ATWT Update Wednesday 8/29/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/29/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

(Alís Diner)  The diner is busy but the customers are complaining because Vienna doesnít give them the food they ordered quickly.  The cook informs Vienna that he has decided to quit because they ran out of eggs, and she and Henry know nothing about how to run a diner.  Vienna is upset and almost begins to cry but decides to send Henry out to get eggs and when he returns he can take over as cook.  The customers keep complaining because they have no food and all decide to leave the diner.  When Allison arrives, Vienna tells her what happened and Allison smiles and explains that the cook always quits when they run out of eggs, but he always comes back to work.  Vienna is about to tell some customers who arrive that they are closed but Allison explains to the customers that because they are not busy yet they can give them personal service. Allison tells the customers their menu is limited today, and when a customer asks for eggs, she tells him that he should eat a plate of fruit so he can stay healthy for his pretty young wife.  The young man orders a fruit plate and his friend and business partner says that he is single and wonders what she would recommend for him to order.  Allison recommends a protein shake to keep him strong and focused for his business meeting, so the young man takes Allisonís advice and orders one.  Vienna is quick to catch on to Allisonís approach for selling food to the customers and brings a plate of fruit to the table.  The young man who ordered the protein shake decides to order a fruit plate so Vienna smiles and brings him a plate of fruit as well. 

(Main Street)  Henry is rushing back to the diner with the groceries when he bumps into the lawyer who finalized the transfer of the diner to him. The lawyer explains that the former owner of the diner has a nephew who wants to buy the diner from him.  Henry is so excited he tells the lawyer to hold the bags of groceries while he signs the contract and rushes to the diner to tell Vienna the news.  Henry arrives at the diner and explains to Vienna what the lawyer has just told him and shows Vienna the contract for the sale of the diner.  Vienna cries a little and explains to Henry that Allison has just showed her a way to persuade people to try the menu of healthy food and Swedish specialties that she has been trying to offer to her customers.  Henry sees that Vienna truly wants to keep the diner, so he tears up the contract and Vienna gives him a kiss.

(Gwen and Willís place) Gwen struggles to find the words to tell Will they have lost the baby.  Will is confused to find Allison with Gwen and wonders why Allison spent the night. Allison decides to leave Will and Gwen alone to talk, and once outside the house, she watches through the window as Gwen tells Will the devastating news. His face changes from happy to sad, and Will holds Gwen to comfort her. 

(Lakeview)  Barbara runs into Allison and makes it clear that she should stay away from Will and Gwen, because they have enough going on without adding her problems to their lives.  Allison tells her she is right especially now and starts to leave, but Barbara stops to ask her what she meant by that remark.  Allison tells her that Will and Gwen need to tell her themselves, since it isnít her place to tell her.  Barbara gets annoyed and starts to call Will and Gwen, but Allison tells her this isnít the kind of news that should be told over the phone.  Allisonís remarks cause Barbara more worry, and she demands that Allison tell her what is wrong right now.  Allison explains that Gwen lost the baby last night, and she is at home telling Will the news.

(Will and Gwenís place) Gwen tells Will that she didnít tell him the news yesterday, because she didnít want to ruin the seminar for him and there was nothing he could have done to stop it. Gwen insists that she is okay, and it doesnít hurt as much as when she lost Billy, because she lost him twice when she gave him up for adoption and when she found out about the baby switch and had to say good-bye to a baby in a grave that she never got a chance to mourn.  Gwen tells Will that she wants to have a baby in two months which is when Susan said they could have sex again.  Although Will clearly doesnít think itís a good idea, he knows Gwen needs this right now, so he tells her he will be ready to try to have a baby again as soon as she is ready. 

Barbara arrives to offer sympathy and support to Will and Gwen.  Gwen tells Barbara she is okay but Barbara knows better, because she has also lost a child.  Gwen tells Barbara they are going to start trying to have another baby as soon as possible.  Barbara doesnít think that is a good idea because trying to have a baby right away is just going to cover up the pain of the child they lost for a little while and it wonít give them a chance to grieve properly. Gwen doesnít think that is true and insists that, if they have another child, they will still grieve the one they lost and will never forget this child.  Will agrees with Gwen and defends her desire to have a child right away.  Barbara explains that she and her husband never grieved for Johnny together and that led to the break up of their marriage.  Barbara gives Will and Gwen a hug and tells them she is glad they have each other, and she will be there for them if they need anything.  Allison arrives with food a few minutes after Barbara leaves and apologizes to Will and Gwen for telling Barbara about the miscarriage.  Will tells Allison it made things easier for them, because they didnít have to tell her.  Gwen gets a call from Dr. Samuels and goes to the kitchen to talk in private.  Allison is amazed that Gwen is so strong through all of this, and Will explains that is just the way she deals with problems.  Will thinks that Gwen is in shock and the news will hit her soon.  Gwen comes out of the kitchen crying and informs Will that Dr. Samuels told her that conceiving was a fluke, and she wonít be able to get pregnant again.  Will holds Gwen as she starts sobbing and assures her they are going adopt a child just like they always planned.  Gwen is heartbroken that she wonít be able to feel Willís child inside of her.

(Fairwinds) Meg tells Craig she is happy Paul is alive but also sad that he probably will never get back together with her, because he is mad she stayed with Craig after she thought he was dead.  Meg explains to Craig that she thinks Paul is using that as an excuse to justify being with Rosanna.  Craig thinks Paul is a stupid fool to let a wonderful woman like Meg go.  Meg wonders how Craig feels about Rosanna being well again.  Craig explains that he is happy Rosanna is well, because now he has closure and doesnít feel guilty about the accident anymore. 

(Lakeview) Paul holds Rosanna as she sleeps and thinks about making love to Meg in that same bed months earlier.  When Paulís cell phone rings, he gets up to answer it and goes to the hallway to talk.  Paul tells the caller that he thought that to be the case and then he smiles before he hears Rosanna screaming his name inside the room.  Paul goes back inside the room and explains to Rosanna that he was just answering the phone outside, so he wouldnít awaken her.  Rosanna tells Paul that she woke up and didnít know where she was and she felt very scared.  Paul smiles and assures her that she will soon feel safe again; she just needs to get dressed and come with him. 

(Fairwinds) Craig advises Meg to stop dwelling on the negative things in her life and concentrate on the positive.  Craig urges Meg to relax and eat the breakfast he made for her.  Just when she is about to relax, Paul and Rosanna burst in with the police telling Meg and Craig that they have a court order for them to leave the house or they will be arrested for trespassing on private property.  Rosanna makes it clear that she intends to get everything he took from her back and reclaim her life.  Meg asks Rosanna if they can pack their clothes, and she allows them to do so. Paul goes with Craig to make sure he doesnít steal anything.  Rosanna wonders how Meg could stay with Craig if she claimed to love Paul.  Meg explains that she intended to marry Paul after her marriage to Craig was finished until Paul fell off the cliff and disappeared.  Meg tells Rosanna that Craig surprised her by paying for the search for Paul. When the searchers gave up hope, Craig was there to get her through the crisis and give her support.  Paul walks in and hears the end of the conversation. Meg insists that if he had called to tell her he was alive, she would have ended her marriage to Craig.  Paul tells Meg that he didnít think she would care that he was alive.  When Meg wonders why he thought such a thing, he points to the ring she is wearing on her finger.  Meg gets angry and tells Paul that at least Craig was always honest with her and never made her feel like less then zero like he is doing now.  Craig arrives with suitcases to get Meg. Before he leaves, he tells Rosanna that she may have won the battle, but she hasnít won the war yet. 

(Avalon Motel) Craig tells Meg that he realized while he was packing that Rosanna could take away his material possessions, but he still has what is really important which is she.  Touched by Craigís words, Meg gives him a hug and tells him that she wants to make this a real marriage right now.  Meg takes off her clothes, puts her hands on Craigís face, and gives him a kiss; then the two begin to make love.

(Fairwinds) Paul still insists to Rosanna that he doesnít love Meg anymore. Today he realized something he always knew. She was too good for him, but he never knew how bad he was for her.  Paul tells Rosanna that he didnít intend for Meg to ever feel less then zero like she told him today.  Paul tells Rosanna he is angry with Craig and wants to make him pay, but now he also feels hurt that Meg could marry the man who almost killed him.  Rosanna tells Paul that Meg couldnít suffer any more then she is right now being Craigís wife.  Rosanna asks Paul to hand her the phone, because she wants to call Carly.  As Rosanna is holding the phone, she has a flashback of Craig taking the phone away from her when she tried to call the police and tell them about the baby switch.  Paul sees Rosanna drop the phone to the floor, and she tells him that she remembers how the car accident happened.

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