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As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/20/07


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(Lakeview)  Lily leaves a message for Dusty to call her because she is worried about him.  Colonel Mayer hears the phone beeping and turns Dusty’s cell phone off while Dusty is passed out on the floor from the effects of the pill the Colonel put in his drink.  Lily meets Luke and tells him he talked to Colonel Mayer who asked her to keep Luke away from Noah.  Luke apologizes to his mom saying the Colonel can be very tough.  Lily also tells Luke that she stopped by the TV station to talk to him, but since he wasn’t there, she took the opportunity to talk to Noah.  She offered to talk to his father and help him accept the fact that Noah is gay.  Luke is a little embarrassed that his mother gave Noah a gay pride speech.  Luke also tells his mother he doesn’t know how anyone can make Colonel Mayer accept his son when Noah can’t even accept the fact he is gay. 

(Al’s Diner)  Noah stops by the diner to ask Maddie’s forgiveness and to ask her to give their relationship another chance.  Maddie tells Noah that their relationship is over but she hopes they can be friends someday.  Noah tells Maddie he can change and fight his impulse to be with guys.  Maddie tells Noah she wants to be with someone who wants to be with her and he shouldn’t have to change for anyone, not even his father.  Maddie explains to Noah that Luke made her see that he didn’t mean to hurt her but that he is in deep denial about who he is because of his father.  Maddie tells Noah that Luke is a great guy and she hopes that one day he will give Luke a chance. 

(Lakeview)  Colonel Mayer is about to shoot Dusty when Dusty jumps up and they struggle for the gun.  Colonel Mayer manages to win the struggle and is about to shot Dusty when Dusty tells him that if he shoots now, he won’t have anyone to frame for Cheri’s murder.  Dusty also reminds him that his son Noah will be left without a fatter if he goes to jail for two murders.  Colonel Mayer gets a smile of satisfaction on his face when he explains to Dusty that he killed Cheri and why.  Colonel Mayer said he saw Dusty go into her room and drink a drink that had something in it and once he was passed out, everything else was easy.  Colonel Mayer tells Dusty that he was angry because Cheri hadn’t kept her promise to stay away from Noah so he decided that since Noah already thought his mother was dead, he might as well make it a reality so Noah would never find out his mother was a prostitute.  Cheri begged him not to kill her but he did it anyway, then he wiped his fingerprints off the gun and took Dusty’s hand and put it on the gun so that his fingerprints would be on it and everyone would think he killed Cheri.  The Colonel tells Dusty he doesn’t need him anymore and punches him before he shoots him.  Colonel Mayer the drags Dusty’s body to a junkyard and leaves him there.  Colonel Mayer then returns to the Lakeview and goes to Dusty’s room with gloves on and throws things around.  He then finds the picture of Cheri and baby Noah along with the file and notes Dusty had on him. 

Holden arrives to take Lily for a movie date but then Lily gets a call from Natalie’s teacher who says they might have to cancel a trip to Chicago unless they can find a substitute chaperone.  Lily tells Holden the situation and explains that she couldn’t make the trip because she needs to stay in town.  Holden thinks Lily has to stay in town to help Dusty, so they talk for a few minutes and Lily tells Holden she is going to Chicago.  Lily cancels their movie date so she can get ready for the trip.  Luke also gets a call front Noah asking him to meet at the TV station because they need to talk. 

(TV Station)  Noah thanks Luke for talking to Maddie so they can at least remain friends because Maddie told him their relationship is over.  Noah tells Luke that he finally realized he couldn’t be with Maddie because he is gay.  Noah is worried about how his dad will react to the news and is afraid he will be alone if his father rejects him.  Luke assures Noah that he won’t be alone if his father rejects him.

 (Junkyard)  Dusty grasps that he is in a bad situation and needs help before he passes out. 

(Lakeview)  Lily waits until Holden has left to go up to Dusty’s room and check on him.  Lily gets worried when she sees the mess in the room and leaves another message on Dusty’s phone for him to call her.  The Colonel hides and follows Lily around the almost dark room until she leaves the room. 

(Carly’s house)  Carly tells Brad she is dying but he thinks that is impossible because someone as beautiful as she is can’t be dying.  Carly tells Brad she was testing out another scheme to get Jack back and now she knows it would work.  Brad believes Carly for a few minutes until she gets a splitting headache so Brad goes downstairs to get her something for the pain.  Carly comes downstairs after a few minutes and tells Brad the doctors told her she has a lesion on her brain and she only has a few months to live.  Brad wants Carly to get a second opinion but she explains she has already spoken to four doctors and they told her the same thing.  Brad wonders if she could find a treatment that could give her more time but she doesn’t want to spend that time taking medicine.  Brad tells Carly she should tell Jack and her sisters and the children.  Carly insists that she doesn’t want to tell Jack or her family until after Jack returns from his honeymoon because if she tells him before then, he would just think it was a scheme to get him back.  Carly makes Brad promise not to tell anyone until after Jack’s honeymoon and then she will tell everyone in her family the news.  Carly takes out the fabric to make Sage’s dress and then starts to cry because she realizes that she won’t be around for Sage’s wedding.  Brad encourages Carly to take the treatment so she can have time to search for a cure.  Brad assures her that once they find a cure, she will make Sage a beautiful wedding dress.  Carly also realizes that Katie is going to be Sage’s stepmother and will take her place after she is gone.  Brad tells Carly that she will always be Sage’s mother and nobody could ever take her place.

 (Farm)  Jack brings Sage home from dance practice and Sage tells him she is worried because Mommy told her she saw a doctor today.  Jack calls Carly and wants to know what the doctor said and Carly assures him she is fine and is looking forward to taking the kids while he is on his honeymoon.  Jack wonders if this is one of Carly’s schemes so she can go to the wedding with Sage.  Carly tells Jack she would never put Sage in that situation and urges him to concentrate on his wedding. 

(Carly’s house)  Brad doesn’t want to leave Carly alone and asks her to call him if she needs him.  Carly tells him to go to the bachelor party because she doesn’t want him to miss the fun.  Brad gives Carly a kiss on the cheek before he leaves and then watches her for a few minutes from the porch. 

(Farm)  Jack opens a package that was supposed to be his wedding present from Brad, Parker, J.J, and Sage.  Sage is disappointed he ruined the surprise but explains that she and her brothers put their allowance together, and, with help from Brad, bought him a new video camera.  Jack explains to Katie that his old camera broke and he hadn’t had time to get a new one.  Sage hopes they can all make new memories with the camera.  Katie gives Sage a hug and thanks her for the wonderful gift.  Once Sage is gone, Jack gets ready to take Katie to the hotel but first they kiss for the camera this night before she becomes Mrs. Jack Snyder. 

(Carly’s house)  Carly continues to work on Sage’s dress and as she looks for something she needs, she finds the video of her and Jack’s wedding in Montana.  Carly watches the tape and cries as she mouths the words to her wedding vows along with the TV. 

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