ATWT Update Friday 9/14/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/14/07


Written By Dani

Jack and Brad rush to his Sage’s bedside, who turns out will be okay. His concern for Carly isn’t so much.

Carly awaits a lecture and disappointment and disapproval from Jack. She is willing to take whatever it is he hands down in order to keep her secret. Jack becomes angry with Carly when she can’t offer him a reason or explanation for the crash. Jack is beginning to pick up on something that is off about Carly’s behavior. When he asks her about it she won’t reveal that she is sick. Jack can only draw one conclusion Carly is out of control after Carly admits she has been depressed. Brad is agitated that Carly will not tell Jack the truth. After Jack leaves with Sage the doctor returns with some concerns. Carly is more worried about Jack finding out she is sick but luckily someone is seeing the gravity of the situation, Brad. One of the test that was run when Carly came into the ER revealed some abnormalities that is cause for grave concern. Carly acts as if this news is frivolous while Brad is taking it very serious. The doctor wants her to see a neurosurgeon immediately. Brad tries to talk to Carly about the prognosis but all she wants is a ride home.

Brad drives Carly home where they argue over whether she should tell Jack and if there is something wrong with her. Brad wants to stay the night but Carly kicks him out. Carly cries when she is alone and looks at the business card she had been given for the neurosurgeon. Brad doesn’t leave. He decides to camp out on Carly’s front porch.

Jack tells Katie who is remarkable supportive and worried for Carly that he is scared for his ex-wife. Katie has finally come around to believing Carly isn’t a threat where Jack is concerned.

Maddie is still trying to cope with the fact that Noah has feelings for Luke. Noah wants to explain away what she may be thinking or what she was told but Maddie avoids him. She is hurt. Not that he has feelings for Luke and may be gay but that he just didn’t tell her the truth. Noah tries to make things right with her for the sake of saving face with his father. Maddie sees through it and will not have an part of his lies anymore. Noah tries to talk to Luke who defends himself and his friend. Lily can sense there is turmoil in her son’s life and for the first time speaks to him about his love life as a friend and supportive parent. After the special bonding moment for Luke and Lily they go to the Lakeview for a late dinner.

Noah knows in his heart what Luke and Maddie are saying is true but he does not want the wrath of his father. Noah meets his father for dinner to tell him about the break up. Winston doesn’t take it well and tells Noah to do whatever he has to, to fix the relationship. Noah sees Luke come in with his mother and begins to try and explain that the relationship can’t be fixed.

Winston knows what his son is saying but turns his anger towards Luke when he sees Luke watching them talk. Winston threatens Luke and blames him for turning his son into “one of your kind” Luke stands proud of what he is and that he didn’t do anything to Noah or anything wrong in general. Winston promises if Luke doesn’t leave Noah alone, Luke will be answering to him.

Dusty meets with Tom and tells him of his alternate theory for Cherie’s murder. Dusty is upset that Margo and the police department won’t look beyond him as a suspect. Tom isn’t so convinced that Margo has cause to look elsewhere and that Dusty’s theory is even a possibility. Tom wants details but dusty won’t or can’t provide specifics at this time. Dusty promises he is working on getting the evidence. Tom is afraid Dusty is going to or has broken the law to save himself from a murder conviction but Dusty assures him, everything will be in place soon to take to the DA.

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