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As the World Turns Update Monday 9/24/07


Written By Eva

(Farm) Henry walks Katie down the aisle, gives her a kiss on the cheek, and tells Jack that he is a very lucky man. Jack already knows he is a very lucky man, then he turns to Katie and tells her he loves her. Jack leans in to give Katie a kiss, but the minister stops him because it’s not time for that yet. The minister begins telling everyone about the importance of marriage and that Jack and Katie come today to be joined in this holy union.

(Old Town) A stranger comes to Carly’s aid as she awakens from her fainting spell with a headache that feels like her head is going to split. When the man asks Carly her name, she doesn’t remember it and appears to be very disoriented, so the stranger offers to take her to the hospital. A policeman walking by recognizes Carly as Jack’s ex-wife and tells the man to leave because he knows Carly and will take care of her. The policeman helps Carly to stand but the headache gets worse and she must sit down again. The policeman tells Carly that he met her at the police station when Jack introduced them to each other. Carly asks the policeman if he could call Jack for her because she needs him but the policeman reminds her that Jack is getting married today. Carly tells the Policeman she will be fine he can leave now because she is sure she just needs to eat something. Carly tries to get up but the pain of her headaches is terrible and she must sit down once again. The policeman also offers to call an ambulance but Carly refuses to go to the hospital. The policeman refuses to leave her alone and tells Carly he will take her to the police station and someone can pick her up there. Carly is in two much pain to argue so the policeman helps her up and guides her to the squad car.

(Farm) Bob, Kim, and Tom arrive late to the wedding because Tom’s car broke down and they had to walk the rest of the way to the farm. The late arrivals find their seats and Tom tells Katie that she looks beautiful in her dress. The Minister continues that it is the hope of everyone gathered today for Jack and Katie to be happy and someday be blessed with a child, which will be the product of their love for each other. Parker whispers to JJ that he should get ready for bunk beds soon and J.J. tells him to be quiet. Henry and Vienna keep an eye out for Carly whom they feel sure will come and try to stop the wedding.

(Police Station) The Policeman brings Carly to the station and explains to Dallas that she fainted and when she awakened she was disoriented and didn’t remember her name. Dallas insists that Carly call someone to come get her and take her home. Carly refuses to do that because there isn’t anyone she can call to take her home. Dallas tells Carly that if she doesn’t call someone he will keep her in jail for drunk driving or drug use because she is in no condition to drive her home. Carly finally gives in not wanting to spend thee night in jail and decides to call Brad.

(Farm) Brad’s phone rings just as the minister asks if there is anyone who has just cause as to why this couple shouldn’t be married. Brad runs to the kitchen to take the call in which Carly tells him she fainted in old Town and was found by a policeman who brought her to the station. Carly also tells Brad Dallas won’t release her unless someone comes to take her home. Brad tells Carly he will be there right away and when Carly asks if he will be late to the wedding he tells her not to worry about it. Brad goes outside and tells Jack and Katie that he has an important business emergency and must leave but he will be back quickly. Jack is upset but wants to continue with the wedding. Katie persuades him to wait for Brad so Katie and Jack ask Henry and Vienna to entertain the guests until Brad returns. Jack and Katie also tell the guests they can go ahead and enjoy the food just not to eat the cake yet. Katie and Margo go inside the Snyder kitchen while Jack and Holden stay outside with the guests and Holden tries to calm Jack down because he is very angry with Brad. Katie paces back and forth and insists that she isn’t nervous and Margo tells her to continue with the wedding and not wait for Brad to return. . Jack calls Brad and he tells him his business is taking longer then he thought and an annoyed Jack tells him he wants him in the wedding but if he has more important things to do. Brad insists to jack that he will be there as soon as he can get his business done. Jack decides he isn’t going to wait anymore and goes into the kitchen to get Katie and bring her outside to continue the wedding. The minister begins right where he left off and Jack and Katie say their vows to each other.

(Police Station) Brad persuades Carly to go to the hospital just to see what the doctor says about how her condition is progressing and then she can make a decagon about what she should do.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Carly that her condition is getting worse faster then he thought it would and she needs to stay in the hospital to run more tests. Carly doesn’t want to spend the time she has left on medication and refuses to have the tests or the treatment that could give her more time with her family. The doctor warns Carly that if she waits much longer there is nothing that he will be able to do for her. The doctor leaves Carly and Brad alone because he has another patient. Carly cries because she doesn’t want to die and she knows that Katie will be the person to watch her children grow. Brad reminds Carly that the children only have one mother and that is she and Katie could never replace her.

(Farm) Once Jack and Carly say there vows they exchange rings and then they share the long awaited kiss for a few minutes.

((Hospital) Carly tells Brad that she has decided to stay at the hospital overnight just because she doesn’t feel like going home. Brad wonders if she has decided to have the treatment and reminds her that the treatment could give her more time with her family and maybe she could live long enough for doctors to find a new treatment which could cure her. Carly thanks Brad for being so sweet with her and sends him back to the farm because she doesn’t want him to be late for the wedding. Brad kisses Carly on the forehead and heads back to the farm.

(Farm) Jack and Katie feed each other a piece of cake then share a kiss. Then they walk outside and thank everyone for coming to the wedding and remind him or her they must leave to catch a plane. Vienna reminds Katie she must throw the bouquet so Katie gathers all the single women then she turns her back and counts one, two, three and then throws the bouquet and everyone is surprised and amused when Brad comes back just in time to catch the bouquet. Jack and Katie turn around just as Brad gives the bouquet to Vienna and needless to say they don’t look too happy to see Brad.

(Hospital) Carly remembers the words the doctor told her as she watches the clock slowly ticking and cries.

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