ATWT Update Monday 10/1/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/1/07


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(Lakeview)  Gwen comes to visit Sofie because she is sure she and Cole had a fight because she (Gwen) told Cole that Sofie didnít have an abortion.  Sofie tells Gwen that she hasnít talked to Cole because he didnít come home all night and he hasnít been answering his cell phone.  Gwen tells Sofie about her slip of the tongue and she leaves a message for Cole on his cell phone telling him she can explain what Gwen told him.  Cole arrives a few minutes later and Sofie is relived that he is okay because she was afraid that something had happened to him.  Cole sarcastically tells her that he should be the one worried about her since she is the one who is having the baby.  Cole tells Sofie that if she wants a baby so badly, a baby is what she is going to get.  Gwen can tell by his tone that Cole isnít happy and explains that Sofie was probably scared he would react this way and that is the reason she didnít tell him she was still pregnant.  Cole explains to Gwen that he doesnít have the money to raise a baby and he doesnít want his child to have to struggle like he and Gwen did growing up.  Gwen tells Cole that it doesnít have to be that way for his child because he could get a job to support the baby.  Sofie asks Gwen to leave since she is making Cole angrier by her comments to him.  Once Gwen is gone, Cole blasts Sofie because he thinks she and Gwen were talking about all his failures.  This makes Sofie cry and Cole gets angry and he knocks some dishes and silverware off of the table there Gwen was sitting and stomps out of the Lakeview.  The manager tells Sofie that she is fired so she leaves to sit on a bench outside.  Sofie leaves a message for Cole telling him she was fired from her job and needs a ride home. 

(Carlyís house)  Carly watches the video she left for Jack and Brad walks in saying he was worried about her.  Carly tells Brad that next time he should knock and he jokes that he wants her to leave him a video of her dressed in sexy lingerie with a lot of heavy breathing and her screaming his name.  Carly smiles and tells him the screaming should be easy since that is all she wants to do since she found out about the tumor.  Carly admits to Brad that dying is very scary and lonely for her so Brad advises her to call Jack since he wants her to lean on him.  Carly tells Brad that she wants to leave Jack out of this as much as possible because it isnít fair to his marriage with Katie.  Brad points out that when Jack sees that video, he will feel guilty for the rest of his life because he wasnít there when she needed him most.  Carly tells Brad that wasnít her intention with the video, she just didnít want to express her feelings to him while she is alive because she doesnít want to waste her days with Jack hoping for an impossible future.  Carly gives Brad a hug and thanks him for his concern but she needs to be left alone now so Brad tells her to call him if she needs him and then shuts the front door behind him.  Carly gets a call from her doctorís office saying that the oncologist he recommended had a cancellation and can see her today so she heads to the hospital. 

(Lakeview)  Jack wakens Katie with a kiss and wonders if she would like to go house hunting with him.  Katie gives Jack a kiss and goes into the bathroom to change clothes for the big day.  Jack tries to call Carly at home to check on her and is worried when she doesnít answer the phone.  Katie who is still in the bathroom tells him to try her cell phone so Jack dials the number and Carly answers the phone.  Carly explains to Jack that the oncologist the doctor recommended squeezed her in today and she is having a consultation.  Jack wants to go be with her but Carly says she can handle things because it should only take a half an hour.  Jack hears the doctor say the consultation will take two hours so he wants to go be with her but Carly tells him she can handle things and hangs up the phone.  Jack tells Carly he thinks he should be with Carly for her doctorís appointment but he canít be in two places at one time.  Jack then tells Katie to go look at the house and if she likes it, she should buy it.  Jack tells Katie he will meet her later and they can have a little private time together.  Katie smiles and gives him a kiss and says she can look at the house by herself. 

(Old Town)  Katie sits on a bench nervously trying to make herself go look at the house but she is too worried that the house wonít be structurally sound and that Jack wonít like it.  Brad arrives and once Katie has explained the situation to him, he offers to go help Katie since he used to work in construction.  Brad and Katie go look at the house and Katie loves it but she is still worried Jack wonít like it so Brad offers to do a run through pretending to be Jack. 

(Hospital)  The oncologist explains to Jack and Carly that the chemotherapy she recommends is very aggressive and will only buy her more time with her family.  The doctor also explains that the chemotherapy will be very debilitating so she will need to have a strong support system.  Jack assures the doctor that he will be there for Carly for whatever she needs whenever she needs it.  Jack takes Carly home where she admits that the worst thing about being sick is having him feel sorry for her.  Jack tells Carly that he doesnít feel sorry for her he thinks she is very brave for taking the treatment in order to have more time with her family.  Jack tells Carly that he needs to be with her when she leaves this time.  Gwen arrives, so Jack leaves and Gwen begins talking to Carly about her fertility treatments and says that the doctor told her by this time next year she could be a mom.  Gwen notices a brochure about chemotherapy on the table so Carly tells her she just has this thing and needs treatment.  Gwen asks if Carly will be okay after the treatment and Carly slowly shakes her head no.  Gwen is stunned and asks if Jack knows.  Carly says yes and tells Gwen she intends to spend her last days with the people she loves the most. 

(Jack and Katieís possible new house)  Once she and Brad do the run-through, Katie thinks about having a baby with Jack and then she gets sad because there isnít a baby and Jack isnít with her to look at the house.  Brad tells Katie the house is structurally sound and he thinks Jack will like it very much.  Katie asks Brad to leave her alone so, once more, Brad leaves and shuts the door behind him.  Jack arrives and is annoyed because he thinks he has missed Katie but then he sees her come out of the kitchen.  Katie gives Jack a kiss and then tells him she loves the house so they decide to buy it.  Jack decides to make love to his new bride in their new house. 

(Old Town)  Craig sits on a bench recalling the words that Meg said to him and is still hurt because he thinks Meg has stopped believing in him.  Meg arrives and tells him she wants to go to court with him but he refuses her offer saying that he can handle things alone.  Craig thinks Meg just wants to hear that he intentionally made Rosanna run off the road so he reminds her that Rosanna canít testify about the accident.  Meg insists that she has to hear what Rosanna has to say so she can decide for herself.  Meg tells Craig that if he wonít take her, she will go by herself, so Craig takes Megís hand and they head to his car. 

(Fairwinds)  Rosanna looks at the video of Meg and Paul and when Paul walks in, she hides the phone in her hand and tells Paul she is very nervous about the hearing.  Paul assures Rosanna that there is no need for her to be nervous because the case is in the bag as long as she tells the truth.  Paul goes to get the car and Rosanna throws the phone with the video in the trash. 

(Courthouse)  Craig wonders if Rosanna thought about their conversation and Rosanna tells Craig that she knows Paul loves her.  When Rosanna is called to testify, she tells the judge that Gwenís baby and her adopted son Rory were born on the same day in the same hospital. When the lawyer asks her specific questions about Craig and the baby switch, Rosanna acts confused about the exact details.  She tells the judge that sometimes she gets confused because she just came out of a coma.  Paul stands up and pleads with Rosanna to tell the truth, but she still acts confused and the judge decides to dismiss the case.  Craig is happy and gives Meg a hug.  Barbara thinks Meg ought to get out of her marriage before itís too late.  Barbara warns Craig that she wonít allow him to get away with this crime. 

(Lakeview)  As Craig orders a bottle of champagne to celebrate, Meg asks him what he did to make Rosanna change her testimony. 

(Fairwinds)  Although Rosanna apologizes to Paul for her attack of confusion, he doesnít believe her and demands to know why she lied in court. 

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