ATWT Update Tuesday 9/4/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/4/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(TV Station)  Maddie walks in and demands to know why things have been so tense between Luke and Noah lately.  Maddie wants to know what the guys were talking about so she can help mend the rift between them.  Luke remembers the close moment he and Noah had earlier before Maddie came in and then he recalls Maddie smiling and happy when she told him that Noah was a romantic guy.  Luke tells Maddie they were talking about her.  Maddie doesnít believe that they could be disagreeing about her because Luke canít be interested in her and he approved of her relationship with Noah since she began to date him.  Luke wants to tell Maddie the truth but when he looks at her face, he canít bear to break her heart so he tells her he is upset because they used to be best friends before Noah came and now she hardly spends time with him because she is always with Noah.  Maddie knows that Luke isnít telling her the truth but Luke doesnít want to talk about it anymore because he has work to do, so he leaves Noah and Maddie alone to talk.  Maddie tells Noah that it is important that they share important things so that they can get to know each other and become close so she asks Noah again what is bothering him.  Noah tells Maddie that Luke thinks that he is moving too fast with her and he is afraid that she will get hurt.  Maddie tells Noah that Luke is just trying to protect her because he is her friend and he wants her to be happy.  Noahís father arrives and apologizes to Noah for being so tough on him while he was growing up but he just wanted him to grow up to be a respectable, honorable man.  Noahís dad also tells him that he thinks Maddie has helped him become a man his mother and he can be proud of and he thanks Maddie for having such a positive effect on Noah.  Noahís dad also asks Noah for the chance to get to know him so that they can become a close family as they once were before his mother died.  Once his father leaves Noah smiles and tells Maddie that nobody has ever made him feel the way she does and the two kiss for a few minutes. 

(Police Station)  Dusty wonders who paid his bail but figures it out as soon as he sees Lily waiting for him.  Dusty thanks her for paying to get him out of jail and tells her she didnít have to pay all that money.  Lily tells him she is happy to do it because she knows he didnít kill Cheri no matter what anyone says.  Dusty figures out that Holden doesnít want her to help him and since he doesnít want to cause any problems in her marriage, he tells Lily that he doesnít want her to help him any more.  Lily tells Dusty she has figured out a way to discover who Cheriís real killer is.  She says that they must find out every detail of her life and come up with a list of possible suspects.  Dusty agrees the plan could work but he must do it alone because she canít help him anymore because he doesnít want her getting hurt in the world of prostitution which is dangerous.  Dusty tries to get Lily to talk to him about her problems with Holden but Lily refuses saying that she is going to help him whether he likes it or not but they must agree not to talk about Holden. 

(Avalon)  Lily and Dusty sit at a table of the hotel bar and Dusty sees some of Cheriís girls so he tells Lily that he is going to talk to them to see if they know anything about who killed Cheri.  Dusty walks over to the girls and one of them recognizes him as the man accused of killing their friend and boss.  The girls wonder why he is out of jail and then refuse to talk to him at all.  Dusty walks back to the table and tells Lily that the girls wouldnít talk to him as soon as they recognized him as the man accused of killing Cheri.  Dusty also thinks itís interesting that the girls didnít seem scared of him or surprised that he was the accused killer of their boss.  Dusty and Lily both think that the girls know something but Dusty canít figure out a way to get the girls to talk to him.  Lily takes Dustyís suggestion and leaves because there is nothing more they can do for now until they come up with a plan.  Lily tells Dusty she is going home and if he needs to talk, he should call her.  Once Dusty is gone Lily returns dressed as a hooker and pretends to be a friend of Cheri and buys a round of drinks for the girls in honor of Cheri.  Lily introduces herself to the girls as Lola and starts to talk about how much she will miss Cheri because she was a wonderful friend and businesswoman.  Lily also tells the girls that itís a shame Cheri couldnít handle her personal life as well and had a close call once with a man.  One of the girls named Jolie is surprised that Lily knows about him because Cheri hardly told anyone about him. 

(Old Town)  Holden calls Jack and apologizes for missing his engagement party but he and Lily had a fight and he didnít think that they should go to the party and spoil things for him and Katie.  Jack tries to get Holden to talk to him about the fight but Holden tells him he is fine and that he shouldnít be concentrating on his problems the night of his engagement party.  Luke arrives and asks Holden what is bothering him and he tells him that he is very worried about Lily but he feels uncomfortable talking to his son about his problems.  Holden asks Luke if he has talked to Noah and Luke tells him he spoke to him and things didnít go so well so he would rather not talk about the situation.  Luke leaves to go home and a few minutes later Dusty walks by and Holden is surprised that Dusty is out of jail.  Dusty explains that Lily paid his bail even though he hadnít asked her to pay it and he intends to pay her back.  Holden asks Dusty to leave Lily out of his problems and he wonders if he knows where Lily might be.  Dusty tells Holden that the last time he saw Lily, she told him she was going home. 

(Farm)  Jack and Brad joke around about Brad eating all the little sandwiches with the crusts cut off because they were good.  Brad wonders how such an observant guy hasnít noticed that Katie and Carly are about to have a fight.  Jack tells Brad that isnít true because Katie and Carly have gotten along well tonight because of the kids.  Brad looks out the window and tells Jack that it looks like the fight will start in a few minutes. 

(Outside in the backyard of the farm)  Katie asks Carly to let Jack go if she loves him as much as she claims.  Carly gets angry that Katie, a woman who has done whatever she had to in order to get a man in the past, is encouraging her to let Jack go for his happiness.  Carly throws the watch that Jack gave Katie at her and it falls to the ground but isnít broken.  Jack and Brad both arrive and Katie insists that nothing happened except an accident with her watch but it isnít broken.  Brad asks Carly to drive him to her house so she can make him those little sandwiches with the crust cut off because he ate all the ones they had at this party.  Carly takes the opportunity for a graceful exit and leaves with Brad.  Jack tells Carly he spent a few days while she was away at Carlyís house with the kids and Carly took that as hope that they might get back together.  Jack tells Katie that nothing happened between him and Carly.  He says that he was just being nice to her and being a friend because she and the kids as well as he had just survived a difficult crisis.  Jack tells Katie that he must put an end to Carlyís hope and make her understand that he will never get back together with her.  Jack insists on going over to Carlyís house to have a talk because if he doesnít she will never stop trying to get him back and hurting her (Katie) in the process.  Kate tells Jack to stay with her and let this go because Carly did nothing to hurt her.  Katie tells Jack that he is the one that keeps putting Carly in the way of their happiness.  Sage and Katie talk about what color her flower girl dress should be and Sage tells her that it should be whatever color she wants because she is the bride and she should be happy.  Sage wonders if Katie and her mommy get along now and Katie tells her they get along fine.  Katie sends Sage and J.J. upstairs to wash up and tells them they can come down and have cake when they are done.  Parker apologizes to Katie for Carly and tells her that he doesnít think that Jack and his mom can get along again.  Katie tells Parker he doesnít have to apologize to her for Carly because her mother, Lila, wasnít the typical mother and her father was much younger then her mother so people at school always made fun of her and she would always get angry at them for making fun of her mother.  Katie also tells Parker that her mother always did what she wanted and never cared what people said about her and she still lives her life that way.

(Carlyís house)  Brad tells Carly she pushed things too far tonight by wearing that dress and acting the way she did at the party.  Brad tells Carly that she acted desperate and that Katie felt sorry for her and she succeeded in pushing Jack away for good.  Carly realizes that Brad is right and asks him to leave because she wants to be alone.  Jack arrives a few minutes later through the back door and tells Carly he liked that she wore that dress because it reminds him of the good times they shared together.  Jack recalls how he got dressed quickly but waited to zip up Carlyís dress because he was so proud to go on his first official date with her and have everyone see her on his arm.  Jack explains to Carly that the dress also made him remember the bad times in their marriage like the day he had to tell Sage that her mommy and daddy couldnít be together anymore.  Jack tells Carly that all those memories made him realize that he doesnít ever want to hurt that badly anymore.  Jack tells Carly that to protect himself and his kids from the pain he must give himself a chance to be happy with Katie.  Jack tells Carly he will treat her with respect for the kidís sake but they canít be friends anymore because after what she did tonight, he doesnít like her and he thought that would never happen because even when he couldnít stand her, he liked her.  Jack asks her to stop this because she will only cause her and everyone else more pain.  Once Jack leaves the house, Carly looks at herself in Jackís favorite dress and begins to sob as she stands by the mirror.

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