ATWT Update Wednesday 9/12/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/12/07


Written By Elayna

At home, Susan stops by to see how Will and Gwen are. They tell her that they are doing well. They wanted to thank her for all that she did for them during the miscarriage. Alison comes into the room. What brings her there? She tells her mom that she brought them food. Susan then asks Will and Gwen about what the fertility specialist told her – that they are going the in vitro fertilization with egg donor route. She is a little concerned because it is not simple or quick. It takes time to find a viable donor. There is a long wait list. Will and Gwen smile; they have already found a donor. Susan is thrilled; do they mind if she asks who this is and how they found her so fast? Alison smiles broadly, steps forward and tells her mom that she is the donor. Susan looks stunned.

At the Lakeview, Sofie suddenly feels the baby move, as she shares her joy with Aaron. She asks him if he wants to feel, which he does. She feels as if it is more real to share it with him. Aaron surmises that she hasn’t told Cole yet. No. Aaron nods towards the door, as he tells her that she is about to get her chance.

Elsewhere at the Lakeview, Holden is staring at a done up Lily; he was going to call her so it saved him that, but what is with the dress? Lily looks dumbfounded before she blurts out that she did it for him. Holden pauses for a moment, smiles and then hugs his wife. As they are embracing, Lily sees Dusty enter the room and she gently waves him away so Holden won’t see him.

Downtown, Carly is on the ground, as Jack tries to get her to wake up. Katie is standing behind him rolling her eyes convinced this is another trick. Brad walks up and asks what is going on? Katie tells him bluntly that Carly fainted, but it is funny that she was completely fine earlier when she followed her to a dress shop and tired to buy her dress from under her. Jack looks annoyed when he hears this; he is a patient man, but she is pushing it. Carly looks at them all and then comes to a realization of what she has to do. She struggles to get up and tells Jack that she was trying to pull a fast one and she apologizes. It was a play for his attention; she saw an opportunity and she went for it. Jack is angry; he and Katie are getting married and no trick of hers is going to stop that. What if the kids had seen that? She would be teaching them that it is ok to scheme to get what they want. Jack tells Carly curtly that she had better figure out a way to deal with the fact that they are getting married.

Susan tells Will, Gwen and Alison that Alison can’t volunteer; she couldn’t have thought this through. Alison explains that she has and it is her decision to make. She thought her mom of all people would be sympathetic to Gwen and Will’s plight. Emily was generous to give her egg so she could have a child, and that is what she wants to give to them. Will and Gwen assure Susan that they would never put Alison in any risk either. Susan wonders even if physically she is ready, she just isn’t sure this is the right time for Alison to do this for emotional reasons. Did they think about the fact if they go through with this, they will be tied for life? Are they prepared for that?

Dusty heads out, leaving unseen by Holden. Holden wonders where this came from? They fought and now she shows up in a sexy dress. She had a plan, but judging from his reaction it may have fell flat, Lily pretends. Holden explains that it threw him, but he is happy to see her and this dress. Isn’t she part owner in this hotel, Holden flirts?

Cole comes over to Sofie and asks her if he can borrow some money to buy some CD’s. Didn’t they pay him yet? Cole snaps back that if she is going to give him attitude then forget it. Sofie relents and hands him some of her money. Cole explains that he will be getting paid later, as he subtly takes all of the money Sofie has. After he leaves, Sofie wanders over to the bar to pick up her drink order and tells Aaron without him having to say a word, “I know!”

Holden and Lily are up in a suite. She wonders why he was downstairs? He wanted to make up too. They are both glad to be on the same wavelength. She does look great… different though. Is that a bad thing, Lily asks? It is definitely not, as they kiss and fall back onto the bed.

Katie explains that she is trying to be civil, but when is this going to end? She shows up at the apartment and then the dress shop – all in one day. Carly opens her mouth to deny it, but then figures the best thing is to cop to it. She is sorry though and it won’t happen again. Jack and Katie leave looking not convinced. Jack tells Brad that he will see him later at the shower. After they leave, Brad wonders sarcastically what she is planning next to seal the deal since it is obviously going so well for her.

They understand Susan’s concern. Susan asks Gwen if she has thought about the fact if the baby has Alison’s smile or eyes? Will and Gwen assure her that they have thought about this; they want Alison included in their baby’s life. Susan wonders how they want her included? She will be included as someone who has made their dream come true. Susan reminds Alison how Emily wrestled with the role she wanted to play in her life, as sister or mother. It took them a long time to work through this. This should be done as a last resort. They all assure her that they really want to see this through and are committed to it. Susan just wants to make sure they still think it through some more before they make their final decision, as she leaves. Will turns to Alison and suggests that if she were having second thoughts then now would be the time to bail.

Brad and Carly sit on a bench having coffee; does she want to talk? She doesn’t want to talk about Jack and Katie or why she fainted. Brad changes the subject; did she meet with his contact? Carly makes a face; that might be a sore subject. Why? Jack and Katie are the reason. He thought she didn’t want to talk about them? She doesn’t, but they showed up when she was there sketching and measuring the place. They accused her of stalking them. They were annoyed that she overheard some private information. She tried to explain to them why she was there, but the more she explained the more ridiculous it all seemed. Brad shakes his head; every time she thinks she has a scheme, the universe blocks her. She is done with it anyhow, but Brad recalls how a moment before she was lying on the ground; it seems very high school, as Carly subtly makes a face as if recalling the events. He understands her pain because he tried every game in the book with Katie, but he is turning over a new leaf. She should try it, but Carly just grumbles that she wants to be left alone, as Brad begrudgingly does as she asks.

Back at the farm, Katie tells Jack that she is glad he finally saw through her act, but Jack doesn’t want to talk about it. Katie tells Jack then the story of how Carly tried to snag her dress and then when she threw it back at her the bracelet fell off. Jack wants her to see the positive side to it; her wish came true thanks to her bracelet falling off. She looks at the dress; does she even want to wear the dress Carly just wore? It is like bad karma. Jack wants her to forget thinking like that, because he thinks she will be stunning in it. Katie relents, goes upstairs to try it on and Jack likes what he sees so Katie feels better.

Carly gets up from the bench to go throw the coffee away and suddenly starts to sway and has to catch herself. Brad, who was still close by, races to her side. Carly claims it was her shoes, but Brad knows that is not the case. She wasn’t faking the fainting spell was she?

A nervous Gwen reminds him that they all talked about Alison being the donor and she is onboard. Alison jumps in too; she hasn’t changed her mind. Will is just concerned that if Alison agrees and then changes her mind down the road, then he doesn’t know if they could go through something like that after everything. Alison promises she wouldn’t do that. Doesn’t he know by now, she would never do anything to hurt them; she wants to do this almost as much as they want her to. She only has one condition; when the baby is old enough, she wants them to tell he or she were they came from. Gwen promises that they will. She explains that she was devastated when she found out how she came to be; she was lied to and then she doubted everything about herself and her life. They understand. Gwen and Alison both realize they have to go to their respective jobs so they head out, as Will watches them go with a slight look of concern on his face.

Lily and Holden lay in each other’s arms in bed. They both agree that they missed this. How did they get so far apart? Holden thinks it was that they fought and then slinked back to their own corners. They are glad to be back on track and communicating. Holden wants them to put each other first from now on. He doesn’t want anyone or anything to get in their way, as Lily hugs him in agreement but looking quite guilty. Holden goes to take a shower and Lily quickly picks up her phone to call Dusty, who at that moment is downstairs sitting at the bar with Aaron. He asks Aaron if he and Alison have worked things out? Aaron is still angry with him telling him that they are none of his business. Aaron leaves when Dusty gets the call from Lily. She apologizes for calling him and then leaving with Holden. Dusty understands, but thinks that just proves she should not be involved. She wants him to meet her upstairs outside room 509. Dusty doesn’t think it is a good idea, but Lily explains that she got this information without asking for it and it will help them in their quest to prove his innocence.

Sofie walks over to Aaron and tells him that she made a decision to tell Cole tonight; Aaron agrees and thinks it is the right thing. She agrees because she realized that she isn’t even giving Cole the chance to step up. Aaron reminds her that she doesn’t want him finding out from some other way then from her because she is going to start showing soon, as Sofie nods.

Outside her room, Lily meets with Dusty. She tells her how Christa called her and suggested that there might be bad blood between Cheri and her son, but Dusty thinks that is a long shot. Lily is annoyed, so she also tells him that Cheri’s real name is Charlene Wilson and she had her son in Georgia. Dusty thinks that is something. Lily thinks that is plenty for them to search with, but Dusty doesn’t want her involved. Lily admits that she hates lying to Holden but it will be worth it when they prove his innocence. Dusty tells Lily that she needs to get back inside and be with Holden.

Gwen walks in the bar and gets some water from Aaron, who nervously apologizes for her loss. Alison told him, but she was not gossiping. Gwen knows that, and in fact, if it weren’t for Alison, she might not have gotten through this. Aaron admits that she can step up. Gwen shares this with Aaron because she is so happy; Alison offered to be her and Will’s donor since it is unlikely they will be able to get pregnant on their own. Aaron looks overwhelmed, as Gwen gushes at how much of a gift Alison is giving them. Aaron is glad for them and proud that Alison did that. After Gwen leaves, Aaron happily runs over to Sofie and asks her if she can cover for him now, which she agrees to do as long as he covers for her later when she goes to talk with Cole… agreed.

At Al’s, Alison arrives to work the shower, but she also wants to tell Katie how happy she is that she found happiness. She brought her a gift from out west. This wooden figurine is supposed to bring good luck and fertility. Katie smiles broadly, as she thanks her. Jack comes back over and Katie shows him the gift. He didn’t realize they were that close. They were at one time, but she is glad to see that she has grown up and changed. This comment segways them into Carly and her ways. Jack is convinced that was Carly’s last-ditch effort and now she has seen the error of her ways. He is done talking about her now though.

At home, Carly tells Brad that he didn’t need to follow her home because she is fine. He thinks she needs to go to the hospital, but Carly won’t budge. Her dizzy spell will pass and she doesn’t plan on talking to him about it. Carly sees that Brad isn’t budging so she tells him that there is something wrong - with her heart. Brad asks nervously if she is getting palpitations? She corrects him – her heart is broken, as Brad sighs. It is different this time, as Brad wonders if she is depressed? No, but she wants him to leave, as Carly gets worked up and starts to yell as she pushes him to the door and then slams it in his face. Just after she does, she starts to breath heavily and then collapses to the floor.

Holden and Lily are dressed and hugging again, as they decide this needs to be done on a regular basis. They are about to leave for the wedding shower when Holden tells her that he has one thing to say about the Dusty saga, as Lily looks nervous.

Aaron walks into the shower to see Alison. She thinks he is there to pick up a snack, but he flirts with her when he tells her that he is actually to see a ‘hot waitress that works there’, as Alison smiles coyly. He heard about what she is doing for Will and Gwen, as Alison’s smile fades – what was he trying to do – butter her up before he came down on her about this? She has made up her mind and she is doing it. Aaron interrupts her; he just wanted to say how brave and generous she is. She is a great friend and he is proud of her, as Alison’s smile returns. She needed to hear that. Jack comes over, is glad to see him and asks him to stay, but he has to get back to the hotel. He kisses Alison on the cheek and leaves her thrilled.

Brad is calling out to Carly through the door and when he gets no answer, he lets himself back in and finds her unconscious on the floor. He tries to rouse her, but she only becomes semi conscious, as Brad tells her that he is going to call an ambulance. She mutters strongly for him to not do that, as Brad looks at her in disbelief.

Holden explains that he is still angry about Dusty, as Lily goes into explanation mode; it was her idea to take the gun, hide it and then bail him out. He knows that, but Dusty should have stopped her. Lily doesn’t want them to argue because they have a shower to get to, but Holden wants to just say this. He realized that he wasn’t being fair to her friendship with Dusty. What upset him most is not that she helped Dusty; it was that she was hiding things, as Lily looks guilty again. She apologizes. He is glad that they talked; he just wants honesty for them both.

Dusty is on the phone with a friend asking for a favor. He needs to find a teenage boy who was born in Georgia to a Charlene Wilson. He realizes it isn’t a lot to go on, but his life depends on it, he says with straightforward seriousness.

At the Lakeview, an agitated Cole arrives and explains that he doesn’t have a job anymore. He got fired? No, he quit after his manager didn’t back him up. He is incensed, as he wants to get out of there, but she can’t because she is covering for Aaron. Can’t he just stay? She wants to talk, but an annoyed Cole isn’t up for one of her talks, as he wants to get out. He pulls away from her causing Sofie to fall, as Aaron is arriving back at the bar. Aaron runs over to Sofie and snaps at Cole that he should be more careful with the woman carrying his baby, as Cole looks stunned and Sofie looks scared.

Holden and Lily arrive at the shower and Jack heads off with Holden while Lily goes with Katie and can’t help but tell her what she bought her as a gift, as they both laugh at her inability to keep a secret. Holden notices how happy Jack seems, as he admits that talking with him opened his eyes. Holden admits that he and Lily finally found some common ground. This calls for a toast. Holden talks of brand new marriages and ones that have a lot of miles, as he smiles at Lily; it works because of love, faith and trust, as they all raise their glasses.

Carly tells Brad to put the phone down. She passed out though, but Carly acts like he is overreacting. Why did she pretend that her fainting wasn’t real? Carly avoids this; she is sure that she picked something up from the kids. He will go with her to get checked out. She will go, but it will be in her own time. Brad sighs. Carly asks him for a favor; until she finds out what is going on, she needs him to keep this to herself, as Brad looks unsure.

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