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(Will & Gwen’s house) Will and Gwen sit on the couch and hold each other as they try to deal with the loss of their child. Gwen remains determined to feel Will’s child inside of her again so Will suggests they get a second opinion about her condition. Will feels badly that he wasn’t with Gwen when she lost the baby but Gwen reminds him there is nothing he could have done to prevent her miscarriage. Gwen thinks she needs to take a walk and Will offers to go with her but she tells him she needs to be alone.

(Main Street) Cole arrives with flowers for Sophie to apologize for getting angry with her for seeking Gwen’s help with his music career. Sophie wonders if what Gwen said about him leaving her alone when she was little is true so Cole explains to Sophie that he was a young teenager who couldn’t deal with his rough home life so he left home. Cole tells Sophie he was too young to know how to defend has little sister and he is sorry for all the pain she suffered. Sophie tries to tell Cole that she is pregnant but he says he needs to leave to meet the band and they can talk later. Gwen comes walking by shortly after Cole leaves and Sophie asks her how the baby is doing and apologizes about asking her to help Cole with his music career. Gwen tells Sophie she had a miscarriage and Sophie offers her sympathy to Gwen. Gwen warns Sophie to keep her child away from Cole because he is a mean person and her child would be better off without a father. Sophie is hurt but she knows Gwen is grieving so she tells Gwen she will forgive her for being so mean to her. Gwen tells Sophie that no matter what her excuses she knows that she hasn’t told Cole the news about her pregnancy because she is scared he will get mad once he knows about it.

(Gwen & Will’s place) Gwen returns home and tells Will that her brother Cole is in town and his girlfriend Sophie whom he met at the diner is pregnant with his child and hasn’t told him about it. Gwen also explains to Will that she said some harsh words to Sophie and she didn’t mean to hurt her but Will assures her that Sophie understood because she has just had a miscarriage. Gwen tells Will she doesn’t like being this miserable and they go inside the house to talk. Gwen wonders what Will did with all the baby stuff and he tells her he just stored it in the garage so she wouldn’t have to look at it. Gwen thinks that is good because they will need it when she gets pregnant again. Gwen tells Will she wants to get a second opinion and also check out fertility treatments because with all the new research there must be a treatment that can help her. Will tells Gwen that if those two options don’t work they can research adoption and adopt a baby but Gwen tells him that she wants to feel his child growing inside her again.

(Fairwinds) Rosanna tells Paul that she didn’t remember everything about the accident but she remembers taking the phone to call bob and tell him about the baby switch but Craig grabbed the phone from her and slammed it down into the cradle. Rosanna assumes she was trying to call Bob to tell him about the baby switch and that is why Craig was trying to stop her. Paul tells her not to get anxious because her memory will return and he also advises her to call Carly and her family and maybe if she concentrates on them her memory will return naturally. Rosanna calls Carly who is thrilled to hear Rosanna’s voice and to learn that Paul brought her back to Oakdale. Carly arrives for a visit and the two sisters hug an Carly tells her the kids are big and they are going to be thrilled to see her. Carly gives Rosanna the short version of what she has missed in two years and she starts by telling Rosanna that she and Jack are divorced and he is dating Katie. Carly explains that Jack and Katie got together because she was lonely after Mike left her and Carly left him and the kids for a brief time. Rosanna tells Carly she won’t judge her for her actions because she knows she must have had her reasons. Carly tells Rosanna that she is confident Jack will return to her because he always does and Rosanna assures Carly that Jack will come to his senses and return to her. Carly worries that Paul isn’t being honest with Rosanna and Rosanna tells her that Paul has told her everything except for details about his relationship with Meg. Rosanna wonders what Carly knows about Paul’s relationship with Meg. Carly tells Rosanna she doesn’t know much because they were on and off before she left and when she returned home she hadn’t kept up with them.

(Avalon Motel) Craig tells Meg that he feels blessed by her and that she is a remarkable woman who he loves. Meg is stunned by Craig’s words and is left speechless which of course Craig knows means that she doesn’t love him. Craig thinks Meg just made love to him to forget about Paul but Meg denies it and tells Craig she just wasn’t ready to say those three little words but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel them. Meg gives Craig a hug and tells him that she loves him very much.

(Lakeview) Paul arrives to surprise Barbara who was just calling him on the phone to tell him that he needs to talk to Will. Barbara is thrilled to see Paul but she tells him the sad news about Gwen’s miscarriage. Paul tells Barbara that he brought Rosanna home and together they are going to destroy Craig and make sure that he pays for everything he has done. Barbara reminds Paul that Meg could get hurt in the process and he says he doesn’t care if Meg gets hurt because he realized he still loves Rosanna and probably always will love her. Craig and Meg are having breakfast in the Lakeview dinning room and when they are finished Craig goes to buy a newspaper before they head to the office. Meg decides to go get the car and on her way to the elevator Paul grabs her and warns her once again that Craig will hurt her so she should leave him before that happens. Meg insists that Craig would never hurt her because he loves her and she loves him. Meg also tells Paul that what she does with her life is none of his concern anymore. Paul says that he doesn’t care what happens to her anymore and he doesn’t know why he even bothered to warn her.

(Montgomery enterprises Craig and Meg pick out a few houses from the newspaper they would like to see and Meg goes to call a real estate agent from her office. Rosanna calls Craig to tell him that she is making a trip to Cabot motors to inform them that she will be back in charge of the company again. Craig explains that he bought the company when she got sick so he owns it now. Rosanna tells Craig that he won’t own it for long once she tells the police he committed a felony. Rosanna tells Craig that she is getting stronger every day and her memory is coming back. Craig hangs up the phone and Meg can tell by the look on his face that something is bothering him. Craig tells Meg that he lost a bid for a house that he wanted to give her as a surprise.

(Carly’s house) Jack and Carly watch taped home movies and have a few laughs and Carly goes upstairs to get another tape. The doorbell rings and Jack is thrilled to see Katie and the two are kissing when Carly comes back downstairs. Jack tells Carly he wants to go back home to the farm now that Katie has arrived to take care of him. Jack also wants to spend some time alone with Katie.

(Farm) Jack and Katie realize they are al alone so they go upstairs to make love and celebrate Katie’s return home. Once they have finished making love Jack asks Katie to marry him in two or three weeks and she wonders if he wants to marry her so quickly because Carly backed him into a corner. Jack insists that he wants to marry Katie because he loves her and doesn’t want to wait any longer to be her husband. Katie agrees and they decide to have an engagement BBQ and Katie insists that Jack invite Carly to make it easier on the kids. Jack calls Carly to tell her he has some news to tell her that will change their lives. Carly rushes home from Rosanna’s house because she is sure that Jack has broken up with Katie.

(Carly’s place) Carly is stunned when Jack arrives with Katie who has brought some souvenirs from Hawaii for the kids. Jack tells Carly that he and Katie are getting married in two or three weeks and they want her to come to the engagement BBQ for the sake of the children. Carly promises she will be there and once Jack and Katie leaves Carly cries and tells herself this can’t be happening.

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