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As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/23/07


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(Gwen and Willís house)  Gwen arrives home and is thrilled to see Barbara and a room full of baby things.  Gwen is looking at the things and saying how cute they are and how happy Will is going to be when he returns from his manager training seminar.  Barbara stops her to tell her that she didnít buy the things but instead they used to belong to Johnny.  Barbara tells Gwen that she can put the things back in storage if she feels uncomfortable with the baby using things that belong to Johnny.  Gwen tells Barbara that she feels happy to have Johnnyís things for the baby because he was an important part of her life and helped her see that she and Will would be good parents someday.  Gwen thinks Johnny is probably running and playing by now and she and Barbara both wonder what Johnny looks like right now.  Gwen is positive that Barbara will see Johnny again someday because two miracles have already happened--she is pregnant and Paul is alive.  She says that if those two things happened, anything is possible.  Barbara doesnít think that Johnny or Paul will ever come home as long as Craig continues to live in Oakdale.

(Lakeview)  Sophie lends a listening ear to Aaron who doesnít think Alison wants his help because she probably thinks he hates her because he has seen the Video on the internet. Sophie encourages Aaron to continue to try to be a friend to Alison because she needs good friends in her life right now to help her get through this problem.  Cole arrives and isnít happy to see Aaron with Sophie.  He tells her that he is depressed because another contact in the music business fell through since he doesnít have a demo CD.  Sophie tells Cole not to give up because he will be a big star soon if he is patient and waits on his big break.  Cole tells Sophie he doesnít know what he would do without her in his life to help him not to give up on his music.  Cole gives Sophie a kiss and leaves to go back to work at the gas station.  Sophie tells Aaron she wishes she knew somebody in the music business so she could help Cole get his big break.  Aaron tells Sophie that Gwen Munson made a Demo and has a benefit CD out right now.  He suggests that she could probably give Cole some advice.  He urges Sophie to make sure Gwen wants to meet with him before she tells Cole about Gwen so he wonít get his hopes up or get angry.  Sophie calls Gwen who agrees to meet her boyfriend and give him some advice even though she isnít sure she can be much help since she hasnít been in the music business very long.  Gwen arrives and isnít at all happy to see Cole.  When Sophie starts to introduce him, Gwen explains to her that Cole is her older brother.  Gwen blasts Cole or leaving her alone at home at such a young age to take care of an alcoholic mother and not returning any of her calls when she tried to call him.  Cole apologizes but Gwen tells him just to keep pretending he doesnít have a sister because she wonít allow him to take advantage of her or her family.  Cole gets mad at Sophie and wonders what she was thinking by going to Gwen for help with his music career.   

(Carlyís house)  Jack tells Carly that he wants to go back to the farm because he doesnít want the children to think they are back together.  Jack tells Carly that Sage asked him if he was going to stay with her and her brothers forever.  Carly now understands why Sage told her she wanted her daddy to stay with them forever.  Jack wonders what she told Sage about the situation.  Carly tells Jack she told Sage that it was okay for her to want her daddy to stay with them forever.  Jack rolls his eyes and breathes a sigh of exasperation at Carly getting her hopes up.  Carly tells Jack that the kids are feeling insecure since J.J. was missing and they need to spend time with their dad so they can feel secure again.  Meg arrives with food to welcome J.J. back home but Carly isnít happy to see Craig with her and doesnít allow Meg or Craig inside the house.  She closes the door in their face and tells Jack that she canít believe Craig had the guts to come to her house after what he did to Rosanna.  Carly tells Parker she doesnít want him to be anywhere near Craig because he is a very dangerous man.  Parker wonders if he can go outside and say good-bye to Craig and both Carly and Jack wonder why Parker is so friendly with Craig.  Parker explains that Craig has actually been a decent guy lately  and has come to the farm, made him pancakes, and taken him fishing because Craig knew that he was nervous about J.J. being missing and Jack and Carly being in danger.  Parker tells Carly and Jack that for a few hours he actually thought things were going to be okay again.  Jack opens the door to Meg and Craig and asks them to come in so they can say thank you.  Craig brings Parker his favorite cherry pie and Carly tells Parker he can have some when he gets back from the pool party because she doesnít want him to spoil his dinner.  Parker wonders if Craig can take him fishing some time and Craig tells Parker he would love to.  Once Parker is gone, Carly asks Meg to look at Jack because he is acting tough but he refuses to take his pain medication and his bruises look worse.  Jack insists he wants to go back to the farm but Carly reminds Meg there isnít anyone to take care of him at the farm.  Craig offers to let Jack stay at Fairwinds until he feels well enough to go back to the farm.  Carly and Craig go outside while Meg looks at Jackís wounds and Jack wonders why Meg is still married to Craig.  Jack wonders if Meg is in love with Craig and is confused because he thought she was in love with Paul.  Meg explains that she is fond of Craig and in a strange way, he has given her life a new direction.  Meg also tells Jack that she really thinks Craig is trying to become a better person.  Meg tells Jack that he is still not well enough to take care of himself and he is going to need help to recover from his injures. 

(Outside on the porch)  Craig tells Carly that he thinks Jack has finally found the right woman his sister Katie and that this time Carly wonít be able to get Jack back in her life.  Carly blasts Craig for putting Rosanna in a coma for two years and then trading her in for a new wife who can walk and talk.  Craig wants to find some way for Carly to move past this and forgive him.  Carly tells Craig that she will never forgive him for what he has done and she hopes that Meg will see the man that he really is and leave him before she ends up like Rosanna.  Carly goes back inside the house and is happy when Meg tells her that Jack needs someone to take care of him until his injuries have healed. 

(Switzerland)  Paul tells Rosanna she has been in a coma for two years and she insists that he tell her what has happened or she will call Craig and he can give her all the details.  Paul explains that Jennifer did get Johnny back and was happy for a while until she got sick with an illness she was unable to fight and later died.  Paul also tells Rosanna that Paul went to jail for a while but was recently set free because they were unable to prove he caused the car accident.  Rosanna wonders if Paul is with another woman and he tells her there isnít another woman in his life.  Rosanna thinks its time that she went home to see her family and make Craig pay for what he has done.  Paul tells Rosanna she should wait until the doctors say she can leave the hospital but Rosanna reminds him she could fall back into a coma at any time.  Paul brings Rosanna the wheelchair and tells her he is ready to take her home.

(Worldwide)  Craig tells Meg he is happy that she wanted him to go with her to visit Jack and Carly because it means that she is starting to see the change in him. 

(Carlyís place)  Carly talks to Jack about how much she misses Rosanna and that she canít believe Craig got away with putting her in a coma.  Carly is cleaning the living room to distract herself and finds a picture of the children with Rosanna.  Jack tells Carly that he thinks Sage has Rosannaís chin.  Carly starts to cry because she thinks she is starting to forget the sound of Rosannaís voice.  Jack holds Carly to calm her and console her as she continues to cry because she misses her sister. 

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