ATWT Update Monday 8/27/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/27/07


Written By Elayna

At home, Gwen is experiencing stomach pain as she talks to Allison. Allison asks if she should call Will? Gwen wants to assume it is nothing because she has had a stressful day. Allison worries because she is pale, but Gwen tries to carry on like it is no big deal. She doesn’t have to stay, as she heads back inside, but then is doubled over in pain, as Allison rushes to her side.

At Fairwinds, Meg is talking with Holden. Why is she dressed up? It can’t be for him. She explains that it is because she plans on staying married to Craig, as she holds out her new wedding band. They are supposed to be leaving on their honeymoon tonight. Holden sighs; she has thought about this for a while, but Holden doubts that. Meg wants a favor; she wonders if he can accept her with Craig?

At the Lakeview, Craig hangs up the phone with a nervous look on his face; he turns around and comes face to face with Paul wheeling in Rosanna. His mouth drops open. He can only utter a feeble hello, as Paul sarcastically thinks the look on his face is priceless. He is amazed, as he stares at Rosanna; she looks…. older…. Rosanna fills in the blanks. She looks… more beautiful then he remembers. She remembers too, Rosanna offers. Craig changes the subject; the clinic just called him to tell him that she had woken up and recovered. Rosanna wonders if he is happy to see her?

Elsewhere at the Lakeview, Dusty is on the floor when he realizes he has been unconscious and awoken next to Cheri, who is also on the floor. He feels for a pulse, but he cannot find one and realizes she is dead. He looks at his cell phone, around the room and then sees the gun. He picks it up and realizes it is his. He didn’t do this, he mumbles to himself. He sees a glass on the floor and picks it up; he smells it and rocks backwards, as he hears a noise. He quickly holds the gun up and searches the suite, but then realizes the noise is coming from outside in the hall. He opens the door and finds Margo in the hall; there were reports of gunshots. The search is over, the woman is inside and she is dead, Dusty replies trying to sound coherent.

Allison wonders how Gwen feels? She is sure this is due to the onion rings she ate earlier or the fight she had with her mom. Allison gives her the phone to call the doctor, but she is only able to leave a message. After Gwen hangs up, she tells Allison again that it was probably indigestion and that she can go about her day. Allison explains honestly that she doesn’t want to, and it would not bother her if she hung out with her to avoid all the staring faces. Gwen agrees. Allison starts to read from the pregnancy book saying that cramping early on in a pregnancy is normal. Gwen then sprints from the room though.

Meg understands that Craig is not his favorite person; she is trying to make a go of her marriage and they are even going to go away tonight. Meg seems cautious in her explanation, which isn’t lost on Holden. She tries to assure him that she is ok with this; she is wearing his ring. Holden tries another tactic; what about Rosanna and how he tried to keep Lily on amphetamines so he could take Lucinda’s company from her? He doesn’t see it; her life was ruined but thanks to Craig making her CEO of this Company, she can do a lot of good. Holden reminds her that she doesn’t need to be married. She counters that together they can right a lot of their wrongs. Holden sees this as penance. Meg sees it as comfort. This has been strangely her most honest relationship to date. There are no secrets, surprises or anything like that. They know where each other stand. Holden sadly answers that just because she thinks she knows what is going on in her marriage does not mean it is always as it seems. Meg wonders if he and Lily are still having problems? He admits that even the best marriages have problems. Who is he to give advice? Can he try to like her husband, Meg wonders? No, but he will be there for her when she needs him to be. Meg smiles thankfully.

Craig tells Rosanna that of course he is happy to see her; the fact that she has come out of her coma is a miracle. Why is she with Paul and how did he survive, a confused Craig wonders? He was lucky, Paul answers flatly. He saw him go over the edge; they said he couldn’t have made it. They were wrong. Is he disappointed? Craig counters that he did everything to save him. Paul admits that is the truth, but that was after he lured him to the cliff, held him at gunpoint and then shot him. Craig explains that it was a warning shot – a graze. Paul is curious; what was the change of heart? Craig wonders why he pretended to be dead instead of come home? He chose to go to Switzerland, pretend to be him and took Rosanna out of the hospital to bring her here? Rosanna pipes in; she asked him to bring her to Oakdale. Craig bends down in front of Rosanna; if he had known she was going to come out of the coma then he would have been there. Rosanna and Paul say nothing to this. Craig stands straight up, as he realizes something; they had a plan all along – to come here and ambush him. He slits his eyes; why would they do that and what do they have to gain?

Margo and a police officer are walking around Cheri’s room; he tells her that the shooter took the gun, as Dusty stands by the doorway. Margo takes him outside and wants to know what happened? He heard a gunshot, saw the door open and went inside to investigate. Did he know her? Her name was Cheri Love; she was a hooker. Margo wonders if he was a client? No, but The Intruder was doing a story on prostitution. Did she know she was being investigated? Lily interrupts by wondering what is going on? There has been a shooting and they are sealing down this floor. They are going to be questioning people in the hotel…. starting with Dusty. Lily wonders why, but Margo doesn’t really answer, as she walks away with Dusty close behind after he looks Lily long in the face. Lily stays close behind.

At the Police station, Margo wonders why Lily felt she needed to come down to the station? Dusty is her friend and she wanted to talk with him. She can, but she only has two minutes and she has to leave the door open. Lily wants to know what is going on? Cheri is dead. Why is Margo acting like he is a suspect? He is her only one and he was in the hall with no alibi – at least that was his story. Lily is upset; what did he do? She wants to know the story, but Dusty doesn’t think it is a good idea. She doesn’t care, so finally Dusty tells her how Cheri suggested they meet for drinks, asked for $50,000 to leave town, which he wasn’t going to pay, then after he took a sip he hit the ground obviously from something in the drink and when he woke up she was dead beside him. Lily sighs and looks very upset. It gets worse; his gun was on the floor beside Cheri – he didn’t kill her. She believes him, but half of Oakdale heard him threaten her. Dusty smirks because he already thought of that. Where is the gun now? He has it on him, as Lily gasps. Margo interrupts their talk when they hear her call for another police officer to give Dusty a body search. Lily quickly tells Dusty to give her the gun!

Gwen comes back in the room and tells Allison that she is bleeding, as Allison tries to explain that spotting is normal. Gwen mentions that it is more then that. She doubles over again and quietly explains that there is something else wrong. Gwen lies on the couch in an obvious amount of pain, so Allison offers to call her mom. When she gets her on the phone, she explains that situation and in a hushed tone asks her mom to come right away, which she agrees to do. Gwen now doesn’t want Allison to leave, which she assures her that she won’t, at the same time telling Gwen that her baby and she will be fine.

Craig wonders trying to be sympathetic about how much she remembers? Paul interrupts saying that Rosanna is jet lagged and this isn’t the time. He would have brought her to Fairwinds, but he thought it might be awkward, as he gives him a knowing look. He got her a room at the Lakeview. He is going to check her in so she can get some rest. After they head towards the desk, a moment later, a happy Meg rushes over and wonders why Craig didn’t get a table yet for their celebration? Craig is looking past her, so Meg follows his gaze and sees Paul and Rosanna. She and Paul stare at each other for a moment before she faints, as Craig catches her. A short time later, she starts to come to on the couch in the lobby when she hears Craig saying her name. What happened? She thought she saw Paul. Craig hesitates before he tells her that she did. Meg looks shocked as Craig quickly recounts what he knows. He is alive; he deceived them all by letting them believe otherwise, then he went to Switzerland pretending to be him to see Rosanna. She awoke, and Paul brought her here. Meg stutters wondering why he would let her believe he was dead? He doesn’t know. She whips around still woozy and sees Paul. He hands her her purse, as they stare at each other again and Paul notices Meg’s newest addition on her hand – her new wedding ring. They both look devastated…. albeit for different reasons. Paul then quietly tells Craig that his wife seems to be having a hard time processing this. Craig immediately wants to take Meg home, which Meg can do nothing more then agree to through her shock. Rosanna is watching this and taking this all in from the side. Meg starts to walk away, but then turns quickly to face Paul; she tells Paul that she is very glad that he is alive, as she stares at him for another long moment and then turns and leaves. After they leave, Paul tries to regain his composure. That was Meg Snyder, Craig’s wife – didn’t she see her ring? Rosanna wonders how well he knows her based on this interaction?

Gwen is lying on the couch, as Susan checks her out and Allison gives her an account of what happened. After a moment, Susan suggests that they get Gwen to the hospital. They try to help her up, but Gwen is in too much pain as she cries out that it hurts and they sit her back down.

Dusty quickly hands Lily the gun under the table seconds before Margo walks in. Lily is flustered and starts babbling about how Cheri was a prostitute and that she shouldn’t have been in her hotel to begin with. She then adds that she is sure that some of Cheri’s unsavory friends could have been involved. She is not helping Dusty so she nervously excuses herself. She watches from outside the room as the officer pats Dusty down. Margo explains to Dusty who is wondering why he is being patted down, that he went from witness to suspect. Why? According to the preliminary crime scene, the only prints other then Cheri’s are from him. The killer disappeared without a trace leaving him behind with the body?

Allison watches while Susan tends to Gwen, who is in bed now. Susan wonders how she feels now? Gwen answers that the pain is better, but she is queasy now. Then she recalls all the blood; that couldn’t have been good. Susan explains that they have to get her to the hospital because she had premature contractions and they now have to do a work up and battery of tests. Gwen quickly wants to clarify that her baby is fine though. Susan stares at her for a moment before she apologizes because her baby didn’t make it. Gwen bursts out crying; she pleads with Susan that she isn’t right, and that she couldn’t have lost her baby, as Susan cradles a sobbing Gwen in her arms.

Paul hasn’t answered Rosanna, so she asks him again how well he knows Meg? He doesn’t have a relationship with her. She fainted when she saw him. He offers that maybe she fainted when she saw her husband’s ex wife. She knows they were close if because of nothing else then his tap dance. He didn’t want her to absorb too much right after she woke up, he contends. Why wouldn’t he want to tell her about Meg? He has tried to convince her of all these terrible things Craig has done to her including trying to kill her, but he is afraid to tell her that he got married. That is not a capital crime. He stutters that he was trying to protect her, but Rosanna doesn’t want to hear it – she thinks he is lying and that he was trying to protect himself.

Back at Fairwinds, Meg is staring off into the distance as she wonders how Paul could be alive? Rosanna waking up was always a possibility, but they said he couldn’t survive. Paul has a knack for doing this, Craig bitterly says. They told her that he couldn’t have survived. They were wrong, Craig answers. Meg jumps up; she never should have given up. She shouldn’t have left. Craig reminds her that she had no reason not to believe them. All Meg can now think of is the look on Paul’s face when he saw her ring. He betrayed her though, Craig counters. Meg still incredulously wonders outloud why he didn’t contact her? Simply, because she is his wife now. He is out to get them. They both seemed very prepared to see him. He thinks everything about this reappearance was carefully orchestrated. She doesn’t know what to think. Craig is convinced that the way they came back convinced him that they came back for pay back on something they are convinced he did to Rosanna, and Paul is going to use her to this end. Meg silently starts to cry.

Lily arrives at the darkened farm. She calls out to see if anyone is home. When noone responds, she takes out the gun, then a dishtowel and wipes it down. She hears a car pull up. She quickly stores the gun in the towel under the sink. Holden walks in surprising her. She claims she was just doing the dishes. Weren’t they done already? Jack came by with the kids and created more dirty dishes. Lily is noticeably flustered as she pretends to be washing. Holden mentions Meg and Craig, and Lily doesn’t have much of a reaction until she drops and breaks a dish. Holden goes to help and ask her why she didn’t have much to say about Meg? When he goes to get a dustpan under the sink, Lily quickly grabs his hand to stop him. Immediately, Holden knows something is up. He reminds her that they are supposed to be honest. Lily begrudgingly agrees, but he isn’t going to like it.

Margo goes over Dusty’s recount again. Did he see anyone? No. He went in and saw the body, and that is when he went to get help. How come his fingerprints were all over the room? He explains that the room was trashed and he saw the drink on the floor so he picked it up. Why didn’t he call 911? He wanted to first check to make sure the shooter wasn’t around. That is when he bumped into her outside. Margo calculated based on when the call for a gun shot came through and when she got there, there had to have been 5 minutes. What was he doing for 5 minutes? Dusty’s flimsy excuse was time seems to stand still when you are involved in something surreal like that. Margo doesn’t seem to be buying it. Is she going to arrest him or not?

Paul starts to explain that after she went into a coma, it was a bad time for him and he made some bad mistakes. He got involved in a couple of bad relationships…. Was Meg one of them, Rosanna wonders? Yes. There is nothing between them now. Rosanna stares at Paul before she tells him – except for the fact that he is still in love with her.

Meg demands to know from Craig if he knew this was going to happen? Is that why he wanted them to go away? Craig contemplates this for a moment; he got a call from the clinic and found out about Rosanna, but he didn’t know anything about Paul. She believes him. He thinks that they should go to bed, but Meg doesn’t want to. He explains that he will take the couch so she can be comfortable of course. She doesn’t care; when she is miserable, she doesn’t care about her own comfort. Craig intends to make her comfortable the rest of her life still. After he leaves the room, Meg paces for a moment before she heads out.

Allison brings Gwen home. She is glad that Susan pulled some strings to get her back into her own bed that night. Gwen sits down on the couch but can’t stop staring at the baby clothes piled up nearby. Allison asks if she can call Will? She doesn’t want to tell him over the phone. She wants him to enjoy San Francisco. Allison knows he will want to be here. Gwen wants him to stay happy for a little while longer. Allison offers to get some milk and a blanket. Gwen thanks her for all of her and her mom’s help today. She was glad that she was with her. She doesn’t have to baby-sit her anymore though. Allison admits that she would like to stay until Will gets home; they could both use the distraction… if she doesn’t mind. Gwen agrees and Allison helps her to bed.

Lily explains that her luck has a murder taking place in the Lakeview while Lisa is out of town. Who found the body? Dusty. Holden smirks; he should have known. He didn’t kill the woman. He didn’t say that Dusty did, but it figures that she is so quick to defend him. He is her friend. Why is he looking at her like that? She has that look. He thinks she is holding something back again. Why does he naturally assume she is lying? These days half the time she is. If she isn’t, then he will apologize for accusing her of something that is not true. Holden stares at her – does he have something to apologize for?

Dusty asks Margo if she is going to arrest him? He is the only suspect she has. That doesn’t mean he is arrested. She has the right to hold a suspect for 24 hours, and that is what she intends to do so he better call him lawyer, as Dusty’s face drops.

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