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(Farm)  Holden wonders if Lily got his message about the two of them needing to have a talk and Lily responds that she didnít get his message but she has time to talk now.  The two sit down and Holden tells Lily that he canít trust her any more because she keeps lying to him.  Lily wonders when he stopped trusting her and asks if it was when she took the pills and didnít tell him or when she sold worldwide to Craig under the influence of the drugs.  Holden explains that he forgave her for all of that but he canít understand why she keeps making mistakes and lying to him about them.  Lily feels like she has disappointed Holden and she tells him it isnít his responsibility to stop her from making mistakes.  Holden gets a call from Jack asking him to come to the diner and help him with preparations for the wedding shower so he says yes and leaves, primarily because he wants to avoid getting into another fight with Lily.  A few minutes later, Lily gets a call from Krista, one of Cheriís girls, who tell her she remembered something about someone who may be a possible suspect in Cheriís killing.  Lily tells Krista she hopes this is a solid lead in the case because she wonít pay for information that will lead her on a wild goose chase.  Krista promises a solid lead, so Lily agrees to meet her in Old Town to talk. 

(Old Town)  Krista tells Lily about Cheriís ex-husband catching her in bed with another man and forcing her to leave Georgia, abandon her son, and never be a part of her sonís life.  Lily tells Krista she has seen pictures of Cheri with her son as a baby and she knows Cheriís real name.  Lily asks Krista if she thinks Cheriís ex- husband killed her once he found out she was in Oakdale.  Krista thinks it is much more likely that her son killed her because he hated her for abandoning him when he was a baby. 

(Diner)  Jack tells Holden that he and Katie had a fight because he doesnít want to have any more children and she wants to have children with him.  Jack explains to his cousin that he wants the kids to get used to Katie as their new stepmother and feel more secure that Carly isnít going to leave them again before he has another child.  Holden tells Jack that itís natural that Katie would want to have a child with him because she has never had children.  Holden also points out that a child may make his family more secure and, once the child arrives, he will wonder how he ever thought he could live without it.  Holden tells Jack that he felt the same way before Ethan was born but once he was born, he made his and Lilyís marriage stronger and made his family secure.  Holden reminds Jack that family is the most important thing. 

(Lakeview)  Lily arrives and asks the desk clerk to call Dusty and ask him to meet her in the lounge.  Holden sees Lily walk in and wonders why she is dressed like a hooker.

(Farm)  J.J. tells Craig that he saw Meg drive away about twenty minutes ago and a worried Craig wonders where Meg went without telling him. 

(Fairwinds)  Meg pulls away from kissing Paul and dares him to tell her that he felt nothing when she kissed him.  Paul tells Meg that he did feel something and that was the kiss of a desperate woman.  Meg thinks Paul is denying his feelings for her saying if he didnít feel anything, he wouldnít have kissed her back.  Meg also thinks that Paul is continuing this vendetta against Craig as a way to stay involved in her life.  Meg tells Paul she will always love him and she knows he will always love her despite what he may tell her.  Paul reminds Meg that she was only supposed to stay married to Craig until after the wedding and then divorce him, but she stayed married to him even after she supposedly thought he died.  He concludes that this can only mean that she liked the fancy life style he offered her.  Paul then realizes that Meg must have some feelings for Craig because he is poor now and she is still married to him.  Paul tells Meg that he loves Rosanna now and his relationship with her ended the day she put on Craigís wedding ring.  Meg asks Paul to end the war against Craig for his own sake but Paul refuses to listen and asks Meg to leave him alone.  Paul throws the picture of him and Meg away in the trash can and takes a drink.  Rosanna arrives and surprises Paul by getting up from her wheelchair and walking to him.  Paul is very happy that Rosanna is home and that she is walking.  Rosanna reports that the people at Cabot motors confirmed that Craig has been using the company funds as his personal checking account for two years but now that she is back, she intends to squash him like a bug.  Rosanna tells Paul she loves him and as she gives him a kiss, she notices Megís lipstick on his lips.  Paul explains that Meg came over to try to persuade him to stop the vendetta against Craig any way possible, but Craigís plan didnít work.  Paul explains that Meg kissed him but the kiss probably didnít mean anything to her except as part of Craigís plan.  Rosanna wonders if the kiss meant anything to Paul and he explains that the kiss meant nothing to him except it made him realize he never really loved Meg but was using her as a replacement for Rosanna.   

(Rosanna)  Rosanna is very happy to know that Paul always loved her and repeats those same words back to him and then gives him a kiss.  Paul has thoughts of Meg while he is kissing Rosanna but he pushes them aside when Rosanna asks him to make love to her.  Paul kisses Rosanna again and then carries her to the bedroom. 

(Farm)  Meg explains to an angry Craig that she went to talk to Paul to see if she could stop the war between them.  Craig tells Meg he doesnít need her to fight his battles for him although he appreciates the thought.  Meg tells Craig that she also wanted to see Paul, to find out if his feelings for Rosanna are real.  She realized they are because he has changed into a person she never knew since Rosanna came back to town.  Craig confirms that he also tried to fight the Paul-Rosanna connection once but he was unable to break their bond.  Craig tells Meg that he feels he can fight any battle as long as he has her by his side. 

Carly arrives early at a sample sale to buy some new clothes and she sees a dress similar to the one that was once Jackís favorite dress and recalls his harsh words to her.  Carly puts the dress back gives some other dresses to the salesgirl to hold while she looks in another room.  Katie arrives at the same sale to look for a dress to wear for her wedding shower and to take her mind off her fight with Jack.  Carly tries on dresses in the mirror and as she looks at herself in the mirror her reflection tells her that even if Jack breaks up with Katie it isnít a guarantee that he will return to her.  Carly tells her reflection that she isnít getting new clothes for Jack; she is getting them for herself.  Katie finds a dress and the saleswoman tells her the sale is cash only but Katie only has a credit card.  Katie asks the lady to hold the dress for her while she runs to the ATM to get some cash.  Carly comes out of the fitting room sees Katieís dress on the counter not knowing Katie wants it.  Despite the saleslady telling her another customer will be right back to buy it, she goes into the fitting room to see if the dress fits.  Katie arrives and sees Carly come out of the fitting room in her dress.  The saleslady leaves them alone to work things out.  Katie thinks that Carly was following her, intending to steal her dress.  Carly tells Katie that she has been doing everything possible to stay away from her and Jack.  Katie tells Carly that she will be happy to learn that she and Jack will probably break up because he doesnít want to have a baby with her.  Carly tells Katie that if she loses Jack, she will have nobody to blame but herself.  Carly quickly takes off the dress and throws it back at Katie who has already paid for it.  Katie leaves with her dress and Carly gets a dizzy spell and then asks the saleslady for some water. 

(Old Town)  Jack finds Katie and tells her he does want to have a child with her.  Katie decides to wait a year before trying to have a child.  Katie wonders if she will have twins and thinks that a boy and a girl would be perfect.  Jack tells her to think only about having one child at this time.  Jack gets a message from the station and goes to his car to get the files.  Katie sees Carly walking by and thinks she is eavesdropping on her and Jackís conversation again.  Katie tells Carly that Jack has decided to have a child with her after all.  Jack comes back and wonders what is wrong with Carly since she doesnít look well.  Carly doesnít respond and faints.  Katie laughs because she thinks Carly is pretending to faint to get Jack to think she is sick. 

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