ATWT Update Friday 10/12/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/12/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the hospital, Holden punches Dusty, as Lily charges out of Luke’s room ordering Holden to stop it! It isn’t Dusty’s fault that Luke is in the hospital. Why doesn’t he direct his anger at the ‘homophobic psychopath’ who really hurt Luke?

At her room in the Lakeview, Noah has pulled Maddie into a kiss. She pulls away and demands to know what he is doing?

Holden is annoyed that with their son lying paralyzed in the next room, she still can’t help but defend Dusty. Dusty tells them that he is going to give them some time to talk privately. Holden sends him on his way telling him to stay away from them. Lily snaps at Holden wondering if he has nothing better to do with his time then beat up Dusty? Lily doesn’t even know if he thinks there is an ‘us’ anymore considering he barely acknowledges her.

Noah just wants things to be like they were before. Maddie gently reminds him that they can’t be because he wants Luke. He belongs with Luke and not her.

At WOAK, Katie stomps over to Brad mumbling about how she shouldn’t have been so quick to turn down the job assignment in Hawaii. Brad worries and wonders if she and Jack are moving to Hawaii? No, if the job was still available, which is isn’t, it would be just her. Isn’t she forgetting her charming sidekick? Katie barely cracks a smile. Brad thinks she strikes him as a lot of things but being a quitter isn’t one of them. Katie explains that she and Jack are taking a break. Brad doesn’t understand – they have been married about 2 weeks. Katie tries to play it off by telling Brad not to worry about her.

At home, Carly comes downstairs and wonders where the kids are? They are at a high school football game. Jack brings over some food he had for her, as Carly chats lightheartedly. Jack marvels at how brave she is acting. He is just dumbfounded with how things are for her now that she can be like this. Carly comments about life doesn’t always have to be so tragic. Jack can’t think of anyone who is as strong as she. A guilt ridden, but remaining mum, Carly tells him that he gives her too much credit; there is something he doesn’t know, but they are interrupted by the phone ringing. Jack answers it and Carly hears it is the doctor. She immediately panics and wants the phone, as an unsuspecting Jack simply hands it off. The doctor wonders if he is interrupting a celebration? Carly awkwardly answers yes. Jack heads out of the room, as the doctor thinks she sounds that way because she doesn’t want to let herself believe her reversal of fortune. He wants to perform more tests, which Carly groans at the thought of. He wants to take pictures of the abscess and make sure it isn’t growing. Does she feel better? Yes, now that she is not taking the medication she doesn’t need. He will see her in 1 hour. Jack comes back in the room and walks over to the desk; he sees Carly’s pill bottle tossed in the trash; he removes them and asks an anxious Carly why she threw her pills away?

In Old Town, Dusty and Lucinda bump into one another. They talk about Luke and Lucinda’s concern for how much he has been through in his limited years. Dusty is more worried about Lily though, and he thinks she should go to the hospital and talk with her. Holden is a far way from giving her his support. Lucinda deduces there are issues and maybe some involving him once she spies the bruise on Dusty’s face. She remarks that it takes a lot to rile Holden up so it must be impressive. Dusty smiles and heads on his way.

Brad wonders if Katie is upset with the time Jack is spending with Carly? She doesn’t want to talk about it or she will just start crying again. Katie thinks he can help her by filling her in on today’s guest. It is a best selling author. What is the book about? He smirks; he didn’t read it. Why? He doesn’t do ‘chick lit.’ It is something about getting back your true love, as they both grimace.

Jack wonders why Carly isn’t taking her medication? He realizes the side effects are unpleasant, but he thought she was going to do all she could to spend as much time as she could with them. Carly tells Jack that the pill bottle must have fallen off the desk, which Jack accepts. She tells him that she will take her pill now, as she pretends to take it and then hides it in her other hand.

Holden tells Lily that he doesn’t want history repeating itself. They always seem to be at someone’s bedside; there was Ethan, Faith, her and now Luke. Lily wonders what he is implying? Holden doesn’t answer her; he is going to see Luke now, as he leaves and Lucinda walks up. Lily hugs her tightly.

Noah tells Maddie that he and Luke were a mistake. Maddie reminds him that it isn’t a mistake to be who he truly is. He doesn’t want to be that person. He should have stayed with her and everything would have been fine. Maddie disagrees; she would have been hurt. Noah shakes his head sadly; he never wanted that. If he had gone into the army and listened to his dad, everyone would have been fine though.

Holden sees the wrinkled physical therapy sheet. Luke explains that it isn’t going to work. He can’t afford to get his hopes up. He just wants to be left alone.

Outside, Lucinda wonders if she should fly in specialists? Lily thinks the care Luke is getting is fine, but she wouldn’t know how Holden feels since he hardly acknowledges her. She should have come forward sooner, she admits thinking about how she handled this. Lucinda reminds her that she had no concrete proof and she didn’t want to blow Luke’s life up. She admits that she was also trying to prove Dusty’s innocence. Holden has been so critical of everything she has done recently that she wonders how come it is a stretch for him to wonder why she isn’t open with him. She thinks they are caught in a vicious cycle and Luke is getting caught in the middle.

Jack asks why the doctor called? He wants to do more scans. They want to make sure she is getting the right medicine. Jack immediately offers to take her to her appointment, but Carly snaps back quickly that she doesn’t want him to.

Brad and Katie are interviewing the guest, as she talks about true love. She talks about falling in love with your best friend and how once someone like that has your heart, it will always be like that with that person, as Katie can’t contain her emotions and she rushes off the set.

Carly tells Jack that she will take a cab, but Jack can’t understand why she would do that when he is there, willing and able? She thinks he needs to go home and talk with Katie. She wants time and he is respecting that. He needs and wants to be with her. Carly agrees to let Jack take her to the hospital. As she is going to get dressed, she tells him that she is sorry his life is getting messed up. He doesn’t want her to worry about him, but she tells him that is always how it will be. After she leaves, Jack picks up his cell phone and makes a call.

Katie comes back and watches Brad wrap the interview up. She tells him she appreciates him stepping in for her. Her cell phone rings and it is Jack. She tells him quickly that she is in the middle of an interview and can’t talk now, as she hangs the phone up. Brad gives her the look and wonders why she lied? There is nothing more for them to say to one another right now. Then she takes a deep breath and admits to him that Jack kissed Carly. He still loves Carly. Brad reminds her that Jack married and loves her. Carly is his true love and even after she is gone, she will still not be on the same level as Carly. Brad hugs her tightly.

The Physical Therapist comes to see Luke. He hears he tore up the exercises? Luke, who barely acknowledges this man, tells him that it is because he knows they won’t work, so what is the use? He thinks that this is an important step back to reclaiming his life; he needs to take it slowly but consistently. Luke sarcastically remarks that he can’t use his legs so that should not be a problem. He is too tired to do anything now. The therapist tells him that he will let him rest, but he will be back in a couple of hours. Outside, he tells Lily that they need to work on getting Luke into a positive frame of mind; he has a secret weapon – her.

Maddie wonders if Noah cares about Luke? Yes. It was his fault though. Does he think they are being punished because they are gay? No. If he pretends that he isn’t who he is, it won’t help anyone. They were not meant to be. Noah tells Maddie he is sorry and that he is going to leave. Maddie sadly watches him go.

Lily is sitting at Luke’s bedside reminding him when he was waiting for a kidney transplant; he thought a donor would never come. He doesn’t know that this physical therapy won’t work. He has tried being positive; he thought things would work with Noah, but where is he now?

Jack and Carly arrive at the hospital and Jack wants to go in with her, but Carly asks for some privacy. Once in the room, the doctor tells her that these tests are to find where the infection started and why, and to see the course of treatment and then she will be as good as new as soon as possible.

Brad tells Katie that Jack has her heart, but Carly has more of his, Katie adds. Why else would he kiss her? Brad reminds her that Carly is alone and dying. Does she want him to talk with Jack? No, but she appreciates all his support.

Carly comes out of her appointment with the doctor and wants to leave quickly, but Jack stalls to say some things to the doctor. He wants to thank him for everything that he has done for Carly. The doctor appreciates his words, but thinks they are too kind considering, as Carly tries to pull Jack along. When do they need to come back to see him? The doctor asks why would they need to come back? Jack answers what he thinks is obvious; they need to start chemo. He is not letting Carly go through this alone. The doctor tells a confused Jack that Carly isn’t going through chemo because – as his beeper goes off - and he rushes to take the call. Jack is confused. They still don’t know the course of treatment? He is worried that the doctor isn’t that with it if that is the case. Carly defends the doctor; she trusts and likes him, as Jack backs off. Brad calls Jack interrupting their conversation. Where is he? He is at the hospital with Carly. Brad wants him to meet him alone in Old Town ASAP.

The Real Estate agent comes to see Katie at work. She knows she is busy with work and being a newlywed, but she is worried that if she and her husband don’t make an offer on the house, then they will lose it. Katie sighs heavily.

Carly steps away so Jack can talk, but Jack isn’t interested in being lectured. Brad thinks that he should be with Katie right now. Jack explains that he is respecting her wishes; that is something he should consider since he is guessing that Katie doesn’t know that he is calling. He also doesn’t think it is Brad’s business what is going on anyway, as he hangs up the phone.

At the diner, Lily catches up with Holden. He wonders how therapy is going? It isn’t going because Luke doesn’t believe he is going to get better. The therapist thinks they need to get together everyone Luke cares about to get him through this. Noah is the cause and not the solution, Holden says knowing what she is getting at. Lily thought she was the cause? Holden smirks and tells her that he is heading back to the hospital. After he leaves, Lily picks up her cell phone to make a call. She calls Noah, who sees it is she and ignores the call.

Holden is back visiting with Luke. He teases him about his therapist ‘Ernie’, as Luke corrects him; it is Bert. Holden smiles; he was trying to lighten the situation. He gets why Luke is acting the way he is; he wants to be in control. Luke snaps that he really just wants an hour to himself. Holden takes the message and tells him that he will let him have some time. Lucinda catches up with Holden outside the room. He is sure that she is there because of Lily; it is always about Lily, but this time he doesn’t care.

Dusty sees Lily at the diner; how is Luke? Physically, he is the same, but mentally he is doing poorly. Dusty tells her that he is going to keep his distance, but Lily doesn’t think that is a good idea and besides she needs his help – he needs to find Noah and bring him to the hospital.

At the Lakeview, Dusty finds Noah sitting with a box of his father’s personal effects. This is all he has left of his dad, but he doesn’t want anymore reminders of him. He needs to get out of this town. Dusty tells him that he didn’t peg him as a coward. Noah thinks he sounds like his dad, and he was the worse coward of them all.

Back at home, Jack wonders if they should go to another hospital? Carly stops this line of thinking; she is not going to have the chemo. Why? He thought she wanted to be around as long as she could for all of them. Carly tries to interrupt to finally admit to what is going on, but Jack is all worked up and worried about her. He won’t let her go through this alone; he is going to be by her side all the time. He doesn’t want to be selfish and push her into something she doesn’t want to do. She does want to do this? Carly can’t tell him with how he is acting with her now. She hugs him tightly; she wants what he wants, as she looks conflicted.

Brad arrives at the hospital to find Jack, but a flirty nurse tells him that he just missed them. Brad is annoyed; it is a wasted trip, but the nurse wants him to know it isn’t, as Brad gets her drift.

Dusty tells Noah that he isn’t the type to walk out on a friend in need. Noah reminds him that it is his fault his dad hurt him. He is not responsible for his dad’s actions. Does he think that abandoning Luke will help? Lily explained how low Luke was feeling since he hasn’t come by. He needs to prove his dad wrong.

Lucinda catches up with Holden in Old Town. He is running away from her because he is afraid that she will be right with what she has to say. They are all exhausted; why is he making it worse on Lily? She is Luke’s mother and would never do anything to put him in harm’s way. She knew Col Meyer might have killed his wife and she said nothing to him or even Margo; that tells him that she has bad judgment right now.

Lily is sitting by Luke’s bedside talking to him while he sleeps; she hopes he can forgive her because she is having a hard time forgiving herself.

Lucinda thinks Holden should try putting himself in Lily’s shoes. He should reach out to Lily. How many times does he need to do that? He loves her, right? He should do it as many times as he needs to do it.

Katie admits that she doesn’t want to lose the house, but she isn’t sure they are still in the market for a house. The Real Estate agent surmises that they must need some space from the cramped hotel room. Katie suddenly has a thought; she is right – maybe if they do this then they can feel like a family and it will feel more permanent. The Real Estate agent hopes they can make a deal today before someone else scoops it up. Katie seems like she is in a much better mood now.

Carly explains that she doesn’t need the chemo because there are other medications that will control the symptoms. Chemo was never the cure. Jack worries that without it though, how much time will she have left with them?

Dusty brings Noah to Luke’s hospital room. Lily is thrilled to see him and gives him some time alone with him. Dusty wants to make a quick exit before Holden sees him, as Lily thanks and hugs him for what he did, just as Holden is walking up.

Luke awakens and sees Noah at his side; what is he doing here? Noah quickly heads for the door thinking Luke doesn’t want to see him, but Luke stops him by grabbing his hand. He wants him here.

An emotional Jack is worried that she could be sacrificing days, weeks or months. Carly is touched by his concern. She chokes up as she tells him that she loves what they have and she doesn’t want it to end, as they hug tightly.

Katie tells the Real Estate agent that she will talk to Jack and make an offer before the end of the day.

Brad sees Carly’s doctor; he was looking for Jack and Carly. Did Carly start her chemo yet? The doctor figures Carly didn’t want to say anything until it was official, but she was misdiagnosed; she has an abscess and not a lesion. She is completely curable, as Brad looks shocked.

Jack wonders what Carly would think about him moving back in? Carly is stunned but thrilled. She pauses for a second as if to take in whether it is real or not. There is nothing that would make her happier. He wants to spend every moment he can with her from here on out, as they hug tightly again.

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