ride this out, it will all work out. Jack will come back to her and Katie will turn to him. Everything will turn out better then even before and noone will be in pain anymore.

Meg arrives at the farm to a thankful Holden. How is Luke? His attitude is better, but his legs are the same. He wants to set up Luke at the farm. They have enough room at his home for a whole army. Why would he and Luke stay here and how does Lily feel? He didn’t give her a choice; that is how he wants it right now.

Craig comes home calling out to Meg. He sees the paper on the floor and picks it up. It is a receipt for a pregnancy test from the pharmacy. Craig takes the paper bag out of the trash and sees the used test.

Meg is shocked; they are separating. Holden tells her that he doesn’t have time to get into it, but Meg wants the shortened version then. Was there someone else? There are things they just can’t get past. Marriage is a tricky thing – as Meg understands that.

Craig sees that two lines means she is pregnant. He sees there are two lines. He is thrilled as he exclaims to himself that she is pregnant. He calls Meg, who ignores the call, which is not lost on Holden – she will get it later. Craig leaves an ecstatic message for Meg to meet him at the Lakeview lounge in an hour. He hangs up after leaving her a message and then calls Rosanna, who orders him to stop calling and showing up because it will look suspicious. He tells her that their business will be over soon. Is he hopefully leaving town? He wants her to come to the Lakeview in an hour… and definitely bring Paul.

Holden brings Ethan out to the kitchen. And holds him out to Meg. She thought he needed her help? He does; he needs her to look after him while he runs errands. Meg appears nervous now; she thinks it would be better if she orders the bed or something like that since it is her field. Holden teases her – doesn’t she love Ethan? Of course she does, as Holden places him in her arms. He will be back in an hour. Meg talks with Ethan. It isn’t about him; she just found out she is going to be a mom. She is a little out of sorts.

Paul comes back into the room; who was she on the phone with? She was talking with her wedding planner. She forgot they were supposed to meet her in an hour. He is going to have to sit this one out. He has a bunch of calls to make. He kisses her and tells her that he will see her later, as Rosanna doesn’t seem to know what to do.

Jack is getting more anxious as he tells Katie that they can make it work still. How would he define a working marriage? He isn’t able to answer before Katie answers for him. He lives, takes care of and now sleeps with Carly. He is more her husband then hers…. and he always will be. It is horrible that Carly is dying, but she wants a husband all to her own. They still can have that. She never told him this, but when he was in the explosion she was there holding his hand. He talked with her; he said he loved --- Carly. Jack tries to explain that he was out of his head. She tried to convince herself of that too, but he was just being himself. She looks at him for a long moment before she tells him good-bye and rushes by him.

Brad thinks the more Carly tells him that she is perfect for Jack, the more unsure he is. Katie was willing to let Jack go to be happy. She was ready too, but then she found out she had a brain tumor. She was misdiagnosed, Brad yells back! She thinks that detour proved that she is meant to be Jack’s wife again. How can she let this lie fester between her and Jack? Carly just wants Brad to help Jack feel less guilty about Katie. She thinks that he should be Katie’s confidante. Jack interrupts their talk. He is glad to see Brad simply because he didn’t want Carly to be alone. Brad asks him why he looks so bad? Jack tells him that he just lost his marriage and Katie and there is nothing he can do about it, as a sympathetic Carly walks closer to Jack.

Katie catches up with Tom and Margo at the Diner. She needs to talk with Tom. She needs him to get her an annulment. Margo and Tom look stunned.

Meg is talking with Ethan. It would be great to have a baby like him. She went and made a beautiful thing in her life a disaster though. Holden comes back and Meg passes Ethan off quickly. Why did she not seem to want to stay with Ethan? It is nothing. She has to go anyway because Craig is waiting for her at the Lakeview, as she quickly takes off.

Paul wonders what is up with Rosanna? She hopes he will reconsider not coming with her. Why? It is only a wedding planner. It would be good to have her fiancée there still. Paul agrees to go with her, but he can only stay a half hour.

Margo is confused; they just got married. Katie interrupts to explain that she hasn’t been living with Jack since they got married. Is that grounds? Yes, Tom answers. Could he start on this right away? He will head back to the office and do it now. After he leaves, Katie tries to leave, but Margo demands that she stay. What for? Jack slept with Carly so there is nothing left.

Brad tells Jack that he is sorry, and if there is anything he needs, he will be there. After he leaves, Jack explains that Katie came to see him because she found out a way to make their marriage work under these circumstances. He didn’t go for it? She changed her mind. Why? He told her about them. Carly looks subtly surprised. He had to tell her because if they are going to make this work, there can’t be a lie between them. Carly looks slightly let down.

Meg shows up at the Lakeview not looking in the best of moods, as Craig is clearly in a celebratory mood. How is she feeling? She is fine… just tired. The waiter wants to bring out the champagne. Meg tells him that she isn’t really in the mood. He knows that and he knows why. She is going to have to cover her tracks much better if she intends on trying to keep a secret from him. What is she keeping? He knows that she probably thinks it is too soon. He sees Rosanna and Paul walk in. He knows that she was probably planning a huge surprise. Meg just wants to go upstairs, but instead Craig stands up and starts to toast his wife, who has given him the greatest gift a husband, can receive from his wife – a baby! Meg looks upset, as she looks around to see Rosanna and Paul standing there.

Margo thinks it is awful what happened with Carly and Jack, but there are extenuating circumstances. Jack and Carly belong together and she is tried of ignoring that, Katie counters. Margo wants her to take that out of the equation. Carly is a friend, who is dying. She is his wife – what is she going to do? Katie pauses and then answers – stay with him.

Jack explains that he crossed a line even though he needed to be with her. She pushed him over it. He doesn’t want her to blame herself. He doesn’t know how to get past that, and he does love Katie, but as long as she is alive, they are tied to one another. He just wishes it were longer. Carly smiles and tells him that maybe it can be. What does she mean? She might have more time then she thought.

Katie tells Margo that Carly is much more then his ex, his past or even friend. When you see two people that have a strong marriage and then it breaks up, how does someone just forget that? Margo thinks sometimes people get past it, but sometimes the love comes back. When Carly got sick, Jack was right by her side; it was like they never skipped a beat. She understands it now. The whole time he was with her. Jack was still in love with Carly. Carly getting sick didn’t change things between them; it just made his feelings for Carly very clear. Margo doesn’t know if she is right or not, but she doesn’t think she should make any big decisions right now. Katie doesn’t thing there is anything left to hope for.

Carly wonders to Jack if something could have changed in Montana? What if everything they wished for is coming true?

Craig tells everyone that champagne is on him. Paul walks away, as Rosanna goes after him. Meg sees this and whips around on Paul. He shouldn’t have done that. This was their own private business. What is the big deal? She was going to tell him, right? Of course, but it is way too early to be making these kinds of announcements.

Outside, Rosanna asks Paul if he is ok? It is hard to see Craig puffed up like that. Having a baby is a good thing. It doesn’t bother her that Craig is going to be a father? Meg will make a wonderful mother – doesn’t he think so?

Craig apologizes; he was just so happy that he wanted to share it with everyone. He should have checked with her first. All that matter is this is what they talked, hoped and planned for has come true.

Paul wonders where the wedding planner is? Rosanna tells him that he is going to check. After she leaves, Paul pulls out his phone and sends a text message.

Craig goes to settle their bill, as Meg gets Paul’s text message. He wants her to meet him in Old Town now. When Craig comes back, Meg tells him that she can’t stick around because she has a job interview as someone’s private nurse. Craig doesn’t think she should be working while pregnant. It is good for her and this baby to be active. Craig suggests Yoga, but Meg still heads out.

Rosanna tells Paul that the wedding planner is going to be delayed. Paul doesn’t want to stick around so Rosanna offers to stay behind. Paul happily takes off.

Katie walks into Brad’s WOAK office. He was just thinking of her. She has nothing else in her life, so she might as well work. He heard what happened. Is she ok? She is fine enough for someone who just started annulment proceedings.

Jack wants to know if Carly is talking about more then just feeling better or being in remission? Is she talking about being cured permanently? What if she says yes to that? He won’t let her pretend to be getting better so it makes things better for he and Katie. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen between he and Katie – he is still going to be there for her as long as she needs him.

Tom comes back in and sits with Margo. He couldn’t have gotten Katie’s papers together yet. No, he was just giving them time to talk. Was she able to talk Katie out of this? No. This is sad, she admits. Jack is a great guy, but he didn’t give this marriage a chance. She is thinking of how much they went through and survived. She is worried because Katie wants perfection and no bumps or bruises along the way. They joke about perfect being overrated, as they kiss.

Brad follows Katie out of his office; she reminds him how he warned her that Jack would only truly love Carly. He was wrong, and maybe she should just give it time. Why does everyone keep telling her to just wait until Carly is gone? He wasn’t going to say that. She wants him to come up with another good excuse as to why she should stay married to Jack. Brad looks conflicted.

Jack and Carly sit on the couch; he wants to know how she feels? She actually feels better then she did before she got sick. As far as she is concerned, she already got her miracle, as she lays her head on Jack’s shoulder.

Brad tells Katie that he hates that she always feels second best to Carly. She isn’t – not to him. She should know something. Katie starts to cry; she wants him to just hold her and to not say anything right now, as snuggles into his arms. She doesn’t know what she would do without him, as Brad melts.

Rosanna congratulates Craig on his show. He didn’t want there to be room for doubt. He has kept up his end of the bargain and now it is time for her to keep hers.

Meg meets with Paul. Is it true, he asks immediately? She didn’t know Craig was going to do that. Is it true, Paul repeats? Yes, she is pregnant. Craig’s baby, Paul mumbles sadly. Meg stands there without saying a word.

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