ATWT Update Tuesday 9/18/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/18/07


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(Lakeview)  Rosanna and Paul talk to Tom and tell him that Rosanna remembered the accident, and they want to put Craig in prison.  Rosanna tells Tom that Craig was trying to stop her from going to tell Bob about him switching Gwen and Jenniferís babies.  Tom listens to all the details and regretfully tells Rosanna that Craig already served his time for the accident, and he canít be tried and convicted for the same crime twice.  Rosanna is angry and scared that Craig will try to kill her again.  Paul is angry because he thinks that Tom and Margo wonít put Craig in jail, because he is Margoís brother.  Tom assures Paul that Margo will do her job no matter what the circumstances, but she canít arrest Craig for the same crime.  Tom tells Paul and Rosanna that the only way Craig could go to jail is if he committed another crime.  Once Rosanna and Paul are gone, Craig tells Tom that he called his lawyer, and he knows he canít go to jail for the same crime twice, so he isnít worried about Paul and Rosanna.  Tom tells Craig he should be careful because if he commits another crime, Margo will have to arrest him and put him in jail. 

(Fairwinds)  Paul and Rosanna return home disappointed, but Paul is positive that Craig will soon commit another crime, and they wonít have to wait long to see him behind bars.  Paul decides to take care of the lawsuit that Craig has against him for freezing his assets.  Rosanna decides she canít wait for Craig to be in jail so once Paul leaves, she calls Craig and summons him to Fairwinds.  Rosanna tells Craig that she wants to talk about the divorce settlement and he is at her house in a few minutes to talk.  Craig reminds Rosanna she wonít be able to send him to jail for her accident.  Rosanna assures Craig that even if he doesn't go to jail for trying to kill her, he will go to jail, and she will make sure of it. 

(Gwen and Willís house)  Will finds a plant by the front door and brings it in the house but Gwen throws it back out the door because she knows itís from her mother.  Gwen tells Will that Cole and Iris are forcing Sofie to have an abortion and she must stop them.  Gwen looks for Sofieís cell phone number but canít find it and she gets rather desperate to find it.  Will calms her down and wonders how she knows that Sofie wants to keep the baby even though sheís afraid Cole will leave her if she decides to keep the baby.  Will thinks that Gwen is trying to decide how Sofie should handle her life.  Gwen explains to Will that she told Sofie Cole would make a terrible father and that may have influenced her decision to have an abortion.  Will finds a CD outside the door, with a note which asks Gwen to listen to the CD and give her opinion, but the note isnít signed.  Gwen feels weird about how the CD got to her but agrees to listen to it while they are having lunch at Alís.  Gwen calls Alison to see how she is feeling and Alison lies and tells her she is feeling fine. 

(Farm)  Aaron wonders why Alison didnít tell Gwen she was feeling sick and Alison explains that she wants to do something right for once and not mess this up.  Alison feels better and decides to go to the movies with Aaron but then she gets nauseous again when she mentions the word popcorn

(Clinic)  The doctor tells Sofie she is in her second trimester and although she can still have an abortion, it is very risky.  Sofie thanks the doctor for telling her the risks but insists she must have an abortion. 

(Alís diner)  Gwen and Will listen to the CD and laugh at the song lyrics and Cole confronts them, angry that they are laughing at his song.  Gwen tells Cole that his band has a good sound, but they just need to work on their lyrics.  Cole tells Gwen that he doesnít need her pity and that she has a good job and a rich husband so she has it made while he is unemployed, trying to make it in music and all he needs is a chance.  Cole tells Gwen she has no feelings and she and Will think they are better than he is because they have money and he is poor.  Gwen tells Cole that he and Iris are the ones that have no feelings, forcing Sofie to abort her baby just because it will interfere with his plans for a music career.  Gwen asks Will if itís true that she has no feelings and he tells her Cole was just angry and she should stop worrying about him and concentrate on the child they are going to have together.  Gwen tells Will they may have quintuplets because the fertility drugs often result in multiple births. 

(Farm)  Aaron gives Alison a sprig of mint to smell to help with the nausea and assures her that everything will turn out well.  Aaron gives Alison a back rub and they almost kiss but a sobbing Sofie interrupts them.  Aaron calms her down and she tells Aaron she couldnít have the abortion and she doesnít know how she will tell Cole.  Aaron catches her in a lie and Sofie tells him that Cole didnít go with her to the clinic.  Aaron is once again angry and thinks Cole is a jerk.  Aaron advises Sofie to tell Cole that she didnít have an abortion as soon as possible.  Once Sofie is gone, Alison remarks to Aaron that he couldnít invite Sofie in because his ex-girlfriend was inside the house.  Aaron makes it clear to Alison that he and Sofie are just friends and she is going through a rough time right now.  Aaron gives Alison a small kiss and then she decides to go home because she wants to rest. 

(Outside the Lakeview)  Sofie struggles to find the words to tell Cole she is keeping the baby but she doesnít say anything because Cole is upset about his fight with Gwen. 

(Carlyís house)  Carly calls the doctor's office and asks them to call her on her cell phone as soon as they have the test results. 

(Police Station)  Katie and Jack try cake samples and have a hard time deciding what kind of cake they want for their wedding.  Carly interrupts as the soon-to-be-newlyweds are feeding cake to each other.  When Carly apologizes for ruining their wedding shower, Katie and Jack accept.  Carly shows Katie some beautiful fabric and asks if she can make Sageís flowergirl dress.  Katie and Jack discuss the matter for a few minutes and decide they canít break Sageís heart, so they tell Carly she can make the dress.  Katie leaves to meet Nancy at the Lakeview.  Jack tells Carly he has decided not to invite her to the wedding.  Carly promises to be on her best behavior and pleads with Jack to let her go to the wedding to watch Sage walk down the aisle.  Jack tells Carly that he doesnít regret one minute of his relationship with her but he canít go back there again.  Carly agrees not to go to the wedding if that will make things easier for Jack. 

(Lakeview)  Katie meets with Nancy to ask her the secret to a long and happy marriage.  Nancy gives Katie a string of pearls and tells her that every time Jack gets angry with her, she should go to bed wearing nothing but the pearls and she will have a long and happy marriage. 

(Police Station)  Jack tells Katie that Carly agreed not to go to the wedding and when Katie feels guilty, Jack assures her that Carly will survive, as always. 

(Doctor's office)  Carly thinks that her headaches are due to stress and asks the doctor to give her something for the pain so she can drive and do her work.  Carly tells the doctor about her car accident and he gives her the devastating news that she has a lesion on her brain.

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