ATWT Update Thursday 9/13/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/13/07


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(Lakeview)  Aaron arrives and is worried to see Sofie on the floor and tells Cole he should be more careful with the woman who is going to have his child.  Cole is both shocked and angry with Sofie.  He is shocked because Aaron knew about the baby before he did and angry because Sofie let this happen and wasn’t more careful with birth control.  Aaron doesn’t want to leave Sofie alone with an angry Cole but Sofie insists she must talk to Cole and that she will be fine.  Sofie apologizes to Cole for not telling him about the baby earlier but says she was afraid of his reaction to the news.  Sofie and Cole go outside and sit on a bench to continue their conversation.  Cole thinks Sofie allowed herself to get pregnant because she wants to ruin his hopes of a music career.  Cole tells Sofie that he isn’t even sure he is the father of the child because Aaron could be the father since they have become friends and he is acting like her bodyguard.  Sofie cries and tells Cole that he is the only man she has been with and she wishes that she had never told him about the baby.  Sofie goes back inside the Lakeview and cries while Aaron holds her.  Sofie continues to sob while she sits down to tell Aaron all the horrible things Cole told her and Aaron suggests she come up with a plan B in case Cole doesn’t accept his child.  Sofie insists that Cole was taken by surprise and that he will come around in time and love the baby because she doesn’t know what she will do if he doesn’t accept his child. 

(Old Town)  Cole tells Iris that Sofie is pregnant and Iris thinks Sofie is trying to ruin his musical career.  Iris suggests that Cole encourage Sofie to have an abortion and gives Cole the money to fix the problem.  Iris tells Cole that he doesn’t want to get tied down so young and ruin his dreams of a career.  Cole is upset with Iris for reminding him once more that he is the reason she had to give up on her dreams.  Cole walks away and wonders why he asked his mother for advice about what he should do.

(Main Street)  Allison sees Susan and explains that she is on her way to the Lakeview to pick up some grenadine for some punch that Henry wants to make for the wedding shower.  Allison smiles as she tells her mother that she and Aaron are on their way to being friends again since he learned that she is going to be an egg donor for Will and Gwen and he is proud of her for it.  Allison also admits that she wants to go get the grenadine at the Lakeview because she wants an excuse to see Aaron.  Susan tells Allison that she didn’t mean to sound unsupportive of her helping Will and Gwen.  She is just worried about the emotional toll this experience will take on her and how it will affect her in the future.  Susan tells Allison she is proud of her because she always knew she had a big and generous heart.

 (Lakeview)  Allison arrives at bar and asks Aaron for a cup of grenadine and explains that Henry needs it to make punch for the wedding shower.  Aaron tells her he makes a great non-alcoholic punch and offers to show Allison how to make it when Allison tells him she doesn’t think Henry knows how to make punch.  Allison and Aaron talk for a few minutes about the ingredients in the punch and once the punch is finished, they both taste it.  Aaron gives Allison the cup of grenadine she asked for and Allison admits that she made a special trip just to see Aaron.  Aaron smiles and Allison asks him to go on a friendly non- date to the moves sometime and she is thrilled when Aaron accepts her invitation. 

(Carly’s house)  Brad makes sure Carly is safe inside the house and stays with her to try to persuade her to call the doctor.  Carly promises that she will go to the doctor if Brad keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t say a word to Jack about her illness.  Brad thinks this is a bad move because her family should know if she is sick.  Carly tells Brad that Jack isn’t family anymore and he would probably think it was another scheme to get his attention.  Carly promises Brad that the people who care about her will know if her condition is serious.  Carly tells Brad to leave because she doesn’t want him to be late for the party.  Once Brad is gone, Carly gets another headache so she decides to lie down on the couch to rest.  A few minutes later Sage arrives home and begs her mother to drive her to Jack and Katie’s engagement party.  Carly explains to Sage that she doesn’t feel well because she has a headache and would rather stay home.  Sage assumes she is sad because daddy is marrying Katie so she tells her mom that before, her daddy was angry all the time because she left but when Katie came, he got happy again and now he even sings in the kitchen.  Sage asks Carly if it is okay to like Katie and Carly tells Sage she wants her to love Katie because she wants her to be happy whenever she spends time with her daddy and Katie.  Carly also tells Sage that the more people she loves the bigger her family is and that is a good thing.  Carly decides to drive Sage to the party even though her head really hurts badly.

(Al’s Diner)  Jack and Katie’s family and friends arrive to celebrate the happy couple.  Brad arrives late but doesn’t tell Jack why he is late since he promised to keep Carly’s secret.  Brad is hurt that Jack didn’t ask him to be best man because he doesn’t think he can rely on him for such an important job.  Brad shares his feelings with Katie who tells Jack.  This leads to a warm brotherly moment where Jack tells Brad he is important to him and would like him to be a groomsman.  Brad and Katie play a game to find out how well they know each other and everyone is surprised when they both get all ten questions right proving that they know each other very well.  Katie and Jack begin to open presents and some guests start to leave because they have other things to do.

(In the car)  Sage is excited about the party and wonders if they will have cake and ice cream.  Carly who is in a lot of pain finds it hard to concentrate on answering Sage’s questions when suddenly a bright light flashes in front of her eyes and she just barely swerves away from a car which is about to hit her.  Henry gets a call at the diner about the accident and whispers the news to Brad who tells Jack and Katie that Carly was in a car accident.  Jack thinks it’s another scheme of Carly’s to ruin the party until Brad tells him Sage was in the car with Carly. 

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