ATWT Update Friday 9/28/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/28/07


Written By Dani

Gwen begins to feel a tinge of guilt for not supporting her brother. Will feels she shouldn’t blame herself or feel bad. Gwen remembers all too well what it was like growing up and to a point can’t blame Cole completely. She tries to sell Will on the idea of helping Cole however she can with his music. Will is opposed but agrees because he knows Gwen will help out anyway. Sofie is getting the cold shoulder from Aaron after she told him she couldn’t confide in him anymore. Aaron stays out of her business and rudely tells her if she doesn’t want people knowing about her life stop having your mail sent to work and stop hiding prenatal vitamins behind the bar. Sofie now finds herself alone in the world and pregnant. Things are about to get worse for Sofie.

Gwen finds Cole at Al’s diner eating alone. She tries to speak with him as a reasonable adult but he only insults her and makes jealous snide comments about the financial help Barbara provided. Gwen sees Will was right Cole should just grow up and take care of his pregnant girlfriend. Cole arrogantly corrects Gwen and she realizes that Sofie hasn’t told him yet that she is still pregnant. Gwen makes an excuse but Cole picks up on her awkwardness. Cole goes to the Lakeview and sees Sofie pat her belly and smile lovingly. He knows! Sofie is still carrying his child.

Meg and Rosanna have two things in common. One, they both love Paul and want to be his wife. Two, they both want justice for Craig. Only these two are going about getting what they want from very different angles. Rosanna has decided to appear to be standing her ground with Craig while keeping her faith in Paul. In reality she knows that Craig’s warnings of Meg and Paul reuniting could ring true so she hires a private detective. Rosanna cannot proceed with marriage plans to Paul if he isn’t over Meg.

Meg is trying to make sense of what she is being told from many different angles. Paul, Rosanna, Barbara, Craig, the police, and her heart. Every time she turns around Meg is being told that Craig is a horrible, vile human being and should be locked away. But Craig insists he is innocent though he is slipping the more stress he feels.

Meg pleads with Paul, who doesn’t want to speak with her, to admit that he told Rosanna what to remember. Paul defends himself and Rosanna against such accusations. They argue. The passionate argument is caught on video by the private detective. Meg believes Paul still loves her and wants her back. She will only walk away from Craig if she has something to walk towards, Paul. When Meg cannot reason with Paul she tells him it is him that she doesn’t know anymore because he lets his hatred for Craig run his life.

The PI gives Rosanna the footage. She sees and hears Meg and Paul debate their true feelings for each other. Paul returns home only to find Rosanna acting odd and distant. She claims she is tired. Paul checks on her to make sure she is still ready for tomorrow. Rosanna tells him she knows exactly what she has to do.

Katie waits sad and alone for jack to return from Carly’s. Katie is sad for everyone. Jack, the kids, herself, even Carly. Henry and Vienna stay with her to help pass the long hours and keep her spirits lifted.

Carly tells Jack that she needs and wants all the time she can with the kids and she is going to accept any treatment the doctors will give her. Also, while she still looks well she wants to video tape messages for milestone’s in the kids’ lives. Jack goes to get the video camera from his and Katie’s room. Katie tells him to go and not to worry about her, they have a long time together.

Jack returns to Carly’s to tape her messages. As Carly recites very emotional and touching messages into the camera Jack becomes choked up himself.

Finally when the taping is done Carly drifts off to sleep on the couch. Jack goes to his and Katie’s room. Jack passes out before Katie can return from the bathroom with aspirin for him. Katie feels slighted.

Carly awakes after a bad dream and realizes Jack isn’t there .She turns on the camera and leaves Jack a special message telling him how much she loves him. When she is done all she can do is cry. Parker creeps downstairs and hears his mother weeping. Parker calls Jack believing he always makes everything right.

Jack is exhausted but wakes. He is very concerned. Carly over hears and takes the phone from Parker. She assures Jack she and the kids will be fine.

Carly wants to talk to Parker but he doesn’t want to talk about her illness. Carly feels Parker isn’t being himself and asks to just be her kid. The kid she knows and needs.

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