ATWT Update Thursday 10/4/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/4/07


Written By Eva
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(Carlyís House)  Jack arrives and Parker opens the door in a panic and tells Jack that Carly wonít wake up so Jack tries to wake her.  He is about to call an ambulance when Carly finally awakens from her sleep.  Carly explains to Parker and Jack that she just dozed off on the couch after taking her pills, which really knock her out.  Parker advises Carly not to take her pills since they make her feel so bad.  Jack decides to have a talk with Parker outside to try to make him accept reality.  Jack tells Parker that he is making his mom feel bad by saying things like what he just told her and he asks him to keep his feelings to himself.  Parker explains that he has a strong feeling Carly is going to be okay and she isnít going to die.  Jack says that Parker must know more than the doctors and all the specialists Carly has spoken to on the phone.  Parker reminds him that he knew he was alive when he went missing and everybody thought he was dead.  Jack tells Parker he appreciates that, but nobody really could explain he was physic or just wishful thinking that came true.  Carly comes outside and Parker and Jack tell her they have worked everything out.  Jack tells Carly that he has decided that Parker is old enough to know the truth so he wants to take him to see Carlyís doctor so he can explain her condition to him and maybe he can finally accept the truth that she is dying.  Carly doesnít want to take away Parkerís hope but if Jack thinks itís the best thing to do then itís okay with her.

(Alís Diner)  Jack and Parker meet Dr. Evers at Alís Diner who explains to Parker that his mom has a lesion on her brain and shows him her X-rays.  He tells him there is nothing they can do about it because it is in a very sensitive place so all they can do for his mom is to make her comfortable.  The doctor asks Parker if he understands and Parker says he does.  The doctor gives Parker his phone number in case he has any questions about his momís condition.  Jack tells Parker the best thing they can all do for Carly now is to make the time she has left as happy as possible. 

(Fairwinds)  Paul proudly announces that they have a wedding date and Rosanna is excited and happy until Paul tells her the wedding date is Halloween.  Rosanna thinks that Paul wasnít serious when he asked her to marry him because if he were serious he wouldnít pick a day associated with trickery.  Paul explains that he only picked the first available day the Reverend had because he knew Rosanna wanted to be married by this Reverend and the only other day he had open was two months away.  Paul also tells Rosanna that he knows CarlyĎs condition and he knew that Rosanna would want Carly at he wedding.  Rosanna sees that Paul has really put some thought into this and agrees he has some very valid points so she agrees to the Halloween wedding. 

(Carlyís house)  Rosanna and Paul arrive to tell Carly that they have set a wedding date.  Paul gives Carly a kiss on the cheek and tells her he is glad that she is going to be at their wedding then he leaves the sisters alone to talk.  Carly knows that Rosanna told Paul about her condition and Rosanna tells her she had to tell him because they have agreed not to have secrets from each other.  Rosanna tells Carly that she and Paul decided to marry at the end of the month because she wants Carly to be her matron of honor.  Carly cries a little and tells her that she would love to be her matron of honor but she doesnít know if she can make it to the end of the month.  Carly admits to Rosanna that she is tired all the time and her headaches are getting worse every day.  Rosanna wonders what the doctors say and Carly tells her that the doctors have said her tumor is at the end stage now.  Carly asks her not to tell Gwen who already knows she is dying but doesnít know the tumor is progressing so fast.  Carly admits to Rosanna that she isnít ready to die now and she wishes she had more time with her kids.  Rosanna wonders if there is anything she can do for her.  Carly wipes the tears from her face and advises Rosanna too marry Paul and not allow anything to get in the way of her happiness.  A few minutes after Rosanna leaves, Jack and Parker arrive and Parker tells his mother that he is ready for Jack to adopt him.  Carly gives her son a hug and tells him she is the happiest mother in the word and tells him to go to school.  Carly thanks Jack for wanting to adopt Parker.  Jack clarifies that Parker has always been his son and they are just going to make it official.  Carly tells Jack that it is important that after she is gone, the kids be his in every way.  Carly thanks Jack for everything he has done for Parker then she passes out and falls into Jackís arms.  Jack puts her on the couch and tries to wake her up and when he canít, he begins to cry a little as he calls her name.  Carly finally awakens and cries as she admits to Jack that she isnít ready to die because she wants more time with her kids.  Jack thinks Carly is just having a bad day and she will have a better day tomorrow so he tells her to stop talking like she is because it will all be better tomorrow.  Carly continues to cry and repeat that she isnít ready to die.  Jack tells Carly that he isnít ready for her to die as he continues to cry and then Jack lies beside Carly on the couch and they hold each other tightly. 

(Will and Gwenís house)  Alison arrives and tells Gwen the doctor told her that everything is going along smoothly and on schedule for the procedure.  Alison tells Gwen she doesnít feel well because she didnít sleep since Aaron moved Sofie into the farm after Cole left town and she got kicked out of her apartment.  Alison thinks Aaron is getting too close to a dangerous situation with Cole so Gwen offers to help since he is her brother.  Alison appreciates Gwenís offer to help but she doesnít think Gwen should be involved in the situation either.  Barbara arrives and thinks that Gwen is already having trouble with her donor.  Gwen tells Barbara that if she canít be supportive she can leave right now.  Gwen tells Alison to lie down until she feels better and that she has to do some errands but she can stay as long as it takes her to feel better.  Gwen talks to Barbara outside and tells her to stop being so hard on Alison because she has been wonderful about the entire procedure and never once wanted to back out of it.  Gwen explains that Alison is worried about Coleís girlfriend Sofie who doesnít have a place to live and is leaning on Aaron because Cole left town. 

(Farm)  Sofie cleans the dishes and tells Aaron she has decided not to stay at the farm because she doesnít want to cause trouble between him and Alison.  Aaron tells her he decides if she stays, not Alison, and he wants her to stay.  Aaron asks Sofie to stay until she gets a job.  Aaron thinks he should ask Alison to get her a job at the diner but Sofie says that will only cause more trouble. 

(Will and Gwenís house)  Barbara waits until Gwen has left to go back inside the house and warns Alison that if she does anything to mess up this procedure for Will and Gwen she will answer to her.  Alison tells Barbara she wouldnít dream of messing things up for Will and Gwen and that the only person that has ever messed up their lives is her.  Iris arrives looking for Sofie and after trading a few snarky insults, Barbara tells her Sofie is at the farm. 

(Farm)  Gwen arrives at the farm to tell Aaron that, by inviting Sofie to stay at the farm, he unintentionally hurt Alison and she doesnít need any extra stress right now.  Iris sees Sofie outside and tells her she wonít blackmail her into paying child support just because she decided to keep that little brat.  Gwen and Aaron hear the arguing and proceed to throw Iris out.  Gwen goes inside with Sofie and Aaron wants to know who told her Sofie was there.  Iris tells him that Barbara and Alison told her. 

(Lakeview)  Craig is happy and when Meg wakes up, he thanks her for agreeing to try to have a baby with him.  Craig wants to make love again and kisses Meg but she doesnít want to rush things and stops him.  Craig thinks itís because of Paul, and Meg tells him to stop bringing Paul into their bed.  Meg explains that she doesnít want him to pressure her into having a child and that it should just happen.  Meg is also worried about the lawsuit Rosanna has against Craig and doesnít think they should rush having a baby when they may not have the money to raise a baby.  Meg gets a call from her mother and has to leave but tells Craig they will talk later.  Craig calls Rosanna and asks her to meet him at Alís Diner in ten minutes. 

(Old Town)  Rosanna tells Meg that she and Paul are getting married at the end of the month and she should stay away from him because he doesnít need any distractions to ruin his happiness.  Rosanna tells Meg that Paul told her how she threw herself at him and Meg wonders if Paul told her how he reacted to her advance.  Rosanna tells Meg that a reaction is all she will ever get from Paul ever again.  Meg assures Rosanna that she wonít ever bother Paul again. 

(Alís Diner)  Craig reports to Rosanna that he and Meg have already started trying to have a baby.  Craig asks Rosanna to drop the lawsuit against him.  Rosanna tells Craig she will only drop the lawsuit once Meg is pregnant. 

(Cabin)  Meg arrives at the cabin where she nursed Paul back to health after his accident and cries as she remembers the time they spent there together.  Meg decides to leave and forget about her past and concentrate on the future but as she is leaving someone knocks her over the head and she falls to the floor. 

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