ATWT Update Wednesday 8/22/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/22/07


Written By Elayna

At Al’s, Vienna is watching a man eating a cheeseburger and French fries. She is screwing up her face in disgust as the seconds pass and she watches him putting globs of mayonnaise and ketchup on his food. Suddenly, she can’t stand by and watch anymore; does he want to have a heart attack? Is he trying to resemble a pig at a trough? The man is taken aback. Henry steps in to diffuse the situation when the man demands to know why he is being insulted by being referred to as a pig? The man takes his fat laden cheeseburger and heads for the door without paying. Henry gently tries to explain to Vienna that she can’t do that to customers or they won’t last a week.

At the Lakeview, Cheri is chiding Dusty –she will be sorry, huh? She doesn’t think so. Lily rushes over to calm them down. She demands to know what Cheri is doing in her hotel? Cheri glares; she isn’t good enough to be in here? She should tell Mr. Morality to check his email and then they will see who doesn’t deserve to be there.

Downtown, Allison is crying on a bench when Susan shows up offering her sympathy and a hug. She can’t believe she did this to her, but she is so sorry, Allison blubbers, but Susan reminds her that this wasn’t her doing. Allison tells her how humiliating it was to be with Will and Gwen when the video was emailed. Susan wants to know who the she is that Allison was referring to?

At home, Carly is making up the couch for Jack. She tells him again how amazing he was in getting JJ home. Jack is humble because he thinks if he was that good, then he would have found Silas and Ava before they left town. Carly sees this as her cue to apologize again; it was her fault. Jack doesn’t want to lay blame. He understands because she would do anything for her child. He was scared and that is why he kept second-guessing her. Carly and Jack hold each other’s gazes for a moment before Carly says that she is heading up to bed. Jack tries to take off his shirt, but he is obviously struggling. Carly grins because she knows him so well because he never wants to ask for help. One day he won’t be afraid to ask. Jack returns her grin, as she helps unbutton his shirt. As she is doing this, they are staring intently at one another.

At the Lakeview, Maddie, Noah and his father are walking into the lobby talking about the intense confrontation between Cheri and Dusty. They wonder what it was about? Noah’s father comments how the man doesn’t see the other as a woman but an enemy by the look in his eyes. He also believes based on the woman’s smirk that whatever she did it was intentional. Maddie is sure that Lily will take care of it. She is going to find Henry to go tell him about her news of them moving into together. When Maddie is saying her goodbyes, Noah’s father jokes with her that she doesn’t have to call him Colonel…. just sir. Maddie smiles and Noah is shocked by his relaxed manner. After she leaves, Noah’s dad comments about how he didn’t want to say what he thought about the confrontation in front of Maddie, but he thinks he knows what it is about; it is about sex. Only a woman can get a man stirred up like that, as Noah looks very uncomfortable.

Lily tells Cheri that she is going to call security if she doesn’t leave. Cheri smugly offers that they pour themselves some wine, check their email and see all of Dusty’s hidden assets. Cheri strides off, as Lily wonders what she did to him to get back at him? Dusty answers that it would be ok if he was the only one involved, but he isn’t and it has been broadcasted all over the world. Lily doesn’t understand what he is talking about? There is a video – of him and Allison!

Allison explains that this woman knows all about Vegas and isn’t afraid to broadcast it. Allison is frustrated, but she is sorry that Susan has to be involved in this. Susan doesn’t want her to worry; she realizes that Allison thinks she may fall off the wagon. She is mad not sad. Allison thinks that the sad is coming because of Emily though.

Vienna is adamant that they can’t make this work; they can’t own a diner. She is not afraid to work, but she can’t see herself as a partner at Al’s. Henry sympathizes and tells her not to worry about it... he will do it himself. Does he mean that? He does. She shakes her head; she would rather be his partner more then how much she hates being here. She has made her mind up; they are going to make this place beautiful. If they are meant to own a diner, then they are going to have one with elegance and grace. She starts to walk away; where is she going? She is going to start with the kitchen since that is the heart of this operation. She heads off but within a few seconds, Henry hears a screech. “So it begins,” Henry mutters to himself.

Jack pulls back and tells Carly that he can take it from there. Carly reminds him that he still needs to have his bandage changed and his wound cleaned. Jack thinks he shouldn’t have stayed afterall. Carly reminds him that Katie isn’t around to help him. Jack thinks he could go to the farm and Meg could tend to him. The kids were looking forward to seeing him in the morning though. She understands that this is uncomfortable for him, but if he overdoes it then he will get an infection and it will take longer for him to heal. Jack relents; can she help him get his shirt off of him. Carly readily agrees and slowly unbuttons his shirt. She tells him not to worry because she isn’t going to use her feminine wiles. She then sees how bad his wound is and how much pain he probably is in. She tells him that he doesn’t need to pretend with her; he always wants to be strong and not to let people know how he truly feels... but she knows.

Dusty explains that Allison’s pimp started all of this when he put a camera in the room where they were staying. Then Cheri got a hold of it. Lily feels sorry for him. Whom they should feel sorry for Allison. He was just trying to help her. He could kill Cheri, Dusty snarls. Allison was just putting her life together. Lily now realizes why Emily left town. Lily comments how it is always in his nature to pull for the underdog. Point - ever since they were kids, he was always trying to help her. The tables are going to be turned – it is her turn to help him.

Henry is explaining that equipment that freaked her out is called a fryalator – it makes French fries. Can they get rid of it? Henry laughs; it wouldn’t be natural for a diner not to make French fries. Maddie waltzes in wondering what they are doing there? Henry explains that they bought the place. Maddie wonders where they got the money and why they would do this? Henry pauses before he admits that he actually won it in a poker game, as Maddie is amused. Vienna leaves to go to the kitchen, as Maddie remarks about how unpleased she looks. Henry changes the subject; what is going on with her? She is moving in with Noah, she mentions cautiously. Henry is stunned; hasn’t she known him for a month? Isn’t she moving too quickly? Maddie counters by reminding Henry that he knew Vienna for about 20 minutes before they decided to get married. They turned out ok. He just doesn’t want to see her hurt. She assures him that she will be ok because she and Noah are not swept away in their relationship and honesty is too important to them both.

Noah walks into WOAK and sees Luke writing at the computer; he remembers their kiss. Luke is annoyed as Noah greets him. Noah tells him that he wants to be straight with him – no pun intended. He kissed him and it wasn’t a joke; he did it because he wanted to.

After Carly bandages Jack, she jokingly tells him that they are even. Jack doesn’t think so; he risked his life dragging her out of quick sand and all she did was bandage him back up. Carly offers Jack another tee shirt to wear, as Jack wonders where she got men’s tee shirt? He would like to know wouldn’t he? Jack glares, so Carly admits that he left some clothes in the dryer when he left and she couldn’t bear to part with them. Is that where his Bulls shirt went? Carly grins; she would wear it at night. He bets Simon loved that. Carly doesn’t want him to do that. What? He does that whenever he is scared because they are alone and he wants to start something to avoid it. Jack doesn’t think they should pretend that Simon never happened. Jack is annoyed now and thinks they should get some rest. As Carly is leaving, he tells her that she doesn’t need to slip into something more comfortable or find another reason to come downstairs either. Carly smirks; does he think she is trying to seduce him? He knows her too; what else was this evening all about; she is transparent, but it isn’t going to happen. She realizes that because she isn’t going to let it happen, as Jack looks surprised.

Henry thinks that Noah asking Maddie to move in with his dad right there is a form of pressure. They didn’t know he was there exactly. Henry still thinks it should have been done more privately. He would understand if he met Noah’s dad. Henry thinks that is even more reason for her to take this slowly. Maddie thinks this situation would save a lot problems. Henry doesn’t think it sounds very romantic. It is comfortable. With Casey, it was intense, but with Noah, he tells her everything. With him, there is not a feeling that something is going to explode.

Luke appreciates that what Noah said must have been hard, but he is glad he said it. Good, because he isn’t going to let it happen again. What happened is wrong for him. He has to live his life how he thinks he should. Luke thinks he means live his life how his dad would. He doesn’t understand; his dad is finally excited about his choices. Maddie explained things to him and he is cooler now. Luke understands that he accepts Maddie because that is whom he wants his son to be with. They are moving in together. Obviously, that is to prove to his dad that he is a real man. Noah explains that he just wanted to be honest with him. Luke wonders when he is going to be honest with Maddie?

Allison knows that Susan is worried that she is going to get high. Susan explains that this video is a curve ball. Allison admits that she was worried how she was going to handle it until she showed up. She realizes she has to face the consequences of her actions, but she is sorry that the people she loves have to deal with them publicly too. Aaron and Emily will understand, Susan is sure, but Allison is convinced otherwise.

Dusty thanks Lily for her support, as he gives her a kiss on the cheek. Lily is sure he will get through this. She thanks him for warning her about Lisa before she made another mistake. She wishes that the fallout for Dusty had not been so severe. Dusty heads for the elevator, as Lily asks him to remember what she said. He will, as Lily mumbles to herself nervously that he will remember, but then he will do what he wants.

Jack repeats her words; she won’t let it happen? It would be counter- productive, Carly explains. Then what was with all the obvious flirting? It means nothing because she has never made a secret of her feelings. He knows what she wants. If they went to bed, as Jack reminds her that it wouldn’t happen, but Carly wants to play Devil’s Advocate… he would think it is just physical and that it isn’t everything he has with Katie. Jack doesn’t want to go there. If it were simply about the sex, then he could take a cold shower and be done with it, but it goes so much deeper. They risk their own lives to save the other. Jack reminds her that he is a trained cop; that is what he does. Carly realizes he is a decent guy who feels he needs to honor his promises to Katie, but she thinks Katie even saw what was between them tonight. She knows that they have a complicated history Jack relents. They will never be that way again though because he has moved on. Then him being under the same roof as her shouldn’t be a problem. Jack admits that it is kind of a problem because of her. Carly raises her eyebrows; that is because they are still in love with each other.

Maddie explains that Noah’s dad is hard, but he respects her. Henry still has her reservations, but Maddie explains she needs to see this through no matter what he thinks. Henry can respect that. She thinks she could really be happy. After Maddie leaves, a contented- looking Vienna waltzes out of the kitchen. She has made her Swedish Delight – Epparkakor, as she happily sticks one in Henry’s mouth.

He is not lying to Maddie; he loves her, he is attracted to her and they make love as well. Luke thanks him sarcastically for his excess of information. Did Maddie ask to be in a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ relationship? He has made a choice, Noah explains, but Luke thinks it is really his dad’s choice. He gave him and Maddie the wrong impression of his dad; he did raise him all on his own and gave him everything even though, as his voice trails off. Luke wonders if his dad thought there might have been a switch at birth? A frustrated Noah explains to Luke that everyone can’t have accepting parents like his. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone; he can control it, an exasperated Noah claims. Luke steps forward towards him, as Noah pulls back. He pleads with Luke not to tell Maddie or anyone.

At the Lakeview, Allison comes to see Dusty. He thought she didn’t want to be seen with him? She had an hour to kill before her meeting and she wanted to tell him that Emily has turned off her phone. She is so sure that Emily will be tickled that her business is now out there for the whole world to see and every contact in his address book, as she starts to get more and more worked up. Emily never knew that more people then she could ever imagine are going to be involved in this. Dusty wants her to stop and get over herself.

What is the one thing that he thought she would never do, Carly asks? Jack answers that she would leave her kids. Carly admits that when he left her, she went mad. She did it in Carly style with a smile on her face and defiant to the end. Then she set about to destroy everything in her life. Jack sarcastically comments that she looked like she was having fun to him. He gave her chance after chance. Jack doesn’t want to go there; he thinks they should stop this trip down memory lane. Carly explains that she isn’t going to try to convince or seduce him; that is not her plan. She is simply going to wait him out, as Jack is flustered.

Vienna tells Henry that she and the cook are working well together. They are going to change things slowly so they will keep Al’s customers, but try to build their own clientele. Henry loves how she is thinking. Her business savvy is making him hot, he teases, as they kiss.

Luke tells Noah that he is his friend, but he is also Maddie’s as well. He won’t hurt her, Noah promises. Maddie walks in interrupting them. Maddie wonders what they are talking so intently about? Luke stutters that they are talking about the fact that he is having a writer’s block. Maddie isn’t worried. Maddie wants to steal Noah away so she can tell him about Henry and Vienna’s new venture and the apartment near by, as Luke sadly watches them go.

Dusty reminds Allison that their secret is out there in public; so now, all they can do is concentrate on moving on. She is not the girl she was three months ago, and he is proud of that. She needs to keep on with her meetings and take care of herself. She wants the same for him too. She thanks him for talking her down again. As she walking to the door, Dusty tells her that if she talks with Emily, he wants her to tell Emily that this was his fault. Allison smiles; she is not going to do that because she doesn’t lie anymore. After Allison leaves, Dusty’s cell rings; it is Cheri. He wants her to go away then he should meet her and she can tell him how they can make it happen. Dusty answers that she doesn’t have to tell him how to do that because he already knows.

Jack sarcastically relays Carly’s opinion; they just have to wait and their powerful connection will do the rest? Does she want to bet? Yes, they bet $50. Jack again sarcastically surmises her opinion; he is clueless to his true feelings? He is diluting himself into the idea that his beautiful, smart and funny girlfriend won’t make him truly happy? He will come crawling back to her? He shakes his head. He thinks he will put a timeframe on that bet – of 20 years. Carly grins. He is on. Another thing that hasn’t changed with her – she can still exhaust him. As Carly is heading upstairs, Jack reminds her that he wants his tee shirt back. She will give it to him when she gets her $50. She starts to head upstairs, but looks back at Jack when he doesn’t see her; he is staring wide-eyed up at the ceiling deep in thought.

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