ATWT Update Wednesday 9/19/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/19/07


Written By Elayna

In the doctor’s office, Carly is stunned as she stares back at the doctor. The words resonate; she has a lesion on her brain. It has to be benign; she has read about these things; it can’t be anything else! The doctor quietly tells her that it doesn’t appear to be based on what he saw; he is sorry. Carly doesn’t want to hear that and immediately wants to know what she can do because it is a very bad time. They will have to wait a few days to start treatment. Will they do chemo or radiation? She would like to do whatever is fastest to get this over with, she rattles off. The doctor stares back at her saying nothing. Carly realizes what this may mean, but asks the obvious; what isn’t he telling her? He simply answers that he is very sorry, as Carly exclaims quietly, “Oh my God!”

At Fairwinds, Craig remarks about how Rosanna seems changed. Paul must be rubbing off on her. Rosanna simply answers that she has the goods on him and he will pay, but Craig urges her not to let Paul turn her against him. Rosanna sarcastically thinks it is touching he is concerned that she not be getting used when he left her in a coma. She plans on bringing him down! Those words sound like Paul’s words. Rosanna changes his words; he will be going to prison then where he belongs. She knows that he won’t be going there though, Craig answers.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is on the phone making some calls when he overhears Col. Meyer go over to Lily to address her; who is he Lily asks? He is her son’s worst nightmare. He knows what her son is and he is not going to let him near his son. Lily is speechless.

At WOAK, Luke walks over to Noah and tells him that his dad knows otherwise he wouldn’t have said what he did. Noah wants to be left alone. Luke doesn’t want to leave. Noah explains that he doesn’t understand because he has a lot of people and all he has is his dad. Luke explains that he will be forced to always live a lie until he is able to come out. Noah growls for him to go to hell!

At Al’s, Vienna is on the phone with Jack telling him that Katie is just about to walk in and she will see him in a moment. Katie comes in worried about why she needed to see her so quickly. Vienna starts waxing on about St. Roche and the romantic isolated beaches; isn’t it divine, as she holds up the brochure? Katie answers that in fact she hates the idea, just as Jack is walking up with tickets in his hand. What does he have? He has tickets to the place she hates, as Katie’s face drops.

The doctor explains that treatment doesn’t mean a cure. Is there a cure? The location would rule out surgery and radiation. It is going to continue to grow. Carly asks absent mindedly how long she has? The doctor pauses before he tells her that she has a few months or less, as Carly looks sheet pale. Carly indignantly decides he is wrong; just because one test implies that doesn’t mean he gets to make that call. If it were that bad, she would feel worse. She is going to get a second opinion, which the doctor agrees with, but he thinks she should do it quickly. She needs help as soon as possible. Carly tells him that she will find someone better and she defiantly leaves, but once outside looks a lot less sure of herself.

Noah tells Luke how he just edited the last scenes for Lost Girl and he realized he wishes he never met either he or Maddie… for different reasons. He wishes he never met Maddie so she never would get hurt because of him. He is angry with Luke because he acts like being gay is a cause. He took away his right to handle it his way, Luke explains he didn’t intend to; he wanted to help. Did he think his father would have been better if he were clueless? This may kill him. Luke wonders how Noah feels? It doesn’t matter. Luke thinks it does. Noah doesn’t think it matter because he doubts he cares. Luke answers that he sill does for some reason, as he walks off and Noah watches him go.

Col. Meyer is adamant that Luke stays away from Noah, but Lily thinks it is their decision. Col. Meyer explains that it is because Noah always roots for the underdog and tries to be everyone’s friend, that Luke misread this. Lily thinks they got off on the wrong foot, but she wants him to know that when she first learned about Luke, she didn’t handle it well either. Col. Meyer pretends that he doesn’t understand. Lily thinks it is out of their hands, but an annoyed Col. Meyer tells her that he hasn’t thrown in the towel as a parent, as it seems she has… does she understand. She believes she does, as she walks him stomp off. Dusty walks over and wonders what that was about? He is obviously wound too tightly. Does she think he would snap? She doesn’t know. He was a witness the night he fought with Cheri and he has a son, Noah. Lily wants to know why he is asking?

Katie tries to explain that she doesn’t hate the idea, but then she can’t defend why she said it either. Vienna gives them some time to talk. Why does she hate this island getaway idea? Katie sighs; she was on an island with Simon, and she doesn’t want anything reminding her of him. Jack explains that Vienna was trying to help and that they will pick a place together. He teases her about letting her ex become a part of their lives, as he pretends that Carly never is in their lives, to lighten the mood. Katie thinks they can find a place that is romantic that they have both not been but have wanted to go to. Jack teases her again about going to the College football Hall of Fame then, as Katie laughs. Sage calls and wonders if Jack is going to take her to dance class? He is and will be there in a while. Katie surmises that Sage knew about this as well and feels even worse, but Jack explains she thought they should pick a honeymoon together. Katie decides to leave with Jack. They thans Vienna, but they will plan their honeymoon together. After they leave, Vienna seems to have other plans.

At the Farm, Carly is walking up to the front door on the phone with another doctor; she is annoyed that he is agreeing and thinks they are all sticking together; she hangs up frustrated. Brad is in the kitchen when she comes in; why hasn’t she called him? She has been screening her calls and she doesn’t want to talk. She is here to see Sage. Brad wanted to go to the doctors with her; he wants to know what the doctor said? She snaps for him to shut up, but Sage has heard and wonders why they are mad at each other? Brad lies and tells her that he insulted Carly’s outfit, but Sage knows she heard him mention a doctor. Is everything ok?

Rosanna thought that Craig would be smart enough to be scared, but if he won’t falter, then his imminent demise will be even sweeter. He already did jail time for something he didn’t do. Rosanna smirks; he didn’t do enough. She won’t let him get away with not paying. He reminds her that he can’t be tried twice for the same crime. Rosanna reminds him that this time the victim is conscious and remembers. She knows that he ran her off the road and why. She plans on telling all of the truth, as Craig looks a bit unnerved.

Dusty explains to Lily that he told Holden that she wouldn’t be involved in this. Lily is annoyed that she is being taken out of the equation, as if she doesn’t get a vote as to what happens to herself. Dusty can’t let anything happen to her, as he leaves, but Lily isn’t settling for this.

At Al’s, Luke comes into talk with Maddie, but she snaps that they are closed. Is she not even going to talk to him anymore? He tells her that he would have told her if something real had happened between he and Noah, but something did, Maddie challenges. She asked them a bunch of times what was going on and they told her nothing. Luke explains that everything that was happening was going on in Noah’s head. Why couldn’t he clue her in? Noah had to be the one to tell her. She snaps that they were signing a lease and buying a bed, wasn’t that a sign that she should be stopped? Luke doesn’t understand why they are both mad at him? He didn’t do anything; he didn’t seduce Noah or make him gay, so why is he supposed to fix their problems? Maddie snarls that he is right; he is perfect and did nothing wrong, but it is sure convenient that he wound up with everything that he wanted.

At WOAK, Lily finds Noah. She asks him if he has seen Luke? He left and since they are done with their project, he is probably not coming back. Lily seems to be wrestling with if she should interfere. She decides to do just that. She spoke with his dad earlier. He apologizes because he knows that his dad can come across strong. Lily doesn’t want him to apologize for his dad because she grew up with the same type of person. Noah tries to explain that deep down his dad is ok. Lily explains that his dad wanted her to keep he and Luke apart. Noah doesn’t think it matters because the project is over anyway. Lily thinks that is an excuse to let his dad tell him what to do. Does he want her to talk to him? Noah doesn’t think it is going to matter; he loves his dad, but he is never going to change.

Downtown, Dusty walks over to Col. Meyer. He would like to talk with him. He wonders if they know each other? Dusty thinks that they have a lot in common, as the Col. looks sideways at him.

Carly explains (by that, I mean lies) to Sage when she tells her that the doctor said she was ok, but she didn’t tell her about it because she knows that she is a worrier. She changes the subject; she would like to go to dinner and talk about how she is going to make her flower girl dress, but Sage explains that Jack is coming to get her to go to dance class. She can skip it this time, Carly urges, but Sage doesn’t seem to want to. Carly thinks Brad can tell Jack and they will just leave, but Jack walks in, overhears this and is irate. He asks Sage to go upstairs, and as she is leaving, she tells Brad that this ‘one’ is going to be bad. Once she leaves, Jack agrees and asks Brad to wait outside. As Brad is leaving, he whispers to Carly to just tell Jack what she is going through. Jack immediately lights into her though. She sneaks out to the Farm wanting to take Sage without consulting him. Does she know nothing about Sage’s feelings? Carly tries to explain, but Jack is furious. Did she come back to use Sage as a weapon? No! Every time he tries to work with her, she tries harder to push things further. If she doesn’t stop this, then he will take her to court. Carly stutters; that is not what she intended by this, as she tells him that she needs to go and she hurries off. Jack calls after her angrily telling her that running away is her strong suit. It is what she does best! All the tears and pleading next time is going to not affect him anymore; he will never trust her again!

Noah tries to make Lily understand that he wants this over as well, but it isn’t easy. She and Luke have worked out their issues, but he and his dad are different. He doesn’t have a mom and he doesn’t want to lose his dad too.

Col. Meyer pretends that he realizes just now who Dusty is; wasn’t he on the front page? Doesn’t Oakdale keep killers in jail anymore? Since he is a witness, he doesn’t think they should be talking, as he is about to walk away. Dusty says Charlene Wilson’s name and that she had a son, which stops the Col. cold. Is he trying to intimidate him? Dusty casually explains that there are parts of his life he probably doesn’t want coming out. It would seem he is blackmailing him? He is trying to find out who killed this woman. Col. Meyer coldly and strongly suggests that Dusty keep his thoughts to himself. After he leaves, Dusty mumbles to himself that he thinks he found his guy.

Carly is back home talking with another doctor; she hears that he agrees with the first doctor as well. She promises to get help and then hangs up. She decides to get into the bath. She runs the bath and runs her fingers through the bubbles, as she stares far away.

Craig tells Rosanna not to do this. He promises his lawyers will crucify her as a bitter and vengeful woman on the stand. Then he decides that she won’t even be called because everything she says is hearsay. Rosanna won’t let him be so smug, as she asks him if he is going to buy off another Nurse Thompson? Craig’s face drops slightly. Does he want to bet that she has enough money to track her down and promise her immunity for some small time on the stand? Then a jury will find out that he would have rather she die then be allowed to tell what she knows. It is not going to happen, Craig tries to stay confident. She is the most honest person he knows and what she is spewing is all Paul’s lies.

Luke wonders if Maddie thinks he really did that to be with Noah?. She knows that if he did this then he would have known that it would push him further away and that would defeat the purpose. Maddie admits that it really hurts that she lost Noah to someone else, but more importantly to another guy. He promises that he never meant to hurt her, but he had no idea how she wouldn’t be hurt. Maddie apologizes; she knows that and she didn’t mean what she said. Luke apologizes too. They both agree that it is an awkward situation, but they also both agree that Noah has it worse considering his circumstances.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is looking at his notes on Col. Meyer, as he circles his name convincingly. He then pours himself a drink and decides to finally call Margo because he thinks he has enough evidence. He picks up the phone, but he gets woozy and then falls to the floor unconscious.

At the Farm, Vienna continues to sing the virtues of St. Roche with their private and secluded beaches, but Katie tells her that they are going to decide together. Vienna hesitates, which is not lost on Katie. What does she know that she isn’t saying? She finally admits that she wasn’t the one that picked St. Roche. Jack came up with it on his own and even cashed in a bond to get the tickets. Katie’s face drops; she is very upset. She rained on his parade; the one good thing in his day and she spoiled it. Vienna tries to cheer her up, but Katie is distraught. Then, Vienna mentions that Henry told her about what happened the other night at the shower too. Carly is always causing problems. Katie admits that sometimes she thinks there is only one way Carly will ever stop trying to get Jack back, as Vienna gets the implication.

Carly is lying in her tub still staring out into space, as she seems emotionally cold and numb. Brad is downstairs knocking on the door, as Carly closes her eyes and lets her body drop under the water.

Craig thinks it is interesting that Rosanna remembers all about him, but she doesn’t remember what Paul was like. She doesn’t want to think about what he did while she was away. He manipulates whomever to serve his purpose. Did he tell her that he married Emily to get her to do his bidding? He can tell from her face that he did not. It must have slipped his mind, he adds sarcastically. He is doing the same with her. He knows at the end of the day though, she is going to do what she knows is right and not what Paul wants. She wants him to leave, but as he is heading out the door, he tells her that he really isn’t worried because he knows that she can’t change who she is. Rosanna stops him when she tells him that he may have known the woman he ran off the road, but he doesn’t know the woman who woke up. Craig looks a bit rattled.

Luke thinks that Noah feels that being gay is bad, and how can he tell his dad something that he thinks is wrong? Maddie agrees and wonders if things would be different for Noah if he had a mom?

Noah explains to Lily that his dad just has high standards from being in the military. She, Luke and Maddie may think that his dad is the villain, but he is a good man.

Dusty is lying on the floor unconscious when someone enters into the room and this gloved-handed person takes the phone out of his hand and then walks over to the paper he had taken notes on and rips it off of the tablet. Dusty starts to stir so he the person puts more Chloroform over his face and is rendered unconscious again. Then, we see the mysterious person’s face – it is Col. Meyer, who is dragging Dusty towards the door.

Katie and Jack are talking in the kitchen; the next time she tells him that an island is not a good idea because of Simon, he should smack her. She ate lunch with Simon too, does that mean she can’t eat again? Jack smiles, as he realizes that Vienna spilled his secret. She is glad that she did because she knows they will make new memories and she can’t wait to spend time alone on those secluded private beaches with him, as she kisses him passionately.

Brad rushes over to the side of the tub and pulls up Carly. What is she doing? She is not trying to kill herself. She just wanted to see… her voice trails off. Brad looks sympathetic, as Carly quietly admits that she is dying.

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