ATWT Update Tuesday 8/28/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/28/07


Written By Elayna

At home, Carly is reminding Jack not to overdo it as he putters around the house. Can she do anything for him? Jack seems antsy and not wanting to be in the house any longer. He wants to see what movies are playing? Carly sees this as a chance so she suggests they go to a movie, but Jack is hardly paying attention to her leaping at this chance, because he has already picked out a movie and is calling for JJ and Parker to come down so they can catch a movie together. Carly can’t help but be disappointed since she was hoping they could go alone to this one.

At the Lakeview, Paul wants to get Rosanna upstairs, but she thinks he is ducking her questions because he is lying about how he feels about Meg. She saw the look on his face; he is still in love with her. Paul only says that they are in the past. She has had to take his word about Craig’s intentions on some many things like how he drove her off the road, and it seems that this is more about Meg and the fact that Craig took her away then anything else now. Paul assures her that it isn’t about Meg. She has missed a lot of things in two years and it hurts, but she doesn’t want to be treated like a porcelain doll. Paul relents; he will tell her what she wants to know once they are settled upstairs. They head up in the elevator, as Meg walks into the lobby and over to the front desk looking for Paul.

At Fairwinds, Craig brings Meg some tea, but when he comes into the room, he can’t find her. He calls out for her, and the maid comes in and tells him that she went out. Craig knows where she went, as he stomps out the door.

At the police station, Margo ushers in Tom to see his client, Dusty. Dusty thanks him for coming so quickly, as Tom jokes that he doesn’t have much to do around the house these days since his wife is never around, as Margo smirks at this. After Margo leaves, Tom recounts the situation; this case seems open and shut to him. There are no witnesses, no weapon, or evidence. They have his fingerprints in the room, but he already admitted to being in there because of the gun shot noise. This seems straightforward unless there is something he is not telling him. Dusty looks unsure.

At the farm, Holden is chiding Lily about not lying again. Lily takes a deep breath and tells him that the woman who was killed was Cheri Love, who was a prostitute and the one who posted the video of Dusty and Allison online. Dusty met with her, had a drink and passed out, and when he awoke, he had no idea of what happened, but Cheri was dead beside him. He saw his gun lying on the floor so he took it. Holden is alarmed, but Lily hasn’t gotten to the worst part – she took the gun from him at the police station and hid it. Holden is furious; that is a felony – obstruction of justice. If she has hidden the gun in the house, then she could get him and his mother in trouble as well. Lily looks distraught. Where is the gun, Holden growls? Lily hesitates for a moment and then pulls it out from underneath the sink. Dusty asked her to do this? No, but she was just trying to help a friend. Her friend has made her an accessory to murder. This woman exposed his affair with Allison and put this video on the Internet – that is motive. Lily reminds Holden that they have known Dusty sine they were kids and he knows deep down that he couldn’t have done this; she trusts him. He can’t believe how much she risked for Dusty – her family, marriage and freedom. Holden reminds her that Dusty was drugged so he doesn’t know what he did. Holden shakes his head; there is no way they are going to get away with this.

The hotel manager won’t give Meg the number to the room where Paul is staying – it is a matter of privacy. It is an emergency. He hands her the hotel phone and tells her that he can connect her, which Meg has to accept. She calls the room, but Paul isn’t answering the phone because, as he tells Rosanna, he is more focused on assuaging her concerns. He was in love with Meg, but it is over now. He still cares for her. He realizes it was a mistake. Is it because she is with Craig now? Is he using her to get back at Craig? Paul assures Rosanna he would never use her like that. This is about her. Rosanna is unsure what to believe. Paul keeps pretending that Meg was an utter and complete mistake claiming that they had bad times, but Rosanna knows what she saw when she arrived and his reaction to her ring. It was her choice to be with Craig and he will never go back to her. What if Craig was out of the picture? That would not change anything. He wants her to take her pills now and get some rest. He sees there isn’t any water so he is going to go get her some water downstairs. He will be right back.

Brad arrives to see Jack and the kids. Carly makes a snide comment to him, as he jokes about her pretending to be happy that he is there. She is because, as the plan formulates in her head, he can come to the movies with them. Brad is surprised until he realizes how she wants it to go down. He will come with them, but then he will offer to take the boys to a different movie, and she and Jack can go to a different movie. Brad reminds her that Jack and Katie are still engaged. Can’t he just help her? He will reap the benefits. Jack, JJ and Parker come downstairs and Carly tells them that Brad is going to join them – the more the merrier, right?

Later, Carly and Jack are sitting together watching a movie; Jack is surprised that Carly wanted to sit towards the back since she usually likes to sit up front – unaware of her plan. He is also let down because Brad took the boys to that other pirate movie instead of this one. They are watching the movie and Carly pretends to be bothered, as she cuddles in closer to Jack’s shoulder. He asks her for a little bit of breathing room. Soon after, Brad, JJ and Parker file in surprising Jack and annoying Carly. She thought he was going to take them to that other movie, she snarls? They had already seen that one before. How did they get into this movie without a ticket? Brad winks; he knows the woman out front well. She is in high school, Carly growls. Brad corrects her; she is in college and is Pre-med. Carly continues to snap at Brad, as the man in front of Carly tells her to be quiet. Carly isn’t pleased with either Brad or this other man. Why did he really do this? He is saving her from herself. Her scheme is going to blow up in her face. Moreover, he is keeping an eye on Jack for Katie. Carly is less then pleased.

Tom and Margo are talking outside of the interrogation room; Tom knows that Margo has nothing on Dusty. She may not yet, but he is holding something back. Doesn’t he think there is more to Dusty’s story? He is bound by attorney client privilege and that supercedes their relationship. They both know she can’t put Dusty in jail on a hunch. Margo smirks; she liked him more when they were on the same side. They walk back in the room; Margo tells Dusty that he has the best lawyer in the state, so she is going to release him for now. Dusty thanks them both.

Lily tries to explain to Holden that someone obviously is setting Dusty up. She just had to help, right… can’t she see that she is hurting their family? She hid a possible murder weapon in their house where any one of their or Jack’s kids could get to it. She admits that she wasn’t thinking. There is only one thing to do, as Holden wraps the gun back up and puts it in a bag – they are going to the police, as Holden heads for the door. Lily steps in front of him; she can’t let him do this.

Paul gets some water and then heads back out of the bar only to come face to face with Meg. They stare at each other in silence for a moment before Paul starts to walk by her. Meg stops him; she isn’t going to let him walk away. Meanwhile, outside in the lobby Craig pays a florist to pretend to be delivering flowers to Rosanna, but he pretends he can’t read the room number. The manager falls for it and gives him the information. Craig then pays the man and heads upstairs with the floral arrangement.

Paul coldly tells Meg that he has nothing to say to her. She would have thought he had three words - I am alive. How come he didn’t call her? How could he do that to her? Paul stares at her.

Rosanna is up and trying to get around when there is a knock at her door. She slowly goes to answer it talking through the door to whom she thinks is Paul when she asks if he forgot his key? She finds Craig instead. She tries to shut the door, but he walks in anyway. He was hoping to find her alone. Rosanna wonders sarcastically if it is so he can try to kill her again? Craig feigns hurt; the flowers are not poisoned; they are to welcome her home. Rosanna wants him to leave and when she tries to show him the door and is a bit weak, Craig tries to help. However, Rosanna will have none of it and she tells him not to touch her! Craig surmises that Craig has filled her head with lies. Paul apparently has already put his spin on events. Rosanna corrects him; Paul told the truth. She was his wife, so much of her life has changed, and his betrayal is only made worse when she thinks how much she wanted to start a family with him. He has moved on with his new wife. That brings Craig to his point; Paul has an agenda and she shouldn’t trust him. She should trust him instead since he is never self-serving? She doesn’t need Paul to tell her what kind of person he is. He has taken all of her money. He corrects her; he took care of her and invested the rest wisely. Does those investments include using her money to buy a company and give it to his new wife? It is Montgomery Enterprises. He and Meg are a team. Speaking of his wife, she left early and he was wondering if she knows where Paul is?

Meg asks Paul if he had any idea how grief stricken she was? She seems to wear it well, Paul responds coldly. What was she celebrating tonight? Meg ignores his question; does he have any idea what she, his family and friends went through when they thought he was dead? They all went through hell. She made her choice, Paul states flatly. She is married to Craig, living in Rosanna’s mansion and spending her money. Did they arrive for their celebration in Craig’s limo? She doesn’t want him to mock her. She is making it easy. He owes her an explanation. He owes her nothing; Paul answers his voice dripping with controlled anger. He turns and walks away leaving a distraught Meg in his wake.

Lily tries to explain what Holden has planned will make it worse for Dusty. Isn’t she worried about what this is going to do to her family if she goes to jail with her friend? Lily thinks they can come up with a plan together. Holden demands that Lily put an end to this or he will. When Lily doesn’t answer, Holden stomps by her and out the door with Lily hot on his trail.

An annoyed Carly asks Brad if Katie asked him to baby-sit Jack? No. She thought he wanted Katie for himself? He is supposed to help her cause then? The man in front of them demands they stop talking, as Jack suggests they listen to him. Carly explains that she has lost Jack before and has always gotten him back. When other people start to get annoyed with Carly and Brad, Jack suggests they leave and the boys agree since they saw this movie too. Jack suggests they get pizza. They all file out, as Carly promises that she is going to make headway tonight.

Craig explains that Paul and Meg are like a lit match and gasoline – they are explosive together. Paul does and says anything to further his sick obsession with her. Paul comes in from behind and overhears Craig. He explains to him that Rosanna knows about his past with Meg, and how they are over now. He does hope he and Meg will enjoy conjugal visits when he is in jail. Craig reminds them that he was released from jail because they realized he was innocent. Noone is going to listen to the clouded memory of a woman who has been in a coma for two years. There is no evidence he did anything wrong. Paul assures him that Rosanna is recovering a lot faster then he thinks and she will remember it all.

Jack, Carly, Brad and the kids arrive home with pizza; JJ and Parker wonder if they can eat upstairs while they finish a project? Also, can Jack can help them too? Jack agrees and Carly is taken aback because she thought they were going to have a family dinner? Jack teases her about taking this time to finish her conversation that was so important with Brad. After they go upstairs, Carly is annoyed with Brad and voices her displeasure. Brad teases her about her romantic dinner plans going flop. There won’t be much more time when Jack moves in with Katie. Carly demands to know why he couldn’t just say he didn’t want to help? Brad just smirks. Carly explains that Katie can’t give Jack what she has – a family. He will always want to spend time with her and their kids. Why is he supporting Katie suddenly? He wants Katie to be happy – even if it isn’t with him. Carly is all warm and fuzzy over that – not. She and Jack always come back together. He teases her about her acting like she and Jack are a force of nature. Carly is frustrated; why does she bother with him? Thanks for nothing, as she shows him the door.

Holden brings the gun to Margo with Lily looking nervous at his side. Dusty is standing nearby with Tom after almost being released. They have critical evidence, Holden explains. Margo sees the gun and wants an explanation. Lily tries to explain that it is her fault, but Dusty tells Margo that it isn’t Lily’s fault. He rips up his release papers and tells her that it is all a lie; he went to meet Cheri, she drugged him in a drink and he passed out. When he awoke, she was dead and he didn’t know what happened. He took his gun, which was lying on the floor next to him and gave it to Lily. Margo tells them they all need to provide statements. Margo tells Lily and Dusty that they had better hope that this isn’t the gun that killed Cheri.

Carly makes up the couch for Jack. Jack happily tells her how Parker wouldn’t admit it, but it is so obvious how great it is for him to have JJ back. It is great to have their family back, they agree. Carly apologizes for the movie. Jack didn’t mind because he has had enough of action recently with all that has happened. He suddenly has a leg cramp, which he tries to pretend isn’t bothering him at first, but soon it is obvious that it is. Carly offers to help him. She starts to give his leg a massage and Jack can’t deny that it is helping. She coyly tells him that she isn’t going to jump his bones, so he can just relax and try to go to sleep. Jack and Carly hold each other’s gaze, as he noticeably becomes more relaxed thanks to her.

Rosanna wonders when Paul is going to stop treating her like an invalid as he helps her to lie on the bed? He will do that when she is finally better, but he admits that he likes taking care of her, which Rosanna loves to hear. He is sorry that he left her side and Craig got to her. It is ok, but he was trying to convince her that he was with Meg. Paul admits that he was and that is what took so long. She was looking for him and found him in the bar. She wanted closure and he gave it to her. She is Craig’s problem now. Rosanna seems convinced; she just wants them to get back the life they had, and she wants to do it together. She admits that this has been harder then she thought it would be physically and emotionally. What if she doesn’t remember it all? What if she doesn’t remember that night and Craig gets away with it? He won’t, Paul reassures her. He wants her to lie back and rest, as he wraps her in his arms. He will never let Craig hurt her again because he will never leave her side again! Rosanna looks comforted and happy with his words.

At Fairwinds, Craig walks in to find Meg staring off into space looking emotionally distraught - is she ok? She admits that she went to the Lakeview to see Paul. He knows because he followed her because he was worried. What did Paul say? He did not want to talk with her; he acted like she betrayed him. He had no right to treat her like that. Meg admits through tears that it was like losing him all over again. Craig tells Meg he is going to be honest here. What did he do, Meg wonders? When she was with Paul, he went to see Rosanna. He is using her in her fragile state. He is filling her mind with lies. Meg sadly admits that it seems Paul hates her now almost as much as him. Craig thinks if they stick together, Paul won’t be able to touch what they have. He wants her to get some sleep, as he starts to get up. Meg stops him; she wants him to stay with her. Can he hold her? Craig is happy to oblige; he will never let her go.

Tom takes Dusty into the interrogation room; it was dumb to take the gun, it was even dumber to involve Lily, but the dumbest move he made was not to be honest with him. He is not hiding anything else. Tom hopes it is not too late.

Margo tells Lily and Holden to sign their statements. She is glad that Holden convinced Lily to bring in the gun. Holden worries about the charges she is facing. Margo explains that there could be charges for evidence tampering and obstruction of justice. The worse case scenario has her as an accessory to murder after the fact. Lily is overwhelmed, but Margo doesn’t want her to worry about that now. It is important that they came forward early, and she will make sure the DA knows that. Holden and Lily thank her. Holden wants to take Lily home, which Margo agrees with. Lily sees Dusty and apologizes, but he assures her that it isn’t her fault. Holden is furious; the next time his wife offers to commit a crime for him, he should just say no. Lily wants him to stop. Margo actually puts an end to it when she tells them all that there is a positive ID on the bullet that killed Cheri, which came from Dusty’s gun. Margo places Dusty under arrest, as a horrified Lily watches a stoic Dusty be read his rights.

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