ATWT Update Friday 10/19/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/19/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Rosanna is busy as a bee making plans for her wedding to Paul. She wants Paul to be more involved and keeps asking if this is what he really wants. Paul makes excuses though he is acting strange. He has just received a text from Meg asking him to meet her in the woods. Meg waits with hope that Paul will show up. Instead of Paul it is Craig. He is worried about his wife after she was just knocked out in the same woods just a few weeks ago. Meg assures him se is fine and asks to be alone. Craig is suspicious and won’t leave her. Meg goes with Craig but returns.

Paul has many reasons why he can’t be at the house right now. He feels he is being hassled over every little detail. Just as soon as he can get away he does. He goes to meet Meg in the woods.

Meg is ready to commit her life and her love to Paul starting immediately. Paul is angry at first but comes around to admitting he still loves her. Meg is a little concerned that everything with Paul comes around to Craig but they soon move past it to enjoy the few precious moments they have together. Meg pressures Paul to tell Rosanna today but he cannot do that. Paul feels he owes it to Rosanna to support her . He does want to be with Meg and loves her. Meg is excited, still pressuring Paul to break the news to Rosanna as soon as possible. Paul asks Meg to be patient with him. The time has to be right.

Craig goes to Rosanne asking that she back off all of the law suits she refuses until Craig gets Meg pregnant. Craig could get Meg pregnant quicker if he didn’t have all of his legal worries. That’s too bad, Rosanna tells him.

Meg realizes after looking at her calendar that she is late. Could Meg already be pregnant?

Jack lies in Carly’s arms in Montana filled with guilt and regret for sleeping with her while he was married to Katie. Carly is happy but is soon disappointed that Jack is being so cold and sad.

Meanwhile back in Oakdale Katie is undressed and on the bed with Brad. They are getting pretty hot and heavy. Brad calls an end to what is about to happen when Katie starts crying. She doesn’t want to hurt for Jack anymore She begs him to help her get Jack off her mind. Brad won’t sleep with Katie. He tells her soon this whole nightmare will be over once and for all. Everything Brad says Katie second guesses and takes the wrong way.

Instead of having sex Brad takes Katie out to dinner. Katie realizes, just because Jack still cares for Carly doesn’t mean he can’t love her too. Katie decides to just be there for Jack when he is ready and offer him all of her support.

Jack wants to leave Montana and come back to Oakdale. Carly is disappointed but she got what she came to Big Sky country for. Upon returning to Oakdale Jack is silent and angry. Carly tries to talk to him about it. Jack admits making love to her meant something to him. Carly pushes the limits and asks if she were to live who would he live with. Jack gives her a long answer and he is trying to tell her he would choose Katie. Carly cuts him off unwilling to hear the actual words. Katie calls and asks to meet. When she meets Jack he tells her without delay that he slept with Carly. Katie’s jaw drops but she doesn’t see really surprised.

Brad rushes over to Carly’s to learn she got the guy. Brad hates himself for being suckered into Carly’s scheming and now Katie is going to be hurt as a result. Carly doesn’t se what’s so bad about it.

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