ATWT Update Monday 10/8/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/8/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the hospital, an officer is talking with Dusty, who is laid up in bed. They thought he jumped bail. Dusty interrupts; they were wrong. Who shot him? Col Meyer did this to him.

In the woods, Lily and Holden are frantically searching for Luke. They know he must be close after having seen the Colonel’s truck nearby. They soon stumble upon the campsite. Lily cries out wondering where Luke is? They don’t know thanks to her, Holden snaps back. Meanwhile, the Colonel has Luke trained in his sites, as he mumbles to himself about how he should have stayed away from his son. Noah comes into his view just then forcing him to lower his shotgun, as Noah walks over to Luke and teases him. They talk about how weird this is that Noah’s dad is being so accepting. Noah wants to kiss Luke, but Luke stops him afraid that Noah’s father will come back. The Colonel is furious when he sees this close moment and raises his gun up again.

At the police station, Katie is telling Jack about the house and how she needs him to sign some papers, while Jack’s attention is somewhere else. Katie sees this and snaps at him, which gets his attention. They both apologize quickly; Katie just needs him to sign some papers and then she will get out of his hair. Jack shakes his head; he can’t do that. Katie looks a little nervous.

At home, JJ is spending time with Carly, as she helps him with a school project. He needs her to help him with some artwork for science class. She is happy to help, but as she picks up the scissors, her hands shake causing a concerned JJ to ask if she is ok?

Jack and Katie are now in the interrogation room so they can talk in private. He doesn’t want her to fell she needs to apologize; he thinks he married a saint. He feels like he is always dumping things on her recently, but he needs to tell her more. Katie assures him that it is fine because they are a team. Jack then explains how Carly had another episode the other day, as Katie shows her empathy. She wants to make sure the kids don’t get scared and she needs him to make sure that doesn’t happen. He needs to be there for her; he made a promise, as Katie looks confused.

Carly needs JJ to understand that her hands will shake and she will drop things from time to time, but she doesn’t want him panicking and calling Jack. It doesn’t hurt her; it is simply frustrating. It is not his job to take care of her. He doesn’t understand if she is not well while he is with her, who cares if he takes care of her? If the episode goes on too long or she doesn’t answer him, then he can call for help, but he can see she is fine now, so she wants to get back to work.

Jack explains to Katie that Carly is being super mom, but she needs him to watch to make sure she is acting like herself. Katie understands, but Jack is bothered that it isn’t fair to her. Katie thinks what is happening to Carly isn’t fair. Katie decides that what she is doing right now by procuring the mortgage and buying furniture doesn’t feel right. She wants to be his back up and support him full time. She could pick up the kids today while he goes and spends time with Carly. Jack is appreciative of this offer.

JJ and Carly finish his project and she asks for a glass of water. As JJ is leaving, he turns to see Carly looking concerned about her hands. Carly goes over to the desk to take some pills and struggles to open the bottle, as JJ watches this too.

Margo comes in and is being extra nice to Jack; he realizes Katie told her; he is glad that she is talking to someone besides him. Margo wonders why he is there? He had time off so he could go on his honeymoon, and he has about 8,000 personal days. He needs to work to distract himself, so he can take this out on bad guys. Margo gets what he is doing. She tells him that when we know we are losing someone close to us, we feel like a traitor that we have the tomorrows that they don’t. Jack half-heartedly smiles. He is upset that Katie’s life is on hold too, and he can’t believe that he just told her what he is doing; he didn’t even give her a choice without talking it over.

Downtown, Brad and Katie are talking about Jack’s decision; Brad wonders if she is ok with how it went down? Did she feel slighted by not being a part of the decision? Katie blows it off; she thinks Jack is doing the best he can. She needs his help now though. She wants him to come with him to go see JJ. Brad teases her; she is afraid to see Carly? No…. ok yes, she is terrified, as she smiles.

Dusty is giving his statement to the police officer about how the Colonel drugged him, knocked him out and stuffed him in a car. How did he know it was he? He saw him clearly right before he shot him. Why would he shoot him? He didn’t want people to find out he shot his ex wife, Cheri Love.

Holden and Lily continue to frantically search for Luke calling out his name with no response. They call his cell, which rings feet from them at the campsite. Holden makes another cold comment to her about how their son is with a murderer and she didn’t deem it important to share this information with him. Lily pleads with him to stop now so they can focus on finding Luke, as Holden suggests they head towards the lake.

Noah and Luke continue to play around, as the Colonel watches them angrily through the scope of his shotgun. Noah takes Luke’s hat and runs off. The Colonel set himself, as he mumbles that is the last time he is going to touch his son! The gun jams however, as he curses to himself.

JJ thinks they can finish up his project later, as he sees Carly still worried. They talk about when he was sick last year and she was so nice to him promising that he would get better; he knows he can’t say the same to her though. The doorbell chimes and JJ goes to get it; it is Brad and Katie, who happily greet him, but they are met with an agitated question; what are they doing there, as their smiles fade?

Jack explains how Katie is bending over backwards for him. Since Carly came back to town, she has done everything she can to make it ok for the kids. The topic of Carly was always open for discussion, but this time, he didn’t include her. Margo teases him about not being perfect. It isn’t funny. Margo notices that they have talked about Carly and Katie, what about him? She knows he is going through this incredibly hard thing, so what about him? He has to go through it because it isn’t like he has a choice. He needs to be there for his kids, but Margo thinks he also wants to be there for Carly, but he is having a hard time trying to let Katie in on that.

Carly tells JJ not to talk to guest like that; JJ apologizes. Katie explains that they came by to see how Carly is? They have a surprise for him as well; can he come with them to the studio? JJ glares; no, he isn’t going anywhere; he is staying with his mom, as he rushes out of the room, as everyone looks upset.

Margo thinks that Jack is going to explode if he doesn’t let some of this out. Jack takes a deep breath; Carly is being so amazing with how she is handling this. She was always prone to manipulating the situation to suit her, but this is so different. He just hates that he wants to be… his voice trails off. Margo gets that he is frustrated because he is not able to spend the time with Katie. Life isn’t about what you feel, but what you do. He will keep his promise to Carly and he will see things from Katie’s point of view, but he shouldn’t beat himself up over all of this. Jack admits that this morning he found himself wishing this was over, but then he realized what that actually meant.

Lily and Holden continue to call out for Luke; Noah hears this and drops his firewood and rushes towards their voices.

The Colonel looks down to reload his shotgun, but when he looks back up, he can’t find Luke anymore, so he looks around quickly. Luke and the Colonel then come face to face, as Luke sees him holding the shotgun. Luke rushes at him and struggles for it. Noah races over demanding to know what his father is doing, as Holden and Lily arrive. Holden and the Colonel struggle for the gun, as the Colonel gets the upper hand on him, stands up, steadies the gun and aims at Luke and fires, as everyone screams. Holden tackles him again and Lily runs for Luke. She kneels beside her son, who is bleeding and unconscious on the ground.

Margo thinks the Jack should stick to his promise to support Carly, but he should also make time for Katie and stick to that too. He can’t spend 24/7 looking after everyone else. Jack heads out and Margo gets a phone call about Dusty being found shot and that the suspect is Colonel Meyer.

Holden is able to take the gun from the Colonel and races over to Lily’s cries, as she sits by Luke. Noah is desperate, as he screams wondering what his dad did? The Colonel yells back that he was doing this for his benefit; he had to stop Luke from doing this to him. He didn’t do anything to him; this is who he is! The Colonel won’t hear this, as he snaps for him to grow up and stalks off. Meanwhile, Lily is distraught because Luke is bleeding heavily and he won’t wake up.

Katie is outside talking on the phone with the studio telling them to hold off a little while longer because she hopes she can still pull this off. Inside, Brad is trying to get Carly to go after JJ. She isn’t going to make him do something that he doesn’t want to do. Brad thinks that she knows that the only reason JJ wants no part of this surprise is because he doesn’t want to leave her, and worse leave with Katie over her. He thinks she could be kind and let JJ’s life continue on as normally as possible right now, and for that to happen, he has to let Katie be a part of it. Carly’s claws come out instinctively; she tells Brad that sees the vulture circling; can’t she wait until she is dead to try to replace her?

Noah runs over to Holden and Lily, as they tend to Luke. Holden asks him where his dad is? He ran away. Holden gets on his cell phone and calls for help.

Carly smirks; right now facing death isn’t even mellowing her. Brad admits that he wouldn’t have her any other way. He knows that she hates the fact that Katie is Jack’s wife now, but the surprise they have for JJ is good. Katie comes back in and apologizes for not calling first. She just wanted JJ to meet someone that they are having on the show – Phil Simms. Carly grins; JJ loves him; it is thoughtful of her to want this for him. She will go find him. Carly calls out to JJ promising this afternoon he will have the time of his life.

Dusty explains to Margo that the Colonel didn’t want his son to know his mother was alive or what she did for a living. When he was busy playing detective, did he think to call her? No, because once she charged him with murder, he thought their trust was shot. Margo is irritated; he was so intent on proving them all wrong that he did more harm then good. Dusty is adamant that they had all made up their minds about him. Margo, equally as adamant, explains that the case was not closed and they were still actively investigating. It didn’t look like that from where he stood. He wants to act like he knows best and that they were out to get him. Dusty doesn’t understand why she has an attitude? She is frustrated with how he went about this. She is giving him quite a bit considering he shot her brother not too long ago. Dusty reminds her that he confessed to that, unlike this time, which should have sent up a red flag. Margo laughs sarcastically. She is so sorry she can’t figure out when he has or hasn’t tried to kill someone. She is furious that he played vigilante and in the process, he effectively slowed them down. He better pray noone got hurt because of this.

At WOAK, Brad and Katie bring in JJ, who they make cover his eyes. When he opens them up, he is standing in front of Phil Simms. JJ is thrilled; he and his father love him. Phil Simms is impressed since a better part of his career happened before he was born. He wants to give him a signed jersey, as Brad asks for one too, which Phil Simms happily admits to having one for him too. He suggests taking a picture with all of them. Katie stands to the side so Phil asks her to ‘pretty up the picture’ by joining them. She happily agrees and says she is going to stand next to her stepson, as she puts her arm around JJ. He squirms immediately and tells Katie coldly not to touch him, as he stomps off! Katie looks embarrassed.

Jack arrives at the house and lets himself in; he finds Carly on the floor trying to get up, as he rushes to her side. She plays it off awkwardly; she dropped something and then fell when she tried to pick it up; she is fine now. Jack thinks they should call the doctor, but Carly thinks it is unnecessary; she is just having a bad day. She is going to go freshen up now.

At the hospital, Bob tells Lily and Holden that Luke is in surgery now, but it is extensive and it will take a long time so he doesn’t want them to worry. Noah is sitting nearby on a bench listening. After he leaves, Lily wants reassurance from Holden that everything will be ok, but he tells her shortly that he can’t do that.

Jack is cleaning up and putting things away when he comes across the DVD that Carly made for him for after when she passes away. He tentatively picks it up and stares at it before he decides he wants to see what is on it. He walks over to the TV and slowly puts it in the machine.

Margo arrives at the hospital to see Lily and Holden. She hopes Luke is ok; they are trying to track down the Colonel now. Noah walks over; he tells Margo that his dad was involved in special ops and can last in the woods for weeks if he had to. He apologizes because he had no idea; there was so much his dad obviously didn’t let him in on. Is there anyone she can call for him? Noah shakes his head; he is alone now that his dad is gone, as he walks away. Margo deduces that he doesn’t know about his mother? No. She mentions Dusty and Lily is nervous and very interested in how he is doing? Margo tells her that he will be fine. Lily is ecstatic, as Holden makes a sarcastic comment and walks away. Margo and Lily watch Holden walk across the hall to get away from the conversation.

Jack sits motionless and sadly, as he watches Carly saying her goodbye’s to him on the tape; she wants him to know that she loves him so much. She is glad that he is with Katie and she truly only wants him to be happy. Jack starts to choke up, as he pulls the DVD out and stares off into space. From behind him, Carly pipes in that what she said was true; she wants him happy. He wasn’t supposed to see this now though. Jack is quiet; he doesn’t know what to say. Carly jokes that is a first. She has a few other things to say to him now though, but Jack doesn’t really want to hear it claiming she shouldn’t overdo it. Carly smiles; she needs to say this.

Margo tells Lily that she will be praying for Luke, as she heads out. She tells Noah that she would like fro him to answer some questions at the station. Noah agrees, but first goes over to talk with Lily. He wants her to know that he didn’t know what his dad had planned; he thought he was ok… his voice trails off. Lily reassures him that she knows that, as well as Luke. After he leaves, Lily goes over to Holden and mentions how she feels badly for Noah since he didn’t see any of this coming. Holden glares at her; she did though. She knew Dusty thought Colonel Meyer was capable of this and she chose not to say anything. Lily is horrified; is he implying that what happened to their son is her fault? Holden simply answers that he needs some air.

Katie apologizes to Phil; Brad explains that JJ is going through something hard at home. He understands since he has kids of his own. He will see them soon… hopefully he can come back and be on their show. Katie and Brad happily agree. Brad offers to go find JJ, but Katie explains that she needs to field this one herself. She finds JJ in an office; she thinks that they should talk about what happened. JJ doesn’t care; he told her that he didn’t want to come and she made him. Both she and his mom thought he would want to come here. He snaps that she probably tricked his mom. She would never do that. JJ coldly tells her that he knows that she really doesn’t like him and obviously not his mom; he knows she is just waiting until his mom dies to be with his dad, as Katie looks distraught.

Carly sadly explains how she lived her life like she had a million chances; if she lost him today then she would simply win him back tomorrow. Now though, there are no more chances; there are no more do-overs. Jack grins; she made life exciting. It made him, as he stops talking. Carly realizes he is trying to say that it was part of the reason he loved her; she won’t tell that secret; it is safe with her, as Jack sadly smiles. She is really being honest when she says that she is glad that he has Katie, but she has one last request. She pauses before she tells him; she wants one more chance to feel the way she did when he held and kissed her. Jack swallows hard, as he looks longingly at her. Carly repeats quietly, her voice dripping with emotion; she wants to feel that one more time. They both stare at one another.

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