ATWT Update Thursday 9/27/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/27/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Junkyard)  Dusty sees Cheriís ghost again and tells her to go away because he isnít dying.  She tells him they will be together eternally because they were killed by the same man and for the same reason.  Dusty wonders why Winston murdered her and Cheri tells him it doesnít matter now and she tells him to take her hand because she must show him something.  Dusty takes Cheriís hand and his spirit leaves his body.  Dustyís spirit asks Cheri once again why her own husband would kill her.  Cheri tells him it doesnít matter now because they are both dead and he will be remembered as the man who killed her.  Dusty decides he doesnít want to die so his spirit tells his body to get up.  His body manages to stand up and slowly drag himself to a car but the car doesnít start and he tries to turn the key again and again but the engine doesnít start. 

(TV Station)  Winston is crying tears of rage and disappointment as he tells Noah that he wishes he didnít see what he just saw because Noah isnít the boy he raised.  Luke speaks up and tells Colonel Mayer that Noah is still the same person he raised, to which the Colonel screams you shut up.  The Colonel tells Noah he repulses him and that he is no longer his son.  Maddie arrives and the Colonel gets angrier because all three of them lied to him.  The Colonel tells Noah he is deeply disappointed in him and leaves because he is sickened by Noahís behavior.  Maddie apologizes to Noah for making things worse for him and then leaves Noah and Luke alone to talk.  Colonel Mayer catches up to Maddie outside and demands that she apologize to him for lying so she does give him an apology.  Maddie explains that she was hurt when she found out Noah was gay but then she understood that he couldnít accept who he was because he cared so much for him (Colonel Mayer).  Because he cared so much for his father, he couldnít stand to disappoint him, either.  Colonel Mayer wants to know when Noah turned because he was normal before and he asks Maddie if she and Noah had sex.  Maddie tells him that is a very personal question and refuses to answer him.  Colonel Mayer tells Maddie it was that Luke boy who turned Noah gay.  Maddie tells Colonel Mayer that Noah loves him very much and that he is the only family he has so he should try to accept his son so he wonít lose him.  Colonel Mayer tells Maddie he loves Noah too and that he will make sure he doesnít lose his son. 

(TV station)  Luke blames himself for pushing Noah to come out when he wasnít ready to tell his father.  Luke also tells Noah he shouldnít have kissed him and maybe his father wouldnít have found out before he was ready to tell him.  Noah tells Luke he doesnít regret what happened between them because it is the best thing that ever happened to him.  Noah is hurt to discover that his father is a bigot but Luke encourages him to talk to his father and make him understand because he has no other family. 

(Lakeview)  Winston gets drunk and recalls the words he told Cheri when he threw her out of the house saying that he didnít want his son to become a person like her.  Noah arrives and tells his father that he is tired of stuffing down the person he has always been just to please him.  Noah asks his father to accept that he is gay because he loves him very much and doesnít want to lose him.  Colonel Mayer tells his son that it was a big shock to him and it will take him a while to accept him but he will do his best because he loves him and doesnít want to lose him either.  Colonel Mayer gives Noah a hug and tells him he is canceling his vacation to spend more time with him.  Once his dad leaves, Noah calls Luke to tell him that he and his father had a long talk and that things are good between them for the first time in a long time.  Noah tells Luke that he loves him and doesnít want to lose him. 

(Lakeview)  Jack and Vienna surprise Katie with a romantic post wedding breakfast.  Once Vienna is gone, Jack leans in to give Katie a kiss but she insists on going to the bathroom to brush her teeth before she can kiss him.  Katie runs into the bathroom and Jack gets a call from Carlyís doctor.  The doctor tells him Carly is ready to be released but she needs someone to take her home because soon she wonít be able to take care of herself and she is refusing help from anyone.  The doctor tells Jack that Carly doesnít know he is calling him but she really will need help.  Jack tells the doctor he is on his way and hangs up the phone explaining to Katie that they must postpone their honeymoon because he must be there for Carly.  Jack also tells Katie that he canít lie on a beach somewhere while the mother of his children is dying.  Katie tells Jack she understands and that her job now is to be there for him and the children and that whatever they need she will do.  Jack gives Katie a quick kiss and leaves to go pick Carly up at the hospital.

(Farm)  Parker refuses to go to school until Brad tells him the truth because he knows there is something wrong and it has to do with his mother.  Brad tells Parker that Jack and Katie postponed their honeymoon for a few days and took a room at the Lakeview to rest and recover from all the wedding stress.  Brad also avoids Parkerís questions about Carly and tells him it would ease Jackís mind if he were in school where he was supposed to be.  Parker refuses Bradís offer to give him a ride to school and tells his uncle he wants to ride his bike to school.

 (Lakeview)  Vienna has a bottle of champagne for Jack and Katie and is surprised that Jack isnít with Katie when she arrives.  Katie explains that he is with Carly because she needs someone to take care of her.  Vienna thinks itís another one of Carlyís schemes but Katie assures her that Carly isnít lying this time.  Katie tells Vienna she feels sorry for Carly and she is going to be there for Jack and the kids whenever they need her.  Once Vienna leaves, Parker arrives and asks Katie to tell him the truth because he knows something is wrong.  Katie admits that something is wrong but it isnít her place to tell him what it is but assures him that by the end of the day he will know the truth. 

(Hospital)  Carly is upset the Doctor called Jack because he isnít her husband anymore and he shouldnít be involved in this situation.  Carly is about to call Jack and tell him not to come when the doctor tells him Jack is on his way because he obviously still cares about her very much. 

(Carlyís house)  Jack wonders when Carly will tell Gwen and Rosanna the news but Carly doesnít want to tell them because Gwen is going through fertility treatments and Rosanna is in fragile health.  Jack encourages Carly to tell her sisters because she is going to need support from the people who love her.  Katie arrives and tells them Parker stopped by and he knows something is wrong.  She tells them that she didnít feel that it was her place to tell him, but she assured him that by the end of the day he would know the truth.  Katie advises Jack and Carly to tell the kids the truth now because it is better for them.  Jack takes Katie outside and tells her that he is going to try to persuade Carly to tell the kids about her illness and asks her to call Brad and ask him to bring the kids to the house.  Katie stays outside to call Brad while Jack goes back inside to Carly.  Carly tells Jack that Katie is right and they need to tell the kids but she doesnít know how she is going to do it.  The kids arrive and Jack tells them he and Katie postponed their honeymoon because Carly is sick and she is going to need treatment so they decided to stay to be there for them.  Carly tells the kids she is going to fight to get better and everyone believes that story except Parker.  J.J. and sage go upstairs while Carly tells Parker she is dying and asks him to tell J.J. later but not to tell Sage yet because she isnít ready to hear the news.  Carly cries and tells Parker that she isnít going to be there in the future but she is going to make the most of every day she has now to spend with him, his brother, and sister.  Parker goes upstairs to join J.J. and Sage who are playing a video game.  Carly sobs and tells Jack that was the hardest thing she has ever had to do in her life.  Jack takes Carlyís hand and tells her that she isnít alone but that he is there for her and he isnít going anywhere.

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