ATWT Update Friday 9/21/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/21/07


Written By Dani
Pictures By Suzanne

Katie begins her day fearing Carly’s interference after having a night mare where she was replaced by Carly at the alter. Henry and Vienna calm her down but Katie doesn’t feel as certain as everyone around her does. A visit and presents from Jack definitely put Katie at ease. Through the door of her hotel room, so they don’t bring any bad luck on them, Jack and Katie enjoy the simple moment of being in love and by the end of the day being married. Jack gives Katie two gifts. One is for later and the other is for her to open now. It is the eternal circle pendant. Katie is so touched but even more moved when Jack tells her that her love and support is all he will ever need when she shamefully reveal she doesn’t have a gift for him.

Before visiting with Katie, Jack picks up Sage’s dress for the wedding from Carly who was up all night struggling to finish it. Jack knows how hard this day is for her especially after being uninvited but he thinks there is something else wrong. Carly claims to be fine when Jack sees her stumble and believes she maybe isn’t okay from the car accident. Carly gives Jack her best and they say their final “good-byes” Jack tells her she will find happiness just as he did someday but Carly’s grim future weighs on her mind as she watches the one man she has ever loved slip away from her. Carly struggles to hold herself up but she keeps her secret from Jack.

Brad is running around the farm trying to find a specialist to help Carly. He is suppose to be helping out with last minute preparations but he stays on his cell phone. Carly is upset that he may reveal her secret illness my discussing it at the farm but Brad is determined to find her the help to save her life. Every time Holden and Margo turn around Brad is on the phone. They believe it is with a woman. Margo takes his phone from him and refuses to give it back until he gets dressed and helps out. Brad doesn’t like being separated from his phone but gets what he needs to get done so he can continue seeking Carly help. Margo finally gives brad his phone back.

The wedding party on both the groom and bride’s sides are having a wonderful time. Everyone is laughing and joking. Everyone except Brad. Today is going to be a happy day. Katie and Jack believe it is finally going to happen for them. They will be married. The ceremony begins. One by one each member of the wedding party walks down the aisle. Brad, an usher, is standing on the side lines on his cell phone.

Carly wonders alone on Main Street unable to sit at home and face the passing minutes ticking by. Her physical and mental state weaken as she tries to avoid the ominous fate of dying prematurely from a brain tumor and the love of her life marrying another woman. She collapses. A good Samaritan rushes to her side, but Carly cannot recall her own name when she comes to.

Paul fights to get his way and that way would be the prosecution of Craig Montgomery. Rosanna confesses to asking Craig to the house the night before. Paul believes Craig tried to strong arm Rosanna into not testifying against him but in fact Rosanna just wants to put that behind her and move on with Paul. Rosanna doesn’t want to and can’t concentrate on Craig right now. Her concern is for Carly. Rosanna needs to check on her and make sure her sister is okay. Rosanna goes to Carly’s house. Carly is weak and distant. She does not want to talk about herself or the wedding. Rosanna fills Carly in on what she has been remembering and Paul’s quest to bring Craig to justice. Carly fully supports her sister until Rosanna asks her to testify against Craig. Carly would but her belief and reality that she won’t be alive to testify against the man that almost killed her sister is too over whelming. Carly tries making excuses. Everything that Carly is suddenly losing makes certain things crystal clear. Carly tells Rosanna to stop giving her life over to something that happened two years ago and live the rest of her life with the man that she loves. Rosanna realizes she did lose two years of her life and doesn’t really want to keep giving of herself good or bad to Craig.

Paul however cannot let go of all of the injustices Craig has gotten away with. Paul tries to solicit testimony against Craig from Will and Gwen but Will isn’t willing to put Gwen through reliving that trauma. Paul tries to guilt Will into pressuring Gwen to testify but Will just won’t put his wife through that not right now. Will questions why Paul is so desperate to send Craig to prison. Is it because he really wants to take Meg from Craig? Paul is furious and accuses Will of letting Jennifer down.

When Paul returns home angry at Will and angry at Craig Rosanna shares her thoughts of letting the past remain in the past. Rosanna feels cheated out of the last two years of her life and doesn’t want to lose another minute with Paul due to Craig. Paul struggles to make Rosanna understand the torment Craig caused him while she was in the coma and will continue to cause both of them if he is not made to pay for his crimes. They make love and Paul asks Rosanna to marry him. She agrees to marry him and testify against Craig.

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