ATWT Update Tuesday 10/16/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/16/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Paul arrives home to find Rosanna has arranged a candlelit, romantic evening for them to plan their Halloween wedding. All Paul can think about is making love to Meg at the cabin. Little does he know Meg is waiting for Craig to come home and greet him in a black see-through nighty that seemed barely legal for TV. Meg ravishes Craig. They have passionate sex on the floor unable to make it to the bed. Meg is in a naughty kind of mood which Craig more than enjoys. After they work up an appetite Craig makes them a reservation for dinner downstairs.

Just before they walk out the door Craig gets an important call. Meg goes ahead to hold their reservation.

Paul welcomes a call from Barbara when he feels he is put on the spot by Rosanna to be excited about something he could care less about. Barbara has just run into Gwen and Will at the hospital. They are awaiting news on the fertilization of the donor egg. Barbara is so happy for the couple she asks them to all go out to dinner to celebrate. To Wills’ surprise Gwen agrees and even seems like she wants to go. He had just tried to talk his wife into going to Al’s to grab a bite then home for a little alone time but he was denied.

Paul accepts the invitation and everyone meets at the Lakeview. The family reunion is joyous for so many reasons and everyone is celebrating and happy. One by one each member of the family gives a toast. Paul is the last. He raises his glass to toast Rosanna and their love just as Meg walks into the dining room.

Carly and Jack meet the kids at the door to tell them Jack is moving back in. JJ doesn’t take the news well. He tells Jack that he should just go ahead and go back to Katie. Jack gives Carly time to talk with the boys alone. Carly tells them she thinks she is going to be okay. She is going to make herself okay by the power of positive thinking. This is exactly the kind of news her sons need to hear. The only thing is Carly doesn’t want them to tell Jack just yet. They agree.

While Carly was talking to JJ and Parker Jack goes to the diner to ask a favor of Vienna and Henry. He asks them to please look after Katie while he tends to Carly as she dies. Jack runs into Katie as he is leaving. He tries to talk to his wife but she gets upset when he turns down an invitation to stay and eat with her.

When Jack returns home the kids are going through old photographs. Sage points out a picture from Jack and Carly’s Montana wedding. Carly gets sad and asks Jack to take her and the kids to Montana. Jack won’t. because he is worried that the traveling could cause a relapse. Carly swears that it won’t. When Carly goes upstairs to talk to the kids about going to Montana Jack calls her doctor. Jack wants to know if Carly is capable of taking the trip. Before her doctor can answer Carly walks in catching Jack on the phone. She gets upset accusing him of going behind her back. Carly demands the phone. Jack thinks she is being silly and continues his conversation.

Brad is trying his best to keep Katie’s mind off Jack so Carly can win him back but the opposite occurs. Not only can Katie not miss Jack and want to fight for him she doesn’t want to see Brad anymore except at work. She claims it is just too painful. Brad updates Carly with his lack of progress but Carly begs him to do whatever it is he has to keep Katie busy.

Katie visits Vienna and Henry at the diner. She is even more sad after running into Jack. Brad shows up even though she ordered him to stay away from her. He has Snickers in a cage. Seeing her furry little pet does make Katie happy. When Brad points out that she is finally smiling again Katie gets upset with him all over. Katie is going to leave if Brad won’t. that is until she discovers Snickers is no longer in his cage.

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