ATWT Update Monday 9/17/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/17/07


Written By Elayna

At the hospital, Allison is sitting outside the exam room looking a bit nauseous, but she puts on a brave face when Gwen comes out. Gwen apologizes for all the shots and tests. Allison blows it off; she teases Gwen that she is the one that is going to be doing all the work for the next couple of decades. The doctor comes over and asks how they are doing; both girls say they are fine, but Allison looks like she is struggling. If any symptoms on the pamphlet appear, he should be told at once. They just have to wait a while and do the ultrasound to see if this is taking. Gwen leaves to go make another appointment and Aaron calls Allison while she is sitting back down. Are they still on for the movies? Yes, Allison smiles, but as Aaron talks about dinner and popcorn at the movies, her smile fades and she excuses herself quickly to get off the phone promising to see him later. Allison walks quickly away. After Aaron hangs up, the Lakeview manager asks if Sofie is in? She isn’t, but he is covering for her. The manager appreciates that, but he doesn’t have all of the same qualities as a cocktail waitress. She is going through something, but she needs the job, Aaron pleads.

Downtown, Sofie is upset as she touches her stomach. She remembers Cole questioning if the baby was his. Cole walks over and tells her that he brought her breakfast. He also wanted to apologize for being a jerk. Sofie apologizes for taking so long to tell him, but she worried about his reaction. Sofie notices that he is in a better mood today. It is because he made a decision he thinks is for the best…. he thinks they need to get rid of the baby.

At home, Allison and Gwen arrive, as Allison is filling her in on the fact that she and Aaron are talking and going to hang out tonight. She jokes that the In Vitro helped pave the way; he saw that she isn’t always selfish. She is excited about tonight, but she hopes she can find her purse since they are going Dutch. They walk in and find Iris holding Allison’s purse. Iris smiles, as she announces, “Mommy is here.” Gwen looks irate.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna happily bounds in the room to say good morning to Paul. She snuggles up to him, but Paul is already talking about Craig. She was thinking after last night they could just let that go and enjoy each other and the time they have together. Paul decidedly tells her that is not an option because they need to destroy Craig before he destroys them. Rosanna looks bothered by this.

At the farm, Craig signs for a large envelope. He looks in it and happily tips the man, as he races off.

Rosanna tries to explain that she can’t remember the night and the more they push, the less she feels that she will remember. Paul assures her that it is ok because even if she never recalls the events of that night, what is stopping her from saying that she does remember?

An annoyed Gwen introduces Allison to Iris. She grabs Allison’s purse and tells her that she might want to count her money, as Iris teases her about what a kidder she is. Allison excuses herself to freshen up, as Gwen demands to know how she got in? They need a new place for their key to be hidden Iris smirks. She wanted to check on her and bring her this plant because life does go on, as Gwen scowls. Who told her – Cole? He was upset, as Gwen smirks. She thought she might need her mom. She is doing fine. Iris ignorantly states that some people are just not meant to be moms and she is glad that she seems to be accepting of that. Allison walks back into the room and cautiously watches them talk.

Cole tries to assuage Sofie by telling her that they can have a baby after his career takes off; he can then give her everything she and the baby needs. Sofie pouts, as she wonders why now isn’t a good enough time? He would have to give 24 hours to the baby and her and that is not good for his career, the baby or them. He can’t support both she and the baby on his income. They can just wait till later. He then takes an envelope out of his pocket and hands it to her. What is it? It is his part…. to get it done, as Sofie looks horrified.

Allison goes to leave, but Iris stops her to thank her. Allison is thrown because it sounds like Iris knows. Allison asks Gwen if she told her? Gwen looks at Allison in a way that makes her understand that she did not, but Iris wants to know what she meant?

Rosanna wonders if Paul is implying that she should lie? What would Craig do, Paul asks knowingly. Craig has taken so much from her; she would like to keep her integrity at least. They have taken all that matters from him; he can’t have anymore power over them if they don’t let him. A smirking Craig wondering if they want to bet on that interrupts them? Why is he there? He wants them to considered served.

Gwen stalls for a moment before she lies and tells Iris that Allison and she are working on a remembrance for her child…. does she recall the baby that she thought she shouldn’t have? Iris tries to defend her words, but Gwen doesn’t want to hear her; she has to go walk Allison out. Outside, Allison quickly apologizes; it sounded like she knew. Gwen doesn’t want her to worry about it; it was a good save. Does she want her to stick around, Allison asks? No, she is ok, but she will just see her later. When Gwen walks back in, Iris immediately wants to know when they became so chummy? Didn’t Allison have a thing for Will? That is in the past. Was that before or after the porn? She would think Gwen would learn; she shouldn’t have a slut around Will. Gwen doesn’t want to hear her, but Iris continues. She just wants to sympathize with her because she knows what it is like to lose your children. Gwen doesn’t think so because her children are alive and she couldn’t wait to get away from them. That is not true; she was going to be a grandmother a couple times over and now she has lost both shots at that. Gwen looks confused.

Sofie is surprised to see Cole with so much money; she thought he was broke? He got this from his mother. Sofie is embarrassed; she hasn’t even met his mother and she is giving him money for an abortion. Cole pretends that Iris has their best interest at heart; she just knew that they weren’t ready to take on a baby with their situation as it is. They made a baby together so he will pay his part, but she is the one who screwed up the birth control so she should pay part as well…. if this is what she decides to do. Sofie lights up a bit; he is telling her that she has a choice? She does, but he has to be honest when he tells her that if she chooses to keep the baby then he can’t stick around a play daddy. He has to get to work, but he will talk with her later. Sofie looks distraught.

A worked up Gwen asks if Sofie miscarried? Iris stutters over her answer. They just weren’t ready to be parents. She had an abortion? She doesn’t know that and she probably won’t know that until Cole comes looking for another handout. Gwen is furious; she helped them get rid of their baby and she had the gall to come into her home saying she lost her grandchild when she paid to get rid of it? Iris snaps back if she were a mom, she would understand how difficult the choices are for you to make for your children. Sofie wanted a child. Iris answers that maybe she realized that Cole couldn’t give her the things she needed. Perhaps, if she had helped him out with his career…. Gwen interrupts her when she shouts for Iris not to blame her for anything. Would it kill her to help her family though, Iris asks? She is sorry that she can’t have kids, but is she going to push everyone in her family away? All she had to do was to help him get some studio time…. so Sofie could keep their next baby, Gwen snaps? Gwen is disgusted that Cole put his career above his baby. She thinks Sofie should leave and raise the baby on her own. Iris complains that she is so bitter. After what she told her today, she will never lift a hand to help either her or Cole ever again.

Rosanna laughs; he can’t sue because she froze her own assets. Some of those may have been her assets, but he has no problem dragging it through court to figure it out. Paul glares; they will counter-sue then. Craig wonders how Rosanna feels? She is better then he would like to hear. He hopes that the brain damage didn’t alter her personality because he is concerned with how she is acting. Is this her or is this all Paul? He is worried about her. These words trigger something with Rosanna, who seems lost in her memories. After Craig leaves, Paul asks her if keeping her integrity is still important? She is not worried about that because all of her memories of that night are coming back to her.

At the station, Margo walks down the stairs to find Craig waiting for her. Why is he here? Family is so important to him these days? He sure showed it when he came to Katie’s shower. She will get married again, Craig answers. That right there is the reason people want to kill him. If he does buy the farm, then he wants Paul to be the number one suspect. They froze his assets, which he is currently trying to unfreeze, so Katie’s toaster is in the mail. Margo snarls; he always buys her a toaster. She is worried though now that he feels he has the upper hand; who is going to be next in his sights?

Rosanna recalls that night two years ago, how Craig tells her not to worry about the babies. She has to because she knows that Gwen’s baby died and Jen’s is alive. How could he let Jen think that? He tries to tell Rosanna that she is getting worked up for no reason, but Rosanna wants Bob to test the baby tonight. Suddenly, she is back in present day. She can’t remember what happened next. She is upset because she wants to know. She is going to remember what happened no matter what it takes.

Aaron sees a sad looking Sofie sitting on the couch outside the Lakeview bar; he told her that he had her covered. She had nowhere else to go. Did she and Cole break up? No, in fact, he apologized. Aaron thinks that is good, but she explains that in the next breath, he explained that he wasn’t ready to be a father now. Aaron understands the implication, but he thinks there has to be some other way? There isn’t and the sooner she gets this over with, the better, she answers unconvincingly.

Gwen tells her mother that the last time they argued like this, she got cramps and miscarried, so she has nothing more to say. She knows that Iris did not give Cole money for no reason; she wanted a return on her investment. She is sick to not let a child in the way of letting her son get rich and famous. Iris yells back that she can’t win with her; she helps her kids and she is selfish, but when she doesn’t, she is neglectful. She really wishes she could have kids so she can see how ungrateful they can be, but lucky for her, it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen, as she heads off in a huff and Gwen nervously watches her go.

Is this what she really wants, Aaron asks? It has to be because they don’t have enough money, or benefits or maternity leave. She knew all of this before and she was still happy about this pregnancy. She just hadn’t thought it through. All she focused on was how much she wanted this. She can’t believe this is her life now. It is her body, Aaron reminds her, so she should be 100% sure before she makes any decision. She has to do this; if she keeps the baby, then she will lose Cole.

Rosanna is frustrated; she is so close… why can’t she remember? She catches her breath, as Paul thinks they should call a doctor. She recalls back to that night suddenly about Craig wanting to call her a doctor because she was upset. Rosanna tells Paul that she doesn’t need a doctor. Craig knew all she wanted was a child. He also knew that she intended to tell Jen no matter if that meant she was going to lose that child she grew to love. She also knew that Craig would try to kill her if he knew how much she was going to cross him. Paul assuredly tells her that it is their time to make Craig worry and be scared at what they have planned. Paul wants to call the police; Craig tried to kill her before, so what is keeping him from doing it again if he knows she is remembering? Rosanna goes to stop Paul by taking the phone when suddenly she has another memory. Craig is grabbing the phone out of her hand; he is his son; no one is going to take his son, Craig snarls. Paul thinks that sounded like a threat. She can’t be sure if he was trying to kill or stop her. Paul doesn’t think it matters – but Rosanna thinks it does. Paul has an idea and leaves the room.

Craig wonders if Margo thinks he is responsible for Rosanna being run off the road? As a sister, she doesn’t want to think that, but as a cop, it is hard to ignore. Why isn’t he happier that the woman he loved so much is out of her coma? He is happy, but Rosanna blames him for her accident and is solely intent on punishing him, as Paul cheers her on. Thank God Meg is out of town at Iva’s with Emma, who took a fall. Margo teases him; was she trying to get away from him? That is not true or nice; they are blissfully happy. This causes Margo to wonder if they are so happy and Rosanna and Paul are too, then why are they going out of their way to make the others miserable? Craig thinks that is a good question. Margo turns her attention back to why Craig came to see her; he must want something. He does have a small favor to ask, and it is not anything that has to do with breaking the law. She is glad to hear that. Craig is mad that she isn’t more understanding; he was acquitted. He got off on a technicality, Margo reminds him. If his case comes up again, he wants her to be fair. Is that too much to ask?

Sofie explains that Cole is all she has. Her grandmother raised her and she has since died. She is literally all alone. She knows he thinks that Cole controls her, but he is the most important person in her life and she doesn’t want that to change. Allison walks over and Aaron goes to say hi, but their conversation is interrupted when Allison tells him she will be right back, as she rushes off. Aaron tells Sofie he is going to see if she is ok. Sofie takes out a piece of paper and starts to make a phone call. Sofie sees Cole and asks him what he is doing there? Did he change his mind? Cole nervously explains that he is there picking up lunch for work. Did she change her mind? No, she was just about to call and make an appointment. Cole is happy and kisses her. They will have plenty of kids later, as Sofie looks unconvinced. Sofie wonders when to make an appointment so not to screw up his studio time. Cole looks confused and then gets that she wants him with her, but takes the easy way out with an excuse. She knows how he gets around that kind of situation. He hates all those place, but (such the hero) he will go with her if she needs him to. Sofie lets him off the hook.

Paul wants them to leave; she has remembered what she has because it took place in this room. They are going to retrace her steps, but before they can do that, they hear tires screeching. Paul remarks that he told them to bring the car around, but that is service. Rosanna hears tires screeching in her head.

She doesn’t want him to have to go through that; she can do it on her own. Cole kisses her again; she is the best. He tells her that he loves her and has to go. She looks like she is going to cry when Aaron comes back. Allison is still in the bathroom, as Sofie asks if he wants her to go in and check? She starts to walk away, as Aaron has a thought; if Cole can’t go with her to her appointment, then he will go with her. Sofie hesitates for a moment but then lies when she tells him that Cole is going with her. Allison comes back and Sofie makes herself scarce. Is she ok? She is fine, but Aaron knows she isn’t. Why is she pretending? She doesn’t want Gwen to worry with all that she has been through. He is not Gwen though. She feels awful; she hates to do this, but she needs a rain check. Aaron surmises it is the hormone shots. Either way he had plenty of experience taking care of his mom; he wants to take care of her since he did a lousy job of that before. Allison smiles, as Aaron tells her that he is going to take her home. Sofie secretly watches them leave together.

Gwen is sitting on her couch trying to focus, but she can’t as she looks at the plant her mom left for her. Therefore, she gets up, goes over and picks it up, opens the door and tosses it out. She then calls the Lakeview and asks to speak with Sofie. She is told that she is not there but she doesn’t leave a message, as she looks concerned.

Downtown, Sofie is sadly sitting on a bench. She takes out the piece of paper and calls the number on it. She makes an appointment for an abortion. She would like to handle this today if she could, as she looks like she is ready to cry.

If he needs her to be fair, she will be, but if he wants her to look the other way, she won’t. He did nothing wrong, Craig pleads. He already did jail time for a crime he didn’t commit. Margo tells him plainly that he shouldn’t be sucking up to her, but rather to the DA, her hubby, because he will be the one going against him if she is forced to arrest him – and she will do her job if that is where the evidence leads her.

Rosanna tells Paul that they don’t need to go anywhere. She thought she got away, as she recalls the nights events. She needed to get to him to tell the truth. The lights blinded her. She couldn’t see Craig then, Paul wonders? Rosanna thinks for a moment, but then remembers seeing Craig’s angry face in her rearview mirror. She tells Paul that she remembers it all.

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