ATWT Update Friday 10/5/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/5/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Winston kicks at the limp body of Meg after knocking her out. He then goes into the woods and hides a rifle with a scope on it. Luckily Paul arrives to assist meg. She is dazed at first then glad to see Paul. Paul will not leave her to Meg’s surprise. When she asks why since he hates her so much, Paul explains he never wants harm to come to her. They talk about their relationship and the relationship with their better (or worse) halves. Paul admits he still loves Meg after they share a kiss. One kiss and the admission of feelings lead them to the bed where they make love.

Noah and Like are giddy with excitement over their trip and new relationship. Noah can’t believe his luck these days. He is the happiest he has ever been. Luke is really excited too. When Luke tells Maddie she is happy for the couple but not so happy to hear about the trip. Or at least who is going to be with them .Maddie tries to explain to Luke that she has a bead feeling and doesn’t trust Winston. Luke thinks she is just being paranoid after her last camping trip.

At the farm Holden is really happy for his son and for Noah. He is encouraging and supportive. Winston arrives to drive the boys up to the camp site. They are just like little boys they are so happy and looking forward to the trip. Winston puts on a pleasant face but he is ready to put an end to his son’s homosexual relationship. Winston sends Noah back to the car for a tackle box and Luke to gather fire wood.

Before Noah goes to the car he and his father have a moment where they declare their love for each other. Noah also adds he is so happy his father finally accepted him for being him. While Noah is gone Winston gets Luke in his sights!

Lily returns home to a lot of news most of it not good. But the good news is Luke and Noah are officially dating Holden reports. Lily doesn’t take the news well especially when Col. Meyer’s name is mentioned. Holden thinks at first it is the whole gay issue but she assures him it isn’t that. Lily can’t stop thinking about Dusty’s accusation linking Winston to Cherie’s murder and his over aggressive anti-gay behavior and attitude. She tries to put it out of her mind but when she is being questioned by Margo about dusty jumping bond , Lily learns that Col. Meyer made some accusations of his own about Dusty’s involvement. She is beginning to believe Dusty was right and is now worried for her son. Lily rushes home.

When Lily arrives at the farmhouse dusty barley conscious and able to walk staggers out of the tree line calling for Lily. She becomes hysterical to see her friend covered in blood and in bad shape. Lily screams for him to tell her who did this to him. “Winston Meyer” he manages to get out before losing all consciousness. Holden arrives and helps get EMS out to Dusty. Holden and Lily fight over what she knows and she isn’t telling. Little does Holden know his son is in the woods with a killer.

Sofie feels horrible about herself after Iris lit into her at the farm. Aaron tries to tell her everything will be okay but Sofie just doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. When Alison arrives Sofie makes a quick exit believing that Alison told Iris where Sofie was. Alison is hurt and angry that Aaron always sees the worst in her. For his information she didn’t tell Iris and he never bothered to ask about her because he was too busy protecting Sofie. Alison storms off angry. She and Aaron have been down this road before. This is how they grew apart in Seattle. Aaron leaves Alison a voicemail asking her to forgive him and call him. Just after leaving the voice mail Sofie walks briskly by crying. Aaron is quick to jump to her side and promise to make everything better. As he holds her while she cries Alison comes around the corner and sees them.

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