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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/2/07


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(Al’s Diner)  Noah thanks his father for the lunch and for accepting the fact that he is gay.  Winston tells his son there is nothing he wouldn’t do to keep him safe then he recalls shooting Dusty and leaving him to die at the junkyard.  Winston tells Noah that he wants to apologize to him by taking him on a father-son trip and he tells him he can bring Luke as well. 

(Farm)  Luke smiles and is extremely happy so Holden wonders if he wants to share the reason for his happiness.  Luke tells Holden that Colonel Mayer is making a real effort to accept the fact that Noah is gay.  Luke smiles and says that for the first time he feels like he and Luke may have a shot at a relationship.  Holden tells Luke he is happy for him and that he hopes that things work out for him and Noah.  Noah calls Luke and tells him that his father wants to see him to apologize to him. 

(Junkyard)  Sly returns to find Dusty barely clinging to life and helps him raise his head up to give him some coffee.  Dusty wonders why Sly returned and Sly says that he felt bad about leaving him in such bad shape and didn’t want to risk the mayor coming back to finish the job.  Dusty is confused and wonders what Sly is talking about so Sly explains that he told him the mayor shot him.  Dusty tells Sly that a guy named Mayer shot him and that he is a Colonel in the army.  Dusty offers to pay Sly to take him to the hospital but Sly refuses because gunshot wounds attract attention.  Dusty asks Sly to find Lily and tell her his location and she will give him money.  Dusty tells Sly that Lily lives on a farm and points out the farm’s location. 

(Farm)  Colonel Mayer and Noah come for a visit to formally meat Holden and for the Colonel to apologize to Luke for being so rough on him.  The colonel apologizes to Luke and Luke accepts the apology so Holden decides to invite them both to dinner so the families can get acquainted.  Noah is surprised but happy when his father accepts the invitation to dinner.  Holden goes to check on a horse and asks Luke to show their guests around the grounds.  Luke wonders what they would like to see first and Colonel Mayer decides he wants to take a walk alone around the grounds to get some exercise.  Colonel Mayer walks outside to the porch and Luke and Noah smile at each other and hold hands as Colonel Mayer watches them.  Sly arrives and seeing a guy in an army uniform assumes he is the man that shot Dusty and tells him they must talk about a man named Dusty Donavan.  Colonel Mayer tells Sly that he doesn’t know a man named Dusty Donavan so Sly reminds him that Dusty is the man he shot and left for dead at a junkyard. 

(Carly‘s house)  Carly is once again looking at the video she left for Jack when Parker bursts in the door saying he has found a possible treatment for her illness.  Parker explains to his mom that he was up all night researching brain lesions on the Internet and found an experimental treatment in Germany.  Carly tells Parker he should be in school and doing his homework at night not trying to find cures for her because she isn’t going to get better and he should learn to accept it.  Carly reads all the information and tells Parker that this treatment would cost thousands of dollars and the insurance wouldn’t pay for it because it is experimental.  Parker tells Carly he wants to use the money in the trust fund Rosanna set up for him to pay for her treatment.  Parker won’t go back to school until Carly promises to call his aunt Rosanna and ask for help for her treatment. 

(Fairwinds)  A very angry Paul demands to know why Rosanna lied in court and he wants her to tell him the truth.  Rosanna lies to Paul when she tells him she didn’t lie in court but that she has been lying to him ever since they got home.  Rosanna explains that the night she got home and saw Meg and Craig at the Lakeview, she realized how important it was for him to make sure Craig paid for what he did to her.  Since she wanted to make him happy, she pretended to remember everything but today she just couldn’t lie anymore and especially not under oath.  Rosanna asks Paul to forgive her and he does, but he blames himself for pushing her recovery and putting too much pressure on her.  Rosanna tells Paul this isn’t his fault and she just wants to forget everything and concentrate on their wedding.  Paul doesn’t think it would be a good idea because it would further slow Rosanna’s recovery.  Rosanna is in the middle of telling Paul that a wedding would help her recovery when Carly calls to tell her she must see her right away.  Rosanna heads to Carly’s house while Paul takes out his anger by kicking a garbage can.  The phone falls out with the video on it.  Paul finishes watching the video and asks the maid if Rosanna had any visitors last night.  The maid responds that Rosanna had one visitor last night. 

(Carly’s house)  Carly tells Rosanna about her illness and Rosanna immediately offers to search and pay for whatever treatment can cure her of her illness.  Carly explains that Parker found a treatment in Germany but the treatment wouldn’t help her kind of tumor.  Carly also tells Rosanna that she wants to spend whatever time she has left with her family.  Rosanna admits to Carly that she is afraid of losing Paul to Meg so she did as Craig asked her to do and lied under oath so that wouldn’t happen.  Carly reminds Rosanna that lies cost her Jack and advises Rosanna to tell Paul the truth as soon as possible because he may understand and forgive her but otherwise she could lose him.  Rosanna tells Carly that if she tells Paul the truth he could also lose him to Meg.  Carly advises her to make sure she is careful to hide her secret because Paul is smart and could find out on his own and then she could really lose him.  Carly reminds her that lying won’t solve her Meg problem, but will just delay it.  Rosanna gives Carly a hug and tells her she will take care of her Meg problem.  Rosanna gets a call from Paul saying he wants to talk to her and it’s time they told each other the truth. 

(Lakeview)  Craig and Meg are in the middle of a fight themselves because Meg doesn’t believe in him anymore.  Craig thinks Meg wanted him to go to jail again so that she could get back together with Paul.  Meg tells Craig that his accusations are not true at all and that she would never want to see him get hurt in any way.  Craig yells that he is tired of being second best to Paul so he asks Meg to decide if she wants to be his wife in every way.  He tells her that if she does not want to be his wife, she can leave now.  Craig tells Meg she must decide if she believes him or everyone else who tells her to stay away from him.  Craig gets a call from Rosanna demanding to see him at Al’s.  She says that if he doesn’t come, she will go to him and he will risk Meg overhearing their conversation.  Craig tells Meg to think about their conversation and give him an answer when he returns from a meeting with his lawyer. 

(Al’s Diner)  Craig thanks Rosanna for protecting both their relationships by lying in court.  Rosanna reminds Craig that Meg and Paul still have a strong pull towards each other and the only way they can fix that problem is for him to get Meg pregnant. 

(Lakeview)  Craig returns to the hotel and Meg tells him that she is ready to be his wife in every way.  The two begin to kiss then get on the bed.  When Meg asks him about protection, he says they don’t need it because he wants to make a baby with her. 

(Fairwinds)  Rosanna returns home and asks the maid if Paul is home.  The maid explains that Paul went out but he asked her to return the cell phone to her because she might want to see it again.  Rosanna takes the phone and sees the video of Paul and Meg‘s conversation. 

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