ATWT Update Wednesday 10/10/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/10/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the hospital, Luke is just out of surgery. Bob tells Lily and Holden that there is still swelling on his spine, but he is stable though. Can they go see him? Bob would rather let Luke wake on his own. Once Bob walks away, Lily tries to touch Holden’s arm for support, but Holden tells her that he is going to call Aaron and Faith. Lily sadly watches him go.

At home, Carly is saying good night to Sage on the phone. She hangs up and then gets on her knees to say a prayer. She apologizes for not having checked in more regularly; she wants to thank him for the good day she had despite the pain and weakness. She played referee between her boys at dinner and then Sage blew her a kiss good night over the phone. She also thanks him for the moment she shared with Jack, as she warmly recalls the kiss. Suddenly she is angry; she can’t pretend to be happy with this; she is going to ask for what she really wants; she wants more time – the time she once thought she had with her kids… and Jack.

At the hotel, Katie wonders what about her? Jack assures her that he loves her. She wishes it were all a nightmare; she doesn’t want him to have feelings for Carly. Is it because of the kids only? She wants him to make her understand why? She is dying, Jack answers. She gets that; she prays for a miracle because she hates to see him and the kids in so much pain, but she also feels guilty at the same time because she wants to spend more time with him after everything that is going on. They have the rest of their lives together; one kiss is not going to change that.

Carly knows that she is bargaining now for her life, as she looks upwards. She knows that she can’t ask him to do this for her because she is a good person because that is up for debate. She can’t ask him to do this because she will change because they know that she will try for a while before she falls back into old patterns. She wants him to save her for her kids… and Jack. Her kids need her, and Jack and she were made for one another.

Katie wonders if she makes him happy? She makes him happy; doesn’t she know that by now? However, if Carly calls then he will go to her? Yes. He will try to give Carly everything she wants and needs? Yes. Katie looks distraught; so when Carly dies and he loses the love of his life, she will just be the woman who is trying to make him feel less miserable, as she rushes out of the room.

At the police station, Margo is talking with Noah about his dad’s past. She asks him if he knows the woman in the picture, as she slides a picture of Cheri towards him. He remembers that she was the woman, who was a prostitute, who was murdered. Margo is called away for a phone call. Noah wants to leave, but Margo asks him to stay because she has more questions. After she leaves, Noah stares at the picture of Cheri.

Lily tells the nurse she is going to step out for a moment, as she kisses Luke on the forehead promising him that everything will be ok. After the nurse leaves, we see somebody’s feet entering Luke’s room. We then see Colonel Meyer standing over Luke’s bed glaring down at him. He picks up the line to Luke’s IV and starts to do something to it, but he is interrupted when the nurse comes back. Is he family? He is practically. She needs to ask him to wait outside. The Colonel smiles and tells her that he will wait for Lily and Holden in the hall. Outside, he sees a cart of syringes, as he picks one of them up.

At the diner, Lily marches in and sits at Holden’s table. She introduces herself. Holden doesn’t understand what she is doing. She thinks he may have forgotten who she is. She is Luke’s mother and they promised to love, honor and cherish one another. He knows this. She never would have intentionally hurt Luke. She should have told him what was going on. Does he believe that she wouldn’t intentionally hurt Luke though? Holden pauses before he tells her that he knows this. Lily puts her head in her hands and starts to cry; Holden reaches for her, but then stops himself.

Carly, still talking to God, tells him that she has a Bible in her hands; she is going to randomly open to a passage and if it is a happy one then she will be ok, but if it isn’t… her voice trails off. She opens the Bible and starts to read a passage that seems good and about love, but then it becomes obtuse. She slams it shut; she can’t take this vagueness. She needs a specific sign, as her phone starts to ring.

Jack wonders how he can prove that he loves Katie, but she tells him that she knows that even though she has moments of insecurity. What bothers her is that she doesn’t come first. Jack tells her that it isn’t a contest. She knows that, but she doesn’t get his attention either because Carly gets that; she doesn’t get his loyalty because Carly gets that too. Jack wants to make this easier on her, but he can’t change how he feels. Katie thinks it might be easier if she had more time with him to balance this out. Maybe they could get a live-in nurse so he doesn’t feel so guilty about not being there all the time. Jack looks sad; Carly needs him and soon she will be gone forever; he can’t leave her now.

Carly is on the phone with the hospital. She pleads to herself that this not be more bad news. Her doctor would like her to come that night. She thinks it is late and she hasn’t been feeling well, but the doctor is adamant. If she can’t get in, then he will come to her. She is worried now, but he tells her that it is ok and that he will be there to talk with her in person in just a bit.

Katie explains to Jack that one of the reasons she fell in love with him was because he is such a good guy and if he were to turn his back on Carly now would make him be acting totally out of character. She understands that he needs to be with Carly. Jack thinks she is being beyond generous. She just doesn’t want him to have any regrets, which he will have, if she makes him choose between her and Carly. Jack promises that they will have that life they both want. Katie takes a deep breath; she needs him to do something for her. She can’t sit around and watch him leave all the time wondering when she is going to see him next; she needs him to move out. Jack looks stunned.

Lily thinks they should head back to the hospital, but Holden tells her that he will meet her there after he pays the check. Lily looks bothered, but agrees. Holden reminds her that they need to be a united front for Luke’s sake. Aren’t they supposed to be that anyway? Holden says nothing. This fight is not over, she guesses? No. Lily dejectedly walks away.

Colonel Meyer, syringe in hand, is standing over Luke’s bed when Luke awakes and sees him there. Luke says his name, as the Colonel stares down at him in the bed.

Noah doesn’t understand why he can’t leave; he doesn’t know anything about Cheri. Margo gently explains that the woman’s real name is Charlene Wilson. Noah immediately comments that is his mother’s name. Margo nods, as Noah realizes what she is implying. It is impossible because his mother died a long time ago. His father lied and she is sorry, Margo answers. Dusty was set up to take the fall; his father killed Cheri. Noah emotionally snaps, “No!”

The Colonel tells Luke to go back to sleep because it will be ok. Luke’s eyes flutter and then close. The Colonel starts to prepare to inject the contents of the syringe into Luke’s IV, but Lily walks in demands to know what he is doing?

Margo tells Noah that his dad confessed to Dusty before he shot him. Noah doesn’t believe it still, but Margo implores him to help her stop his dad before someone else gets hurt.

Lily lunges at the Colonel to stop him from injecting Luke’s IV with the unknown substance. He then tries to turn the syringe on her, but Dusty rushes into the room, pulls the Colonel away from her and tells Lily to go get help.

Carly opens the door and wants the doctor to tell her what is going on that would bring him to her house so late? Is she going to drop dead tonight? He reviewed her records and reevaluated her case. He doesn’t think she has a lesion. He thinks she has an abscess instead. Carly doesn’t understand; what does that mean? It means she is not going to die, the doctor smiles.

Jack doesn’t understand; does she want him to leave? She needs him to do this for now. No. He needs something in his life that is stable and that is coming home to her. Katie wants him to understand that she can’t keep doing this. Every time he leaves, she wonders how long he is going to be away. She needs to back away so he can deal with Carly. Jack pleads with her not to do this. Katie wants him to put her first for once. Jack drops his head and walks towards the door. He will accept that is what she needs right now, but he is not going to give up on them. He walks out the door slowly and closes it behind him, as Katie starts to cry.

The doctor goes on to explain that he has compared her first scan with the most recent one; the tumor would have grown significantly by now since she has not had chemotherapy. What about the blackouts and feeling so sick? He assumes it is the side effects from the medication. That would be the same medication she apparently doesn’t need? The doctor nods. The headaches and dizziness are from the abscess. He wants her to come to the hospital tomorrow so they can run more tests. He is certain though that she was misdiagnosed. Carly asks him what the treatment is for this? He happily tells her that a few weeks of antibiotics and she will be fine. A thrilled Carly says goodbye to him and then looks upwards and mouths thank you.

Dusty and the Colonel struggle for the syringe, as Dusty chides him about what he has done to his son now. He did what he had to and he is not about to let him stop him either. They continue to fight around Luke’s bed. Lily finally rushes in with an officer and points to the Colonel saying that he is the one they are looking for and the one who just tried to kill her son. The police officer arrests the Colonel and Dusty takes the syringe from him. Bob races in and they ask what was in the syringe? Bob tells them that it is a powerful sedative, which could have interfered with Luke’s breathing. Bob tells Dusty to give it to the police.

Bob tells Lily he is going to check out Luke, as Lily follows Dusty into the hallway. They talk emotionally about what just happened, as Lily cries and falls into his arms, as Holden walks up to see this.

Carly stands over the trashcan, as she happily tosses her pills in it. Jack comes over and a lighthearted Carly tells Jack that she was just about to call him. She starts to talk quickly about how she had been praying for Divine Intervention and then she got something she didn’t expect. She is talking so fast that Jack is worried because she isn’t making sense to him. She looks flushed; they should check her temperature, as he sticks the thermometer in her mouth, as Carly smiles at his concern. He tells her that her temperature is slightly elevated; she should probably rest. She isn’t tired; why is he there anyway? He wanted to check on her. How is Katie? She is fine, Jack says with a strange look. Did they have a fight? Yes. Why? He told her about the kiss. That must have been hard for her to hear. Carly tells Jack to try not to worry; he should go home and work things out because it was just a fight. She doesn’t want to hear from him, Jack admits. She wants some space. Carly is surprised; she wants a separation? Jack tells Carly that he is going to get her some water. After he leaves, Carly looks like she is concerned before she starts to smile slowly.

Holden walks over to Dusty and Lily and wants to know the story? They tell him how the Colonel tried to kill Luke, but Dusty adds that Lily held him off. Lily pipes in that Dusty saved her and she went to get help. Dusty gives them time to talk. Holden tells Lily that he is glad that they are both ok. Bob comes out and tells them that Luke is awake but disoriented. They can go into see him now though. Lily and Holden anxiously approach Luke’s bedside and ask him how he feels? He is ok, but he was wondering if it was a dream that Colonel Meyer was in his room? They hesitate before they admit that he was, but now he is gone. Why is he in the hospital, Luke wonders? What does he remember last? He was on a fishing trip with Noah and his dad. Then he realizes quickly and asks if Noah is ok? He is fine, they assure him.

The police bring in Colonel Meyer to be booked, as Margo tells him the charges – murder and attempted murder. The first charge is the murder of Charlene Wilson, as Dusty and Noah look on. Noah wants to know he could do this? She didn’t deserve him; it was the kindest thing he could do for him. Noah snaps at how he lied to him his entire life. The Colonel thinks he is better this way.

Luke doesn’t understand what Lily and Holden are saying happened. The Colonel said he understood. Why would he invite him to go fishing? Holden explains that he wanted to get him alone where there weren’t any witnesses.

The Colonel tells his son how his mother was his life – until she cheated on him. He kicked her out so he could have stability. He warned her not to come near their son. When he found out that she was living in Oakdale and what she was doing… Noah interrupts; so, he killed her? What did Luke do to him then? All he did was care for him. The Colonel angrily spits out his reply; his care was immoral! Noah snaps back that a man that has committed murder has no room to throw stones. He just wanted him to grow into a strong decent man. Does he mean turn into him, as Noah glares at his dad and then walks away? Dusty tells the Colonel that he lost his son and there is no worse punishment.

Luke is concerned for Noah and wants to get up and find him. Holden and Lily don’t want him to move; he is just out of surgery and the anesthesia probably hasn’t even worn off yet. Luke agrees because he does feel funny, in fact his legs still feel somewhat numb. Lily and Holden subtly stare at one another, as Lily excuses herself and goes to get Bob quickly.

At the Lakeview, a somber looking Katie walks through the lounge, as Henry sees her and asks if she wants to join him and Vienna as he teaches her to play poker? She doesn’t feel like it. Why does she look like she is crying? Does she need Jack? Yes, but she can’t have him because she sent him away so she doesn’t have to see him falling back in love with Carly. Henry thinks she is being silly. Katie explains how bad she feels about her life being in a perpetual hold pattern until Carly dies. It feels rotten to be waiting for someone to die in order for her to start their life. Won’t it all be worth it? It won’t be if her husband is in love with someone else.

Carly tells Jack that she didn’t mean for her illness to cause him problems. It isn’t; it is what he rediscovered in the course of this. It isn’t even really about the kiss; it is about what it meant. What did he tell her? He told Katie how important she was to him. Carly tells Jack that she just wants him happy. He just doesn’t want her to die. He doesn’t want to talk about that stuff anymore. She wanted to tell him something when he walked in the door about Divine Intervention? Carly smiles and tells him that she will talk to him later about that, as she snuggles up closer to him.

In Old Town, Dusty sees Noah sitting on a bench. Noah wonders if he is there to yell at him about what his father did? Dusty explains that it isn’t his fault for his father’s actions. They dropped the charges against him finally so he bears no feelings of ill will. He has to remember that he is not responsible for his dad’s actions. Noah doesn’t look comforted by those words unfortunately. Does he have anyone to call or talk to? He has no one anymore and he doesn’t want to talk with anyone. Dusty thinks there is someone who might benefit from seeing him.

Bob is testing the feeling in Luke’s legs and feet. He realizes that Luke doesn’t have any feeling below his waist. A distraught Luke wonders what is wrong and why he can’t feel anything? Noah, who had been standing outside the door, hears this transpire and rushes away without being seen.

Henry walks Katie to her room asking her to consider joining him and Vienna. She just wants to be alone. She just wishes it could be like it was before Carly got sick. Henry reassures her that Jack will be all hers soon enough; she just needs to give it some time. Katie walks into her room, closes and locks the door behind her, as she sadly stares at her wedding band and engagement ring.

Jack and Carly are sitting close on the couch, as Jack glances at his wedding band. Is he ok? Yes. She must be tired though? Carly tells him that she is fine, but that doesn’t stop Jack from giving her a neck and shoulder massage. It has been a while since he has done that, she admits. He promises that he is going to help her get through this no matter what. Carly hesitates before she asks him not to go. Jack quickly agrees to stay; he has nowhere he needs to be tonight, as they stare at one another.

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