ATWT Update Thursday 9/6/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/6/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Will and Gwen’s place)  Alison arrives and wonders if Gwen has had time to consider her offer of donating her egg so that she and Will could have a baby.  Gwen tells Alison she has thought of nothing else since last night but she hasn’t had time to talk to Will about it.  Will walks in from the kitchen and wonders what Gwen wants to talk to him about but Gwen is hesitant to say anything to Will in front of Alison.  She then tells him Alison has offered to be an egg donor for them and she wants her to do it.  Will thinks they should have a talk before making such a big decision so fast.  Alison apologizes if it seems she is trying to pressure the couple but she is excited and really wants to help them.  Will asks Alison if she would give them some time alone to talk about this and he thanks her for her kind offer and tells her they are going to call her as soon as they have made a decision.  Will tells Gwen that he thinks this is happening too fast and wants Gwen to have time to physically recover as well as to grieve the child they lost before they even think about having another child.  Gwen explains to Will that she loves him and wants to have his child inside of her but Will points out that biologically it wouldn’t be her child because Alison would be the mother of the baby.  Gwen insists that Alison would be the donor not the baby’s mother.  Will tells Gwen that he thinks she is still too emotional to go through all of this again as evidenced by her reaction just now.  Gwen explains to Will that when she was pregnant with his child and felt it inside her stomach, life suddenly fell into perspective and she knew that they had been brought together to have a family and be happy.  Gwen pleads with Will not to make her wait any longer than they both already have waited to be happy.  Will has reservations about having a baby so soon after the miscarriage but he can’t bear to break Gwen’s heart. 

(Old Town)  Gwen and Will catch up to Alison and tell her they have both decided to accept her offer to donate an egg to them.  Alison and Gwen hug and have huge smiles on their faces while Will stands aside watching them with a doubtful look on his face. 

(Java)  Luke talks with Roth, a friend from school, about a professor and they laugh and smile and look like they are having a good time as they drink coffee.  Noah arrives on the scene and watches them say good-bye.  Once Roth is gone, Noah questions Luke about what he and Roth were talking about and they start to argue because Luke thinks Noah is jealous.  Noah’s father arrives and wonders what the too young men were discussing.  Luke covers for Noah who has moved away from Luke a bit so his father doesn’t think anything improper is going on between them, and tells Colonel Mayer that he and Noah were talking about classes at school.  Noah’s father asks if they have any classes together and Luke makes sure to tell him they have no classes together.  Luke makes an excuse that he has to go to the TV station and work on their project, but actually, he just wants to leave because he feels uncomfortable around Noah’s father.  Maddie arrives and wonders what is wrong with Luke but Noah’s dad tells her to forget about him and instead asks Maddie if she and Noah have any classes together.  Maddie tells him they have three classes together.  Noah’s father is very happy at the news and Noah goes to check if he can get into another class that he needs, so he leaves Maddie to talk to his father.  Maddie decides she should be honest and tell Noah’s father about her sister Eve.  She is surprised to learn that he already knows about Eve because he did a background check on her.  Maddie wonders why he doesn’t disapprove of her for what happened last summer with her sister.  Colonel Mayer makes it clear that Eve did an awful thing but he doesn’t think that it should reflect on her just because her sister killed all those young people.  Colonel Mayer tells Maddie that all he cares about is that she is a smart beautiful, young lady and she is just the kind of girl that his son needs in his life. 

(TV Station)  Noah arrives and apologizes to Luke if his father made him feel uncomfortable earlier and then he again asks Luke if he has ever dated Roth.  He says that he knows Roth is gay because he was signing up for activities at the gay and lesbian table.  Luke once again asks Noah if he is jealous, and Noah doesn’t even take one second to deny the accusation made by Luke.  Luke makes it clear that he doesn’t owe Noah an explanation because he is just his straight friend.  Luke explains to Noah that he just saw Roth and asked him to sit with him and have a cup of coffee because they had gone out for coffee once and knew each other.  He tells Noah that his personal life is none of Noah’s business because he chose to be with Maddie.  Luke screams at Noah that he is tired of this and he is going to look for someone who loves him and is proud of being gay.  Luke explains to Noah that after Kevin, he promised himself that his next relationship would be all or nothing.  Noah wonders if they can still be friends and Luke tells him no because it’s just too hard to watch him with Maddie.  Luke tells Noah not to worry because once their project is over at the station they won’t have to see each other again. 

(Diner)  Maddie tells Henry that she can’t understand why Colonel Mayer is so hard on Noah about certain rules, but anything he does with her is fine with him.  She says that it seems almost like he wants them to have a relationship more then they do.  Henry explains to Maddie that men in the military are used to rules and regulations and maybe since Noah’s dad wanted him to go into the military, he was tough on Noah.  Maddie explains to Henry that she was confused because Colonel Meyer did a background check on her and knows about Eve but doesn’t seem to care about it.  Henry tells Maddie to concentrate on college and not worry about anything except school and having fun with her friends and boyfriend.  Maddie gives Henry a hug and thanks him for his advice.  Once Maddie is gone, Henry calls Noah’s father and asks him to come to the diner to talk in ten minutes.  Colonel Mayer arrives exactly ten minutes later and Henry expresses his concern that Noah and Maddie are rushing into a huge commitment by living together.  Henry also points out that he hasn’t even met Noah yet and Colonel Mayer starts to call Noah to rectify the situation, but Henry stops him by saying he wants to have a dinner party to celebrate that the kids are going to college.  Colonel Mayer tells Henry that he thinks that Noah a Maddie are two very mature young people for there age and they know what they want and are ready for a commitment.  Colonel Mayer explains to Henry that when Noah lived in Mousourr, he began hanging around with the wrong crowd but ever since he moved to Oakdale and met Maddie, she has helped straightened him out and now he’s nothing like them.  Henry asks Colonel Mayer what sort of people he was referring to when he used the word them. 

(Diner)  Jack arrives to surprise Katie with the watch he gave her which he had sized this morning.  Jack puts the watch on Katie’s wrist and she looks at the time and notices she is late for a meeting with Margo to talk about wedding dresses.  Katie gets all crazed because she can’t find the magazines with the wedding dresses in them.  Jack calms her down and tells her she probably left the magazines at the farm or at her house.  Henry asks Jack if he would mind if he and Vienna throw them a wedding shower.  Jack agrees to a co-ed wedding shower and Henry goes to inform the cook.  Jack and Katie start talking about their wedding and honeymoon and Katie suddenly realizes they don’t have a house, so Jack gets the paper and starts looking through the classifieds.  Katie tells Henry she will leave the plans for the wedding shower in his capable hands because she and Jack must go look for a house today. 

(Farm)  Carly arrives to pick up Sage from School and is told by Brad that Jack took her to school.  Carly notices the wedding magazines and gets sad about Jack again.  Brad tries to cheer her up by making a pass at her but Carly tells him not to make her feel better because she has finally realized that her relationship with Jack is over for good.  Carly begins to sob as Brad holds her and encourages her to move on because Katie and Jack have found happiness and they can be happy too just not with Katie and Jack.  Brad encourages Carly to go to the Lakeview with him and try to forget about her troubles for a while by concentrating on work.  Brad tells Carly he set up a meeting for her with a man who was on the show last week who has some new apartment buildings and just happens to be looking for an interior designer.  Carly doesn’t feel up to a meeting but goes with Brad anyway just to get him to stop bothering her about it. 

(Lakeview)  Brad and Carly arrive and before her meeting, she notices Jack and Katie looking through the newspaper and joking about houses.  Carly tells Brad she can’t do this because Jack and Katie are there and she starts to leave but Brad promises her he will make them leave.  Brad goes to Jack and Katie’s table and tells them he has a hot date with a fan of the show and if she sees Katie, she will get excited to see her and probably want to talk to her all night and ruin his date.  Jack and Katie agree to leave so that lonely Brad can have a date.  The man arrives for the meeting and Carly is distracted so Brad tells the man about Carly’s wonderful work on Simon’s building.  The man tells Carly he has seen her work on the building and likes it very much and since he has had a disagreement with his interior designer, he wants to give her a tour of the building and get her ideas.  Brad promises that Carly will meet him in a half an hour with her sketchbook.  Brad takes Carly home to get her sketchbook and some samples and offers to take her to the building.  Carly tells Brad she will go to the meeting alone and Brad makes her promise not to give up.  Once Brad is gone, Carly looks at a picture of her, Jack, and the kids and starts to cry again. 

(Outside the farm)  Jack and Katie decide which houses they would like to see.  One has four bedrooms, and Jack wonders why they would need four bedrooms.  Katie smiles and says she would love to have a baby with him in the future.  Jack is surprised and tells Katie that he doesn’t think he wants to have any more children.  Katie tells Jack that she won’t settle for anything less then to have her own children.

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