ATWT Update Monday 10/15/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/15/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Breaking news missed first minute of show…

At the hospital, Brad is talking with Carly’s doctor. He is confused; Carly is no longer terminal? How could this turn around so quickly? The doctor explains that their tests showed something other then what was truly wrong with Carly; unfortunately, tests aren’t always accurate. Brad thinks that kind of mistake is pretty big. The main thing is that it was caught in time and now Carly has a new lease on life.

At Will and Gwen’s, Allison shows up so they can all go to their appointment. She is understandably nervous. She jokes with Will about how they are going to be making a baby soon. How weird is that? Will just smiles and seems equally as uncomfortable.

At the hospital, Holden is angry about how once again Lily did what she wanted even though he voiced his concerns to the opposite. Luke is depressed and she needed to do something, so this was her way of helping. She thinks Noah may be the only one who can get through to Luke right now.

Luke wonders if Noah really wants to be here? Noah wonders why Luke would want him there? He must hate him after what his dad did to him. Luke thinks what is awful is what his dad did to his mom. Noah is guilt ridden about he being the reason Luke is lying there, but Luke is adamant that is not the case. Holden peaks in and asks if everything is ok? Luke smiles – it is. Lily feels vindicated with seeing Luke smile. Holden wonders if she thinks the ends justify the means? She was just trying to help their son. He wants to do that as well, but he didn’t want to throw away their marriage at the same time, but apparently, she did, as Holden stalks away.

At Carly’s home, Katie is there wanting to see Jack. She knows it isn’t a good time, but it is important. Carly steps aside, as she tells her that she is sorry that her health is interfering in their marriage. That is nothing compared to what she is going through; they will be fine. Brad barges in talking to Carly about just seeing her doctor and hearing interesting news. Jack walks into the room at the same time and is surprised to see Katie. Carly looks very nervous. Carly interrupts Brad before he opens his mouth again, and Jack and Katie excuse themselves to go for a walk. After they leave, Brad stares at Carly for a moment; he has to hand it to her; she has given an Oscar performance, as Carly glares back at him.

Allison, Will and Gwen arrive at the hospital. They pace outside the door waiting to be called. Gwen is nervous because she feels like she has been waiting forever for this. Susan finally comes out and tells them that Allison has to fill out paperwork and then she will be taken to the procedure. Once inside the room, Susan tells Allison about the documents that she has to sign; if she has any doubts then now is the time to say something. Once she signs, there is no turning back because she is signing over all of her parental rights. Is she sure? Yes, they made it work, right? She will never be able to have any claim on this baby. Allison understands this; what she will have is the feeling that she has finally made a difference in someone’s life for the better, as she signs her name.

Outside, Gwen is excited, as Will looks a little more reserved and nervous. He isn’t sorry that they are doing this, is he?

At the diner, Lily catches up with Holden. She thinks that Noah seeing Luke will be a good thing. Holden explains that he loves Luke as much as she does. Lily never doubted that. He feels she just doesn’t trust him, so she went to Dusty for help – again. This is about Dusty, Lily wonders confused?

Noah is curious as to how Luke can look at him and not see the man that put him there? Luke explains that he just sees him and not his father. He thought he didn’t want to see him because he would remind Noah of the fact that his dad isn’t who he claimed to be. It is true, and it hurts, but he also sees someone he cares about.

Lily can’t believe that Holden would be jealous of Dusty? Holden smirks; if Dusty can give her whatever she needs then she should go to him, as Lily now smirks; she doesn’t want him. She just doesn’t get him these days; he criticizes her all the time and continuously takes out his anger on her; that isn’t him. Holden agrees; maybe that is why they shouldn’t be together right now, as Holden leaves.

In Old town, Katie is telling Jack about the house; he wonders what she wants to do? She wants the house. Jack again promises that this situation won’t be forever. Katie thinks if they do this it will feel as if their marriage is more real then it has felt recently. Jack smiles; he thinks they should do it, as Katie practically leaps into his arms – she was hoping he would say that!

Carly is indignant; he has no right to talk to her like that. How is she going to pull this off? Shut up, Carly growls! She is not going to die! How come she isn’t bursting to share her news… he thinks he can make a guess.

Jack takes a deep breath; he has to tell her something. Even if they buy the house, he doesn’t know when he can move in. Katie looks at him confused. He has decided to stay with Carly till the end. Katie incredulously asks if that means he is moving in with her? She can’t be alone anymore; she needs 24 hour care. Katie turns her back to hide her eyes as they well up. What does he want her to say? He hopes she understands that his kids need him to help Carly through this. He understands that may be hard for her to process. He wants her to continue to have faith in them though. He will live there now, but they will be together someday – he promises.

Carly defiantly tells Brad that she isn’t keeping her recovery a secret. She is playing it so she gets Jack away from Katie. She didn’t plan this. Why is she collapsing every 5 minutes? It was happening because of the medication she was on. The doctors all agreed that she was terminal in the beginning. Brad relaxes a tiny bit when he realizes she wasn’t faking it all. Why isn’t she suing then or mad? They didn’t make that diagnosis to torture her; it was an honest mistake. She just can’t tell Jack – not yet!

As Allison is being wheeled away, Will and Gwen comment about how she is giving them the most precious gift. She thinks it is the least she could do after everything. They tease her about that trumping any of her past mistakes. Susan leads Allison away and then smiles, as she calls back to Will that he is up next.

Luke is thrilled to hear Noah say that he cares; it makes this almost bearable. Coming out was hard, and he wishes he had Luke’s parents support because he can’t help still feel that if he hadn’t come out to his dad that he would be walking around instead of lying in that bed. Luke thinks no matter what, he is glad that they met. Noah hopes that they can pick this up where they left out when he gets out of the hospital. Luke swallows hard, as he looks serious. He doesn’t know if they have a future. Why not? He may not ever get better.

Carly stutters that she tried to tell Jack already. Brad angrily reminds her that saying three little words can’t be that hard. They keep getting interrupted. She is using Jack to play nursemaid. Carly denies this; he offered. He thinks she is dying, Brad angrily snaps. It will come out, so what is the difference if they wait a little while longer?

Katie tells Jack that she can’t stand by waiting for Carly to die; it is an awful thought. She thinks they should forget this. Does she mean the house or something else? She honestly doesn’t know.

Brad doesn’t know how she could think that the longer she waits won’t make a big difference? She didn’t plan on using this. She knew that Jack was gradually abandoning Katie to be with her. Does she think that the longer Jack spends with her, the more in deep he will be and when he finds out then he won’t be able to leave?

At the farm, Lily finds Holden fixing the sink. He wanted to keep busy while Luke had company. Can they talk? He is busy, but Lily thinks they are more important then the plumbing. Holden agrees, but the plumbing he can fix, but he doesn’t know how to fix them.

Noah didn’t realize that his injuries were permanent. They don’t know, but they could be. Noah empathizes. Luke off handedly remarks about it being hard for Noah if his boyfriend is in a wheelchair. Noah’s face lights up; is that what they are? Luke backpedals; he didn’t mean to say that and make him feel uncomfortable – he can leave if that would make him feel better. He is not going anywhere until he answers him; does he want a boyfriend?

Lily thinks that if he doesn’t know where to go from here then they shouldn’t make any rash decisions. They just go in circles anyway. They need to focus on being there for Luke now anyway. They have been through worse anyhow. Can’t they just go home for a short while and just be together? Holden stares at her for a long moment before he tells her that he can’t, as Lily’s face drops.

Carly agrees with Brad that Jack has been more attentive and loving. Brad reminds her that it is too late; Jack is married and it is wrong to keep he and Katie separated. He is torn though, Carly explains. Jack is worth fighting for and if Katie isn’t willing to fight as hard then she doesn’t deserve him, as Brad sighs audibly.

Jack pleads with Katie not to give up on them. He realizes since they got married, so many bad things have happened. He loves her and will be spending his life with her. Katie responds that is true as long as Carly isn’t alive. She immediately apologizes, as Jack explains that he understands. She doesn’t know how to compete with a dying woman.

Jack is going to find out that this is her biggest lie. Does she think they are going to live happily ever after? Carly shrugs; he doesn’t have to know the real time frame. She will explain the truth that she was misdiagnosed. She will tell him in a week or two… just until he admits that if he had a second chance, he would want to be with her. That may be fine and dandy, if he doesn’t tell him first. He wouldn’t! He might! Why? She is lying to his brother and this is the most conniving she has ever been; she is playing with people’s hearts and minds! Jack is not completely innocent in this; he is there because he chooses to be. Brad realizes she doesn’t care about Katie, but where does that leave her? Jack abandoned her on her wedding night. Doesn’t she feel for her at all?

Jack is sorry that he put her in an impossible situation. The bottom line is he is walking away from her to be with Carly, Katie remarks. This situation is finite though. She realizes that and because of that, it makes her wish for things that she shouldn’t. He has made her a better person and now she feels worse because of her thoughts; if she stays in this marriage then she may lose the person that he fell in love with.

Carly snarls that Katie isn’t Ms. Virtue. Brad cuts her off - what about her kids, he yells? What kind of mother lets her kids believe she is dying to further her love life, Brad growls? She has figured out how to tell them, but she needs him not to tell Jack right now. There was a reason she got sick and it is bigger then all of them, as Brad rolls his eyes; he doesn’t want to hear it. Carly thinks it was fate, and he can’t interfere with fate.

Will jokes with Gwen about how weird it is to have a nurse standing outside as he does his business. Susan comes out and tells them that Allison is waking up and is ok. They are appreciative for all she and Allison have done. They realize she wasn’t onboard at first, but they will be forever grateful. They will love the baby with all their hearts, as Susan thinks that is all that matter in the end. Will and Gwen go into see Allison, who looks a little woozy still. Allison tries to joke about her and Will’s cells ‘getting busy’ in a lab. They all laugh, but then tell Allison the same thing they told Susan – they wouldn’t forget what she did for them.

How many times are they going to have to do this, Holden wonders? They do it as long as it takes, Lily answers. They are supposedly together till death do them part. They are also supposed to respect one another, but they don’t have that either, Holden replies. Their marriage seems simply broken, but Lily thinks they need time alone to remember (as they said before in the hotel room) what they love about each other. Can’t they go home for an hour before they go back to see Luke and try? Holden is quiet for a moment before he tells Lily that he is going to stay at the Farm, but she can go to the house. What is he trying to say? They can’t share their thoughts or feelings, and then maybe they shouldn’t be sharing a living space, as Lily looks distraught.

Luke tells Noah that he may never be able to move his legs. Noah isn’t asking what he thinks is possible down the road; he wants an answer on Luke’s feelings now. Does he want a boyfriend? Luke smiles – yes, as Noah returns his smile.

Carly thinks they should get down to him. What does her not dying have to do with him? Jack thinks he needs to be with her, so where does that lead Katie, as that line of thinking subtly hits a nerve with Brad. She will need comfort, Carly continues. Who better then him to provide it?

Katie tells Jack that she isn’t filing for divorce tomorrow, but she can’t wait in the wings anymore. She thinks of how she wants a husband and how he isn’t there for her and she is going to start hating herself and resenting him for this.

She wants him to stoop to her level? She knows it isn’t like he is above that. She will walk through hell to get Jack back, but if he isn’t willing to do the same for Katie… That thought is interrupted by Jack and Katie’s return. Katie quietly and quickly tells them that she forgot her purse. Jack tries to stop Katie, but she ignores him. Brad calls out to Katie as she is halfway out the door and she stops, as Carly looks nervous. He hesitates for a moment before he tells her that he thought they could go over the notes for the interview tomorrow. Katie doesn’t know if she is up to it, but then she looks at Jack and decides that work (lots of it) is what she needs. Brad and Katie leave while Jack and Carly just stare at one another.

Lily reminds Holden that Luke needs them together. They need to focus on him and not their problems. Lily realizes that Holden has never stopped being mad at her. Holden admits that it goes well beyond that. He is tired and he only has energy to get Luke well. Does that mean there is nothing left for them? He sadly shakes his head; there is nothing left for them right now.

Noah wants Luke to promise that he will try to do everything that he can to get better, as Luke smiles and agrees. They reach out their hands to hold.

Lily admits to being tired too; they talk and then nothing changes. They finally agree on something, Holden says. He thinks that is reason enough to leave each other alone for now. Lily drops her head and leaves and then stops outside the door, looks back in the direction of Holden, and seems as if she is contemplating going back in, but then decides not to and heads off.

Will thinks it seems sci-fi to make a baby in a petridish; it is much more romantic to make a baby the other way. Gwen agrees, but she reminds him that the end-result is the same – they will have the family they always wanted.

Susan is about to take Allison home, who still looks a bit unsteady. Is she sure that she is ok? Yes. Susan tells her that she did something brave and generous today and she is very proud of her, as they hug tightly.

Jack tells Carly that he is going to get her tea, but Carly wants to give back to him since he has done so much for her. Does he want to talk? Jack sighs; he just wanted to make Katie happy, but all he has done is create more of a mess. He shouldn’t be here then. She doesn’t want him obligated to her.

Brad and Katie are back at WOAK. She thinks Brad looks like he has something he wants to say? He thinks she made the right choice. What is he referring to? She came here to get her mind off of Jack and Carly. What happened to all his talk about fighting for her man? Brad doesn’t say anything. Katie stands up next to him. Why has he done a 180 – what isn’t he telling her?

Jack is standing close to Carly; he isn’t staying with her out of obligation. He touches her cheek; there is much more to it… much more! They hug tightly.

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