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(Carly’s house)  Carly apologizes to Jack for asking him to kiss her saying that it wasn’t fair of her to ask.  Carly turns around and Jack gives her a long slow kiss Carly pulls away slightly but Jack pulls her close to him and they continue the long kiss for a few minutes. 

(TV Station)  J.J. tells Katie that she doesn’t care about him but she is just waiting for Carly to die so she can be with Jack.  J.J. also tells Katie that if she truly loved Jack, she would let him go so he can be with the woman he really loves which is his mom, Carly.  Katie tells J.J. she does care about him and wants him to have a good day so she brought him to the studio to meet Phil Sims.  Katie also tells J.J. that Jack will always love Carly but he isn’t in love with her any more and there is a big difference between those two things.  J.J. tells Katie she just wants to believe that because she doesn’t want to face the truth that Jack will always love Carly.  Brad walks in and tells J.J. that he is way out of line and he shouldn’t talk to Katie like that regardless of his situation at home.  Katie pulls Brad aside and pleads with him not to talk to J.J. so harshly because it is natural that he would think that she was trying to replace Carly since she called him her stepson.  Brad tells Katie that she was telling the truth.  JJ is her stepson and it is time that someone helped him face the fact that Carly is dying. 

Brad tells J.J. that Katie loves and cares about him and that is why she wanted to give him a special day.  Brad makes it clear to J.J. that Katie isn’t trying to replace Carly because Carly will always be his mom.  Brad tells J.J. that if he is angry, he can punch him as much as he wants but he shouldn’t yell at Katie.  J.J. punches Brad for a few minutes and then he starts to cry and Brad holds him to comfort him.  Once Brad is done comforting J.J., he and J.J. come out into the other room and J.J. apologizes to Katie before he goes to the car.  Brad offers his shoulder to Katie in case she wants to cry or punch him.  Katie thanks Brad for making J.J. see she cares about him and doesn’t intend to replace Carly.  Katie also thanks Brad for being such a good friend to her and always being there when she needs him. 

(Old Town)  Rosanna runs into Craig after leaving a message for Paul on his cell phone.  Craig and Rosanna both wonder where Paul and Meg are but they assure each other that Meg and Paul couldn’t possibly be together because they have moved past their relationship. 

(Cabin)  Meg wakes up startled to be lying in bed next to Paul and she tries to leave but Paul kisses her and the couples make love once more. 

(Carly’s house)  Carly and Jack finally break away from the kiss and Jack is shocked and speechless as he puts his fingers on his lips as if reliving the sensation of kissing Carly again in his mind.  Jack starts to leave but Carly asks him to wait a minute and thanks him for everything but she is obviously thanking him for the kiss.  Jack walks out the door but stands on the porch for a few minutes looking through the window at Carly. 

(Cabin)  Paul recalls the time Meg nursed him back to health inside that cabin and then he tells Meg he thinks he fell in love with her that first day when she put her jacket over him because he was cold.  Paul tells Meg he thought that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen at that moment.  Meg kisses Paul once more after his loving words to her because she is overcome with emotion.  Paul also tells Meg that no matter what cruel words he has said to her in the past, he has always loved her and Meg kisses him one more time.  Meg explains to Paul that she felt like she lost a part of herself when she thought he was dead so she stayed with Craig because she had no place else to go.  Paul tells Meg that he finally understands that even if she is with Craig, her heart will always belong to him so Craig will finally know what it feels like to lose.  Meg gets up from bed and gets dressed to leave because she knows that Paul can’t get rid of his hatred for Craig.  Meg further explains to Paul that his hatred almost killed him before, and she couldn’t bear it if something happened to him again.  Paul thinks that Meg is leaving him, not because of his hatred for Craig, but because she is scared of how she feels about him.  Paul tells Meg she feels safe with Craig because she doesn’t love him.  Meg admits that he is right that she doesn’t want to feel the kind of love that could hurt her or someone else.  Meg tells Paul to marry Rosanna and be happy with her. 

(Old Town)  Craig asks Rosanna to return his company to him since he and Meg are already trying to have a baby.  Rosanna tells Craig that she won’t return his company to him until Meg is pregnant since the baby is an insurance policy to make sure Meg stays away from Paul. 

(Carly‘s house)  Carly recalls Jack’s kiss and opens her front door to see if Jack is there, but he is gone so she closes the door again.  Brad brings J.J. home and J.J. tells her that he had a nice day and goes to the kitchen for a snack.  Brad tells Carly what happened at the TV station and Carly thinks that Katie is trying to replace her even before she dies.  Brad defends Katie once again and tells Carly that Katie will never replace her with the kids but she does love them.  Carly admits to Brad that Jack kissed her and she knows he still loves her but she is sad that she won’t live long enough to fight for him. 

(Lakeview)  Jack admits to Katie that Carly asked him to kiss her and he did as she asked him to do.  Katie tells Jack that she knows the kiss meant nothing because he was just trying to fulfill her last dying wish.  When Jack remains silent, she can tell by the expression on his face that the kiss meant something to him.  Jack tells Katie that he was shocked that the kiss brought back the feelings of protection and love that he felt for Carly and those were feelings he thought were gone for good.  Jack is confused and wonders if he kissed Carly, because it was her dying wish or because he wanted to keep the piece of him that she is going to take with him when she dies. Katie wonders what is going to happen to their marriage if Carly is going to take a piece of his heart when she dies. 

(Old Town)  Meg sees Craig and prepares to face him about where she was last might.  Meg tells Craig that someone hit her on the head while she was in Luther’s corners woods.  Craig insists they go to the Police station to report the crime. 

(Outside Fairwinds)  Paul tells Rosanna that he didn’t have his cell phone turned on and that is why she couldn’t reach him.  Rosanna wants to stop by the police station because she bought some presents for Carly’s kids and she wants to give them to Jack.  Rosanna notices a branch on Paul’s clothes and he tells her it must have fallen from a tree and gotten caught in his clothes.  Rosanna tells Paul she saw Meg in old Town earlier and told her about the wedding.  Rosanna wonders if he is angry with her but he tells her she can tell whomever she wants about the wedding. 

(Police station)  Meg and Craig arrive to report that Meg was attacked in Luther’s corners woods.  Paul is concerned because of Meg’s attack.  Meg sends Craig to start the paperwork and then she tells Paul not to tell Craig about their tryst because Craig could hurt him again.  Meg is also angry because Paul doesn’t have the right to be concerned about her anymore.  Meg tells Paul to be happy with Rosanna because their relationship is over for good.  Rosanna arrives and gives Paul a kiss because she knows Meg is watching them and tells Paul she is ready to go home.  Meg watches them leave through the window and looks down at her wedding ring as if to remind herself she is married to Craig. 

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