ATWT Update Wednesday 9/26/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/26/07


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(Hospital)  Alison tells Gwen she did well on her check-up and the doctor said that they would soon be able to harvest her egg.  Gwen tells Alison that she should have told the doctor the injections were making her nauseous but Alison says she is better now and the doctor doesn’t need to know.  Alison tells Gwen that Sofie went to visit at the farm and she was crying, so Aaron tried to be a good friend to her.  Gwen advises Alison to tell Aaron not to get involved with Sofie and Cole because Cole could cause trouble for Aaron.  Alison tells Gwen that she will do that but it won’t help much because Aaron always helps someone in trouble. 

(Lakeview)  Cole warns Aaron to stop sharing personal stuff with Sofie and since she got rid of the kid, there is no point for him to be a close friend to her anymore.  Sofie overhears the conversation and is very troubled by it because she is still struggling to tell him she is still pregnant.  Cole gives Sofie a kiss on the cheek and leaves to apply for a job across town.  Sofie admits to Aaron that she couldn’t tell Cole about the baby because he is having a bad day since his sister didn’t like his music.  Aaron tells Sofie she shouldn’t expect Cole just to fall in love with the baby when she tells him that she didn’t have the abortion.  Sofie is upset by Aaron’s words and decides she shouldn’t share so much personal stuff with him, so from now on they will just work together.  Alison arrives and Aaron tells her that Sofie decided not to be his friend anymore and Alison thinks Sofie has lost a wonderful friend. 

(Fairwinds)  Rosanna comes downstairs and remembers the close moment she saw between Meg and Paul last night.  Paul gives Rosanna an engagement ring and wants to set a wedding date.  Rosanna wants Paul to be sure he doesn’t feel anything for Meg before they consider setting a wedding date.  Paul assures Rosanna he feels nothing for Meg and that she was just a replacement for her (Rosanna).  Paul tells Rosanna that he thinks Meg came to see him last night because she is starting to realize Craig is evil and is having a hard time accepting that the man she married is monster.  Paul gets a call telling him that the date has been set for Craig’s preliminary hearing.

 (Lakeview)  Craig tells Meg that Paul and Rosanna persuaded the judge to move up the date of the preliminary hearing because of Rosanna’s condition.  Meg is worried that Rosanna remembers everything and, this time, Craig won’t be able to escape going to jail.  Craig is confident that his lawyer will easily discredit Rosanna’s testimony because she just came out of a two-year coma.  Meg tells Craig that if during the course of the trial, she discovers that he caused Rosanna’s accident to keep her from revealing the truth about the baby switch, then he shouldn’t expect her to be waiting for him when he gets out of jail.  Craig pleads with Meg to continue to believe in him and not let Paul and Meg destroy what they have built together. 

(Al’s Diner)  Maddie gives Noah the apartment rent deposit back and tells him the landlord even broke the lease because he felt sorry for her when he heard her story.  Maddie gives Noah his DVD’s back and Noah asks her if they can still be friends because he misses watching old movies with her.  Maddie admits that he is the only one who understands her love for old movies and she has missed his friendship very much.  The two share a friendly hug and agree to be just friends.  Colonel Mayer watches them and thinks they have gotten back together and is very happy.  Noah goes to pay the check and his dad tells Maddie that he always knew she was the perfect girl for his son.  Noah’s father tells him he is leaving town and is going on a much-needed long vacation.  Noah is about to tell his father that he and Maddie have broken up and the reason why when Maddie assures the Colonel she and Noah will work things out.  Noah’s father leaves with a smile on his face.  Maddie explains to a confused Noah that she thought it would let him have a nice vacation and when he returns, Noah would have had time to figure out a way to tell him the truth. 

(Police Station)  Colonel Mayer stops by to tell Dallas that he is leaving town.  Dallas tells him to make sure he has a way to contact him in case they need him to testify at Dusty’s hearing.  The Colonel overhears Dallas telling Holden that Dusty never showed up for his pre-trial hearing and if he or Lily hears from him, they should contact the police.  Holden assures Dallas that he or Lily will do that and informs him that Lily is on a class trip with Natalie. 

(Junkyard)  Dusty clings to life and recalls the gunshot while an auto parts dealer digs through the junk and finds him.  The man is named Sly and wonders who did this to Dusty.  Dusty mumbles “Mayer” and Sly thinks Dusty is talking about the Mayor of Oakdale.  Sly gives Dusty some water but doesn’t want to call the police when Dusty asks him to because he sells illegal auto parts and doesn’t want the police to put him in jail.  Sly leaves despite Dusty telling him that if he leaves he will die.  Dusty imagines Cheri talking to him and telling him to relax and let go.  Dusty is determined to fight but then he closes his eyes. 

(Farm)  Holden tells Luke that Dusty jumped bail even though Lily paid it.  Luke tells Holden that Lily always helps people in need and she even offered to help Noah by talking to his father to help him accept that Noah is gay.  Holden wonders how Luke’s relationship with Noah is going and Luke thinks that they will just be friends until Noah can admit he is gay. 

(Fairwinds)  Paul tells Rosanna that the only truth that is important is that he loves her.  He goes upstairs to get his PDA so they can set a date for their wedding.  Rosanna gets a call from Craig who asks her to come to talk to him about Paul and Meg.  Rosanna gives Paul a kiss and tells him she has to leave to take care of some business. 

(Farm)  Holden tells Meg about Carly’s condition but asks her not to tell anyone but Craig.  Meg tells Holden that Craig is being charged with Kidnapping and Fraud.  Meg tells Holden she is determined to stand by her husband until she can’t stand by him anymore. 

(Hospital)  Gwen runs into Sofie and apologizes for her harsh words to her on the day she found out she lost her baby.  Sofie tells Gwen she didn’t go through with the abortion and she is going to keep her child.  Gwen is thrilled and is positive that Sofie can raise her child alone.  Sofie tells Gwen that she and Cole have not broken up and will be a happy family.  Sofie asks Gwen to encourage Cole about his songwriting but Gwen refuses to lie to her brother and she doesn’t think that will help him be happy about the birth of his child. 

(Lakeview)  Dallas arrives to ask Alison if she knows where Dusty is because he didn’t showed up for his hearing.  Alison tells Dallas that Dusty would never run away but would stay to defend himself against the charges.  Alison also tells Dallas that Dusty didn’t kill Cheri.  Dallas tells Alison that she and Dusty were more than friends.  Aaron blasts Dallas for offending Alison and throws him out of the bar.  Alison thanks Aaron for defending her and smiles because he feels that it’s nice that he believes in her again. 

(TV Station)  Noah tells Luke that his father is going on a long trip and he feels free to be himself.  Luke points out that once his father knows the truth he can enjoy that feeling all the time.  Noah takes Luke’s hand and gives him a kiss unaware that his father is watching him.  Maddie sits on a bench in Old Town and remembers Casey kissing her.  She then sees a guy that looks like him but thinks she is imagining things and then gets up from the bench. 

(Lakeview)  Craig tells Rosanna that Paul and Meg still have sparks flying between them and if she sends him to prison, she will be sending Paul straight into Meg’s arms.  Rosanna insists that Paul loves her, and Meg is the one who keeps chasing after him.  Craig warns Rosanna that if she sends him to prison, she will be starting a fire between Paul and Meg that she won’t be able to extinguish. 

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