ATWT Update Friday 8/24/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/24/07


Written By Dani

Dusty meets with Lily in Old Towne. She is worried about him since the video of him and Allison was put on the Internet. Dusty assures Lily he is fine and is on his way to make sure Cherie gets out of town . Lily wants to go but Dusty won’t let her get involved anymore than she is because of her family. Dusty meets with Cherie who claims to want to call a truce and she is willing to leave Oakdale but needs the funds. Dusty laughs at her and turns down Cherie’s request for $50,000. Cherie offers Dusty a drink while they negotiate. Dusty becomes light headed, unable to stand, his vision is blurred. He collapses to the floor unconscious.

Aaron explains to Holden how his real problem with Allison is the lack of trust not what she did. Holden can, unfortunately, identify with that. Father and son give each other advice and are there for each other more as buddies than parent and child. When Lily interrupts she thinks maybe she should speak with Aaron. Holden disagrees, claiming Lily will only defend Allison’s actions. Holden and Lily then begin to argue over Dusty, Allison, and Aaron but the underlying tone is their relationship and their problems. Holden is beginning to be the one not helping the relationship and causing doubts and concerns. When Holden doesn’t want to address the issues anymore, he walks away.

Lily calls Dusty. The ringing cell phone that is next to Dusty on the floor wakes him. Before Dusty can focus and reach for the phone, he sees Cherie. She too is laid out unconscious, but Cherie has a trail of blood dripping from under her blouse. Dusty backs away in fear and shock.

Cole verbally attacks Sophie for her meddling and blames everything going wrong on her. Sophie takes it personally and doesn’t want to talk to Aaron about it. Aaron insists and finally gets her to open up. Sophie immediately feels regret for talking to Aaron and telling him Cole’s business.

Allison is in for a surprise when she walks into Al’s and there are new owners. Vienna, always the fashion conscious one, doesn’t like the uniform and asks Allison if she minds showing some skin. Allison bursts into tears and runs to the restroom. Vienna and Henry are confused. When Allison returns she tries to tell her new employers about the porn and the website but they are interrupted by a shady looking and acting character who is staring at Allison. Allison just blurts out why the guy is looking at her. Henry makes the guy apologize before he physically throws him out. Allison is so upset she can’t stay at work but Henry promises her that she will have a job as long as she wants it.

Henry and Vienna have problems of their own. No customers! Vienna decides she knows just the trick. After whipping up her grandmother’s recipe for a traditional Swedish dish, she throws on a sexy milk maid’s costume and hands out samples. She begins to draw a crowd.

Paul gently explains with shame his part in keeping Johnny from Jennifer. Though Rosanna does harbor fault, she forgives him and pays it no mind. As they draw nearer to Oakdale, Paul has some disturbing news for Rosanna. Craig took her home, jets, and fortune for himself. Rosanna jokes, “I’ll bet he enjoyed that.” But with a sly smile she admits “Ill enjoy taking it back.”

Craig and Meg fight about her refusal to put on the ring that was originally purchased by Paul. After explaining Craig understands and takes her to a jewelry store to purchase a new wedding band. Meg and Craig are happy and on their way to a fairy tale ending, or are they? When Meg is getting the ring sized, Craig receives an angry call from Rosanna’s doctor. He is upset that Rosanna has been removed from the clinic against his medical advice. Craig is confused but knows enough to be worried. Craig makes a snap decision to whisk meg away immediately for a honeymoon. Meg is excited but wants to have dinner at the Lakeview first.

Craig tries desperately to reach Dr. Cutler again but the need to know what is going on ends when Paul rolls Rosanna into the lobby. Craig just stares in disbelief. Paul is alive and Rosanna is awake!

Gwen confronts Iris and knows she and Cole are up to something. Iris keeps making reference to a trust fund for the new baby, upsetting Gwen. Gwen insists they have nothing , she took it all and now she has the nerve to come back and steal from a baby. Gwen tells her whatever it is she and Cole are up to ends today and kicks her out.

Feeling she has no one to turn to Allison comes by to see will who is out of town. Gwen isn’t friendly and welcoming but she isn’t cruel and insulting to Allison. Either way Allison gets the picture, Gwen doesn’t want her husband to be friends with her. Allison leaves without incident, or does she. Just as Allison is walking away Gwen falls to her knees in pain. It’s abdominal pain! Allison rushes back to help Gwen.

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