ATWT Update Wednesday 10/17/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/17/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At home, Jack is in the phone with Carly’s doctor, as a very jittery Carly stands in the background. He is asking the doctor if Carly can medically make the trip to Montana? The doctor doesn’t understand. They need to make it back home. Carly wants the phone, but Jack tells her that she will get it once he gets the answers he wants.

At the Diner, Brad and Katie are crouching around looking for Snickers. Brad ends up at a customer’s feet and covers by commenting about liking her shoes. Vienna shows up and is not happy to hear a rabbit is loose in her restaurant. Katie tries to explain that he was in his cage, but she thought if she let him out, he would feel better. This is a health code violation if anyone finds out, but Katie explains that they are being subtle. Cue the woman screaming, as Katie looks uncomfortably at Vienna. She guesses the rabbit is out of the bag, Vienna unhappily jokes.

At the Lakeview, Meg is listening in on Paul raving to Barbara about Rosanna while he is standing with her. Rosanna tells him that he is being too kind with his words; she loves him, as Paul returns the sentiment and Meg takes off. She bumps right into Craig, who tells her the bad thing about eavesdropping is that sometimes you hear things that you don’t want to.

Vienna tries to tell her customers that Brad and Katie are looking for a contact lens. The man is mad; they are looking for a furry contact lens that just ran across his wife’s leg? Katie sees her rabbit and tells everyone to be still and not upset him. Brad jumps up on the counter and leaps for Snickers, but he hops away.

Does Carly need to come back in before they leave? The doctor tells him that as long as she is taking her medication, then the trip is fine. Does she need to be back anytime? The confused doctor tells him that is up to them. Carly is finally able to grab the phone and tries to backpedal. He is being overly concerned. The doctor tells her that she only needs to keep taking the antibiotics regularly. Her husband (ex husband, Carly corrects) seems unduly stressed. He should talk with him, but Carly assures him that is his way. She will explain things, but the doctor suggests that she do so very soon because that isn’t helpful to her. He is side tracked by an emergency and has to hang up, as Carly pretends to end up with the doctor giving his assurances. Jack apologizes for going behind her back and calling the doctor. She needs to be able to trust him, as a guilty Carly breezes over this. She changes the subject to old times and soon they are laughing, as Jack admits that he is glad that they are going to spending this time alone. They will have time to be friends and time to be… his voice trails off and Carly finishes the thought – “time to be us.”

Brad jokes with Katie that she wouldn’t have been mad if he had caught Snickers, but he sees him again and kneels down to get near to him. He sneaks up under the table and finds a woman holding him in her lap; is he looking for him, as she holds up Snickers?

Meg explains to Craig that she isn’t in the mood to go out anymore, as Craig is empathetic. He just saw Paul with Rosanna, so he knows they can be a buzz kill. She appreciates him being understanding. He loves her and he appreciates her, unlike Paul. Meg thinks back to her and Paul making love in the cabin and suddenly she wants some air, as she rushes off.

Paul, Rosanna and Barbara are talking, as Barbara tells Paul that she is going to borrow Rosanna for an hour, and he has no say about it. They will leave in a moment after she freshens up. After she leaves, Paul thanks Rosanna for humoring his mother, as Rosanna thinks it is sweet that she is trying to be supportive of their impending marriage. Paul’s mind wanders and takes him back to when he and Meg were making love in the cabin.

In Old Town, Craig catches up with Meg; he teases her about how graceful she looks running in heels. Why isn’t he mad at her? She sees Paul and Rosanna and falls apart and their night is ruined. He loves her; he chose her and so her feelings matter more then his own. She wonders if this is another con? He smiles; he is just easygoing. He has to make some business calls, but she should go pick something nice up to for later tonight when he wants to meet her back home.

The woman tells Brad, Katie and Vienna that she can’t give the rabbit back because she is the Deputy Inspector of the Health Department. Katie wants Snickers back because she is scaring him, but the woman tells her that protocol is to impound, test and quarantine the animal. His shots are up to date, and Brad adds that he was only out of his cage for a few minutes. He still has to be quarantined. How long? They are backed up so for about 6-7 months.

Carly calls the kids downstairs and tells them to pack because they are going to Montana, as Jack is on the phone with the airlines frustrated at how expensive the prices are. They are going to have to mortgage the house, he sarcastically says. The kids pipe up that they have tests and extra curricular activities that they can’t get out of. Jack and Carly smirk; they smell a conspiracy. Carly takes Sage upstairs while Jack talks with JJ and Parker. Why don’t they want to go? The tickets are too expensive. They will be together and he can’t put a price on that. JJ finally tells Jack that Carly isn’t going to die, as Jack looks stunned. Parker tries to stop him, but JJ continues by telling Jack that Carly told them.

Craig is on a business call when Rosanna and Barbara walk through the Lakeview lobby. They exchange sarcastic comments and then Craig asks to speak with Rosanna, who begrudgingly agrees. What does he want? He wants to congratulate her on getting Paul on the fast track to marriage. She even has Barbara as a friend. She has Paul right where she wants, as Rosanna suggests he means that Paul is right where he wants him. Is Meg pregnant yet? No, it takes time – they can’t make is happen on command. She could give him her high school textbook if he has forgotten how. He thinks she knows he has no problem in that department.

Jack wants to know what Carly said? She didn’t want them to tell, but she thinks there is going to be a miracle and that they don’t have to worry. She is excited about the trip and they know she will be fine when she gets back; Carly comes in the room and knows what they are discussing. After the boys go upstairs, Jack is worried about her giving the boys hope when there is none.

Brad steps up and tells the woman that he and Vienna have a deal and she can’t go back on her word and not pay for the rabbit she requested for one of her signature dishes. The woman seems unconvinced so Brad pretends to notice the woman’s eyes and then he really turns on the charm, as Katie leaves with rabbit and Vienna later produces a meal supposedly out of Snickers. Meanwhile, Katie is downtown with Snickers and thanking Brad out loud to herself for what he did.

At a store downtown, Meg holds up the negligee and seems to be indecisive about it (that obviously is not what she is really indecisive about) until the sales woman urges her to buy it for her husband or for that other someone special. The sales woman leaves to go wrap it up.

Rosanna and Barbara walk into the same store to shop for a wedding dress, as Meg hides. Barbara is telling Rosanna she wants to help her find something Paul will never forget, as Paul walks up and adds the dress doesn’t matter because she could wear anything and he would feel that way, as he kisses Rosanna.

Jack understands why Carly wants to give her kids hope, but he is going to be the one left behind. She needs to warn him before she tells them stuff like that. He takes her hand; they need to be on the same team – now more then ever. He does get what she is doing, but they need to talk to them because they won’t be prepared. Carly suddenly tells Jack that she needs to tell him something – even if it makes him hate her.

At her Lakeview suite, Katie opens the door to Brad and happily jumps into his arms to thank him. Where is Snickers? He hopes he didn’t just have a romantic dinner with that woman for no reason. Katie smiles; he is in the bathroom in a time out, as Brad laughs at this. Brad apologizes for his big idea turning into even bigger of a disaster. He made it right though and fixed it, as she starts to tear up and Brad hugs her tightly.

Jack is touching Carly’s face. He wants her to tell him whatever it is. She didn’t lie! She does believe in miracles and she thinks she is going to be ok. She must know that the kids are going to grab onto any hope she tosses their way whether it is credible or not. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy when he doesn’t feel comfortable backing this type of way she is trying to handle it. He is not trying to be concerned with popularity, but he saw JJ’s face when he told him that she was going to live. He wanted so badly for him to back that, and when he couldn’t agree, he made it worse. He is sorry; he should probably just go for a walk. Carly grabs his arm to stop him; she wants to finish – she has something else to say.

Katie admits that watching him chase Snickers made her laugh and life was funny again. She knows she told him that having fun was off the table, but… she is confused. She misses Jack, but she wants him to be with Carly and their kids. She and Margo talk all the time about everything, but they never talk about the end of her father’s life. She was mad about that at one time, but now she understands. She doesn’t want Carly to be alone. She is alone though a guilty feeling Brad comments. There is something she should know, as Katie interrupts him; can he stay with her? Brad regroups and tells her happily that he will, if she provides him a beer or two. Katie immediately goes to the phone and calls room service to order a ‘bunch of beer’, as Brad smiles even though he looks conflicted.

Paul tells Barbara that he brought her phone to her. He knew that she was going to take her shopping, and he is going to wait outside so he can take Rosanna straight home. He heads out and Meg pops up from behind her hiding place, grabs her bag and tries to head out the door quickly. She bumps into Paul; she thought he left? He didn’t know she was there. Meg admits that she never should have run; she should have stayed with him forever. That is right, but she chose to go back to her husband. Meg tries to go by him quickly but he stops her, reaches into her bag and pulls out the negligee. Is this Craig’s favorite color? Meg glares at him. She is not the only guilty party; he should say hi to Rosanna for her. She stomps off, as Barbara walks over to Paul – is she stalking him?

Brad and Katie sit on her couch talking about the movie, as Katie leans on his shoulder and smiles, as she steals some of his beer. Suddenly, as if she feels strange about how comfortable they are, she tells him that he can leave. She is trying to get rid of him like that? She is sure he has other places and he has officially cheered her up. He returns her smile and tells her that he has nowhere else to be.

Carly agrees that if things don’t change by the time they get home then she will be straight with the kids. For now, can’t they take their chances and believe. Jack wants a miracle too. Then she just wants to see what happens.

Barbara explains to Paul that Meg was at the Lakeview too while they were there and heard them all talking. Now she is here. Paul snaps that Meg isn’t clairvoyant; she was at the store first. Why is he defending her? He just doesn’t want to talk about Meg anymore; what she says or doesn’t say doesn’t matter anymore.

Craig sees Meg come home with a bag and wants to know what she bought? Never mind, he would rather just see it. Meg puts it on and soon they are rolling around on the bed.

At home, Rosanna tells Paul that she and Barbara actually had a nice time, but she is glad they are home alone now. Paul seems preoccupied.

Meg and Craig are in bed together, but Meg can’t get her mind off of Paul; she remembers Paul pulling out her negligee. She stops Craig telling him that she can’t do this.

Paul tells Rosanna that she looks tired; she should go up and he will see her up in a few minutes. After she has headed up, Paul can’t stop thinking of Meg; he remembers pulling out the negligee, as he grimaces and slams down his glass.

Craig tells Meg that he understands; it is not the right time, and he will just wait until it is right for her.

Meg dresses and sneaks out of their room, as Craig is sleeping. She goes down to the lobby where she whips out her cell phone and sends a message. Meanwhile, Paul receives a text message from Meg saying, “Meet me tomorrow at the lake – you know where.”

Craig wakes up ad looks around for Meg, but she is nowhere to be found.

Paul texts Meg back that he got her message, but then whip his cell phone onto the couch angrily.

Katie and Brad are watching TV. Suddenly, Katie wants to know what Brad was talking about earlier when he said there was something she should know. Brad tells her that it was nothing at all.

Carly and Jack are sitting close on the couch, as Jack gives in and agrees to wait until after the trip to make any decisions. They hold each other close, as Jack tells her that they need to hope for a miracle, as Carly looks awkward knowing what she knows.

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