ATWT Update Friday 8/31/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/31/07


Written By Dani

Sorrow hangs over Oakdale like a bad disease today. Carly against her good friend Lily’s advise arrives at Jack and Katie’s engagement party dressed in a saucy black cocktail dress. The party was a cookout casual, but Carly insisted on wearing Jack’s favorite dress, claiming he never could resist her in it. Today he can because Carly is overlooked at the party time and time again by jack no matter how hard she tries to speak to him or get his attention. Even the kids see what she is trying to do. Carly and Jack’s children aren’t the only ones who notice the dress even if Oakdale’s best detective didn’t. Katie and Jack certainly make not of the dress and what Carly is up to. Throughout the party Carly smiles and goes a long as a gracious guest but can’t help but believe fate is telling them all something when Jack’s engagement gift, a watch, doesn’t fit. Katie to feels on edge that it may be a sign .Katie manages to put the ill-fitting watch out of her mind long enough to warn Carly that she is on to her games and they had better stop. She is who jack loves and wants to be with Katie tells Carly who listens without comment, knowing the truth in her heart. Brad doesn’t help things between the competing women, but who’s side is Brad on? Brad is quick to tell on Carly for trying her hardest to make things the way they once were but he is also there to cheer Carly on when it isn’t looking so encouraging for her. I guess it doesn’t matter. Katie or Carly either of Jack’s sloppy seconds is good enough for him.

Jack and Katie’s party wasn’t a priority on some of their closest friend and families list of things to do today. Henry and Vienna close the diner to make a little love on one of the dining table until they are interrupted by Winston, Noah’s dad. He has dropped by to meet Maddie’s family since the kids will be moving into together. Henry tries to keep his past indiscretions from the straight laced Army col. But Vienna thinks Henry is wonderful and brags on his accomplishments. Good or bad. Legal or illegal. Ignorance is bliss I guess, but she has a good heart. Winston is a little overwhelmed by the weirdness and morally bankrupt Henry and Vienna. Before he can make a speedy polite exit Maddie storms in needing Henry’s signature as co-sign for the apartment she and Noah intend on getting. Maddie is taken aback to see Noah’s father . Winston invites her and Noah to dinner to celebrate them moving in together.

Meanwhile Luke confronts Noah about being truthful with himself, his father and most of all Maddie about his true feelings and desires. Noah is resistant until Luke grabs him to prevent him from walking out. They almost kiss. Maddie returns from the diner. Noah bolts to the other side of the office, both are acting strangely. Maddie knows she walked in on something and wants to know what it was. Luke makes an excuse for the both of them but Maddie doesn’t buy it. Maddie knows this isn’t the first time she has walked in and something strange has been going on. Maddie wants to know what they are hiding and she wants to know now.

With Col. Winston gone and Maddie, Henry and Vienna get back to what they were doing before the interruption opting to skip the engagement party.

Holden learns from Luke and Maddie that Lily was present during an argument that resulted in Dusty grabbing Cherie and saying “you’ll be sorry” Holden is finding lily is still keeping secrets from him. Lily meets up with Holden to go to the engagement party but Holden wants to argue over Lily’s involvement in Dusty and Cherie’s feud and now murder case.


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