ATWT Update Thursday 10/11/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/11/07


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(Lakeview)  Alison is excited when she sees Gwen because the doctor has just told her that her eggs are ready to be harvested.  Gwen is excited as well and Alison wants to rush and find Will to tell him the good news.  Gwen tells her that they can tell Will later because she wants to meet with Lisa to ask her to give Sofie her job back.  Alison gets angry and tells Gwen she is tired of everyone helping Sofie and Sofie using people because she can’t make her own decisions Sofie overhears the conversation and tells Gwen that she doesn’t want her help anymore because Alison is right.  Alison takes Sofie’s words the wrong way and calls her a user and tells her she is just saying that to make Gwen feel sorry for her. 

(Hospital)  Holden tells Lily that Bob wants to see them about Luke’s test results and he doesn’t sound happy.  Bob arrives and tells Holden and Lily that Luke is paralyzed in his lower extremities but there is some hope that he may walk again if he starts physical therapy right away.  Bob, however, makes it clear to Holden and Lily that there are no guarantees and Luke‘s paralysis could be permanent.  Bob tells Holden and Lily that it is important they have a positive attitude.  Lily takes a positive attitude and insists that Luke’s paralysis is only temporary but Holden tells Lily she must face the fact that Luke may never walk again.  Luke tries to get out of bed and falls, knocking over his breakfast tray.  Holden and Lily rush in to help him.  Luke asks about the test results and Lily tells him that he is temporarily paralyzed and is going to get better with physical therapy.  Holden tells Lily to tell Luke the truth and that Bob said that there are no guarantees he will walk again.  Luke asks about Noah and Lily wonders if he wants her to call him and Luke says no because Noah knows where he is if he wants him. 

(Lakeview)  Noah apologizes to Dusty for what his father did to him.  Dusty reminds Noah that what his father did wasn’t his fault.  Noah asks Dusty why he was so angry with his mother.  Dusty explains that Cheri did something to hurt an innocent girl just because she was mad at him for telling Lily information about her.  Noah thanks Dusty for being honest with him and goes outside to get some air. 

(Lakeview)  Gwen asks Sofie to forgive Alison because her hormones are crazy right now.  Sofie thinks Alison is right and she needs to learn to be more independent.  Gwen finds Alison outside and Alison thinks she is going to tell her she wants a new egg donor.  Gwen does no such thing and tells her she is a nice person who is having a bad day. 

(Hospital)  Lily tells Luke that Noah just found out that his father killed his mother who was Cheri Love the prostitute.  Lily also thinks that Noah must be blaming himself for his accident and may be afraid to see him right now.  Lily tells Luke she is positive he will get better but Luke wads up the papers with his exercises on then and throws them on the floor.  Lily leaves Luke alone but Faith arrives with flowers to cheer him up.  Faith starts to leave but Luke says he is happy to see her even though he feels badly.  Holden and Lily continue their fight in the hallway because Holden tells Lily that he doesn’t think he can trust her anymore.  Holden is hurt that Lily makes decisions on her own without telling him about them but she does tell Dusty and Craig.  Lily wants to call Noah to come see Luke but Holden stops her by saying she should respect Luke’s decision and do as he asks and not call Noah.  Holden tells Lily she should stop trying to control everything in every situation. 

(Outside the Lakeview)  Maddie talks to Noah because she knows exactly what he is going through right now.  Maddie explains that the hardest thing she ever had to do was go visit Casey after his sister had stabbed him but she was happy she did it because Casey didn’t blame her for what happened to him.  Noah insists that he can’t go see Luke right now and Maddie refuses to leave him alone so she takes him to her room to watch old movies.  Noah starts to get drunk and Maddie tells him to put the bottle down because that won’t help anything.  Noah continues to drink from the bottle and then he kisses Maddie and tells her he needs her and what they once had together.  Sofie tells Gwen that she doesn’t want to be friends with her anymore because whenever Gwen tries to help her bad things happen. 

(Will and Gwen’s place)  Barbara arrives and tells Will about the fight she saw between Alison and Gwen at the Lakeview and that Gwen looked upset.  Barbara doesn’t think that Alison should be the egg donor for Gwen because of her past and bad genetics.  Will points out that he shouldn’t be a father because he has a bad past as well.  Will tells his mother that he appreciates her advice but he isn’t going to take away Gwen’s happiness.  Gwen arrives smiling and excitedly tells Will that the doctor said they are ready to make a baby. 

(Outside of the Lakeview)  Aaron sees Alison and tries to tell her about Luke’s accident but she doesn’t allow him to say a word.  Alison tells Aaron she is a bad person because she got mad at Sofie just because he likes to help her and they are better off apart.  Aaron goes inside and Sofie tells him that she must learn to stop depending on him. 

(Hospital)  Lily thinks that Holden blames her because Luke can’t walk.  Lily goes inside Luke’s room and Dusty, who has overheard the conversation, wants to talk to Holden.  Dusty explains to Holden that Lily didn’t know that colonel Mayer was so dangerous.  Dusty also thinks Holden is acting high and mighty because he wants to blame Lily for everything that has gone wrong.  Dusty thinks Holden is angry with him not Lily so he tells Holden to take it out on him not Lily.  Holden takes Dusty’s advice and punches Dusty in the face just as Lily walks out into the hallway. 

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