ATWT Update Monday 9/10/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/10/07


Written By Elayna

At Al’s, the Colonel is talking with Henry, as Henry inquires as to what he means by Noah hanging out with the wrong types of people. Are they longhaired punk rockers or hoodlums? The Colonel smiles and explains that it is nothing like that. He is just happy that Maddie is with his son because she is good for him. Luke comes into the diner and interrupts them. Henry is about to introduce them when the Colonel curtly explains that they have met and excuses himself to make a phone call. Henry looks confused at the blatant coldness.

Downtown, Maddie and Noah are excitedly talking about moving into together. Noah admits that his father gave him the money to spend on bedroom furniture, which surprises Maddie since he is obviously conservative. Noah assures her that he approves of everything about her.

At Fairwinds, Paul is on the phone with Rosanna smugly telling her how Craig’s credit cards have been cancelled and he was evicted from the Lakeview. He hopes she comes home soon because he misses her. After he hangs up, the maid comes in and nervously asks what she should do with the framed picture she found of Meg and him in the guest bedroom? Paul is thrown; she stayed in the guest bedroom when she lived here? The maid thinks so.

At the farm, Meg is explaining to Craig that she is ok living there, but Craig isn’t. He doesn’t mean to offend her family, but they need time alone, as he tries to snuggle up to her, but Meg subtly pulls away. He doesn’t want her to do that by saying she is going to make breakfast. He doesn’t want her to pretend she is happy with this when she isn’t.

At the residential building that Carly has been asked to design the inside of, the man is telling Carly his design thoughts, as she looks out of it and even has to stifle a yawn. The man wonders if she wants to be here or if she truly wants the job?

Downtown, Jack and Katie are in the midst of a serious conversation that came up by accident. People said that they rushed into things and by the looks of this subject, they were right; how could she not have known he didn’t want more kids? Jack tries to explain that he has his hands full as a parent right now, considering one of his kids was kidnapped and he almost sent the other one away for something he didn’t do. His kids love her, and she freely admits to loving them, but it is not the same as them sharing a child together. Jack continues; when you have a baby, you have to be selfless and it would be very difficult for him to give a baby the attention it would need when he has three kids that need his full attention now. Do they have to decide this now? Yes, they need to settle this before the wedding. He wonders if she means that if he doesn’t change his mind then the wedding is off?

Craig explains that he can handle sleeping in a twin bed and even Sage squeezing the toothpaste out at the wrong end, but he can’t deal with her being disappointed in him. Meg quietly tells him that she isn’t at all. She only stayed with him because he offered her a company, Craig laments. Meg tells him not to think like that; he needs to go take a shower, relax and they will talk later. Craig reluctantly agrees, and as soon as he is heading upstairs, Meg hurries out the door.

Katie explains that one of the things that made her fall in love with Jack was watching him be a dad and knowing he would be the best dad for their kids. Jack doesn’t want her to say he might never change his mind. Katie is starting to tear up. The real estate woman, who is ready to show them some houses, interrupts them, but Katie doesn’t think it is a good idea now; Jack steps in and tells her that he still wants to see the places. The woman starts to tell them about the first place that has a beautiful alcove in the master that would be perfect for a nursery like she talked about. In addition, it is located in a great school area. Both Jack and Katie cringe after hearing her mention this.

Carly explains that she simply didn’t sleep well last night; she is interested, but she is just going through ideas in her head. She would like some time with the space. She will dazzle him with results later that day, she quietly tells him. After he leaves, Carly catches herself, as she seems lightheaded. She takes some Aspirin and goes to sit down on the couch with her sketchbook. She is noticeably cloudy as she tries to shake the feeling off. Her eyes look heavy and she closes them for a moment.

Luke quickly explains that he apparently rubbed the Colonel the wrong way and so he is going to head out. After he leaves, Henry looks confused as he watches Noah’s father, but he decides to head back over to him to talk. They talk about how he is hosting a bridal shower for his best friend Katie. Noah’s dad subtly seems unsure as to why Henry would have a female best friend. They continue talking as Noah’s dad mentions eating right so he can look good when he is in his dress blues for Noah’s wedding. Henry is taken aback; he is already predicting the future? Henry broaches the subject he really wants to get into; he thinks that Maddie should keep things status quo with Noah and not forget all her other friends, such as Luke; the three of them are tight and a stable group. The Colonel grimaces and tells Henry that is a matter of opinion. Henry then mentions that there was a noticeable chill in the air when Luke came in here. The Colonel says coldly that is because he knows Luke’s type and he doesn’t want his son to have anything to do with him. He then excuses himself quickly citing an appointment. Henry watches after him shocked.

Before Paul can answer the maid, the doorbell rings so she goes to answer it. Paul is left looking longingly at the picture. A loving smile even crosses his face before the maid is back to announce that Meg is there to see him. Paul quickly hides the picture, as Meg strides in; she wants him to be a man because if he has a problem with her then he shouldn’t be taking it out on Craig.

Carly is fast asleep on the couch when Katie and Jack come in with the real estate agent. She briefs them on the place and then Jack asks if they can see it themselves because they have to talk about a few things. At this time, Carly is stirring and is aware that Jack and Katie are with a real estate agent, as she doesn’t know what to do. After the woman leaves, Katie immediately doesn’t understand why they even bothered to look at this place since it will be too much space since they are not having a baby. Jack explains that it is a lot of money on a cop’s salary. She has a lot saved and makes a six-figure income. Is he bothered by the fact she makes more money? He isn’t, but it will take time to get used to the fact that he doesn’t have to worry about money the same way. Katie sidles up to him; they can afford a new home and the new baby. What is the real reason he doesn’t want another baby?

A gloating Lucinda comes to see Craig at the farm. There is an atmosphere of glee at the office for his impending downfall. Craig doesn’t want her to count her chickens yet. She looks around the kitchen and taunts him about there being a reality show here somewhere. Is she finished? She won’t be until her Company is back where it belongs.

Paul wonders sarcastically if Craig sent the ‘little woman’ to do his bidding? She came because this is between the two of them only. Why is he trying to make Craig pay for what he perceives she did to him? He is doing it because he is going to get back everything that he took from Rosanna. She is sorry that he got hurt, but he doesn’t even appear at all sorry that he is doing this to her… in fact he looks downright pleased. He knew her heart was breaking after he went over the cliff, but he couldn’t manage to tell her that he was alive. She had moved on, Paul answers simply. Therefore, he moves on to Rosanna that quickly. Why wouldn’t he let her help him? Rosanna helped him. So, he loves her now? He always loved her. If that is the case, then why can’t he forget about her and Craig and be happy with the woman he supposedly loves?

Henry meets up with Maddie and Noah downtown. He is glad to meet the person that kept his sister in town. Noah is excited to meet him but has to leave soon after to meet the furniture delivery guys. Henry wants to talk with Maddie alone anyway. Does he like Noah? He does from the 10 seconds he spent with him. He doesn’t seem much like his father, he adds. Henry wants her to know that if she still wants to go to Wesleyan, he and Vienna could probably swing it. Maddie tells him that she has already registered for classes at OU, she is still probably going to be able to work at WOAK and it is too late to transfer she is sure. Is she trying to convince him or herself? Maddie frowns; doesn’t he like Noah?

Katie explains that she wants a baby with him. Jack tries to get her to understand better his situation; when Carly left things were in turmoil, and now it is finally getting back to normal, but he feels that a newborn so soon after the wedding, may leave his kids feeling displaced. Why should they rock the boat right now? Katie tells him that Sage confided in her that she prays for a little sister every night. Jack smiles; she is a child – she also prays for a puppy. Carly is listening grimacing at this conversation. Doesn’t she want to travel and spend time together? Katie answers that she would want that eventually. He is not saying never… he is just saying not right now. Can she live with that? She wants to marry him, but… she stops in her tracks and exclaims, “Oh my God!” Katie, who has paced into the other room, is staring at an embarrassed Carly sitting on the couch. Jack demands to know if she followed them there? Carly tries to gather her strength; she was hired for a job, as she holds out her tape measure. Are they supposed to believe this was a coincidence? When she heard them, did she hide, Katie demands? No, she was working and then felt dizzy and sat down to feel better. Jack immediately asks if she is ok? She is fine. She must have fallen asleep and then she awoke to hear voices. She was eavesdropping? She admits that she didn’t know what to do. Katie snaps that she is sure that Carly was happy to hear them fight. Carly explains that as much as Katie may be embarrassed, she is more mortified.

Henry explains that he spoke with the Colonel… did he and Vienna have their clothes on, Maddie teases him? The Colonel was the one exposed this time. He let something slip that he most likely didn’t mean to. She hopes that he is not going to hold Noah responsible for this. Henry explains that he got the distinct impression the Noah’s father has a real problem with gay people. Maddie is not surprised since he is so traditional. The Colonel also made it clear that he didn’t like Luke. She doesn’t want him to worry that Noah feels that way too. Henry is concerned because they are all such good friends. Maddie doesn’t understand why he appears to be struggling for words? Henry finally slowly admits that he got the real feeling that Noah’s dad is afraid that something is going on between Noah and Luke. Maddie looks stunned.

Craig is looking out the window as Lucinda waxes on; she can’t wait until Rosanna returns her Company to its rightful owner. What makes her think that would happen? She would do it just to see the look on his face. Craig repeats what he keeps saying; he is not to blame for Rosanna’s lost two years. Lucinda taunts him about Meg being with him because of his money and now that is gone, so will Meg soon. She is not like that, Craig answers. Lucinda thinks he should set her free to find someone with a future because once Rosanna remembers what he did to her, he will be going to jail for a long time.

Meg doesn’t understand his anger. Paul wonders if they are supposed to let bygones be bygones while they live in Rosanna’s house and spend her money. No, but she just wants honesty. She was comatose, he was dead, then he crosses the globe to be with Rosanna and now they have both recovered and proclaimed their love. Paul remarks coldly that she is shocked with the suddenness of him changing partners. Does it help him to be mean? He answers that he isn’t trying to be mean; he just realized that he thought he saw something in her that never was there. Meg tries to appeal to him; he is not like this; he is not mean and cruel. He has none of those traits and that is why she loved him… and still does. The more he talks like that, the more she knows that he still loves her. Paul is staring at her. She is married to Craig. What if she wasn’t, would that make a difference, Meg whispers? Is she planning on leaving him, Paul asks equally as quiet? Is that what he wants?

Lucinda toys with Craig further; how does it feel that his former and current wife are both in love with Paul? Rosanna can have Paul. Meg wants him too though. They both saw her grief, and one doesn’t get over that easily. Is he afraid that they may get together for a tryst? No, a defiant Craig answers. Is he as sure as when he thought Meg was marrying for the right reasons, Lucinda toys with him? Rosanna is out of town, so where is Meg? Craig snarls for her to get out. She will now because her work is done.

Paul tells her that what he wants doesn’t matter because she is married to Craig. He should be grateful then to her since it was her actions that sent him towards his true path with Rosanna. Why does he want to punish her then? She is punishing herself by staying with Craig. Why does he want to send Craig to jail for something he didn’t do? Does she really believe that? His last wife just came out of a coma. Is that what he wants for her? An emotional Paul admits that is the last thing he wants. Meg answers out loud that means he still cares.

Maddie is very upset; Noah may like old movies and work in theater, but that doesn’t mean… she hates stereotypes. Henry tells her that he didn’t mean to bring it up… consider it dropped. He changes the subject to ask how the move is going? Maddie answers it is fine, but is far away. Henry tells her to call him if she needs anything.

Carly tells Katie that Jack laid down the law and she is not deluding herself that she and Jack are going to get back together. Carly starts to head for the door, but Katie wants to know why she didn’t announce herself? She knew Jack would think she was a stalker. She just wanted to do her job and support her kids. She did not want to hear their conversation. She is thrilled though that they were fighting, Katie grumbles. Carly honestly answers that it isn’t a big deal for couples in love to disagree and fight, so she shouldn’t worry that she overheard that; it is obvious that Jack loves her so there is nothing to worry about. She heads out the door. Jack thinks that was Carly’s attempt to be civil, but Katie thinks she can afford to be civil because she won; she has his kids – that is something she apparently will never have. Jack thinks that is ridiculous. Her desire to have kids is not some casual thing; it is a biological drive. He understands her feelings. JJ and Parker did not come into his life in the traditional way and Sage’s arrival was filled with drama. She realizes that things don’t always go as planned. Does she want to call this off, Jack wonders? No. She just needs him to think about having a baby with her. Jack quietly stutters that he won’t rule it out. Katie is unimpressed with his enthusiasm. Can they table this conversation for a year? Katie wonders if in a year, there is no change on his part, is she supposed to give up on her dream forever? Jack doesn’t say anything so Katie stomps out.

At WOAK, Maddie walks in and sees Luke at the computer writing. She slowly approaches him. There is small talk before Maddie broaches the subject she does not want to deal with. She doesn’t know how to ask this. Luke just wants her to spit it out. Is there something going on with him and Noah? Luke gets nervous and starts fidgeting. He repeats the question as a stall tactic, which is not lost on Maddie. Does he understand what she means? He does, but he can’t answer it. Maddie starts to freak out, as Luke jumps up. She answers through welling tears, that he just did answer it. Luke apologizes. Maddie pulls back and tells him that she guesses she needs to talk with Noah; Luke thinks that is a good idea and walks away slowly.

Craig is on the phone with his lawyer receiving good news. He races outside calling to Meg saying he has good news; the lawyer found some money. She doesn’t respond, so Craig calls to her again; where is she? He starts to look nervous when he realizes she is not there.

Paul answers Meg that he doesn’t want her to die because he is a decent guy. She has forgiven him for so many things; can’t he forgive her? No. She explains that she didn’t choose Craig over him. She still loves him and she thinks he still loves her, so she plants a passionate kiss on him.

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