ATWT Update Wednesday 10/3/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/3/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At Fairwinds, Rosanna is leaving a message for Paul to return her call so she can explain, as Paul walks into the room. She whirls around when she hears him and immediately wants to explain. She doesn’t need to and besides he is just there to pick up his stuff and leave.

At the Lakeview, Aaron and Allison are there to pick up his check before they head over to his family dinner. Allison is worried but Aaron allays her fears – for now. As Aaron is picking up his check, he learns from the manager that Sophie was fired. He is concerned and wants to know what is going on, but Allison thinks they should check back after dinner since she recalls Holden doesn’t like people being late. He has to find out now.

At Al’s, Henry and Vienna are disagreeing about the fare they are going to serve; Henry thinks there should be more burgers since it is a burger joint, but Vienna wants to add more Swedish dishes. She scoffs at the fact there isn’t even ham in hamburgers. Maddie interrupts them when she walks in looking sad; Noah came out. Henry thinks it is for the best since it wouldn’t be healthy to be with someone who can’t be with her in the way she needs. Now she can make peace, but Maddie is worried if she will ever be able to.

At the Farm, Noah and Luke are setting the table, as Luke is worried about Noah’s dad. Noah assures him that he is not worried so he should relax. Luke thinks that the Colonel’s 180 on his lifestyle may not be legitimate. Noah thinks even if it isn’t yet, he will get there eventually. Noah and Luke are about to embrace when Holden interrupts. He was just checking on dinner, as both boys look uncomfortable. Holden thinks everything will be fine, as they prepare for the dinner.

Inside the car, Dusty is wondering why Lily hasn’t come yet? He struggles to sit up and is having trouble. He sees the door handle and tries to sit up and reach for it.

Outside of the farm, the homeless man is talking to the Colonel about the fact that he shot Dusty and left him for dead, but the Colonel pretends to not know what he is talking about. The man wonders what Lily or the cops would think about his theory? The Colonel grabs the man just as Holden is walking outside.

Rosanna starts to try to explain, but Paul doesn’t want to hear it. She loves him, but Paul doesn’t know what to believe anymore. She lied and spied on him; he thought they were in this together? He is amazed that she couldn’t lie on the stand, but she could lie to him. Doesn’t she remember all the things Craig did to her? She let him go free deliberately? Rosanna silently nods her head. How could she let him go free? She was desperate, Rosanna blurts out. He saw the video so he should know why.

The Colonel lies and says that he found the man lurking around and was going to take care of this himself. The man pipes in that he didn’t mean harm and that he was just looking for spare change. Holden hands him some money and asks him to stay to eat, but the man leaves quickly. The Colonel follows Holden inside, but then he explains that he would like to give the man some money too; Holden offers to go with him, as the Colonel tries to avoid this and is saved by the bell when Holden’s phone rings. Aaron is letting Holden know that they may be late for dinner. Holden wants them to come as soon as possible though. The Colonel finds the man and explains that he may have overreacted. The man reminds him that he could have ratted him out. He is glad he didn’t so they didn’t upset anyone unnecessarily; he is sure they can work something out.

Allison thinks they should check on why Sophie was fired another time, but Aaron is adamant that he needs to take care of this now. Allison explains that she would like to make a good impression. Finally, Aaron agrees and tells her that they will come back.

Paul explains that he ran into Meg; she has no reason to be insecure because there is nothing between them. Rosanna assuredly tells him that she can’t accept that anymore; there is more to it. He is still in love with her, which Paul immediately discounts. How can he prove that? He can’t; she knows what she saw. She sees the looks when they are in a room together; she didn’t imagine the fact that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her in court. He was looking at her because she is an extension of Craig. He was actually angry with Meg on the video, as Rosanna smirks. He is lying to her now. She owes her the truth.

Vienna assures Maddie that as soon as she is ready, she will have every red-blooded heterosexual after her, but Henry asks to talk to his sister alone. After she leaves, Henry wants to know how she is really doing? She is fine sometimes, but then she is also sad. He thinks that she somehow needs to find a way to get over Noah because it would be for her benefit. She knows that, but she also admits to being worried about him. It isn’t because he is gay? No, it is because he has a father from hell.

The man doesn’t really care why he shot Dusty, but he just wants to go to Florida and the dog tracks. The Colonel offers him $1,000 and tells him to get lost. He appreciates that, but he thinks that he can get more money from Lily. The Colonel laughs; she is not in town, but he is welcome to knock and ask her husband, who will have a lot of questions, which he may then refer them to his cousin, an Oakdale Detective. The man figures that he has worn out his welcome and decides to leave. As he is walking away, the Colonel asks him if Dusty is still in the car? The man answers hesitantly that he is because after all dead men don’t walk. He was alive at first, but now he is dead. Why does he think that he came to him before Lily? There isn’t going to be as big of a reward when there is a dead body at the end of it. He knew he had more to lose since Dusty told him that he was the one that shot him. The man leaves as Aaron and Allison walk up. They introduce themselves, as the Colonel notes that Luke and Aaron are not too similar. They all go inside and Aaron and Allison say their hellos. Holden looks a bit uncomfortable, but goes with it. Allison offers to help him with the dishes, but Holden turns her down, as Allison thinks it is because he hates her. Margo interrupts their dinner to ask Holden a few questions; Dusty has gone missing and she wanted to know if he knew anything? He doesn’t and Lily is out of town chaperoning a trip for Natalie. Allison can’t hold her tongue; Dusty would not have skipped town, but Margo is adamant that he is, as the Colonel hides a devious smile.

Dusty is able to reach for the door and pull himself up on the handle.

As Paul looks at the video, Rosanna asks him if he understands why she gave Craig his freedom? She didn’t want Meg deserting him. They had an agreement to make Craig pay. She was committed to him, and she thought she had to let Craig go to make that happen. Now that she has lost him, she would like the truth. She wants him to tell her that it is all in her head, and that what she sees can all be explained. She needs him to tell her that he doesn’t love Meg, as Paul stays silent. She answers that he is quiet because he can’t tell her any of that, as she starts to get upset.

Allison wonders how Margo can be sure about Dusty jumping bail? They searched his computer and found he did searches on other countries. Allison wonders if he was making plans to go on vacation once this is over. Margo begs to differ because they were all countries that had no extradition treaty with the US. The Colonel pipes in about how he and Noah overheard Dusty threatening the victim. Allison angrily responds that she hated Cheri too, but that didn’t mean she killed her. Allison then looks around the kitchen at everyone staring at her comment and then walks out quickly.

Maddie explains how when she was with Noah, the Colonel was ecstatic… he even bought them a bed. He didn’t even think twice when he found out their sister was a homicidal maniac. Henry thinks that his dad suspected he was gay and was probably thinking Maddie was the ‘cure.’ She is worried about the 180 that he is doing with Luke and Noah for that very reason. He was so scared to face the truth and now he is fine with it. Neither Maddie nor Henry thinks it is believable.

Aaron walks outside to find Allison; why did she leave? She thinks it is the hormone shots, but she is so emotional and is taking everything personal. Aaron thinks it is understandable. She wants him to know that even if she defends Dusty that doesn’t mean she is in love with him. Aaron realizes that. Should they go back in now? Allison isn’t ready, so she asks if they can go for a walk?

Margo suggests Holden tell Lily because she is out a lot of money. Holden realizes this, but he can’t tell her whom to be friends with. Once Margo leaves, Holden and the rest of the family prepare to sit down and eat. They head outside, as Luke goes to grab mustard from the refrigerator and the Colonel stalls and stays behind as well.

Paul finally speaks; he tells Rosanna that he actually hates Meg, which seems to amuse Rosanna. He hates what she is doing; he hates that she dumped him for Craig and he hates that she is with a man that tried to kill her and him. Paul then pauses before he admits that is not the whole story though; he does still have feelings for her. Rosanna smiles sadly; she asked for it. He isn’t trying to hurt her. His feelings are from another time though. He is in a different place now and there is no room for Meg. He loves and only wants her.

In Old town, Allison and Aaron are walking. She is sure that Holden hates her even more and will tell Lily about what happened as well. They have no reason to hate her. Allison reminds him of the video, but Aaron doesn’t think that matters. The people that love him the most are scared for him because she has already screwed up before. She wants them to be happy for them. She shouldn’t care about what anyone else thinks besides him, as he leans in and kisses her. They are interrupted when an emotional Sophie, who is lugging some suitcases, drops them nearby. Aaron goes over and tells her that he heard she was fired, as Sophie falls into his arms and hugs him tightly, as Allison watches.

Henry thinks she should talk with Luke and Noah, but Maddie doesn’t know about that; Noah broke up with her and Luke stole her boyfriend, as she says with a small giggle. She doesn’t want to throw cold water on them by questioning the Colonel’s weird about face. Henry thinks they will find out soon enough because someone can only hide their true feelings for so long. Maddie hopes they find out sooner then later.

The Colonel goes over to talk with Luke surprising him; he has a favor to ask and he hopes he says yes to him.

Outside, Holden and Faith are sitting at the table; she wonders why Allison had such a strange reaction to Dusty leaving town? Were they dating? No, they were friends. Were they friendly like her mom and Dusty. Things were a little different. Faith acknowledges that her mother is going to be upset to hear Dusty left town. Holden wonders if he should call Lily before she hears it on the news? Faith hands him her phone and tells him that she will take it better hearing it from him.

Rosanna is surprised to hear Paul say he wants her; she is lost. He was afraid of his old feelings for Meg, so he pretended they didn’t exist. They were just a hold over from another time. She wants to believe him. Meg walks into a room and he seems drawn to her. He thinks it is a reflex and habit. She isn’t good for him though, but she is good for her. He is not perfect; he gets jealous and he holds onto things forever, but he is a good person. When he went to her and brought her back, he wants to be that kind of person. What about what she did? Can he forgive her? Paul is quiet for a moment before he finally answers that he is in no place to judge. Rosanna reminds him that he was just walking out on her 1 hour ago. He knows he gets crazy, but she stopped him and got him to talk. Does he forgive her for letting Craig go free – deep down? He wants to put it behind them. He has one more thing to say though – he wants them to still get married, as Rosanna’s mouth widens into a broad smile.

Sophie explains that Cole broke a glass at work; she brought too many of her problems to work. When she got home, Cole had moved out and taken everything with him. Why is she walking around with suitcases then? The landlord wouldn’t let her stay since the money she had been giving Cole he hadn’t been giving to him. Both Aaron and Allison are sympathetic. If she could find Cole she would, to see if they could work it out, which makes Allison and Aaron subtly roll their eyes each. Where is she going to stay? Sophie thinks it is warm enough to stay here for the night; Allison suggests the shelter down the street, which sounds ok to Sophie, but Aaron won’t have it. She can stay at the farm. She couldn’t do that since she doesn’t know his aunt, Sophie answers. Aaron then suggests that he will stay out there with her so she can feel more uncomfortable. Sophie looks past him to Allison, who seems to try to be hiding her displeasure.

Holden calls Lily to tell her about Dusty’s disappearance; from Holden’s side of the conversation, we can tell Lily is upset. The Colonel listens from just outside the door.

Dusty realizes that Lily is not coming for some reason and it is up to himself to get out of this. He is now lying up against the outside of the car. With all his strength, he picks himself up from the ground and limps away seemingly in an immense amount of pain (thanks to a bullet wound in his chest).

Noah wonders what Luke and his dad were talking about? Luke explains that his dad asked him to go fishing with them. Noah is shocked. He has never asked anyone to go with them. The Colonel explains (or should I say lies) that he hadn’t been serious about anyone yet, but now he sees that he is and he wants to bridge the gap between them all. He admits this has been a struggle to accept, but he sees this as a new beginning. Noah couldn’t be more thrilled. Luke thinks he should ask his dad too since he loves to fish as well, but the Colonel wants it to be just the three of them this time.

Rosanna is thrilled that Paul wants to go forward. They put the truth on the table and now he feels like they have nothing between them. Rosanna again reminds him that he was set to leave a short time ago. Paul tells Rosanna that he loves her. She is happy to hear this, but she worries if it is enough? There is no one else, and he doesn’t want to lose her. She doesn’t want to lose him either. She will marry him… but when? Paul grins…. yesterday, as they hug and kiss.

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