ATWT Update Wednesday 9/5/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/5/07


Written By Elayna

At the Avalon Club, Lily/Lola is dressed up as one of the girl’s and is trying to illicit information from the two women that Dusty struck out with. Lily talks about how Cheri confided in her about the close call she had. The women are surprised to hear that Cheri confided in someone else besides them. Lily continues with the charade; Cheri was scared but pretended she had it under control. The two women remember how this man was a monster and how Cheri would tremble when she talked about him. One of the girls recalled having nightmares over this man that she never met. Lily pretends that she and Cheri had been drinking that night, and now she has forgotten his name. Suddenly, the two women’s eyes turn to slits as one of them demands to know who she really is and what she really wants?

At the Lakeview, Dusty is defending himself against a furious Holden; he thought Lily went home. Holden angrily remarks to him about how all the women in his life are all going through rough patches and he seems to reel them in then. Dusty admits that he didn’t want Lily getting involved. Aaron walks over wanting to know what is going on? Dusty smiles and then tells them that he is leaving, but Holden snaps that he isn’t going anywhere until he tells him where his wife is.

One of the two women explains how Cheri never told anyone the man’s name. She wouldn’t tell them because it was not safe to know his name. They demand that Lily tell them what she is really up to?

At the hospital, Will is pacing in the exam room while Gwen seems calm as they wait for the specialist to come see them. They are appreciative that Susan did them this favor by getting them into see this doctor, who had a long waiting list. Susan comes into tell them that the doctor is running a few minutes late, but she wanted to talk with them first. They have both looked at her tests, and physically and emotionally, they feel she is still recovering. There doesn’t need to be a rush to see a fertility specialist. Gwen doesn’t see why it matters how quickly they see the specialist because she feels fine. Susan feels there is a risk if they get involved this quickly in trying to get pregnant again now.

At Al’s, Craig is teasing Meg about the working dinner they are having; she is all business. Craig commends her on her catching the accounting error. The waitress interrupts them to tell Craig that his card has been declined. Paul walks over and asks them if they have come up short? He can help out, as he whips out a wad of cash and Meg glares at him. He tosses some money down; the meal is on him… they can think of it as a belated wedding gift. Craig snarls at Paul, as he tosses a few credit cards at the waitress; he is sure any one of these other ones will work. The waitress leaves and Paul comments snidely about the domestic scene with them having dinner at a diner. Meg walks off curtly to see the waitress. Why is he here, Craig demands? He is addicted to the Peppakakar. Craig thinks it is pathetic why he is here. Paul explains that he wanted to be there for the beginning… of the end.

The two women now are sure that Lily didn’t really know Cheri since she never mentioned his name. Lily covers; they weren’t that close because they had this competition thing going on. One of the girls thinks that sounds valid since it sounds like Cheri. That same girl leaves to go talk to a man and the other woman tells Lily that she is too trusting, still staring sideways at her. Lily tells the woman that she isn’t trusting especially after she has seen the police go after the first suspect they find in Cheri’s case. She doesn’t think they are interested in finding out who really killed her. There is another guy out there who is a creep, and they don’t even care if he comes after any one of them. She gives the woman a card and tells her to call her if she wants to talk.

Holden is sure Dusty knows where Lily is since she is probably not done aiding and abetting. Dusty seems to have a silent and subtle revelation of where Lily might be after Holden says that. Holden notices this. Dusty thinks it is Lily’s place to talk with him about what she does, but Holden is now getting more worked up. Allison walks in saying Dusty’s name and obviously wanting to talk with him, without noticing whom he is talking with. When she sees Aaron and Holden with Dusty, she looks horrified, turns, and walks out quickly. Dusty is going to go after her, but Aaron stops and tells him that he will go. Holden presses again; where is Lily? Dusty’s phone rings and he tells Holden that it is his lawyer and he needs to take it. Dusty picks up and it is Lily wanting to talk with him. Dusty subtly tells her what is going on when he pretends to talk with his ‘lawyer’ about who he is standing with and that Holden is upset about his wife posting bond. Lily sighs, but can’t deal with it now; she has to see him. Dusty doesn’t think it is a good time, but Lily tells him it is important and to meet him at Al’s in 15 minutes.

Downtown, Aaron catches up with Allison; why did she run off? Is she supposed to hang around, have a beer with them and ask his dad how he liked her video? Aaron feels empathy, but he reminds her that she decided to stay in town, so she needs to stop running. She starts to explain why she was there to see Dusty, but Aaron knows it was because she was concerned after hearing about his arrest. Allison wants him to understand that she doesn’t want him making this all into Dusty’s fault because she was just as much to blame; she is not a victim and she needs to accept that to move forward. Aaron wonders why she is punishing herself? Is that why she can’t allow herself to connect with anyone trying to be there for her? Is that why she didn’t call him back? He called and stopped by and she wasn’t ever around. Allison assures him that she wasn’t doing drugs. He did know that. She was at meetings and spending time with Will and Gwen. They lost their baby and she wanted to try something unique; she was trying to put someone else before herself; she wanted to help be there for them. Aaron is sorry to hear that and wonders if they are ok? Allison thinks it is twisted that they were given this miracle that turned into the worst thing that could happen to them.

Gwen wants to nicely blow off Susan’s concerns about the risks, but Will wants to hear them. Susan understands their strong desire for children, that is why Allison came to be, but she needs to be in the best possible health to even begin this process and even then, she is still considered to be in a high-risk group. She still has a way to go before she is 100%. There is no reason why they can’t wait for a while. She doesn’t want them to take this action thinking this is the way to feel better. She could be risking herself and the baby. She is young and they have time on their side. Gwen appreciates her opinion and concern, but she wants to talk to the doctor still since she is here. After Susan leaves, Will voices his concern about doing this, and Gwen is bothered that he is suddenly doing an about face. He hasn’t changed his mind; he still wants a baby, but he is concerned with if Gwen can go through this again.

Dusty apologizes to Holden about dragging Lily into the whole gun drama. He doesn’t feel that this anger is all about him though? He heard that he and Lily had a big fight. Holden snaps for him to worry about their fights. Dusty just feels that Holden should invest his time less in being angry with him and more about concern over what is happening with him and Lily.

Allison thinks that it is sad that Gwen’s problems are not her fault, but her problems, she created herself. Aaron teases her when he suggests that they go to the pharmacy and buy some index cards so they can write down on each one each of Allison’s faults. This gets Allison to smile. She admits that she did appreciate his messages and how calm he sounded. It was amazing considering how much she hurt him; it isn’t fair to him. Aaron thinks they should just get past that. He just wants her to promise here and now that the next time he calls her, she will pick up. Allison smiles widely. What is making her smile so much? Allison admits it is because he used the phrase ‘next time.’

Paul admits that it is amusing to see him broke. Craig smirks; the best things in life are free, he remarks knowing that Paul will get the point. If that is true, then why did he take Rosanna’s money? Craig explains that they merged their money. Paul remarks about how long it is taking the waitress to come back; she had enough time to run many different credit cards by now. Could they all be cancelled? Paul smugly comments about how Meg is doing that thing with her eyebrow when she is upset. Could she be finding out about all the cancelled cards now? Did she not see that coming? Rosanna is going to wipe him out in about 20 minutes. Craig gets what he is doing to him, but why hurt Meg… what did she do to him? Oh yeah, he remembers now, he says shortly. Paul leaves and Meg comes back; none of the credit cards work. Paul seemed to know that would happen and he doesn’t seem that surprised. What happened and how long did he know about this? Craig explains that Rosanna is in Detroit trying to wipe his finances out and he didn’t tell her because there was nothing she could do. Meg doesn’t accept this, as she answers back that he didn’t tell her because he knew he screwed up.

Gwen explains to Will that she appreciates that there are risks, but she would feel worse if in the end, they never tried. What if she isn’t strong enough? The doctor will tell her that. The doctor comes in and Will and Gwen thank him for seeing them on such short notice. The doctor apologizes for their loss, but wonders why they are wanting to see him so soon after their loss? They wanted to get the facts. The doctor explains that even with hormonal therapies, the chances of her getting pregnant and/or carrying the baby to term would be slim. There is also the risk to her and her baby. There is another option down the road; they could find an egg donor. Then that would be implanted into her womb. Gwen immediately wants to know when they could start? The doctor cautions her that this is a lengthy process. They would need to find a donor and then go through the process until it takes and then it is not a given it would succeed. Will looks overwhelmed, but Gwen refuses to not see this as an option right now.

At Al’s, Lily walks up and Dusty sees how she is dressed and realizes he was right as to what she was up to. After what happened with Dusty getting nowhere with those girls, she realized the only way to get anywhere was for her to go undercover. Dusty restates the obvious; Holden is not happy. He is not going to find out. What she found out is important because she knows who killed Cheri. Lily and Dusty sit and she tells him about the mystery guy Cheri was afraid of. Dusty is skeptical since they don’t know his name, where he lives or anything about him. Lily snaps that she gets this from home with Holden, can’t he just thank her? Dusty smiles. Dusty wants her to go home, but Lily won’t be deterred; she is good at this. She has gotten closer then anyone else. Dusty reminds her that Holden is upset because he doesn’t want her involved understandably. Lily realizes in the past she messed up and Holden stepped up and was great with the kids, but she is better now and doesn’t need him acting as her caretaker. She is going to go change clothes and meet him back at the Lakeview. Are they planning on breaking into Cheri’s room? They are going to use her passkey to try to find information on this mystery man.

Aaron wants Allison to know that she doesn’t need to go through this alone. He gets paged from the Lakeview and Allison realizes he left while he was on the job. She doesn’t want him losing his job over her. He teases her about how horrible it would be if he lost his mixology job. He wants her not to forget to take care of herself when she is tending to Will and Gwen. He will talk with her soon.

Will and Gwen arrive home - is she ok… she has been quiet. She just has a lot to think about. Will reminds her that Susan said they had time, but Gwen reminds him how the specialist said that it is a long process so they may want to get started now. She is going to go to bed, as Will goes to answer the knock at the door. It is Paul; he heard and he wanted to tell them how sorry he was, as he shows his concern for Will. Will is happy that he is ok. Paul comes in and hugs Gwen as well. Paul wonders if Will wants to talk, which Gwen tells him to go do while she goes and rests. Paul and Will head out, as Gwen watches them go nervously.

Craig and Meg are sitting on the couch in the Lakeview lobby, as Craig is snippy about not finding any cashews, as he paws through the dish of nuts. He wants champagne. Doesn’t one order champagne when there is something to celebrate or if one has money, Meg sarcastically asks? He isn’t concerned. Meg remarks that she doesn’t like to be kept in the dark, while Craig counters that he doesn’t like to be told he screwed up. He should have kept his money separate. He never thought about that. How much money did he bring into this? He doesn’t know. The manager interrupts them to tell them that Craig’s credit card was declined. Did he try others? He did and then they ran a credit check, which is why they took the liberty of packing their belongings up and leaving them at the front desk. Craig is annoyed and voices his displeasure after the man walks away. Craig’s phone then rings and he is about to ignore it when Meg answers it for him. She hands him the phone, as Craig was right when he guessed it was his lawyer. After a short time, he hangs up. Rosanna has frozen all of his assets; they are broke. Why doesn’t he seem upset? He had a feeling this was coming. He didn’t feel it necessary to share this? He didn’t want her to worry. Meg snidely comments that is Craig – always thinking of her, as she leaves. After she walks away, Craig finds the elusive cashew in the nut bowl and happily chomps on it.

Allison knocks on the door telling Gwen she saw the lights on and thought she would drop off some food since she figured they wouldn’t be up to shopping. Gwen invites her in. Gwen explains that Will is out with his brother. Gwen wants to tell her about their appointment and how helpful Susan was. She introduced them to a fertility specialist. He told them she could carry a baby to term. Allison is thrilled to hear this, but she is confused as to why she doesn’t seem happier?

Downtown, Paul and Will are talking about he and Gwen’s appointment. He is worried that Gwen mentions having his baby… wouldn’t she consider it her baby too? Paul is so sorry for all he has had to go through; he intends on being a better brother from now on. Will jokes that it wouldn’t be that hard. Paul offers to help pay for this egg donor option. While Will appreciates the offer, he doesn’t know when or if they will do this. He is scared for Gwen if this happens again. Is he thinking they shouldn’t be trying anymore, Paul wonders? Gwen wants to go full steam ahead, but Paul can’t tell her what Will is about to share with him, but part of him hopes they never find a donor.

Holden sees Aaron back at the Lakeview; how did it go with Allison? He thinks it went ok. Holden is glad to hear that. He excuses himself so he can talk with Meg for a moment, who is there with Craig. Meg has something to tell him; they have to move into the farm. She adds with an awkward smile that they are going to be one happy family.

Lily and Dusty let themselves into Cheri’s room. They go over it with latex gloves on. Dusty has his doubts as to if Cheri would keep anything on this man, but Lily thinks she might be keeping tabs on him if he is that dangerous. Dusty wonders if this man was obsessed with her? Lily opens a blue fabric box and instantly tells him that she thinks it was more then that, as she holds out the box for Dusty to see the inside contents.

Allison explains to Gwen how she came about thanks to Emily being the donor. Gwen thinks that they were lucky to have Emily offer that. The doctor told them that the process could be very lengthy. Gwen talks about how their life seems on hold right now while they figure this out. Allison seems to have an idea; she wants to do this for them!

Will has a change of heart; he wants Paul to forget what he was saying; he wants a baby, but he is simply afraid for Gwen to go through what they went through again. Paul understands because watching what Craig put Rosanna through was way worse then anything he did to him. So, Rosanna is awake and ok? She is weak, but he is excited that they have a second chance. Will wonders about Meg? She made her choice and now she has to live with it.

Meg and Craig arrive at the Farm; he assures her that this is temporary. Has he forgotten who she is? Money is not that important to her. Craig doesn’t want her to forget what tonight was about; Paul wanted her to pay. Meg doesn’t want to talk about it, but she does know he has done the same that Craig did to him. Craig reminds her that he has never done anything like this to her. He married her knowing she didn’t want him and he stay married even after her secrets came out. If he has tried to make her do anything, it was to keep her married to him. There is a big difference between he and Paul; there is nothing that could make him change how he feels about her. Does she believe that? Meg does, and that is what scares her.

Lily and Dusty pull out of the box an engraved wedding band with the words, “To my love Charlene.” Lily takes out a lock of baby hair tied in a small blue ribbon. She then sees a photograph taken many years previous of a smiling Cheri with a young boy. She looks so happy, they remark. They both can’t believe she was married with a baby and assume no one must have known. They figure based on the photo, the boy must be between 16-20 – about Luke’s age. Lily stares at the picture; she looks so content. Lily surmises that Cheri didn’t leave; something terrible happened to this family and it followed her here. Lily remarks nervously and that person is still out there.

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