ATWT Update Tuesday 9/25/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/25/07


Written By Dani

Brad returns to the wedding just in time to coincidentally have the bouquet land in his hands when he enters. Jack flies mad yelling at Brad assuming that he interfered with the throwing of the bouquet on purpose. Brad tries to make an excuse and apology but jack nor Katie want to hear it. They are both angry with him. Jack screams at Brad for his gall and inconsiderate behavior. Brad tries to make Jack accept that where he had to be was important but Jack belittles Brad’s intentions. Brad can’t quite get a word in between Jack’s accusations and insults. Katie helps out adding her two cents but finally Brad announces he was with Carly and she really needed him. Brad admits to being with Carly which only infuriates Jack more. Jack assumes that Brad and Carly are each jealous and acting childish over the wedding because they lost out. Brad tells Jack that Carly is dying and is in the hospital. Jack, of course, assumes this is just another trick or scheme by Carly and brad to stop the wedding.

If Jack doesn’t believe either of them he should go see for himself, Brad tells Jack. Brad is obviously upset and not putting on an act. Even though Jack still believes or would rather believe that Brad and Carly are lying he wants details. When he gets just enough information that he begins to believe brad Jack asks Katie if they can catch a later flight for their honeymoon so he can go check on Carly. Katie doesn’t understand just yet but agrees.

Brad breaks the tragic news to the adults left at the party.

Jack can’t face the truth that Carly has accepted. Jack argues with Carly first over her diagnosis then why she didn’t tell him and finally over what she will do with her future that she has left. He wants her to accept and let him find any treatment available. Carly is emotional but not nearly as emotional as jack is as he listens to his ex-wife face her own immortality.

Jack promises to support her and not let her dye alone. Jack wants Carly to fight for him, for the kids, and for herself. Carly finally breaks down in front of Jack at the thought of never being able to make it up to the kids for leaving them last year. They weep together and hold each other fearing the short future they are going to face together. Katie comes to the hospital to be with her husband but turns away when she sees the painful embrace.

Katie waits for Jack to join her in a room at the Lakeview after he post pones their honeymoon indefinitely. Katie feels horrible for Carly and the kids but she does feel personally slighted when Jack comes to the room from the hospital exhausted. Jack tells her he loves her but when they go to bed he turns away from her to sleep as if it were any other day. Katie lies awake wondering about the true future for she and jack now that this tragedy has afflicted her happy family-to-be.

Meg’s return to Oakdale is a joy for Craig but their happiness doesn’t last long. Craig claims to have been working out some legal financial issues allowing them to move into the Lakeview and he has also sorted some things out with Rosanna. Rosanna wants to enjoy the bliss of her new engagement but Paul is holding one condition over her head. She must report Craig’s past crimes to the police. Rosanna calls the police to report Craig’s multiple crimes. Dallas arrests Craig for kidnapping and fraud. Paul and Rosanna are on had to watch the moment.

Meg attempts to defend her husband but Paul shuts her down accusing Craig of heinous crimes to include attempted murder. At the police station after speaking with Craig Meg begins to fear that Craig lied about running Rosanna off the road intentionally. Craig attempts to talk his way out of what Meg is accusing him of but meg doesn’t fall for his line so quickly this time.

Meg feels the only way to learn the truth is to speak with Rosanna. Meg goes to Fairwinds but Paul will not let her see his wife-to-be. Meg and Paul argue and struggle. The struggle lands them in what appears to be an intimate position when Rosanna walks in. Craig lets himself in right behind Rosanna.

Paul and Rosanna are appalled that Craig is out of jail and rude enough to just walk into their home. Has Craig finally lost everything. His children? His wife? His ex-wife? His money? His company? And his freedom?

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